Bears fire Jerry Angelo

Chicago Bears announced their intention to fire Jerry Angelo on Tuesdays, says the Chicago Tribune. The change was expected by sports analysts because of the poor results that the team has had during the past two years.

The Bears have missed the playoffs for several consecutive years. In 2009, the president Ted Phillips, general manager Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith held a press conference to let people know that they are united despite the coaching problems they had experienced. Two years later, Phillips gathered reporters once again to tell them that general manager Jerry Angelo will leave the team and Smith will assist in the selection of his new boss.

According to the declarations of the team members, it was Phillips’ decision to fire Angelo. He is disappointed with Angelo’s managing skills which prevented the Bears from getting into the postseason and have a strong offense.

Angelo is now preparing to part ways with the Bears. He was a general manager at Chicago for the last 11 seasons. Before he accepted Bears’ offers in 2001, Angelo was specialized in college scouting. 2011 was a particularly bad year for the former Chicago general manager. He was criticized especially for his poor drafts on offense.

Phillips’ decision came when Angelo had two more remaining years on his contract with the Bears. His previous employers were not satisfied with his work, either. During the 14 seasons he had spent at the Buccaneers, the team suffered continuous losses. According to sports analysts, Angelo can at most teach his players to survive; even so, he rarely succeeds.

It was a search firm that suggested Phillips to hire Angelo in 2011; therefore, the president asked Smith to assist the hiring of the new manager this time. The search will start as soon as possible and the candidates that will be contacted first are the ones who currently work for playoff teams.

Phillips told the press that Smith will most likely be the new coach in 2012, but he is not afraid that this decision will frighten possible candidates. On the contrary, he is very confident that he will find a new coach very soon because working for the Bears is a great opportunity that nobody wants to miss.

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