Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba Collapsed During Quarterfinal

If you’ve always wished to be a professional football player better reconsider your fantasy career. As perks are significant enough so is the medical bill and the list of health risks. And heart failure is one of the worst. Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba collapsed during quarterfinal, taken down by a heart attack.

Although severe incidents happen every now and then, when it comes to suffering heart failure during the game at age 23 it raises serious concern. For Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba, the team and fans his collapse will surely remain a scar hard to heal.

Saturday night, as Bolton was playing at Tottenham during the FA Cup quarterfinal, midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed. He fell unconscious, face down hear the midfield line. Medics tried to bring him back using a defibrillator, but the midfielder’s condition remained unchanged even after several attempts of CPR.

The game was abandoned after Fabrice Muamba collapsed and some players seemed so distressed by the event that the cameras caught glances of them praying. Bolton fans chanted the midfielder’s name as the White Hart Lane arena remained silenced.

Initially everybody believed it was a minor setback. When he saw Fabrice collapsing, Bolton Manager Owen Coyle took it as it were. The club also released a pretty plain statement: “Fabrice Muamba has been admitted to the heart attack center at the London Chest Hospital where he is currently in a critically ill condition in intensive care”.

Rushed to the hospital, Fabrice Muamba remains critically ill, one day after the incident. Bolton Manager Owen Coyle said yesterday during an interview for the Sky News that “Fabrice is critically ill. The next 24 hours are going to be absolutely crucial”. He thanked all those that sent their prayers but added the situation is “very serious”. “There’s not getting away from that”, said Owen Coyle, “he’s critically ill and god willing he makes it through”.

As news about Muamba’s collapse in the field spread, more and more reactions came from his close ones, fellow sportsmen and fans. Johan Djourou, the midfielder’s former teammate at Arsenal, tweeted his support: “Just left the hospital. Love you so much man! Keep fighting. Everybody please pray for him he’s an amazing man and friend”.

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