Bose Releases SoundLink Mini II

Throughout the years, Bose, has released some incredible products, making it very difficult for users to decide what the best product is. However, probably one of the most appreciated devices is the famous SoundLink Mini, a product that was released in 2013.

This incredible Bluetooth speaker comes with an impressive build quality and a good sound, despite its size. These days, Bose has released another speaker from this line and it named it SoundLink Mini II. These new Bluetooth speakers come at the price of 200 dollars and are available in two colors: Pearl and Carbon.

Bose SoundLink Mini II has the mission to fix a few of the original Mini’s shortcomings, but also to home some new features, like a boost in battery life. It comes in 1.5 pounds and it looks nearly identical with the original model. This is a good thing, because Bose SoundLink Mini is probably one of the best good-looking Bluetooth speakers on the market.

However, the SoundLink Mini II now comes with a built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities. It is hard to tell if somebody will ever speak on the phone through a Bluetooth speaker, but that feature is there and it is good to know. Another great improvement is its battery life, as the company claims that it will be approximately 10 hours, compared with almost 7 hours for the previous model.

To be mentioned that SoundLink Mini II will now charge via a standard USB cable and not through a proprietary AC adapter. This is an important change, while the company declared that the speaker “charges with most USB power sources.”

The package will also come with a charging cradle, which acts as a dock for the device at home. SoundLink Mini II will allow users to pair two devices at the same time, and they can switch back and forth between the devices, alternating audio streams. There will also be available some soft covers, which will be sold separately at the price of 25 dollars. These soft covers will be available in many colors, like navy blue, deep red, energy green, gray and charcoal black. 

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