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The Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup

There are moments when every woman wishes she never had to wear makeup, yet none of us feels safe unless we put a little bit of mascara or lipstick on. Permanent makeup sounds like a good solution for women who want to look perfect even when they wake up, but is it really safe? Here are the pros and cons one should expect after getting a permanent makeup.

There are some limits to what makeup artists can do and what they can’t do when creating a permanent look. Thus, you can only get a permanent eyeliner, lip makeup and eyebrows because you can’t tattoo the rest of the face to make it seem covered with foundation. 

The permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution for women who want to have their eyes emphasized at every hour of the day. The makeup professional will recommend the best design for your eye shape making the line thicker or thinner, depending on your preferences. Moreover, you will no longer have to waste time applying the annoying eye liner or kohl crayon and you won’t have to worry that your makeup gets smudged. On the other hand, the permanent eye liner fades aways after several years, so you will have to get tattooed over and over again in order to keep it looking fresh all the time. In addition, you can end up with a wrong tattoo if the artist is inexperienced.

Getting your lips permanently tattooed can help you get rid of many problems. Many women choose to tattoo their lips as an alternative solution to collagen injections. This method is much more convenient because the lips will appear fuller, while preserving their natural aspect. The process is permanent, so you won’t have to repeat it every once in a while as with other techniques.
People have unique lip colors, which is why professional makeup artists find it hard to match their natural shades. Thus, most of the times, the permanent lip contour is different than the lips and this leads to an unpleasant effect. Those who suffer from the herpes simplex virus could be even more prone to outbreaks. 

Finally, the permanent eyebrows are recommended for people who suffer from alopecia or those who have undergone chemotherapy. There are many techniques that professionals use, nowadays in order to obtain the most naturally looking eyebrows. Their color and shape is customizable according to the needs of each and every client, so you don’t have to worry that the permanent eyebrows won’t match your look. Nevertheless, make sure you carefully choose your eyebrow tattoo as you won’t be able to change its shape or color once you have made it. The process is also very painful and can lead to keloids formation.

Stars React To Colorado Massacre

Even though they were not directly related to the victims of the shooting, many stars reacted to the Aurora, Colorado massacre. Some chose to release statements, whereas others have taken to Twitter to share their condolences after the tragedy, says Us Weekly.

“The Dark Knight Rises” has been highly anticipated by viewers all over the world. Its release was, unfortunately, disturbed by the attack in Aurora, Colorado which killed 14 people and injured 50 more. The massacre impressed celebrities in Hollywood who were anxiously expecting to see the movie.

President Barack Obama was the first to issue an official statement encouraging people to show support towards the victims of the Colorado shooting. He reminded people that the nation must come together in these saddening moments and act as “an American family”. In addition, the President cancelled his Florida campaign as a sign of compassion.

Kim Kardashian kept her Twitter followers updated with the recent events and did not hesitate to express her condolences to the families of the victims. She wrote on her account that she was mad and heartbroken to see that someone could cause so much pain to other people. Jessica Simpson, Ryan Seacrest and Eva Longoria stated that they are praying for all those who have been injured or killed in the shooting.

David Hasselhoff, Whoopi Goldberg and many other famous actors declared themselves upset and disturbed by the violent attacks that often take place in America killing many innocent people. Theaters were the last places people expected to be affected by storms of gunfire and their expectations have been shattered by the recent Colorado shooting. Businessman Donald Trump was the most categorical: he requested authorities to “bring back fast trials and death penalty for mass murderers and terrorists”.

The news did not shock only celebrities and people from the movie industry, but also sportsmen. LeBron James confessed he was disgusted to see that many more innocent people lose their lives “over someone’s selfish stupidity acts”.  

Fred Willard’s “Lewd Act” Draws Cops’ Attention

Fred Willard reportedly engaged in a “lewd act” on Wednesday evening drawing cops’ attention. According to Us Weekly, the comedian was arrested at an adult theater in Hollywood because his behavior seemed suspicious.

Fred Willard has made a career in Hollywood thanks to his roles in “Anchorman”, “Wall-E” and “Best in Show”. His reputation was, unfortunately, seriously damaged after the 72-year-old actor was arrested on Wednesday evening at the Tiki Theater in Hollywood. Police officers did not release too many details in relation to the event, except for describing Willard’s behavior as a case of “lewd act”.

The actor did not spend too much time in the jail as he was immediately booked and released. The press insisted on obtaining a declaration from Willard or from his reps, but they all kept mum. Reporters have managed to find out that the theater was showing three movies at the time when Fred was arrested, that is, “Follow Me 2”, and XXX parody of “The Client List” and “Step Dad Nr. 2”.

Fred Willard has had several career achievements, as well. He received two Emmy nominations for his performances in “Everybody Loves Raymond” and in “Modern Family”. At present, he hosts the comedy improv and talk show named “Trust Us With Your Life”. The program is broadcast on ABC.

Now that he was arrested, Willard has become the talk of the Internet. Bloggers and comedians have all mocked the actor saying that he is set to feature in a romantic comedy named “The Yank”. It’s up to the 72-year-old comedian to decide whether he will respond to all these jokes or ignore them. Paul Rubens, the creator of Pee-wee Herman, was also arrested in 1991 for “lewd act” in an adult theater. His CBS show was cancelled, but Rubens got the public’s sympathy when he poked fun at the arrest during the MTV Video Music Awards. 

Create Your Own Metallic Cap Toe Pumps

Metallic cap toe pumps represent the latest trend for shoes as many more brands have introduced them in their collections. The models introduced by Louis Vuitton have been the most appreciated, but they are usually too expensive for women to afford them. The best solution: create your own metallic cap toe pumps with the minimum effort.

Fashion trends change from one day to another making it almost impossible for women to keep up with them. Beige shoes used to be very trendy last year, but, according to the new shoe designs presented during the Spring Fashion Week, they have been replaced with metallic cap toe pumps in 2012. This means, you need to throw your old shoes away and get a new pair of creamy shoes, but this time, with a metallic cap. Or is it?

DIY designers have come up with a solution for women who prefer to transform their old shoes in new ones instead of throwing them away. For this, you will need painter’s tape, silver spray paint and finishing gloss spray. And of course, the pointy toe shoes. 

Start by measuring the size of the so-called metallic cap and make sure the lines you have drawn are symmetrical on both shoes. Wrap the painter’s tape all around the shoes, so you don’t stain other parts besides the tip. Once you have finished applying the painter’s tape, you may begin to spray the silver paint over the parts that interest you. Read the instructions on the bottle and carefully observe them so the paint is uniformly applied. After the coat of paint has dried, you may apply finishing gloss spray for a more metallic look. You may now remove the painter’s tape and enjoy your DIY pair of metallic cap toe pumps.

You don’t have to use just silver spray; you can also mix other colors to create your own style. Color blocking is very popular, too, so you can feel free to paint your shoes in the shades you like the most. Glossy black shoes with neon tips would make a perfect combination, especially now that these colors are highly sought-after. 

Uma Thurman Welcomes Baby Girl

People magazine reports that actress Uma Thurman welcomed a baby girl on Sunday. The actress did not reveal any details so far in relation to her third pregnancy, so nobody knows the name of the girl.

Uma Thurman and her financier beau Arpad Busson were happy to welcome their first baby together this weekend. Nevertheless, the actress prefers to keep everything personal for the moment, so she did not release any statement to communicate the girl’s name or her birth measurements. Her reps confirmed on Monday that Thurman gave birth, but they kept mum about everything else.

This is not Uma’s first child; she also has two children, Maya, 13, and Levon, 10, from her previous marriage with actor Ethan Hawke. Despite this, the third pregnancy was just as emotional as the previous ones because Thurman wanted to have a baby with Busson.

The couple has had an on again off again relationship, but they seem to have worked things out, in the end. In 2009, they told the press that they called off their engagement and went on to live separate lives. Two years later, Uma and Arpad were seen together at a public event and they eventually confessed that they reunited. The pregnancy was a surprise, too, because the actress stated that she was not planning to have another child; it simply happened.

Uma didn’t speak too much about her pregnancy. She announced that she was going to have a baby in February, but she hasn’t released any statement ever since. Both she and Arpad were very excited to have a child together. The unborn baby girl was celebrated with a baby shower that was held in New York, on May 31. Uma’s half-sister, Taya Thurman, organized a pink-elephant themed party and invited some of the actress’ best friends including her co-stars in “Smash” Debra Messing and Will Chase.

Jason Segel Is Bonding With Michelle Williams’ Daughter Matilda

Jason Segel wants to be a good father for Michelle William’s daughter, Matilda, so the “How I Met Your Mother” star spent the entire weekend bonding with the girl. According to Us Weekly, the trio was spotted doing various activities together.

Matilda Ledger lost her father, Heath Ledger, in 2008 when she was only two years old. Her mother has done her best to make up for the daughter’s loss being constantly preoccupied about the little girl’s happiness. Now that Michelle Williams is dating Jason Segel, the two actors want to make sure that the girl is not disturbed by their relationship.

As a consequence, Jason, Michelle and Matilda spent the last weekend together as a happy family. They started by going at an afternoon display of the Broadway musical “Jersey Boys” and were later on, photographed during a shopping session at the Duxiana bedding store in New York City. On Sunday, the happy family dined at a vegan eatery and concluded their weekend with a stroll down the Brooklyn Boulevard near Michelle’s home.

This is not the first time Segel spends time with Michelle’s daughter, Matilda. In fact, the actor has been bonding with her ever since his relationship with Williams started several months ago. Sources claim that the 32-year-old star is much more mature now than he used to be before because he wants to be a good father for the 6-year-old girl.

One of Segel’s close friends told reporters at Us Weekly that he never thought he would be dating a woman with a child. Nevertheless, the actor is taking everything seriously and is even behaving as a true grown-up. He even spends a lot of time with Matilda, doing “dad staff”, that is, drawing and playing music.

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams met through one of their common friends, Busy Philipps. They soon got romantically involved and now the two are madly in love.

Lady Gaga’s Fragrance “Fame” Branded As Innovative

Lady Gaga has managed to break all boundaries not just in the music, but also in the cosmetics industry. Her new fragrance “Fame” was branded as innovative by the Coty chief executive officer.

Whether she conquers the hearts of her fans or she makes everyone hate her, Lady Gaga’s success is entirely based on her unprecedented attitude. She has raised numerous controversies by now thanks to her downright shocking lyrics and her fashion and makeup style.

Yet, the singer won’t stop here. She announced a while ago that she will be releasing a new fragrance, “Fame”, which will most likely mirror her unique personality. Some of her plans were too big for us to handle as the “Born This Way” singer stated that the perfume will display notes of blood and semen. In the end, she opted for a different fragrance formula that is, nevertheless, just as innovative as the initial one.

According to Coty’s chief executive officer, Mr Beetz, Gaga’s perfume has many reasons to be branded as one of the most original beauty product in the past decades. First of all, the color of the fragrance is unique because “Fame” is the first black perfume. Customers don’t have to worry as the eau becomes invisible once airborne.

Second of all, “Fame” is the first perfume that doesn’t have top, middle and bottom notes. Steve Mormoris, Coty’s marketing senior VP explained that the notes of the fragrance are no longer arranged in a certain order; on the contrary, various flowery and fruity scents surface randomly depending on the person who wears it. Thus, the perfume undergoes various metamorphoses in time, but the notes remain harmonious no matter what. The new technology used by the singer in the creation of “Fame” was described by Coty as “push-pull”.

The fragrance contains notes of poisonous Belladonna plant, honey, saffron, apricot nectar, tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. It is a dark perfume because it represents the black soul of fame, according to the singer’s declaration.

Ownership Of Bob Dylan’s Historic Guitar In Dispute

The ownership of one of Bob Dylan’s historic guitars is the subject of a recent dispute after two different parties claim to have it. The daughter of the band’s pilot says the rock ‘n’ roll instrument has been in her possession for more than 40 years, whereas Bob Dylan’s lawyers claim the electric guitar never left the artist’s collection, says the Associated Press.

The electric guitar that Bob Dylan used during the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 is one of the most important instruments in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Bob Dylan used the instrument to encourage people to make a change at a time when rock ‘n’ roll music was rejected by most folk purists. Thus, it is not the sound or the design that make the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar so popular, but rather its symbolism.

The guitar is back in the media’s attention after almost half a century because a woman in New Jersey claims the original guitar has been in her family’s attic since the 1965 concert. According to her, Bob Dylan gave the electric original guitar to her dad, who used to fly the band to appearances in the 1960s. The historic instrument was kept in her family’s attic ever since, the woman added in the end of her declaration.

Bob Dylan’s legal representatives deny everything that the woman has said. They have stated that the famous guitar decorated with an unprecedented sunburst design has always been in the artist’s collection. As a consequence, a special commission was formed to analyze the two instruments and determine who has the original.

The subject of the electric guitar will also be disputed during PBS’ edition of “History Detectives” on Tuesday. Investigators have taken a look at the two guitars and they told the press on Wednesday evening that the New Jersey pilot could, indeed, have the original instrument. If the authentic guitar is released on the market it could bring its possessor more than half a million dollars.

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Welcome Baby Girl

Based on a recent report published by E! News, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Penelope Scotland Disick. The birth took place on Sunday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Reality TV stars, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have become parents for the second time on early Sunday. The 33-year-old brunette gave birth to a healthy little girl of 7 pounds and 14 ounces. Penelope Scotland Disick joins her older brother, Mason, who turned two in December, last year.

Both Kourtney and her mother, Kris Jenner, took to Twitter to let people know that a new member of the Kardashian clan has entered the world. Kourtney spoke with reporters at E! News and told them that her family has been blessed with a new member. The reality TV star added that she and Penelope will rest as much as possible in the upcoming days.

Kris Jenner reassured everyone that the all-natural birth went alright. She furthers stated that Penelope looks just like her brother Mason and she is an adorable child. The entire family is very happy and they can’t wait to take turns playing with the little girl, was Kris’ final declaration.

After experiencing a false alarm, Kourtney was happy that she finally delivered her child on Sunday. The moment was highly anticipated by her family and her friends. Scott and his wife announced that they were expecting their second child on November 2011. The gender of the baby was communicated in February, whereas the Kardashian family celebrated Kourtney’s baby shower in May.

Reporters at E! News wanted to know whether Kourtney will include the delivery footage in a new episode from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, but the star told the press that she hasn’t decided yet. She chose to publish the footage from her first delivery with Mason because she wanted to show people that not all births are as difficult as the ones you usually see in movies. Even though they filmed the second delivery, too, the couple thinks it is best to keep it personal.

Adele’s “21” Remains Best Sold Album

Based on a recent report published by the Rolling Stone, Adele’s “21” remains the best sold album of the year. Adele is still at the top of the list even though digital album sales have increased considerably in the past months.

Recent reports prove that many more people are interested in purchasing digital albums. The news delighted people in the music industry as the amount of sold digital albums dropped significantly since the beginning of the economic recession.

A recent study performed by the tracking firm called Nielsen SoundScan shows that more than 57 million digital albums have been sold since the beginning of 2012. Last year, only 50 million albums were sold around the same period of the year. What’s more interesting is the fact that the digital album sales represent 38 percent of all sales that were registered in the first half of 2012.

Whether album sales are well-sold or not, Adele is still the most popular singer of the year. It seems like the majority of the digital units that were purchased so far belong to her. Her “21” CD registered the biggest selling percent both in digital and physical format.

The week following the Grammy Awards was the most proficuous for the British singer. Not only did she get the biggest number of nods, but she also sold 730,000 copies claiming the biggest one-week sales for 2012. Her manager thinks Adele will continue to sell increasingly more records considering that all her new singles have become hits.

There were other artists who were well-received by the public, as well. Lionel Ritchie, for instance, made an unexpectedly successful comeback with his country duets album called “Tuskegee”. According to the report, Richie has sold 912,000 units since the beginning of the year. This percent is the biggest that Lionel has registered in the past years. In fact, it has outsold the percentage of the previous three albums combined.

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