Brooklyn Decker Talks Fashion And Style With FLARE June 2012

Brooklyn Decker revealed her preferences in terms of fashion and style during an interview for FLARE’s June 2012 issue. The model-turned-actress named some of her favorite designers and shared the secret recipe to her flawless style.

Brooklyn Decker started as a fashion model, but she was recently co-opted for various movie projects proving that she is also talented, not just beautiful. The 25-year-old star had one of her major roles in Adam Sandler’s comedy “Just Go With It” and will soon be seen on the big screen as Skyler in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”.

Despite her recent success in the movie industry, Brooklyn hasn’t forgotten that she started as a fashion model. That is why she agreed to release an interview for reporters at FLARE magazine and take part in a pictorial featuring clothes made by highly-reputed designers.

The 25-year-old model described her style as tomboyish with military influences. Even though she is often seen wearing elegant gowns, Decker confessed that she prefers feminine outfits that contain several masculine elements. She likes to wear garments that emphasize the shape of her body, but she usually prefers to stick to something more comfortable. That is why she still has to adapt to the feminine style that designers try to suggest to her.

Many men and women were left breathless when the young model emerged from the water in the movie “Just Go With It”; yet very few people know that Brooklyn is making great efforts to maintain her shape. She remembered that she didn’t understand why she had to refrain from eating certain products and following the diet was very hard.

Speaking of her recent role in the movie “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, the actress told the press that she would like to have children someday, but she doesn’t know when this will happen and she doesn’t plan anything for the moment. In addition, the sexy model wants to adopt a child with special needs because this has always been her goal. Decker and her husband, American tennis player Andy Roddick, have been married for three years.

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