Benjamin Netanyahu Says Israel Alone Decides Whether Or Not To Strike Iran

Following Barack Obama’s participation in the AIPAC meeting, Tuesday brought a meeting between the U.S. president and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The topic in focus was obviously Iran’s decision to extend its nuclear weapons program and the Israeli possible counter attack. As the U.S. tries to calm things down and convince the Israel to allow more time for the international sanctions over Iran to be implemented, Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel alone decides whether or not to strike Iran.

The Israel – Iran situation is causing a lot of turmoil worldwide. A lot more hazardous than Iran’s intention to extend its nuclear weapons program alone is the idea of another conflict in the area. With gas prices already high and constantly rising, it’s only a matter of time before a conflict will surge them out of control.

Aside from the matter of increasing gas prices, a potential armed conflict between Israel and Iran will surely drag along other nations. The result will be a conflict out of proportion, with the United States, Israel and Iran deeply involved.

That’s why president Barack Obama is trying hard to calm things down. As his speech during the AIPAC meeting said although the United States is ready to back Israel, at the moment it would be wiser to “let our increased pressure sink in” for the sake of everybody involved and the rest of the world.

But despite the president’s diplomatic message, the Israeli participants in the AIPAC had a different take on things. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of them. He believes none of the actors involved in the matter can’t “afford to wait much longer”. Plus, despite praising the U.S. president for his focus on implementing the international economic sanctions over Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu added those aren’t enough to convince Tehran to put an end to its intention to extend the nuclear program. As a result, the Israel must be both able and ready to defend itself, emphasizing his nation must remain “the master of its fate”.

Obama and Netanyahu had a private meeting this Tuesday discussing the matter much closer. Again, Obama emphasized the importance of selecting a diplomatic solution instead of a military action, but Netanyahu stood his ground in advocating for Israel’s right to defend itself.

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