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Kirstie Alley Dishes On Secret Relationship With Patrick Swayze

Actress Kirstie Alley revealed in a recent interview with Us Weekly that she had a secret relationship with late actor and dancer Patrick Swayze. The declaration came just a few days after the actress revealed that John Travolta was the love of her life.

Three years after Patrick Swayze’s death, actress Kirstie Alley decided to dish on their secret relationship. The 61-year-old star recently declared that the “Look Who’s Talking” co-star, John Travolta, was the “greatest love of her life”, but this, however, did not prevent her from having the same feelings for Swayze.

Alley met Patrick Swayze on the set of the Civil War-inspired miniseries “North and South” which was filmed in 1985. The two fell for each other as soon as they met, so they agreed to start dating even though they were both married. At first, Kristie wanted to avoid “going down that road”, but she could not resist the attraction. Alley, who was married, back then to Parker Stevenson, reassured everyone that she did not have an affair with Swayze. However, she admits that she made a terrible mistake because it was not just her marriage she was jeopardizing, but also Swayze’s relationship with Lisa.

Patrick’s widow, Lisa did not release any statements in relation to the recent declaration that Kristie has made. It is unclear whether the choreographer was aware of the love story that the two were sharing; bad mouths claim this was the reason why Lisa chose Kirstie to speak at Swayze’s 2009 funeral.

On Friday, the “Dancing With The Stars” contestant declared in an interview that she was head over heels for John Travolta when the two started filming “Look Who’s Talking Now”. She confessed that she hardly refrained from giving up everything she had in order to run off with John. Two years later, the actor married Kelly Preston, but this did not prevent the three celebrities from remaining close friends. The three fellow Scientologists spend as much time together as possible.

Pulitzer Winner, Elliott Carter, Dies At 103

NEW YORK (AP) – Pulitzer Prize winner, Elliott Carter, died at the age of 103 on Monday. The late classical composer left behind a comprehensive collection of rhythmically complex works and written essays about modern music.

Elliott Carter’s publishing house, Boosey & Hawkes, announced on Monday that the famous composer passed away of natural causes at 103. They described him as “an iconic American composer” due to the numerous works he created during his life.

The winner of two Pulitzer Prizes was very dedicated to his work. He declared in a past interview that he wants to create complex music which stimulates listeners’ attention. People need to concentrate all their attention when listening to his music; otherwise, they will not be able to grasp its full meaning. According to Carter, the theatrical effect is not intrinsic; it is the listener who interprets the sounds and gives meaning to them.

Elliott’s declaration explains why he chose to use various instruments in his compositions and create chaotic interactions between them. Their complex sounds give birth to powerful dramas that listeners have to decipher, but the music sheets are most of the times very difficult to learn. He later on, stated that the difficulty arises from the fact that he wanted to give each musician his own individuality in the context of a harmonized orchestra. “This seems to me a very dramatic thing in a democratic society,” he said.

Similar to other modern classical composers, Elliott Carter was little known to the general public. His works were usually played among small circles of critics and musicians in New York City. He often felt he was more appreciated in Europe where music “is not purely entertainment, but part of the culture”. Even so, the late composer didn’t feel the need to be popular because he understood that the popular opinion is usually manipulated by various factors and, thus, “popularity is a meaningless matter”.

Carter won his first Pulitzer Prize in 1960 due to his Second String Quartet. More than 10 years later, in 1973, he received another Pulitzer award for his Third String Quartet. He is survived by his son and grandson.

Sharon Osbourne Suffers Double Mastectomy

Sharon Osbourne released a statement on Sunday informing people that she suffered a double mastectomy after she found out that she was in danger of developing breast cancer. The “America’s Got Talent” judge doesn’t feel sorry for the decision she has made because she realizes it might have prolonged her life, the Associated Press relates.

The 60-year-old English television show bluntly announced that she has decided to have a double mastectomy. It wasn’t easy to take this decision, but Ozzy Osbourne’s wife realized it was the best choice she had in order to prolong her life.

Sharon Osbourne was diagnosed with colon cancer almost a decade ago. In addition, she was recently told that she carries a gene which increases the risk of breast cancer, so it is best to take measures before anything bad happens. Given these circumstances, the “America’s Got Talent” judge didn’t have many options besides surgical intervention and she agreed to have a double mastectomy.

While other people refuse to make such drastic decisions, Sharon Osbourne managed to preserve her optimism in spite of everything. As a matter of fact, she told reporters that she doesn’t want to be pitied because it will all work out for her best. In her opinion, the decision she has made helped her get rid of some of the weight she was carrying around.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as their two children, Jack and Kelly became the most famous rock band after their reality TV show, “The Osbournes”, was broadcast on MTV. The members of the family have all got involved in various other television projects since the respective show. Sharon is now a judge on talent contests, whereas her daughter Kelly is a co-host at E!’s “Fashion Police”. Jack Osbourne would have loved to take part in the show “Stars Earn Stripes” but he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was forced to leave the program.

Nicole Kidman’s Hat Steals The Show At ‘Derby Day’

Nicole Kidman stole the show at the “Derby Day” thanks to her elegant hat which reminded everyone of “My Fair Lady”. According to the Inquisitr, the “Grace of Monaco” star left everyone gaping in awe when she showed up at the Flemington race track.

Nicole Kidman is playing the part of movie icon Grace Kelly in the new film “Grace of Monaco”, but for the Australian Derby Day, she got her inspiration from the looks of another Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady”. The Australian-American actress confessed that she wanted to pay tribute to the movie icon and for that, she wore a large hat signed by Stephen Jones and a white lace dress from L’Wren Scott’s collection.

Kidman told reporters that she was very impressed by “My Fair Lady” whom she described as one of her favorite movies. Since the movie was just as fun as the event she attended, Nicole thought the elegant dress and hat make the right choice. “We decided to do something that was fun and a bit different,” she explained.

The actress was accompanied by her mom and her dad at the Saturday event. Keith Urban would have loved to come with her, but he was too busy with the Country Music Association Awards. Moreover, he spent a lot of time with the kids celebrating Halloween and he couldn’t prepare for the race. While Keith doesn’t seem very interested in the Melbourne Cup, the actress is a big fan of the event; in fact, she has made lots of bets since she turned the legal age.

Nicole Kidman was unable to spend too much time in Australia because she had to fly back to France to continue filming for “Grace of Monaco”. She was in town for only 48 hours, but she was glad she could take part at the Derby Day for the first time.

Green Day Releases Song For New “Twilight” Movie

Green Day’s new song, “The Forgotten”, will be used as a soundtrack for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2”. The track belongs to album “¡Uno!” and it is a slow-moving power ballad resembling the group’s previous singles, according to Los Angeles Times.

“¡Uno!” – the recent album that was released by Green Day – was said to be very different from the ones they have produced so far. Fans often stated that their sound suffered various changes, but the band proved the opposite with the launching of their latest ballad “The Forgotten”. The single will be used as a soundtrack for the latest “Twilight Saga” movie, “Breaking Dawn Part 2”.

After hearing the new ballad, analysts have all agreed that the song resembles some of the singles that the band produced in the past. According to them, “The Forgotten” is a slow ballad that reminds fans of “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”. Billy Joel Armstrong’s interpretation, as well as the powerful lyrics, are the key elements that will ensure the success of the song.

Green Day was supposed to host various live performances in 2012, but they cancelled them all before “The Forgotten” was released. Although they never disclosed the real reason behind their decision to cancel the show, Armstrong revealed in September that he was headed to rehab after he had an onstage meltdown during a concert at the Music Festival in Las Vegas.

The music video of “The Forgotten” was released on the same day, that is, October 30. Images from live concerts were intertwined with scenes taken from “The Twilight Saga” new movie. Producers think the new song could become just as successful as the previous singles that were used as a soundtrack, including Yiruma’s “River Flows In You”.

The new album “¡Uno!” is the first installment from the trilogy that Green Day plans to release in the following months. “¡Dos!” and “¡Tré!”, the following two albums are due to be released on November 9 and, respectively, December 11.

James Blunt Withdraws From Music Industry

Singer James Blunt announced his intentions to withdraw from the music industry during a press conference organized on Monday. The interpreter did not provide an explanation for his decision and simply stated he has no urge to write songs for the moment, according to the Washington Post.

James Blunt could be singing his final “Goodbye My Lover” to the music industry, according to the recent declarations he has made during a press conference. After relaxing in Ibiza for a long period of time, the British-born interpreter realized is no longer interested in producing music. At least, not for the following period.

James, who produced hits, such as, “You’re Beautiful” and “1973”, told reporters that he wants to “take some time out” for himself. The artist did not say whether he plans to return on stage or not, but stated that music is no longer his primary interest. In fact, soon after he finished his world tour, the artist took a long vacation in Ibiza and spent most of the time chilling with his friends.

The 28-year-old singer became famous with his 2005 album “Back to Bedlam” including the highly praised songs “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover”. Before he discovered his artistic abilities, James used to be an officer in the British Army’s Life Guards. He even took part in several missions, such as, the stint he performed under NATO in 1999 in Kosovo.

The subsequent albums he released in 2007 and 2010, that is, “All The Lost Souls” and, respectively, “Some Kind of Trouble” were well-received by the public, but they never managed to rise up to the success of his first album. “Back To Bedlam” sold 11 million copies worldwide and was awarded with numerous prizes. The collection of tracks brought James Blunt five Grammy nominations including Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Antidepressants Can Cause Brain Bleeds

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, certain antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) could cause brain bleeds. The drugs have been previously linked to stomach bleeding, but a recent study claims consumers could also experience haemorrhagic strokes.

Researchers have identified a series of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which could be noxious if frequently consumed. The drugs that seem to be the most dangerous are fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft), citalopram (Celexa) and paroxetine (Paxil). According to scientists’ opinion, these pills could lead to brain bleeds in addition to other stomach problems they may cause.

The findings have been long tested by researchers during 16 past studies involving more than 500,000 respondents divided into two groups: those who received SSRIs and those who didn’t. The results have constantly shown that people who consumed SSRIs were 40 to 50 percent more likely to develop brain bleeding. Despite this, researchers claim patients have nothing to worry about as there are very few chances of actually suffering haemorrhagic strokes.

Lead researcher Daniel Hackam, an associate professor of medicine at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada told the press that the risks to any one person are very low. Figures indicate there would be just one case of brain haemorrhage for every 10,000 people using SSRIs over one year, the professor explained. He further added that the tests did not prove the bleedings were particularly caused by these antidepressants. There could be other factors involved, as well; in fact, the precarious health condition of people who were administered SSRIs might make them more susceptible to strokes.

The finding which induced researchers into thinking that SSRIs might be noxious was the increased haemorrhage risk noticed during the first months of the treatment. Scientists also noticed that blood cells called platelets cannot clump together and form clots during the administration of SSRIs; thus, favouring strokes. Although SSRIs are usually safe for patients, people who have already suffered strokes should be careful when consuming the drugs.  

Jennie Garth Tried To Reach Out To Former Co-Star Amanda Bynes

Based on a recent report published by Us Weekly, Jennie Garth tried on repeated occasions to reach out to her former co-star Amanda Bynes, but the latter has ignored all her calls. The two actresses grew very close during the filming of the WB series “What I Like About You”, so Jennie wants to help Amanda overcome her problems.

Amanda Bynes is obviously going through a rough period of time and her friends were the first to realize this. After playing her elder sister in the WB series “What I Like about You”, Jennie Garth started being protective with the 26-year-old actress in real life, as well. The 40-year-old star told the press that she tried to reach out to Bynes on many occasions, but the former co-star ignored her.

Jennie Garth, who has recently been through dire straits, herself, after divorcing her husband, feels very connected with the troubled star. She confessed that she cares for Amanda a lot and that is why she would like to help her. Despite this, the younger co-star seems determined to shut everyone out of her life as Garth is not the only person she has turned down.

Soon after her parents moved to Los Angeles to be closer to their troubled daughter, Amanda flew to New York City where she is currently residing alone. Although the actress hasn’t been photographed in the past week, there are many pictures of her wandering alone on the streets of the Big Apple. Among the many public scenes she has caused, the actress recently locked herself in a bathroom at Little Cupcake Bakeshop in SoHo for 30 minutes. Bynes eventually came out of the room when the patron threatened to break down the door and explained that she had been fixing her make up.

Amanda has also been involved in several legal problems. Her attorney has entered a plea of not guilty for the two occasions when the actress was retained for driving without a license. She also pleaded not guilty for the DUI charges and the two hit-and-run counts she has been accused of.

Is Matthew McConaughey Losing Too Much Weight?

A recent photo illustrating Matthew McConaughey on his way out of a gym in Austin, Texas has left everyone wondering whether the actor is losing too much weight for his future movie role. The “Magic Mike” star is only a gaunt shadow of the muscle-clad man he used to be after losing more than 30 pounds within several months, says Us Weekly.

If you ever thought being a movie star is just a walk in the park, you’d better think again. Matthew McConaughey is a living proof of the sacrifices that actors have to make in order to live up to their fans’ expectations. The 42-year-old star had to lose 30 pounds for his new role as drug addict Ron Woodruff in “The Dallas Buyer’s Club” and it looks like the actor has to get even thinner in the following months.

After seeing Matthew’s recent pics, a new debate concerning actor’s weight problems has begun. According to tabloids, McConaughey, who has followed a highly strict low-carb diet in the past months, has got people worried about his skinny and emaciated figure. The actor was photographed after his workout class on Friday looking even thinner than he used to five days ago while he was taking a walk with his mother, Mary. 

McConaughey reassured reporters they have nothing to worry about. The actor stated that he will play the part of Ron Woodruff, a drug addict who contracts HIV and becomes one of the first AIDS activists in the 1980s Texas. Speaking about his new character, Matthew described him as a person who would have loved to be healthier, but there is nothing he can do to fight the dreadful disease. The newly wedded star further added that getting inside his character’s mental state is more difficult than losing weight.

Doctors constantly keep an eye on the actor’s health condition, so reps claim Matthew is in a great physical condition. His meals are very frugal and they usually consist in high-protein, low-carb food. In addition, McConaughey has to work out several hours per day in order to burn body fat.

New England Compounding Drugs Linked To Meningitis Outbreak

Meningitis risk has now spread to 14,000 people after confirmation that New England Compounding drugs are linked to the outbreak. With 14 people already dead and another thousand added to the risk category, the CDC now adds to the concern saying tests might not be effective enough to detect the fungus.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Thursday, the number of cases of non-contagious fungal meningitis climbed to 170, whereas the death toll is 14. Health officials have linked the meningitis outbreak to steroid injections produced by New England Compounding Center.

Thursday, CDC announced 14,000 people were given the contaminated steroid injections made by New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts. Dr. J. Todd Webber, in charge of the current meningitis outbreak for the CDC, said that 90 percent of the people at risk were already briefed, however “we aren’t out of the woods yet”.

Dr. Webber told reporters the CDC found two strains of meningitis in patients, Aspergillus and Exserohilum. The problem is that Exserohilum is a strain of meningitis that is basically “new territory” for health experts today, since it has never before been linked to a meningitis outbreak.

The CDC investigation at the New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts and several other facilities that received the contaminated injections has found 50 vials with meningitis fungus. On the overall, 76 clinics across 23 states received the contaminated drugs.

Fungal meningitis doesn’t spread like the bacterial kind. Only people that have received the contaminated steroid injection are at risk. Dr. Benjamin Park with the CDC warned that the current meningitis outbreak symptoms could take up to 42 days to appear. He recommended that the 14,000 people at risk be wary of the symptoms “at least several months after injection”.

The CDC has two antifungal medication treatments for people with fungal meningitis, one for each strain identified in tests. Dr. J. Todd Webber warned that “these drugs are very strong and can be very difficult for patient to tolerate over time”.

Meanwhile, FDA regulators are looking forward to have a talk with pharmacists and lawmakers to avoid another tainted drugs outbreak. “We want to sit down with pharmacists and lawmakers and think about a scheme that recognizes that the industry and practice of pharmacy have evolved over time, and put in place a risk-based scheme” said Deborah Autor, deputy commissioner for the FDA.

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