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Fans Break Into Lady Gaga’s Garage on Thanksgiving Day

Much like her clothes, Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Day was a little bit unusual. The singer tweeted on Friday that 35 fans broke into her garage on the eve of the holiday, Us Weekly reports.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for the family, but when you’re an international superstar, your guest list could become significantly larger. Lady Gaga received an unexpected visit last Friday when 35 fans tried to break into her garage. The star didn’t seem to be bothered by their behavior; on the contrary, she tweeted her followers telling them that this type of behavior is, in fact, what makes the singer love her fans.

Judging by the facts she described on her Twitter account, the 35 fans didn’t have the best intentions. They opened Gaga’s garage and woke the entire house up due to the noises they were making. The singer wrote: “#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible, + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happeningnow”.

The “Born This Way” interpreter further added that the fans’ visit was a pleasant surprise. She confessed she was amused by the images she saw on the security cameras when she woke up in the morning. “Thanksgiving story: woke up for leftovers in kitchen (naked)- stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage #why #iloveu,” the pop star added. Instead of getting mad at them for breaking into her garage, Lady Gaga tried to share some Thanksgiving Day leftovers with the trespassers, but she couldn’t do it because her door doesn’t have a cat-flap.

Unlike her, Lady Gaga’s father was annoyed by the noises that the fans were making, especially since he was trying to get some sleep. The singer made a joke on her Twitter account telling fans that if they see “A LARGE ITALIAN MAN yelling about sleep IT IS NOT JOE GERMANOTTA”.

Fans Criticize Cameron Diaz For Claiming Women Want To Be Objectified

America’s sweetheart, Cameron Diaz might have just lost a few fans. The actress declared in a recent interview with U.K.’s Sunday Times that women want to be objectified, thus triggering numerous critics from fans.

The “Bad Teacher” star surprised everyone with the recent declaration she made for a British tabloid. She told reporters that she is perfectly aware that she is sexy and doesn’t blame men for treating her as a sexually-related object. In fact, the actress believes all women love to be objectified to a certain extent; they just don’t like to admit it.

The statement was immediately disapproved by most online users. The majority of them have stated that the actress doesn’t understand the difference between the notion of ‘admiration’ and that of ‘objectification’. Diaz’s female fans admitted that they like to be admired, but they strongly disapprove with the representation of the woman as a mere object meant to fulfill men’s sexual desires. Some of them were quick to attack the actress claiming that getting undressed is the only way she can draw people’s interest nowadays.

Mistake or no mistake, Cameron might have just opened the Pandora box of negative comments given the overestimated opinion she holds about herself. The 40-year-old actress recently completed a photo shoot with Terry Richardson for the November issue of Esquire magazine and felt very confident throughout the whole time due to her physical assets. “I know what I feel comfortable doing, and I know my sexuality,” the blonde bombshell added.

Cameron’s confidence enables her to act like a true professional during sexy photo shoots. Unlike younger models, who often shy away from photographers’ cameras, the actress was eager to take her clothes off and use some of her best poses to present the sexy underwear. She even requested higher heels because she felt the pair of shoes she was given did not reflect her sexy personality.

The actress did not provide any explanation in relation to her initial declaration after the swirl of negative comments began. Fans expect her to apologize for the mistake she has made, but it is very unlikely that the actress will respond to their requests.

Three Thanksgiving Staples That Will Make Your Hair Gorgeous

Thanksgiving Day is a day of recognition, so why not use three of the most common holiday staples to thank your hair for pulling through whatever styling ideas you might have in mind. Cranberry, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are not only tasty, but they can be great allies, as well, when it comes to hydrating your locks.

All holidays end with a pile of leftovers, but you don’t necessarily have to throw everything in the dustbin as they may be used for other purposes. Cranberries, for instance, make a great conditioner for colored hair, especially red hues. All you have to do is take the cranberry juice and use it to rinse your mane. You don’t have to follow a special process for that; just wash and condition your hair the way you normally do and then, use the cranberry juice to rinse your hair for a couple of minutes. Once the juice was uniformly applied on all locks, you may use lukewarm water to give a final rinse to the hair.

There are many ways you can use the pumpkin besides the creepy Halloween decorations or the sweet pie. Since pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin A and potassium it can also be used as a conditioner that moisturizes and stimulates hair growth. For that, you will have to mix two cups of pumpkin with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 of yogurt and apply the mixture on damp hair. The deep conditioner should be left to process for 15 minutes and then washed regularly with warm water.

While the other two foods may be mixed with other ingredients to create conditioners for external use, sweet potatoes work best when administered internally. They are rich in beta-carotene, a substance that is essential for cell growth and, consequently, hair growth, so you should not feel sorry for piling them up on your plate.

Former “Price Is Right” Model Sues Show And Wins

A former “Price Is Right” model, Brandi Cochran, 41, sued the show because the producers discriminated her during pregnancy and won the case. The ex-model will be awarded $777,000, according to a recent report published by the Associated Press.

Judges agreed on Tuesday that Brandi Cochran was entitled to sue her former employers over discriminatory behavior. The former model of the well-known show “Price is Right” claims she has been aggrieved by the producers of the show when they tried to prevent her from returning to work after taking maternity leave in 2010.

Based on the evidence provided by Cochran’s legal representatives, the judges established that the pregnancy was the only reason behind producers’ decision to reject her. As a consequence, she received $776,944 in the suit against FremantleMedia North America and The Price is Right Productions.

The two companies tried to justify their behavior by pretending they could not afford to hire another model in addition to the five ones they already had at the time when Cochran was trying to make a comeback. Despite this, the jury is determined to take a closer look at the case and establish whether the woman should receive additional compensation for the damages she has suffered. Her lawyers have requested $8 million, but the sum could be negotiated at a later date.

FremantleMedia is not willing to give up the battle so easily. The company’s reps told the press that they will make an appeal in court if the verdict is not in conformity with their expectations. Moreover, the media enterprise will continue to sustain executive producer Mike Richards and the show’s staff because they believe their behavior towards Brandi Cochran has been more than fair.

According to FremantleMedia, the process was flawed because the jury was influenced by Cochran. The company reminded everyone that they have worked with many other models and 40 percent of them have been pregnant. If the jury had taken this aspect and other “important evidence” into consideration, the verdict would have been totally different, in FremantleMedia’s opinion.

Selena Gomez Rushed To ER After AMA

Selena Gomez’s night at the American Music Awards ended badly as the singer was rushed to the emergency room. According to the Inquisitr, the actress was feeling under the weather and her staff wanted her to be tested for strep throat.

The three awards that her on again off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber obtained during Sunday’s edition of the AMA, might have caused a vein to pop in Selena Gomez’s fragile neck. The actress-turned-singer was rushed to the emergency room as soon as the gala was over because she was feeling sick.

Reps explained that Gomez was not as sick as the others might have thought. It was just her throat that was bothering her and she wanted to make sure that everything was alright. The singer was afraid she could be suffering from strep throat, which is why she requested doctors to perform tests on her.

Normal persons would have waited until the next day to go to the hospital, but ‘waiting’ is not celebrities’ favorite term. Especially when the media seems to be more interested in your ex-boyfriend’s trophies than your hairstyle or clothes. This might explain why Selena rushed to the ER in the middle of the night over a strep throat suspicion.

Doctors reassured her that she was not suffering from any medical problems and the singer was sent home for rest. She told the press that she was afraid she might have caught bronchitis from her father who was sick last week.

Sources claim it wasn’t only the neck that troubled Selena, but also her heart. It is no longer a secret that Gomez and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, have been through a rough period lately. After announcing their official separation last week, the couple decided to give their relationship another try, so they agreed to meet on Saturday. The dinner was not as pleasant as they thought it would be as the two lovers ended up quarrelling. Despite this, Selena and Justin were seen holding each other’s hands during the AMA party.

Petraeus’ Mistress Paula Broadwell Regrets Damage Caused By Extramarital Affair

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former CIA director David Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell, regrets the damage she has caused by the extramarital affair. The biographer was deeply saddened by the fact that Petraeus was forced to resign, as well as by the numerous problems they have caused to their families.

One of Paula Broadwell’s friends told the press that the American author is afflicted by the consequences of her affair with David Petraeus. The biographer has been portrayed as a villain woman by the press, but friends and acquaintances claim the description doesn’t do her justice.

Paula, her husband, Scott, and their young sons have been constantly haunted by the media ever since the affair was made public a month ago. Luckily, the neighbors have been kind enough to offer them support during the week she spent at her brother’s house and upon her arrival in Charlotte, N.C.

Broadwell feels responsible for all the efforts that people had to make in order to protect her from the prying eyes of the media. Furthermore, she regrets all the damages that she has caused to everyone, including Petraeus’ family.

In spite of all her good intentions, David Petraeus’ mistress continues to be investigated by the FBI due to the classified documents she had on her laptop and in her house. Investigators have reached the conclusion that the biographer has gathered all these documents during her research for Petraeus’ mission in Afghanistan. Allegations against Broadwell may soon be dropped, however, as the documents are too old to be considered classified. The only aspect that remains unsolved is whether Petraeus is guilty of handing the classified documents to his mistress or not.

The affair between the former CIA director and his biographer was uncovered due to several threatening messages that Broadwell sent to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. The author raised suspicion after warning Kelley to stay away from David Petraeus and Afghanistan war commander John Allen.

What Will Kristen Do After “Twilight”?

After announcing her separation from the character that made her famous Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart told reporters at the Associated Press that she is concentrating all her attention on her future projects. Even though the last “Twilight” movie “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” has left her nostalgic, the actress is desperate to get a new job in the near future.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson announced on November 14 that “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” was the last movie they made from the “Twilight” saga. The announcement was very emotional especially since the two protagonists recalled the beautiful moments they spent together during the filming of the vampire series. However nostalgic she might have been, Kristen chose to speak about her future career plans instead of lingering on the “Twilight” subject for too long.

She told reporters that she has always been busy filming one movie or another in the past five years, but now she is desperate to find a new contract. In addition to “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” the actress also starred in “Snow White and The Huntsman” and “On The Road” since the beginning of the year. Now that she has completed one of the major projects of her life, she hopes she will continue to receive projects from directors.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, is currently in Australia filming “The Rover”. He will remain there for the following three months, so the two on and off screen lovers might be forced to stay apart until the filming is over. Stewart confessed that she would love to spend as much time as he does in Australia because it is a very important destination “on [her] list of personal expeditions”. Unfortunately, she was not co-opted for a movie in Australia until now.

Reporters asked Kristen whether she will travel Down Under to be with Robert Pattinson, but she did not provide a clear response. She only stated that she is taking her time to enjoy the last moments of popularity she might get from “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”.

NBA Cheerleader Gets Hurt During Magic-Knicks Game

NBA cheerleader Jamie Woode was forced to leave the Amway Arena on a gurney after getting severely hurt during the Magic-Knicks game on Tuesday. The professional dancer lost her balance during one of the stunts landing face-first into the ground, the Inquisitr reports.

Jamie Woode was supposed to enchant the crowd at Amway Arena and provide moral support to players performing during the Orlando Magic-New York Knicks contest on Tuesday. Her plans were shattered by a moment of carelessness during which Woode lost control of her body and fell to the ground.

The cheerleader faltered during one of the stunts she prepared for the show, but she didn’t have time to recover because she was immediately thrown into the air by her male partner. Instead of landing on her two feet, Jamie fell face-first into the ground and remained motionless for several minutes. Her male partner, as well as the rest of the people in the Arena was shocked by the incident.

Paramedics arrived on the basketball court to attend to the hurt cheerleader. The game was interrupted for various minutes until medics were able to lift the injured woman and safely place her on the gurney. They asked her to move her hands and feet so they could determine whether she was paralyzed or not. Luckily, Jamie’s injuries were not as bad everyone thought, but she was definitely in great pains, judging by the looks on her face.

Feeling responsible for the accident, the cheerleader’s male partner was very disturbed throughout the whole medical routine. Insiders report that the man could hardly refrain from bursting into tears when Woode was lifted from the ground. One of the doctors on the court tried to calm him down by reassuring him that the woman will recover soon.

Jamie Woode was taken to the nearest hospital where she received special care. Her condition is now stable, so she will be released in the following days.

Anne Hathaway Has Nervous Breakdown During “Les Miserables”

NEW YORK (AP) – Anne Hathaway confessed she suffered a nervous breakdown during the filming of her recent flick “Les Miserables”. The actress, who played the part of a sick mother forced to become a prostitute, felt physically and emotionally deprived.

“Les Miserables”, the musical inspired by Victor Hugo’s classical novel set in 1800s Paris, requested a lot of efforts on behalf of the cast. Anne Hathaway, the actress who played the part of Fantine, a French prostitute, nearly suffered a nervous breakdown because of the powerful emotions she was going through during the filming of the movie.

Hathaway went through a series of physical changes in order to perfectly embody the character. She lost 25 pounds and cut all her hair short, but the physical transformations were the easiest to achieve according to the 30-year-old actress.

Anne told reporters at Vogue magazine that getting inside Fantine’s mind has been the most difficult part she had to accomplish. Once her preparation for the part was complete, the actress felt like she had been left in a “state of deprivation, physical and emotional”. Her depression grew so strong that she could barely refrain from getting easily overwhelmed. Luckily, her husband, Shulman, has been very supportive and understanding throughout the whole time, so Anne could eventually overcome the state of anxiety that seized her.

Her recent part in “Les Mis” is not the only subject that was tackled in Vogue’s November issue. The actress also recalled some of the most valuable moments of her wedding ceremony. She and Shulman tied the knot in September during a special ceremony that was held in Big Sur, California. The dress that Hathaway wore was designed by Valentino, according to the actress’ preferences. Anne felt downright flattered by the designer’s will to collaborate with her. In fact, she will always cherish the moments they’ve spent working together.


Katie Holmes Makes Broadway Debut With “Dead Accounts”

Katie Holmes debuted her most recent family comedy, “Dead Accounts” on the Broadway stage during a Tuesday performance. Critics all agreed that the actress’ interpretation was very good, given the many rounds of applause she received from the public.

Theresa Rebeck’s new comedy, “Dead Accounts” will most likely draw large numbers of viewers to the Broadway Theater. The celebrities she cast in the play will also contribute to the success of the show because critics were impressed by their first performance.

Katie Holmes, who is co-starring with other important Broadway names, such as, Judy Greer and Norbert Leo Butz, stole the spotlight during the entire evening. She plays the part of a skeptical sister who is waiting for her prodigal brother to return to their home in Ohio. According to the public, the actress shined the whole time she was on stage. She even managed to make an improvisation, when the phone she was using in one scene broke. The actress fixed it by slamming the phone into place as if she was trying to punctuate her dialogue.

Holmes, who recently divorced her husband of six years, was accustomed to the Broadway stage. The first time she played a part on the prestigious stage was in 2008 when she was cast in Arthur Miller’s play “All My Sons”. Katie and the rest of the actors received standing ovation at the end of the show. The play is still in previews, so people won’t be able to see it until November 29, the date when it will be officially released.

Even though she made quite a splash with her Broadway interpretation, Katie Holmes is still a down-to-earth person. Unlike her colleagues, who left home by cabs or personal cars, the actress and her bodyguard opted for a cheaper means of transportation, namely, the subway.     

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