Baron Davis to sign with Knicks

The Associated Press announced this morning that Baron Davis will sign a contract with New York Knicks. The basketball player was waived last week by his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers and was not claimed by anyone until today.

The New York Knicks decided to make Davis an offer because they need more backcourt depth after waiving Chauncey Billups with the amnesty cause. Baron Davis will team up with Mike Bibby, another veteran that was recently hired by New York Knicks.

Even though Davis is currently recovering from a back injury, the Knicks have, nevertheless, told the press that they are very interested in hiring the former Cavaliers’ player. Davis was sidelined all preseason by a bulging disc in his back. Even so, the Knicks are willing to pay him $2.5 million in the first year he plays for the New York team. They offered him a good deal because they know that the 32-year-old basketball player is a valuable asset for the team.

Carmelo Anthony told reporters that the New York team was impressed with the player’s tactics during the last year’s season. Back then, the Knicks was defeated by the Cavaliers and, more specifically, by Baron Davis. “Everybody knows what he can do when he’s healthy and when he’s focused,” Anthony further stated.

There were other teams that were interested in Davis, as well. The Los Angeles Lakers and Heat were among the first squads to contact the basketball player as soon as he was waived by the Cavs on Wednesday. Other teams with salary-cap space had the chance to bid on Davis, but they didn’t do it because they knew he was injured.

Baron Davis, on the other hand, confessed that he wanted to sign a contract with a new team before he was fully recovered. This way, he stated, he will be able to get familiar with the team’s playbook and personnel and settle into his new home.

Last season, Davis played in 58 games averaging 13.1 points and 6.7 assists for the Clippers and Cavaliers. The two-time All-Star has averaged 16.5 points and 7.3 assists since being drafted by the Charlotte Hornets with the No. 3 overall pick in the 1999 draft.

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