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Beyonce and Jay-Z Doing Great Because of Pregnancy

Famous singers Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to be doing great. A new rumor indicated that because of the new pregnancy, the two stars’ relationship couldn’t be better. So, E! News claimed that the pregnancy has done miracles on the marriage and has influenced the two in the most positive way.

An insider talking to E! News revealed that the twins have brought Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship to a whole new level. “Jay and Beyoncé are in the best place in their marriage,” the insider said. “They have allotted more time for themselves as a couple over this past year, and that has helped them build together,” the same source went on to add.

The source also claimed that Beyonce and Jay Z are very happy with the pregnancy because they actually wanted to expand their family for quite some time. “Jay and B have always wanted a big family. So when they got that huge news and surprise that they were having twins, they were both so happy. They have been trying for a while now so these babies are a true gift from God to them,” the insider explained.

The source also said that Blue Ivy is very excited to have two younger siblings. Blue Ivy is actually 5 years old now. “Blue likes to feel Beyoncé’s belly and seems to be looking forward to being an older sister,” the source said. The insider also explained that Beyonce is very much focusing on her pregnancy. The star wants to make sure that she will be healthy and that her babies will be doing well, so she is very careful at what she eats.

“Beyoncé is tired and more out of breath than usual,” the source explained. “She is eating clean but still has her cheat days. She has some sweet and salty cravings but trying to still not gain as much weight that can come on while carrying twins. She is very aware of what she puts in her body,” it went on to add. The insider said that Beyonce has turned to the help of some doctors and nutritionists to make sure that her health will be perfect.

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