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Bethenny Frankel shares detox advice

“The Real Housewives of New York” star Bettheny Frenkel shares some detox advice with the ladies who want to feel lighter, sexier and healthier this summer. While unveiling the latest addition to her line, Skinnygirl – the Daily Cleans and Restore – the reality TV star gives a few tips on how to stay fit or regain your figure. And the best news is that this doesn’t involve being tied to the bathroom door all day long.

Many people add and keep more toxins in their bodies during the cold season. So when the sun goes up and the temperature raises, we start wearing lighter clothes, shorter skirts and there you go: all the toxins in all their splendors on our thighs, stomachs, face and so on. It is the best time to start a detoxification cure. But for this, we don’t have to resume to drastic measures.

Here are 3 tips to live by in the hot season, according to Bethenny:

1. Eat your vegetables.
“Eat vegetables every chance you get, whenever you get the urge”. Ok, so what happens when you don’t feel the urge? Not many of us have learned to appreciate vegetables in our childhood and we stuck to not liking them even as adults. Let’s face it, they are not the tastiest foods. But the housewife of New York says that “the more you eat them, the more you will learn to appreciate them and even crave them”.

2. Drink enough water. How do you know what “enough” means? Doctors say that a healthy adult should drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water each day. For most people who are not used to this amount of water it may seem difficult. Others don’t even like water. Frankel is one of them. “I don’t like the taste”, she admits. So she does this trick: “I’ll pour one of my Skinnygirl packets in a glass of water. Then I’ll want to drink the whole thing.” You can also add a wedge of lemon, lime or cucumber. They change the water’s taste adding a fresh flavor.

3. Do good for you. In other words, take care of yourself, make this a priority. Frankel believes that “if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anything else.” According to the “Real Housewives” star a good state of self is the basis on which you can build anything you wish.

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