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Nicki Minaj To Have Her Own Reality Show

For Nicki Minaj, the “American Idol” judging gig is truly a milestone, the entry path to a whole new level of celebrity. In fact, sources say Nicki Minaj is going to have her own reality show on E! network.

Sources are saying Nicki Minaj is bound to have her own reality show on E! network. Asked by Perez Hilton about the rumors about her getting a reality show, Nicki Minaj didn’t deny there’s a chance that could happen. Nicki Minaj said she is still considering the idea of having her very own reality show on E!

“That I’m going to keep a secret for now” Nicki Minaj told Perez Hilton. “I thought I’d never do something like that, not saying I am still. I’m still considering” the new “American Idol” judge added. It’s obvious the idea of getting a reality show is appealing for Nicki Minaj, thinking ti will help people understand and maybe like her more.

“If you only have such one-dimensional things to go off of like rumors, then you kind of never get to know the artist. When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I’m not running away from it anymore” she added. “I’m just like you, ‘You know what? This is my life” the new “American Idol” judge said.

While the thought of a Nicki Minaj reality show is extremely appealing, the artist might find herself with too much on her plate. Nicki Minaj must make sure she’s giving her best on “American Idol”, seeing as everybody has their eyes set on her. Diva Mariah Carey will surely be highly scrutinous if she makes a mistake.

“It’s a milestone for me; it’s a milestone for hip-hop; it’s a milestone for young black women” said Nicki Minaj of her gig on “American Idol”. “Has there ever been a black woman on the show? This is a show that 20 million people watch so I feel like we should be represented on that show and I’m very proud of my decision to do it” Nicki Minaj added.

Well, if it makes any difference, we think it would be great if Nicki Minaj had her own reality show.

Lady Gaga Was A Bulimic And Anorexic Teenager

Ever since she gained 25 pounds, Lady Gaga has been subject to various critics related to her fluctuating weight. The singer decided to put an end to all the discussions by admitting that she has been a bulimic and an anorexic teenager, according to the Inquisitr.

Lady Gaga fights back against critics with a Body Revolution campaign. After being in the center of attention due to the 25 pounds she has gained, the singer took to her fan site and posted various pictures of her wearing nothing but yellow bra and panties. One of the pictures was accompanied by the caption: “Bulimia and Anorexia since I was 15”. The description added to the following pic, however, wrote that the “Born This Way” interpreter has decided to join the Body Revolution campaign to inspire people to be brave and to “breed some m$therf*cking compassion”.

As usual, Lady Gaga encouraged her fans to join her in the new campaign and be proud of all their flaws. She reminded her fans that she created the Born This Way Foundation precisely because she wanted to inspire bravery and to celebrate what people perceive as “flaws” in the modern society. The campaign that the artist created should be regarded as an extension of the foundation’s mission as the Body Revolution is meant to make “flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous”.

The campaign was inspired by the severe criticism that was brought against Gaga several months ago when she told her followers that she killed back to back spin classes and ate a salad despite dreaming of a cheeseburger. Many people thought the singer was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle because of the hashtags “#PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay”, but Gaga explained this month that she doesn’t care that she gained a few pounds. In fact, she feels quite happy about it, considering that she no longer has to observe the strict diet which was imposed to her.

Blonde Natalie Portman Accompanied On The Red Carpet By Robert Pattinson

Natalie Portman went from brunette to blonde and showed up on the red carpet accompanied by Robert Pattinson at the Van Cleef & Arpels Dinner for L.A. Dance Project in Los Angeles, on Saturday. The actress also met with her hubby, choreographer Benjamin Millepied and the three had a wonderful time together.

Natalie Portman went through an extreme makeover in order to get her locks from brunette to blonde. The actress surprised everyone with her new look at the Van Cleef & Arpels Dinner for L.A. Dance Project in Los Angeles when she showed up on the red carpet. However, she explained that she had to make this change for the new role she is preparing.

No further details were provided in relation to the project that Portman is currently preparing, but Robert Pattinson could be involved, as well. The star had a wonderful time in company of the actress, judging by the photos that were taken at the event. The joy grew even bigger when the two stars reunited with Natalie’s husband, Millepied and an unidentified man. Eyewitnesses reported that the four couldn’t stop laughing during the whole time they spent together and they acted as very close friends. 

Pattinson is in a great shape, too, after deciding to forgive Kristen Stewart for her brief affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. He mingled with the rest of the guests at the party and even took some time to take pictures with fans.

While Natalie Portman didn’t reveal many details about her future film, her hair stylist, Tracey Cunningham presented the steps she had to make in order to turn the 31-year-old star blonde. The A-list colorist gradually stripped Portman’s hair of her natural brunette hue in order to maintain its healthy glow. The “Black Swan” star resorted to wigs in the previous parts she has interpreted, such as, the role of the stripper seducing Jude Law in “Closer”. 

Tattoos Make Way To New Business: Tattoo Removal

Tattoos may be in fashion, but they have slowly made way to a new business idea, that is, tattoo removal. The first and most successful tattoo removal studio is Dr. Will Kirby’s office which appears to be increasingly more popular as the years go by, Reuters relates.

Very few people used to have tattoos at the beginning of the 20th Century and they were usually sailors and marine officers. Nowadays, their number has increased considerably, so almost every person has at least one tattoo, irrespective of their profession. When they first started their business, Dr. Will Kirby and his associate never thought they would be as successful as they are today. Still, they decided to do it because they noticed that there was not a single tattoo removal studio in their town.

Kirby had a good start, too. On their first day at the Tattoff clinic, they registered 90 requests for tattoo removals. Six years later, Will estimates that he had performed around 50,000 treatments to various people who wanted to get rid of their inks. This growing popularity has enabled Kirby to open two other locations in Texas, but he has bigger plans for the future. He wants to open another location in Texas in the near future and, possibly, expand his clinic in every state within the following five years.

A recent study performed in Northwestern University in 2006 explains what might have pushed people to remove the inks they once made. According to the results of the study, the popularity that tattoos have gained in the past years makes them undesirable among people. This form of art was once reserved for bikers and gang members, but now they have been socially accepted by everyone and this, simply doesn’t make them interesting anymore. Another reason would be that the tattoo removal techniques have been greatly diversified in the past years making it a lot easier for patients to get rid of unwanted body inks. Last, but not least, there is a restrained group of people who love tattoos so much that they no longer have free body parts for new ones. As a consequence, they resort to tattoo removal clinics in order to make way for new inks.

Kourtney Kardashian Releases Footage From Penelope’s Birth

Despite the promise she made to keep the video of her second birth private, Kourtney Kardashian released footage from Penelope’s birth during the final episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. The reality TV star amazed viewers one more time by pulling the baby all by herself, says Us Weekly.

The news that Kourtney Kardashian pulled the baby all by herself during Penelope’s birth has made headlines in the major U.S. tabloids. This is not something new as the reality TV star did the same thing when she gave birth to her son, Mason Dash Disick, two years ago. Kourtney must have assumed people didn’t see something grouse in the past years, so she decided it was time to release footage from her second birth.

According to reporters at Us Weekly, who had the strength to view the entire video, the Kardashian sister filmed every single detail of the birth, including the moment when she reached her daughter and pulled her out. Scott Disick, Penelope’s father and Kourtney’s partner, as well as the majority of the Kardashian family members who were present at the scene managed to witness the entire birth without fainting or vomiting. In fact, Khloe, who was also present at Mason’s birth, reminded everyone that Kourtney has the tendency to “pull out her own children”.

Kourtney surprised everyone with her new birth footage because the entire scene was awfully quiet. She told reporters that she wanted to show people that not all births are as noisy as the ones people usually see in the movies. The mother of two confessed that the entire hospital was prepared for the filming of the video, so the place was very silent.

The footage ended with a funny exchange of lines between Mason and his mom. Kourtney introduced her baby girl, Penelope to the camera, but Mason corrected his mom by saying that her name is not Penelope, but sister. Similar interactions between Mason and Penelope could be introduced in the future episodes of the franchise as everyone thought the two kids were adorable.

Get Insights Into Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Wedding

Access Hollywood was the first to get insights into Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ wedding which was secretly held at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. on Sunday. Even though the couple hasn’t made any statement in relation to the wedding rumors, a local radio station in Charleston, South Carolina was the first to share the news.

After dating for almost a year, “Green Lantern” co-stars, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively tied the knot on Sunday during a private ceremony at the Boone Hall Plantation. The two lovers made sure the press didn’t know anything about their wedding, but close sources have confirmed that the two are now husband and wife.

In addition to family members and close friends, Blake and Ryan invited many celebrities at their wedding. Florence Welch of “Florence and the Machine”, the bride’s best friend, was also asked to perform and keep the guests entertained at the party. Bette Midler was spotted having dinner with Blake’s mother and sister before the wedding day. The American comedienne was present at the reception, too, and sources claim she also interpreted several songs for the young couple.

Ryan met his new wife, Blake, on the set of the movie “Green Lantern”. Tabloids have speculated back then that the two were dating, but the actors managed to keep their relationship away from the media. Blake even stated in a recent interview that she is not involved in a relationship, but she knows the main traits that the perfect man has to have: to be funny and tall. The actress confessed that she likes to wear high heels and being with a shorter man could make her feel uncomfortable. Luckily, Ryan is 6’2″, so the “Gossip Girl” beauty won’t have to worry about being too tall.

This is the first marriage for Blake Lively, who was previously involved in a brief relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Reynolds, on the other hand, was married to actress Scarlet Johansson between 2008 and 2010 but their marriage didn’t last.

Kellie Pickler Supports Friend By Shaving Her Head

American country music artist, Kellie Pickler proved that she supports her friend by shaving her head during the Thursday edition of “Good Morning America”. The “American Idol” former contestant cut off her long blonde locks to help her childhood friend fight against cancer discrimination, Entertainment News relates.

The biggest fear of women diagnosed with one form of cancer is that they will be rejected or mocked at if they shave their heads. For this reason, they choose to hide their bald heads under wigs or special coverings. Kellie Pickler and her longtime friend, Summer Holt Miller, completely shaved their heads to prove breast cancer patients they have no reason to be ashamed of their new look.

Summer Holt Miller suffered a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in June. She is due to start chemotherapy in the following days, so she cut her hair off completely on Wednesday. Her friend, country singer, Kellie Pickler, wanted to show her support to her friend and to fight against cancer discrimination; therefore, she chose to give up her blonde tresses for a bald look.

Miller appreciates everything that Pickler has done for her. She told the press that they don’t regret the change they have made. In fact, they think their small protest could determine at least one person to have a mammogram before 40, thus, helping change mentalities.

Kellie prepared her fans about the change several days before the show. She wrote on her Twitter account that she had a “great life-changing day” while she was recording the video for the “Good Morning America” show. She concluded by inviting all her fans to watch the September 5th broadcast promising them that it will be an interesting show.

The act of bravery that Kellie did in support of her friend has triggered a lot of sympathy and appreciation from both cancer patients and “Good Morning America” viewers. The country singer has also gained a lot of visibility which could turn out useful for her musical career.

Health Report: The Practice Of Football Linked To Brain Diseases

A recent study has revealed that the practice of football is many times linked to brains diseases and new measures need to be adopted in order to prevent such affections in the future. The study was performed after many NFL veterans were diagnosed with brain diseases, the Associated Press reports.

NFL players tend to develop many more brain-related diseases as opposed to people who don’t practice this sport. The discovery was made by a group of medical researchers after analyzing the medical reports of 3400 former NFL players.

The majority of the deceased players suffered from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease combined. The death rate of the sportsmen who had all these three affections was three times bigger than the percentage that is normally predicted for the entire population. Further researches need to be performed in the future to determine the main factors leading to degenerative brain diseases, but scientists believe the repeated blows to the head are the main cause of these health issues.

The study included football players who have taken part in at least five playing seasons in the league between 1959 and 1988. The 334 football players who died before 2007 were included in the main study. Their death rates have been compared to the ones of another group of American men. They have thus, discovered 10 cases where the NFL veteran suffered from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s disease. According to doctors, this rate is three times bigger than the numbers that have been registered so far within groups of regular American men.

There have been several critics that were brought against the study. Scientists have stated that there is no actual evidence proving that the increase rate of degenerative brain diseases is related somehow to the practice of football. Dr. Robert Cantu from Boston University, has a different opinion, even though he was not involved in the recent research. In his opinion, the studied cases could be misdiagnosed chronic traumatic encephalopathy. For that, scientists would have to perform a special chemical test of the footballer’s brain after death.

Arkansas Could Ease Medical Marijuana Restrictions

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press Arkansas could be the first Southern state to ease medical marijuana restrictions. The state will organize a referendum this fall to ask voters whether pot should be accepted for medical uses or not.  

The Southern states have long opposed the legalization of marijuana even for medical purposes as opposed to the states on the East and the West Coasts who adopted more permissive laws. Arkansas, however, thinks it is time to reconsider their position in relation to pot, so the state is willing to give voters the opportunity to express their wish. Thus, a referendum will be organized this fall asking residents in Arkansas whether marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes or not.

Pot continues to be a taboo for state’s officials and law enforcement agencies, but supporters are doing their best to gain visibility. According to them, it is important for people to see that Arkansas and other states in the South are preoccupied with the legalization of marijuana and not just the Western or the Eastern ones. Jill Harris, managing director of Drug Policy Action told the press that people in the South were never too preoccupied about this subject; therefore, the mere organization of the referendum is a great achievement for them.

The marijuana reformation has been one of the hottest issues in many American states. Colorado, Oregon and Washington are even considering the legalization of marijuana for all purposes through laws that could be accepted by the end of the year.  Voters residing in Massachusetts are expected to express their opinion upon the matter this fall, whereas North Dakota could add another measure to its ballot.

There have been similar actions made in Arkansas in order to legalize marijuana for medical uses, but they have all failed. The current campaign was planned by Arkansas for Compassionate Care which managed to draw the politics’ attention through the funds they have raised. Bill Clinton’s name is, in fact related to marijuana consumption. The Arkansas-native President was ridiculed in 1992 for declaring during his campaign that he had consumed marijuana in college, but never inhaled it. 

WHO Warns About Drug-Resistant TB Outbreak

The World Health Organization warned people on Thursday that a drug-resistant TB outbreak threatens worldwide nations. According to the Associated Press the study was carried out on more than eight nations and results have shown that many cases of TB were resistant to first and second line medicines.

Humanity could be in danger of dealing with another tuberculosis epidemic, according to the findings reported by a new study published in “The Lancet”. Scientists have gathered 1,278 patients from several countries, including Estonia, Latvia, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand. Respondents were carefully studied from 2005 to 2008 while they were given various treatments. Scientists have thus, discovered that patients were suffering from highly resistant TB cases whose occurrence could increase in the future unless officials do something to prevent them.

The study’s main goal was to identify the factors that have contributed to the resistance of the disease. In addition, scientists tried to find new methods and treatments that could help cure patients with multi-drug resistant TB before the illness becomes a worldwide epidemic.

Patients who were included in the study reported high levels of XDR-TB. Their affection did not respond to the first line treatment that was given to them, namely, isoniazid and rifampin, but also to the second-line fluoroquinolone drugs. TB patients were also treated with injectable drugs, such as, amikacin, capreomycin, or kanamycin, but their state did not improve at all.

The most resistant cases of TB were the ones of the patients who underwent medical treatment without curing completely. Socioeconomic factors, such as, unemployment, alcohol abuse, and smoking represent the other reasons why patients developed highly resistant cases of tuberculosis. In researchers’ opinion, these factors should be taken into account if health organizations want to prevent this disease from spreading towards other unaffected areas. As in the case of the less resistant TB, a correct hygiene is considered essential to prevent similar epidemics in the future.

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