Brad Pitt retracts words about marriage with Jen Aniston

Just a few days after the interview given in Parade.com, Brad Pitt retracts his words about his ex-marriage, with actress Jen Aniston.  The actor’s previous statement was that his marriage to Aniston contributed to his bored state at that time, but now he says that his words were misunderstood.

Brad Pitt’s interview to Parade magazine has made an impressing stir. The actor’s words regarding his marriage with Jennifer Aniston caused a lot of negative feedback, with fans on Jen getting pretty upset, and fans of his saying they lost respect for him. After being too harshly criticized for his choice of words, Pitt takes back his words. Or better said, he says they were misinterpreted by the media. “It grieves me that this was interpreted this way”, the 47-year-old actor says.  After calling Jen “incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious”, he explains that “the point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for”.

In his interview in Parade, he opened up about his current relationship with Angelina Jolie, with whom he has 6 kids and about his former marriage, to Aniston. “I was so intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself”, the actor answered, when asked about what made him start charity work. “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” Most of the later articles stated that he said Jen was dull.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston met in 1998 and got married two years later. In April 2005, Aniston filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. She and Pitt did not admit to a love triangle as a cause of their split, but he later admitted that he fell in love with Angelina Jolie while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

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  1. My newspaper didn’t state that Jennifer Anniston was boring.
    I read in many magazines that Brad wanted a child very much.
    Miss Anniston kept saying later as she wanted a movie
    career first. Since their divorce I have read so many times
    that Jennifer was making the same statement over & over
    that she was going to adopt a baby. No one has seen the baby and she is still “falling in love” every few months with
    a “new” man. What you read about her is boring.

  2. Brad Pitt’s comments about his state of mind during his marriage to Aniston were nothing but cheap publicity stunt. In so doing, he has totally destroyed any good feelings one would have towards him. Totally despicable and does not warrant any support for anything he did, does and will be doing. No backbone and only Angelina, the same of the kind, fits him. Support Jennifer, all the best and she deserves good life.

  3. Brad is an ass. You don’t say things like that to someone you once shared your life with even if it was a joke.Shame! Shame! on you brad.I thought you had more class than that. Good luck with your new project .

  4. I think Brad is just plain jealous that Jennifer has finally found her dream man. He’s hotter and younger than Brad and certainly more gentlemanly. The whole world is noticing what a great guy he is and how much he’s into Jennifer. I think Brad wanted and enjoyed the fantasy of Jennifer pining for him and not being able to get over him and now his ego can’t handle that she’s finally found real love and someone better. Pitt has lost his looks and his replacement is totally young and hot. Male ego is what this is all about. He did Jennifer a favor. She now has a better looking and more gracious man. Good for her. She did good for herself.

  5. What a crock! Brad’s trying to back-peddle after he stuck his foot in his mouth and revealed his ugly heart. If he really thought Jen was a very special friend (actully his wife at one time) he would have never, ever publicly said how pathetic his life was and how he thinks marriage had something to do with it. He calls himself her friend. That’s no friend. I definitely think Jennifer was right about him. He has something missing (a sensitivity chip). Brad is a jerk and deserves Angelina. Why would Angelina think that Brad would be faithful to her when he pursued HER while he was a married man ? The foundation of their relationship is NOT built on trust or respect. We all can respect a man or woman that is faithful to their promises. No wonder Brad thought marriage was boring – he prefers an open relationships so when he tires of one he can have another. It’s a blessing to Jen that she got out of that relationship. I wish her all the happiness.

  6. wow really!!! I guess one bad apple spoils another one Jolie traits are passing on to you.you could tell your hurting that Jen is happy without you also shows how selfish you are.move on!!! why are you still living your past? shows how happy you really are? and for jen to be dull your mentioning her after all this time? anyways you were nicer when you were with Jen now your just snobby just like Jolie.stop hating go try and be happy.

  7. The guy does much more good than harm.
    So he erred in his choice of words. Big deal. Haven’t you ever done that? Especially celebrities can’t always always and always be at the height of perfection. Gosh, we expect so much of them!
    Angela d.

  8. wow! i can’t believe that women are still trying to that crap about a baby! what was Jennifer suppose to do? have a child in a marriage with problems just to hold on to brad? how long would that have worked out? NOT! don’t say jen had movies lined up – look at how many Angelina did in 6 years and got 5 children she and brad both doing movies. this was in the past however brad brought it back up after 7 years intentionally hating on his ex- jennifer! the question he was asked had nothing to do with jennifer it was about him! NO EX deserves this type of treatment! if you aren’t happy in a marriage fine – get out of it and then go out and do your thing. however that isn’t what brad did! still jennifer never talked about the cheating or wrote a book which jen could have made millions! now brad’s director or mr and mrs smith is writing a book how brad and angelina were cheating and how jennifer straight up asked brad and brad denied! jen even asked his friends of course they denied. NO one would tell her the truth and finally brad did! jen has taken a lot from the media! cameron and drew have dated more george and gerard – yet the media has target her because she hasn’t found the right persons. gee, every day life singles date to find mr or mrs right and kiss toads before finding mr or mrs right. guess she was suppose to settle! jen said TWO things about her divorce brad had a sensitivity chip missing in 2005 more like some links and when jolie was talking about falling in love on the set of mr and mrs smith – uncool in 2005! for ex that had been cheated on and have the media focus on her every relationship jen is absolute classy! i wish her and justin the best! brad is no gentleman!

  9. Oh come on…give this guy a break! Sheeez Louise! Don’t get ur panties in a stretch! Hellerrr…he’s just being honest, plain & simple, she’s boring! What?…..ya want the guy to lie? Get a life ppl. His career isn’t gonna take a fall…nor will Jennifer die over this. She’s got herself a good man….for the meantime, until she too herself will get bored as well. She’s fine ppl! As for the lady having an hissy-fit about Brad & losing his looks….you are too funny! I would love to see what you look like. And if Brad came knocking @ your door wanting a date, you’d already be planning your wedding & honeymoon! Lol! So chill ppl! You act like you personally know Jennifer….

  10. Why does the public/media jump at anything Brad says or Ange says that hints at anything derogatory about Jen. Jen has said lots of mean things about Brad and Ange and has even gotten her celeb friends to say nasty things about them.
    Jen always acts so precious and her friends are so protective, no wonder Brad left her, Ange is the hottest thing on this planet she is a real woman warts and all, I love her and Brad together AND their beautiful children – LONG LIVE BRANGELINA !!!!

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