Boy with leukemia becomes video game creator

A boy of 10 years old who was diagnosed with leukemia has seen his dream come true when PopCap Games made him a real video game creator. With the help of the Make-A-Wish foundation, he got in touch with the video game company which not only believed in his project, but helped him develop it to an international level.

It was supposed to be a whish come true for a boy who was diagnosed with cancer, but it turned out to be a project that went global. Owain Weinert, a 10-year-old who was passionate about video games had his own idea of what he would like to play one day. His idea turned into a project called “Allied Star Police”. The Make-A-Wish foundation found out about his case and decided to grant him his greatest desire: that of spending some time with a team from PopCap Games (the developer od Bejeweled, Plants vs Zombies, etc.) in order to create a video game for his amusement only.

So the day he was scheduled to meet the team, he came prepared. He had conceived a plan for his game and presented it in such a professional matter that the producer and the programmers who saw it decided to level up their first intentions. Owain had prepared a presentation and walked them through the action. “They were blown away when he came with a PowerPoint presentation and basically walked them through the game” PopCap said on a website dedicated to the game.

Initially, the game was made for Owain’s amusement, but now, the project is done and it is live on the App store since Thursday. The young creator said that all his family is obsessed with the game. “I have to say, my brother can’t stop playing it, my dad can’t stop playing it, and neither can I”. He feels proud that he has offered his friends a way to enjoy themselves, too. “This started off as a dream of mine, and now my friends and people all over the world can play my creation”. On the day of the video game release, Owain received his first iPad so he could play his own game.

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