Brad Pitt says marriage with Jennifer Aniston was boring

In a recent interview to Parade magazine, Hollywood icon Brad Pitt opens up about his personal life, including his two marriages, and confesses that his marriage with Jennifer Aniston was boring. On the other hand, Angelina Jolie was the greatest thing he got to have in his life.

At 47 years old, Brad Pitt is an accomplished actor and father. He and longtime partner, gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie, have six kids together: three adopted and three biological. “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom”, says the actor. He believes Angie is the best mother ever and adds: “Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her”. And it looks like he is very happy and comfortable in his own skin wherever he shows up with Jolie.

When it comes to his former marriage with actress Jennifer Aniston, the “World War Z” star admits that it was a setback for him. “I spent the ’90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony”, Pitt says. He remembers that period in his life as very dull. That was, in fact, what made him wonder if that was indeed his place. He says that at the time he was trying to find a character with an interesting life that he could play, but what struck him was that he realized he wasn’t living that interesting life himself. “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it”, he concludes. “Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

When asked whether the break-up or the marriage rumors were true, Pitt answered that despite the numerous stories that go around and that are published, none of them are true. He and Angelina did not split. They are not currently planning to tie the knot.  And no, they are not planning on getting pregnant again, either.

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  1. Finally he spoke! He should have done this a long time ago! Good that he did it now. Brad & Angie look so amazing together (this was not the case regarding him and Jennifer Aniston), and their children are so cute. I am glad that Brad has these feelings for Angie and, of course, for their kids.

  2. Brad, when you start a new relationship by cheating on your wife, and then get the other woman pregnant before your divorce is even final, you would think you would try and bring some dignity to this relationship. You haven’t, instead you are being even more hurtful to your ex wife, which is totally unnecessary to explain your marriage failure. This is truly tasteless and low

  3. What a lying bastard. That tattooed ‘Thing’ they call Angie has complete mind control over him. It’s pathetic. Just when you think he couldn’t go any lower……………..and p.s. the kids are ugly little dogs!

  4. WOW – I didn’t know it until now, but brad is definitely a jerk for bringing up his life with jennifer when her mother is ill. He didn’t have to mention it. They both have clearly moved on. She is happy, and he is “supposedly” happy with the love of his life, why bring up now?!? I am terribly disappointed!

  5. Wow. What a complete jerk. I’m so sick of his pretentious attitude. He’s a dumb man with a pretty face who got lucky and nothing more.

  6. I always wanted to hear his side of things. Although the way he broke from Jennifer was harsh, it sounds like a break between them was going to happen. He needed a change. Can’t help but notice the tone of his response though – also a bit harsh. Maybe he’s a “tell it like it is”, blunt type of guy?? I wonder . . . . what would be his reaction to learn Jennifer is finally starting a family?

  7. Wow..what a self made SOB..that was completely unnecessary..he’s kept his mouth closed all these years..why speak now?..Didn’t he completely humiliate Jen enough?..Have some decency in you dude and give the other woman you spent the better part of a decade with some respect..no offense to Angelina but she doesn’t have wings and a halo..she knew exactly what she was doing when she went into this relay with Brad Pitt..homewrecking..sorry the truth hurts..but he should have more couth than he has proven to have..which is not much..after all hes admitted he’s happy with a great partner and 6 kids he’s seems to love dearly..give over..take the high road..Ive lost all respect for him.

  8. Brad – I know that this is a long shot – but I certainly hope you’re reading this. I have totally lost respect for you. It is definitely not cool for you to disrespect your ex-wife. Jen has never said a bad word about you in public – when she certainly could and should have. If you were “bored” then do the proper thing, divorce your wife before you get another woman pregnant. I think you’re just trying to justify your actions in saying that you were bored. You are smug, arrogant and like Jen said, “You’re missing a sensitivity chip”. Kharma baby . . . just wait and see.

  9. He is not the first person on the planet to realize that he married the wrong person. It is refreshing to hear his candid response. Brad is living a more fulfilled life with purpose and he should be admired for that. It is clear he made the right choice. Angelina is a beautiful person inside and out. They are lucky to have found each other. I’d also like to comment on their children. They are all absolutely beautiful and more importantly, they always look very happy.

  10. I read the original Parade article. He wasn’t “scathing” towards Jennifer. As far as “pathetic” is concerned, he only said he was starting to feel pathetic and he thinks the marriage had something to do with it.

  11. @Debra
    How can you call those kids ‘ugly little dogs’. They are children, innocent and sweet. If you saw them on the street would you call them that to their face? Would you like someone to call a child of yours that just based on the fact that your husband on yourself did something that did not agree to that person? You are insensitive, and much, much lower than Brad ever stooped.

  12. Number of points I would like to raise. First is that Brad will not have know Insepid and vacant Jennifer’s mother was going to take ill when he did this interview probably weeks rather than days ago and I think his children are beautiful well rounded individuals and Angelina is a beautiful, caring and eloquent lady. Jennifer vs Angelina mmmm no competition

  13. I remember how depressing it was when Brad and Jennifer divorced. They were seriously Americas sweethearts, everyone wanted them and wanted to be them. I really think this was unnecessary of Brad. It makes it seem as though he maybe harbours some resentment or regret? He may be extremely happy, but to make a comment like this implies some undertone of insecurity or like he didn’t get the closure he wanted.

  14. Hmmmm… Brad is promoting a new movie + had free reign to talk about anything he wanted in the Parade article… so he brings up Jen! Obviously, Jen is on his mind! Then gushes about how wonderful Angie is + how amazing his life is because of her! He could have talked about Angie + the children without bringing Jen in as a comparison. TOTALLY UNNECCESSARY BRAD! Just open up an old wound + pour salt in it, why don’t ya! Is he trying to say these things to the world to chase Jen’s new boyfriend away? Let the woman live her life + be happy! It’s probably taken years for her to get over the public humiliation he caused her! Jen looks like the winner here! He’s bringing your name up, Jen- you are on his mind! So sad because I used to LOVE Brad- now I’m wondering, is he ok? Who is he?

  15. Sometimes being steeped in woe and self deprecation is a wonderful delusion that even Hollywood starlets are even loathe to abide by until one day they look outside the window and that horrible thing called self loathing. Never mind, I’m sure Jen appreciates having a fistful of muckery thrown in her direction, after all it’s bound to help her ratings, unless of course it doesn’t…

  16. They are all adults here, they have all moved on to a better life. Brad and Angie are a family and Angie didn’t “take” nor “stole” him away from Jen, if he was happy he would have stayed with Jen. Move on people! Jen has “another” man now and hopefully she will be popping babies out like Angie… but perhaps not since she wouldn’t want to ruin her physical fit body since her acting talent is ZERO. I have never paid to see any of Jen’s movies and never will… And to the person that said Brad and Angie kids are ugly you are a sad person. Leave the kids alone and get a life! Brad and Angie forever!

  17. STOP all of you..don’t you have better things to do?! Stop talking about other people! You should cook, do laundry, take care of your kids, work, sleep..You are all pathetic piece of s!

  18. Good on him I say. So many people losing respect for him for finally speaking out and I can’t see anything wrong in what he had to say. He spoke the truth. Why don’t these outraged people consider how many years his ex-wife used her position as his ex-wife to keep herself in the limelight. She referred to her marriage everytime she was promoting one of her movies so tit for tat. She would have faded away like all the other Friends if she hadn’t married him and she knows it.

  19. I think Brad adores Jen still, but he can’t tell the public about it because he’s ashamed to tell the truth. Maybe it’s true that he might have a boring life with Jen because he didn’t do something to make it interesting. He was attracted to Angie and so he made everything possible to make his life boring with Jen until Jen finally gave up and both decided to end their marriage. And now, I think he is still living a not so interesting life with Angie having 6 kids around, right? and that’s why he still manage to communicate with Jen as friends?? Friends?? really?? OMG!

  20. i am glad that brad is speaking so highly of angelina. that means he is in a happy relationship. he adores her and the kids.

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