Justin Bieber’s new movie passed Michael Jackson’s at box office

    “Never say never”Justin  Bieber’s new movie passed Michael Jackson’s at box office. The legendary artist can’t rest in peace with such news. It’s true the difference between the movies grosses is not that big, but it exist! “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” produced by Paramount topped “This Is It” last week, becoming the number one concert-themed movie at the domestic box office. The famous kid    earned $72.2 million at the domestic box office while “This Is It” produced by Sony grossed $72.1 million domestically. Just a slightly difference? What this is actually means?   
    The entire world knows how successful Michael was and how much people loved him, but at this rate how successful will Justin Bieber become? He’s still a kid! However, until “Never say never” surpass the the worldwide record hold by “This is it”, which have grossed $189.1 million, there is a long way.

But this is not impossible, considering circumstances. Paramount producers estimate that Justin Bieber could earn about $20 million at international level. The country in which Justin Bieber’s movie done best was Latin America, the place where Bieber’s fans are more numerous than everywhere  else.
    Currently Justin is involved in a project by Universal Music, meant to raise funds for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims. It’s about a digital-album which is going to be released this week. Bieber is among the featured artists along with important names in musical industry: U2, Rihanna and Bon Jovi. All the earnings will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

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  1. This is it failed at the box office.

    I don’t think it has MJ resting any other way but peacefully.

    He did what he came to do and now he’s gone. Forever.

  2. Everything is about figures these days. So yes Justin movie might’ve passed MJ’s but what is the significance? Does that mean Justin will have a four decade career? Or will he be the superstar MJ STILL IS? Justin is a teen star, and like many teen stars before him, there lies the possibility that he’ll be forgotten

    One thing for sure, when MJ became a sensation, there was no Internet or You Tube to promote him, Justin is just lucky!!!

  3. I love u Justin I look
    up to u.
    I saw u on YouTube before u were fames and I loved u. I an team Justin all the way.I see you on YouTube and I want to meat u.I went to see your movie and then there was an extra 40min so we went to see it agen and the lady said it only 6 more min so we didn’t watched something else ,and on YouTube and u said it was 40 more min and the extra was over.so I am sad 🙁
    I love u but my dad said that u are only a normal boy but I think he is wrong. My b-day is coming up and all I what is a t-shirt or better consort tickets or even better back stage passes because my parents don’t like me talking about u at least my dad my mom said it is ok.I love u Justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!Can I meat u????!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!!!

  4. @friend – if THIS IS IT failed at the box office,…. than Bieber´s NSN is a MEGAFLOP.

    THIS IS IT during only 5 weeks (only these 5 weeks were planed for screening) generated 275 mill. dollars around the world, making it the MOST SUCCESSFUL music documentary in history! + selling TII DVD reached 10 million copies…., so, yeah…. failed…

  5. Justin who ?? Did what ?? i bet you in 10-15 years time no one will remember who was Justin bieber .. But im sure people will still remember who was MICHAEL JACKSON even 100 years from now …

    long live the king

  6. Michael Jackson Will always be the best. Justin Bieber is a idiot, and will never be as successful as MJ. When I heard that this movie of his beat This is it, i thought they meant it was going to be by a lot, but it wasn’t that much. And that guy will never sell 100 million copies for an album.

  7. I am an MJ fan and Justin Bieber fan, and even though no one can deny Bieber’s insane talent, there is no artist that can replace the God of Music… that is MJ. Justin even admitted this himself.

  8. Excuse me, what a comparison! “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” has earned $72.2 million in domestic box office in SIX WEEKS, while Michael Jackson’s earned $72.1 million in just TWO WEEKS!!!!! THE MEDIA SEEMS NOT REALLY READY FOR MICHAEL JACKSON. I THINK YOU’RE ALL JUST AFTER CASHING IN WITH HIS NAME!!!!! YOU’RE ALL TOO BIASED AND RACIST!!!!! ACCEPT THE FACT: NO ONE IS LARGER THAN MICHAEL JACKSON DEAD OR ALIVE!!!!! STOP HATIN’ MICHAEL!!!!!

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