B&W 685 S2, worth to be tried

It is a well-known fact that if you want a great sound in your home, you have to invest some money in speakers. Don’t waste time trying several other devices, such as an amp or receiver. B&W are a little expensive, as they can be found at the price of 650 dollars, but these speakers have very good reviews. They guarantee you a great sound no matter the style of music you are into, thanks to the B&W 685 mix of vocal clarity, agile bass and brutal dynamics. They are slightly suitable for everything.

The 685’s will work for movies or as the front of a surrounding system. Their design is very similar to the original 685, but a major change can be seen in the tweeter, as you will notice that the striking silver nameplate is missing and the device now comes with a metal grille. The new tweeter is completely redesigned and its changes feature a thin aluminum dome surround by a thicker aluminum ring. The speaker company claimed that its redesign enhances treble clarity, compared with the original 685. Another change that can be noticed in the new device is that the bullet-shaped dust cap that has been replaced with a mushroom-shaped Anti-Resonance Plug. This item was borrowed from the PM1. The stand-mount speakers come at the dimension of 13.5 inches high, 7.5-inches wide and 12.8 inches deep. The woofer retains the same 6.5-inches compared with the previous model.

B&W 685 S2 comes in only one color option at the moment, but this should not be a problem if you like black. Like several other speakers, this model comes with a front-mounted “flow” port, so you can put them close to walls, extending their resultant frequency response from 52 Hz to 22KHz. If you are planning to make a home theater system with this pair of speakers, it would surely be a great idea. It is recommended to pair them with the smaller 626 S2 as rears and the HTM62 center.

The B&W 685 S2s come with great design and the sound is simply excellent at this price. If you have a the budget for these speakers, there is no reason not to try these ones. 

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