Bret Michaels Settles Lawsuit Against CBS And Tony Awards

According to the Associated Press, Bret Michaels settled a lawsuit against CBS and Tony Awards after three years of legal disputes. The musician was hurt during his 2009 performance at the Tony Awards and his lawyer has been fighting ever since to obtain compensation.

Bret Michaels joined the cast of the Best Musical nominee, “Rock Of Ages”, to perform at the 2009 edition of the Tony Awards. During the show, one piece of the set fell over him and the singer suffered several injuries. Michaels needed a long time to recover as he had suffered brain bleeding which required hospitalization. As a consequence, his legal representatives filed claim against CBS and Tony Awards in order to get compensation for his client.

The legal representatives have claimed that Michaels should have been warned about any possible dangers. They stated during the lawsuit that there was no provision in the contract showing that the scenery piece might have come off or that the set was dangerous.

Although Michaels’ spokespersons released a statement saying that the artist reached an agreement with the organizers of the show, they did not mention anything about the settlement. According to them, the details of the resolution will not be disclosed because both parties have agreed to keep them confidential. Nevertheless, CBS has recently declared that they have reached an “amicable resolution” with Bret Michaels.

Alex Weingarten, Michaels’ attorney, told the press that the singer is grateful for the support he received from his fans throughout the legal process. The interpreter knew that the case was going to take a while, so he first tried to solve the conflict without filing a lawsuit, but CBS’ reps did not accept his requests. His lawyer also insisted that the organizers of the show must be held accountable for almost killing Bret with their irresponsibility.

The 2009 edition of the Tony Awards was held at Radio City Music on June 7, 2009. The host of the show was Neil Patrick Harris.

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