Britney Spears rumored to be Working at New Album

Famous singer Britney Spears is said to be working at the release of a new album. The talented singer has pretty much stayed away from the spotlight in the last few years, being mostly focused on family life. Now, it seems that Britney has started to focus once again on her career.

However, Britney claimed that although she is willing to release something new when it comes to her music, this is a slow process. So, Britney made is very clear that the follow-up of her 2013 Britney Jean album will not come out very soon. The star made these revelations in an interview for Billboard. “I’m gonna do [a new album] slowly but surely,” she concluded. 

Britney is mom to two boys, 9 year-old Sean Preston and 8-year-old Jayden James. “There’s a lot going on with my kids and schools and, you know, adding new sports and stuff like that,” the talented singer also claimed. “I’m gonna try to do my best to do an amazing album, but it’s not my full priority right now. Kids can drive you crazy.” Britney added that the songs that will be included on this new album will be great. 

“We’re not really talking seriously about a new album yet. Albums just aren’t as important in the digital age as they used to be. Britney will get to one eventually, but not right now,” the star went on to explain. Well, if Britney is not in a hurry with the release of this album, it seems that the star has at least one project coming in the near future. Rumors indicate that Britney might sign to perform at the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime. 

Sources alleged that the star is ready to “do something massive,” so she will be joining the event. “She’s definitely doing a part in the Super Bowl halftime show next year. The details haven’t been worked out yet, but it will be huge,” one source explained. If these rumors turn out being true, it will surely be really interesting to see the beautiful singer on the stage, performing for the Super Bowl. Naturally, Britney fans are also anxious to discover her latest album, but it is yet to see when it will be released. 

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