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Customized Fat Loss Review of Kyle Leon’s Personalized Nutrition & Workout Program

Kyle Leon, a professional body trainer, has designed the popular Fat Loss program that offers personalized nutrition and workout schemes to its users. Subscribers learn the right methods they have to use in order to effectively lose weight and tone their bodies.

Unlike other fat loss programs, Kyle Leon’s software takes into consideration the unique personality of each and every person. The program was designed starting from the premise that there are six main body types and personalities and multiple combinations between them. For that matter, a nutritionist must carefully consider the daily routine of the patients in order to find the correct fat loss formula for them.

Download Kyle Leon’s software

Customized Fat Loss Review of KyleThe software addresses a series of questions to users, the majority of them being related to their body measures, the physical exercises they practice and the type of food they prefer. These pieces of information are later on used by the software to identify the program that best suits the subscriber.

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The scheme that Kyle Leon’s software creates contains day to day suggestions for the user. Subscribers, thus, learn what meal is more appropriate for them, what cardio exercises they should practice to rapidly lose weight and what fitness techniques they should resort to in order to tighten their muscles. The best part about this program is that you don’t have to give up eating your favorite food; the software registers what your favorite dishes are and creates a customized program showcasing the quantity that you are allowed to serve from your favorite food.

As a professional body trainer, Kyle Leon knows that post workout meals are extremely important when fighting against fat. The software also provides a list of post workout meals you may choose based on the type of activity you develop. This way, you can observe your diet without feeling weak or depressed because you are not allowed to serve some of the products you normally eat.

No fat loss program is perfect, but Kyle Leon’s software is the best, so far, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend making an account for the nutrition and workout program. You will definitely achieve the desires outcome as long as you follow the suggested diet. The program works best if you are an American resident because some of the suggested products may be hard to find in other regions.

1. Effective personalized program
2. Offers a wide variety of options for users to choose from
3. The suggested diets are easy to follow

1. Subscribers may suffer from diseases that the program is not able to identify
2. The program was chiefly designed for American subscribers

Justin Bieber, First Artist on the Moon

Those of you, who were hoping Justin Bieber would change residence to another planet, shouldn’t get your hopes too high. Biebs may be heading towards the outer space, but only for a limited period of time; the artist has just booked a ticket on the Virgin Galactic suborbital flight, E! News informs.

Justin Bieber, the youngest, yet most controversial singer in L.A. announced on Thursday, using his personal Twitter account, that he will be among the first persons to visit the suborbital space as a tourist. The rumor was first spread on Wednesday when Virgin Galactic manager, Richard Branson touted on his Twitter account that the “Justin Fever” could expand in the outer space. The manager wrote that he was glad @justinbieber and @scooterbraun have booked a ticket on SpaceShip Two.

The rumor was confirmed by the artist himself, who retweeted the message on his personal profile. His manager, Braun, limited himself to saying “im going to space momma!”, an exclamation, which I’m sure, would turn Morgan Freeman green with envy.

The singer joins the large group of celebrities, who will experience space tourism for the first time and, in case a slight wave of jealousy might seize you, just remember what happened to Laika. 530 stars have signed up for the first commercial flight performed by billionaire Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic. Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio are just two of the many stars who will be on flight, an image which I can’t help but associate to Bruce Willis’ “Fifth Element” movie. Or at least, this is how I visualize space tourism.

Some celebrities have paid huge sums of money to get on the passengers’ list. From what we know, Kutcher has paid $250,000, but other celebrities might have given bigger sums of money. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, alien readers of an extraterrestrial version of Daily Gossip, are seeking refuge on a more distant planet.

Facebook: “Current Measures Against Hate Groups Are Not Effective”

Facebook’s spokespersons admitted during a recent blog post that the current measures that the social network is using against hate groups are not as effective as they should be. After receiving various notifications and open letters from organizations, the company reassured Internet users that they will do everything they can to prevent these groups from posting offensive messages on their online accounts, the Associated Press reports.

Not long ago, Facebook received an open letter from a feminist group claiming that there are online groups who post offensive messages and photos to attract visitors. The complaint wrote that these Facebook acts have negative consequences on their image and determine other people to think the same.

Facebook published a web post on Wednesday in response to the complaint. The social network told Internet users that they are already using rules against hate groups, but the fact that people can still post hateful messages indicates that the current guidelines are not working. For that matter, Facebook has decided to take extra measures so these groups can be banned once and for all.

“We need to do better – and we will,” was the promise that Facebook developers have made through the blog post. Yet, the company’s message was not clear enough as the writers have stated that the new rules will be adopted when the current systems of hate speech identification have failed entirely.

The fact that the social network has managed to identify some of the factors that enable hate speech to be posted shows that significant progress has been made. According to Marne Levine, Facebook’s vice president of Global Public Policy, in some cases, systems may take longer to remove the unwanted speech, whereas the program may be using outdated selection criteria in some other cases. These aspects need to be improved in the future for Facebook to be able to remove the content that violates their guidelines.


Muscle Spasm And Stiffness in Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease with many variations, and the symptoms depend on which part of the central nervous system is affected. There is no pattern to MS and everyone with MS has a different set of symptoms that vary over time and can change intensity and duration, even in the same person. Muscle spasm and stiffness are part of the symptoms very common in Multiple Sclerosis in more than three-quarters of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Muscle spasm affects many aspects of daily life. For example, it can affect walking, the state in the chair or turning in bed. Comfort can affect sexual desire and mood in general. Vary from one episode to another, from one day to another, from one time to another.

What is spasticity?
In a normal move a muscle group relaxes while another contracts. Spasticity occurs when multiple muscle groups contract simultaneously, causing musxle spasms and stiffness. Spasticity causes a range of symptoms that are uncontrollable, embarrassing and sometimes painful.

-more frequently may occur in one of the leg or hand and may hinder normal activities, especially delicate movements of the hand or fingers.
-if hardness affects leg muscles, walking will be more difficult.
-as a good thing some people find that hardness can compensates stiffness and muscle weakness which makes standing and walking more easier.
-despite stiff limbs, it is likely that muscles may be very weak.

These uncontrollable muscle contractions are very painful indeed. Can be a pretty serious problem during the night and sometimes strong enough that you can wake up your partner, throwing him on the bed. Or arching limbs twitch violently, also a spasmodic back arches in both chair or bed. The result of these spasms is fatigue.

It is often associated with spasticity. If there is often associated with spasms, rigid muscles due to incorrect body positions during the day or sleep.

Spasticity control:
– it involves a combination of medication, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and Multiple Sclerosis patients should avoid factors which are causing symptoms.
– it involves more people and more time.
– drug therapy also involves several attempts to find the appropriate dose of the drug.

Factors causing spasticity
-infections, constipation, full bladder, pain, bruising, urticaria, skin irritation, changes in humidity or temperature, tight clothing, coughing and sneezing.

Multiple Sclerosis sufferes can get advice and help in controlling these factors at Multiple Sclerosis center, to the family doctor, neurologist or treating physician.

Scarlett Johansson To Play A Less Sexual Version of ‘Maggie the Cat’

NEW YORK (AP) – Men were eagerly waiting for Scarlett Johansson’s Broadway interpretation of “Maggie the Cat”, but the actress announced on Wednesday that her character will not rely on sexuality. The actress will perform in Tennessee Williams’ play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” for the first time on January 17, the premiere date of the show.

Scarlett Johansson has always been described as a sexy actress making her the most appropriate star for the interpretation of the character “Maggie the Cat”. Yet, the director who staged Tennessee Williams’ play decided to surprise his audience by conferring a more naturalistic look to the actress. According to the theater’s announcement, Johansson will not wear sexy lingerie or other sensual garments as other actresses did for the past versions of the play. 

Elizabeth Taylor, Anika Noni Rose, Ashley Judd and Kathleen Turner have all played the part of Maggie the Cat making their character look desperate to regain their husband’s love. Scarlett, on the other hand, thinks the character’s personality and words are enough to express her sensuality. “There’s no need to drape yourself all over the stage and roll around in a satin sheet,” the actress explained. In her opinion, the sexuality of Maggie the Cat is not the most important aspect in Tennessee Williams’ play. However, this aspect is usually “overplayed and over-appreciated” shadowing the other significant elements of the story.

The decision to tone down Maggie’s sexuality could have important repercussions for the play’s revenue. Ticket sales could plunge as viewers might no longer be interested in seeing the Broadway play. The Golden-Globe winning actress doesn’t seem to be bothered by this detail. In fact, the “Avengers” star would gladly accept half-price tickets as long as her character gets the right interpretation.

Rob Ashford was responsible for the mise en scéne of the play. Scarlett Johansson will be accompanied by actors like Benjamin Walker, the interpreter of Maggie’s husband, Ciaran Hinds as Big Daddy and Debra Monk as Big Mama.

USA Wins 2012 Miss Universe Pageant

LAS VEGAS (AP) –Olivia Culpo, a 20-year-old Boston resident, has helped the United States of America win the 2012 Miss Universe pageant after more than 10 years of anticipation. The newly crowned Miss Universe is a student at the Boston University and she is a fervid cello singer.

Olivia Culpo surprised her family when she told them last year that she was going to take part in the Rhode Island competition. They were all skeptical at first, but seeing her win the first stages of the competition made them realize that their daughter could have a chance. And she did. The 20-year-old student won the 2012 Miss Universe pageant bringing the diamond encrusted crown back to the United States.

The last time the famous beauty pageant was won by an American participant was in 1997. Back then, it was Brook Lee who was crowned Miss Universe after competing against some of the best-looking women in the world.

This year, Olivia had to compete against 88 women representing various nations. Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela were the favorites of the evening, but Miss USA managed to turn the odds in her favor and took the title from the outgoing champion, Leila Lopes of Angola.

Culpo chose a tight navy blue mini-dress with a sequined bodice for the pageant’s opening number. During the swimsuit competition she donned a purple and blue bikini, whereas for the evening wear test she wore a wintery red velvet gown. At the end of the contest, the American model released an interview for reporters telling them that she was glad she could represent her country at such an important international event. She further added that she hopes the Miss Universe crown “will raise everybody’s spirits a little” in the wake of the recent tragedies that have affected the country.

Miss Universe 2012 was held in Las Vegas this year. The show was broadcast live on NBC and streamed in more than 100 countries. Among the judges who voted for the girls were also singer Cee Lo Green, “Iron Chef” star Masaharu Morimoto and Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants.


Penn State Sorority Causes Outcry On The Web Due To Racist Photo

The Penn State sorority, Chi Omega, is subject to an investigation after some members of the group posted a racist photo on the Internet. The message conveyed by the Halloween pic caused an outcry on the Web and determined the Onward State to take measures against it, the Associated Press reports.

The girls at the Penn State sorority, Chi Omega held a Mexican-themed party for this year’s Halloween holiday. The photos they published on Tumblr and Facebook were not as appreciated as they expected them to be; on the contrary, they were immediately rated as ‘racist’ by many people in the sorority’s friends list, including the Onward State.

Even though they were dressed as Mexicans and wore fake moustaches, authorities were still able to identify the girls as belonging to the Chi Omega sorority. It wasn’t the costumes that offended the authorities, but rather the messages that the girls wrote on two pieces of paper: “Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass I smoke it”. The president of the sorority Jessica Riccardi admitted that the girls in the photo belonged to their group and apologized for their behavior.

Jessica Riccardi further stated that the values of the sorority are not reflected by the untrue stereotypes portrayed in the photo. The executive board of the Penn State released a similar statement reassuring people that they will address the situation immediately.

Lisa Powers, director of public information at Penn State, seemed to take sides with the girls at the Chi Omega. She stated in an interview with the Associated Press that her department has carefully analyzed the pictures and has come to the conclusion that “the students in the photo are within their First Amendment rights to express themselves in this way”. While she thinks every person is entitled to freely express her opinion, Powers disagrees with the insensitive messages and costumes that the girls have chosen.


Angelina Jolie Gives Up Acting

LOS ANGELES (The Wrap) – Being a mother of six has become so difficult for Angelina Jolie that the actress has decided to give up acting in order to dedicate all her time to her family. The “Magnificent” star hasn’t provided an exact date for her retirement, but it will most likely take place when her kids become teenagers.

Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood projects have diminished after she became a mother in 2002. The actress repeatedly stated that she prefers to spend most of her time with her children because they are her number one priority at present. In time, she has come to realize that acting is not as rewarding as it used to be and is willing to direct all her attention to other aspects of her life.

The Oscar-winning actress was unable to specify the exact moment when she will retire from the movie industry, but she could, nevertheless, approximate that it will take place when her children “hit the teenage years”. Since she will have “too much to manage at home”, Jolie thinks it is better to hit the brakes of her movie career.

Being an actress has given Jolie the possibility to have “great experiences”, as well as to be part of stories that really mattered. Despite her gratitude, the Oscar-winning actress wouldn’t regret a thing if she had no other projects to attend to because she could thus dedicate all her time to her family chores.

There is another activity that Angelina Jolie would gladly take up besides taking care of her children, that is, being a UNHCR Special Envoy. Brad Pitt’s fiancée told the press that she will continue her humanitarian work, no matter how busy her schedule may be. In fact, motherhood has contributed to Jolie’s desire to “be part of the world in a positive way”.

Jolie’s longtime partner, Brad Pitt shares her interest in retirement. The actor declared in an interview last year that he might stop acting in three years. When asked to confirm the news, the star replied that he did not “put an exact deadline”, but he is definitely considering retirement because he has other interests.

Comedian Katt Williams Gets Arrested In Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) – Comedian Katt Williams was arrested in Seattle after he got involved in a bar dispute and attacked several unknown people on the street. The hotel managers ordered him to leave on Monday evening in order to avoid future disputes.

Katt Williams is making headlines after acting strangely during one of his performances in Seattle. The stand-up comedian was arrested because he got involved in a bar dispute on Sunday evening. He was released the following day, but the actor continued to cause troubles.

According to onlookers, Katt Williams became violent on Sunday evening when one of the customers of the bar refused to act according to his wishes. The manager of the place tried to calm things down by asking Williams to leave, but it was all to no avail. The comedian responded by threatening the manager with a pool cue. Police officers had to intervene in order to get the actor out of the World Sports Grille because he refused to leave the bar.

Witnesses claim the patron and the manager at the bar were not the only ones who had been bullied by Williams. He also flicked a cigarette butt into a woman’s face from his window car and destroyed a vehicle by throwing cars at it.

Police officer had a hard time controlling Williams. They had to struggle with him in order to get him inside the car. Williams was put to jail for one night being charged with harassment, assault and obstruction.

When he was released on Monday morning, the actor got involved in another fight with the staff at the Courtyard Marriott hotel he was staying. The manager of the hotel called the police and requested the actor to leave his room on Monday evening. None of the parties involved in the argument declared anything about the brawl.

Rihanna Straddles Chris Brown In New Twitter Pic

All media’s eyes turned towards Rihanna’s Twitter account on Friday when the singer decided to post a new pic of her and her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. This time, however, the image is expected to make many more headlines as the singer reveals her generous posterior while straddling Chris Brown, says Us Weekly.

The never ending love story between Rihanna and Chris Brown continues as the “Diamonds” interpreter posted another pic on her Twitter account on Friday. The image shows RiRi dressed in an all-white outfit and straddling someone that appears to be her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. The photo was taken by a third person and slanderous tongues have even suggested that the singer carefully studied her body posture in order to emphasize some of her physical assets. Indeed, the 24-year-old singer’s bottom is the focal point of the picture.

Rihanna left a comment on Chris Brown’s Instagram account saying that she doesn’t want to part from him. “I dont wanna leave!!!” she wrote underneath the photo of her and the R&B artist. She further added: “Killed it tonight baby!!!” making reference to the concert that Brown held in Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday.

The on again off again lovers have spent Thanksgiving Day together in Berlin. Soon after, they posted a picture on their Twitter accounts showcasing their matching Rolex watches. Rihanna was very excited about her “new toy”, so she invited her millions of followers to take a look at her new watch. Her post was quickly followed by Chris Brown’s Instagram photo of his gold Rolex accompanied by the message “Ball game!”

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been very affectionate with each other in the past months, but they never agree to tell the press whether they have decided to get back together or not. Rihanna recently told host Andy Cohen that her relationship with Chris Brown is “nobody’s business”. Yet, she continues to post revealing pictures of her and the R&B star.

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