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Baby Nr. 3 On The Way For Matthew and Camila McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila tweeted on Wednesday letting people know that their third baby is on the way. The child will join 3-year-old brother Levi and sister Vida who is 2, says Us Weekly.

Two weeks after Matthew and Camila decided to tie the knot, the “Magic Mike” star made another announcement. The actor took to Twitter to inform fans that his family is getting ready to welcome baby number 3. McConaughey started the post by wishing America happy birthday. He then added that he has more great news to share with his followers, namely, that his wife is pregnant with the third child.

Matthew and Camila have been together since 2006 when they first met in a Los Angeles bar. The actor and the Brazilian-born model got along very well all these years; therefore, they decided to walk down the aisle in December 2011. The engagement was also announced with the help of the actor’s Twitter account where he posted a picture of his wife and the engagement ring.

The wedding ceremony was as simple as possible because the couple is not into extravagances. They turned their Austin, Texas home into a campground making sure the set is, nevertheless, luxurious enough for their A-list guests.

Their children, Levi, 3, and Vida, 2, also took part in the ceremony having well-defined responsibilities. According to McConaughey, the boy had to bring the rings on a necklace, whereas Vida was a flower girl. Since Vida is too young to understand what a flower girl is supposed to do at the wedding ceremony, she didn’t scatter rose petals along the bridal path. Her appearance was, however, sufficient to enchant the couple and the rest of the guests.

Matthew and Camila like being married, but they confessed that they never felt they needed to make the big step in order to consider themselves a family. Camila told the press that she felt they were forming a family when they welcomed their first child.

Steve Nash Goes To Lakers

Steve Nash has always wanted to work with the Lakers, but he was afraid the Phoenix Suns won’t let him go. On Wednesday, however, Nash’s dream came true because he signed a sign-and-trade deal with Los Angeles, says the Associated Press.

Steve Nash is a free agent, which is why he needed to obtain a sign-and-trade agreement in order to be able to play with the Los Angeles Lakers. Lucky for him, the Phoenix Sun was willing to give the two-time Most Valuable Player a helping hand. As a result, they talked with the Los Angeles team and set the grounds for a sign-and-trade deal.

Nash tried to obtain a different type of agreement, but the Lakers couldn’t afford to pay the 38-year-old free agent. Thanks to the deal they have made Lakers will pay $27 million for the contract. The Suns will also benefit from the trade. Based on the contract, they get the right to make four draft picks, first-rounders in 2013 and 2015 and second-rounders in 2013 and 2014.

The announcement that Steve Nash was going to leave to Los Angeles was first made public by his agent, at 9 p.m. on Wednesday. His statement was later on, confirmed by Nash who confessed that the Suns were very reluctant, so he had to work to convince the team to sign a deal with the Lakers. They weren’t impressed by the fact that Nash wanted to be close to his family, but by the numerous advantages that they got from the agreement. Phoenix obtained many assets that they wouldn’t have received if it hadn’t been for the valuable player; therefore, they agreed to help him make the move.

The 38-year-old MVP point guard is happy that he will team up with some of the best basketball players, such as, Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. On the other hand, the Lakers will have a lot to win by joining forces with the former Phoenix player.

Katie Holmes Gets Nothing From Tom Cruise

TMZ reports that Katie Holmes will get nothing from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tom Cruise, based on the prenup that she signed before their marriage. The actress doesn’t want to receive money from the “Mission: Impossible” star, but is determined to get child support for her daughter, Suri.

After announcing her decision to separate from her 5-year-old husband, Katie Holmes told the press that she doesn’t want anything from Tom Cruise. The actress was never interested in Cruise’s fortune and the provisions of their prenuptial contract can prove this fact. Her reps told the press that Holmes didn’t even plan to request anything from Cruise, not even the $15 million that some said she requested.

There is, however, a condition that Katie will most likely impose to her ex-husband. The actress wants her daughter to receive child custody from her dad and the sum could be really impressive. Despite the provisions of the contract, legal representatives don’t rule out the possibility of challenging the prenuptial contract. They stated that this move is usually common among celebrities who are going through a difficult divorce, so Katie could do the same, in the end.

While Katie Holmes is in the center of attention, her husband’s reps didn’t provide any details about the separation. He is now filming in Iceland for his latest production “Oblivion”, so he probably didn’t have the time to discuss with the press. His friends, however, have stated that the star was “furious” when he found out on Friday that Katie filed for divorce and is looking to get sole custody of their daughter.

There are many chances for the actress to win the process as her accusations against Scientology might be true. The actress told the press that she thinks she is being followed by some members of the cult because they consider her a threat to their religion. Several TMZ reporters confirmed that the actress’ apartment in New York was constantly supervised by two cars. The excessive control that the members of the religion exercise upon their followers is the reason why Katie Holmes filed for divorce.

Gabby Douglas Wins Olympic Trials

The rivalry between Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber was felt once again during the Olympic trials. Both athletes had good results, but Gabby was the winner of the evening, according to USA Today.

The United States of America will be represented at the London Summer Olympics by Gabby Douglas and four other athletes who will try to win a gold medal for gymnastics. Her performance at the Olympic trials proved everyone that she is one of the most prepared gymnasts in the American squad.

Douglas’ exuberant representation left people in the audience speechless. She won the competition with 15.3. Her rival, Jordyn Wieber, did better in the second day of the competition, but she lost the Sunday trials with a 0.10 difference. The 16-year-old athlete told the press that she was very pleased with her results. She trained a lot in order to win the trials, so she had many reasons to be happy.

Although Douglas won the first place on Sunday, Wieber will also be able to take part at the upcoming Olympics because she finished the second. Three other members were chosen by a special committee and their names were communicated at the end of the competition. Thus, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney were selected to join Wieber and Douglas this summer.

Raisman won several bronze medals in 2011, which is why she was chosen for the 2012 Olympics, as well. She did a good job on Sunday, too, because she was the third to finish the trials. Kyla Ross, on the other hand, has multiple skills that may be used to favor the U.S. squad during the London 2012 competition. Maroney’s place was long debated, but Karolyi opted for her because she can perform well under pressure.

The 2008 Olympians, Nastia Liukin and Sacramone, were not selected for this year’s edition. Liukin had a bad day; she fell during her bars routine, so she didn’t receive a good score. The gymnast started crying as she waved her fans goodbye.

Mick’s Daughter, Jade Jagger, Married Adrian Fillary

Jade Jagger, the daughter of the famous rock musician, Mick Jagger, said ‘I Do’ to disk jockey, Adrian Fillary on Saturday. The ceremony and the reception were both held at the Aynhoe Park Hotel near Banbury, Oxfordshire, says Us Weekly.

Judging by his looks, nobody would have ever guessed that Mick Jagger has such a beautiful daughter. Jade’s wedding pictures impressed everyone and particularly me as she embellished the pages of many online publications with her perfect face and body. She tied the knot with disk jockey Adrian Fillary on Saturday, after announcing their engagement in February 2012.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Aynhoe Park Hotel in Oxfordshire because the couple thought it was the perfect place to exchange their vows. After the two lovers said ‘I Do’ the guests continued the celebration with an exclusive reception that was hosted in the same location. Many celebrities were invited at the wedding including Mick Jagger’s second wife, Jerry Hall, Kate Moss and Jade’s mom, Bianca.

Kate Moss’ daughter was chosen as a flower girl. Assisi, 20, and Amba, 17, Jade’s daughters from her relationship with Piers Jackson, were bridesmaids. Mick Jagger wanted to do something special for his 40-year-old daughter, so he hosted a brief concert during the reception.

Many designers were also present at the ceremony because Jade, herself, is a fashion designer. She even created her own dress, a simple, scoop-neck white gown matched with diamond earrings and numerous accessories. Her hair was embellished with white flowers because Jade is very passionate about the ‘boho’ style. The groom, Adrian Fillary, was also dressed in a white suit that he matched with a navy blue tie.

While Jade’s mother, Bianca chose a very sober outfit for the occasion her husband, Mick Jagger was just as fabulous as always. He wore a lilac-striped suit like the ones we have seen during his previous concerts.


Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Go Out On A Date

Despite their attempts to deny rumors, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were recently spotted on a date. The two went out for lunch together and seemed very affectionate throughout the whole time, says Us Weekly.

After seeing the recent photos portraying Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at lunch, there is no doubt that the two are involved in a relationship. Kutcher, who divorced his former wife, Demi Moore, in November 2011, was frequently seen in company of the sexy brunette, even though the two denied everything. This weekend, however, the former “That 70s Show” costars displayed multiple signs of affection as they were taking lunch at the exclusive Soho House restaurant in Los Angeles, on Saturday.

According to insiders, the two sat down on the same side of the table and Kunis was very gentle with Kutcher throughout the whole time. She was constantly running her fingers through his hair, while her elbow was sitting on his back. Ashton was just as considerate as his partner. He whispered something to her ear and then, leaned to kiss her on the cheek. Sources have also stated that the two actors were holding hands when they came in and out of the restaurant.

The unofficial pair was often spotted together since April. The two seem to be very close friends as they share more or less the same interests. Insiders who have seen them on road trips or dates claim that the two actors look very comfortable with each other. They always laugh and talk, so you can tell they are having a great time.

Some of their close friends have confirmed that Mila and Ashton are dating even though their relationship is not really exclusive. The two have agreed to take things slow as Kutcher has been through a divorce and Kunis is new to dating. She told the press in a recent interview that she never had actual dates. In the meantime, they hang out together from time to time to see how things turn out, in the end.

Curry Fights Tears As She Says Goodbye To “Today”

Ann Curry made her last appearance on the set of the “Today” show on Thursday. She was visibly fighting tears as she talked about her departure and said goodbye to her fans, according to the Associated Press.

Even though Ann Curry’s departure has been announced from quite some time, the co-anchor’s last speech was incredibly saddening. She continued to host the morning show even after rumor got out that NBC was going to replace her. Negotiations were finally concluded on Thursday, so Curry had to take care of the difficult task of announcing the decision of the network.

The statement was rather brief as Ann Curry could hardly refrain from crying. She declared that she never thought she would leave the NBC’s coach in this manner. She further apologized for not being able “to carry the ball over the finish line,” but she reassured everyone that she did her best to draw audience. Her place will most likely be taken by Savannah Guthrie as she is the most suited for this position.

After seeing this emotional testimony, Shelley Ross, former producer for ABC’s “Good Morning America” took to the media to explain that it was not Ann Curry who failed to increase the audience of the show. “’It is not an Ann Curry failure,” she added after pointing out to the fact that NBC’s hopes to regain audience with Savannah Guthrie’s help are unrealistic.

Ross thinks there is another reason why the NBC show lost its popularity. According to her, the current situation of the “Today” show is a consequence of the fact that producers thought their morning program was Number 1. Their arrogance has prevented them from making any changes that could have helped them preserve their top position.

Bill Wheatley, a former NBC News executive, has another opinion. He claims that Ann Curry was chosen to be “sacrificed” because she was the newest person to join the show. Matt Lauer has an enviable reputation at present, so there was no chance for him to be replaced. In addition, he told the press that Curry was probably too empathetic to be a news journalist; her sentimentalism was often confused with lack of professionalism.

Watch Andy Whitfield’s Last Movie “Be Here Now”

Although Andy Whitfield passed away last September, he will always be remembered thanks to his work and documentary movie he created towards the end of his life. “”Be Here Now” is the trailer that Andy’s friend Lilibet Foster produced in order to raise money for the completion of the documentary, according to Us Weekly.

Andy Whitfield was only 39 years old when he passed away last September. During the last months of his life, the “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” actor has gone through various alternative treatments to overcome his disease. Despite all the struggles, the actor and his wife made a commitment to live the rest of his life to the fullest; as a result, all the fun he and his family had were recorded on camera.

The frightening diagnosis did not prevent Whitfield from preserving his optimistic attitude in life. The 6-minute video is the best proof that the late star kept his hope to the last minute. Great part of the video portrays Andy while taking up both traditional and alternative medicines in order to defeat the disease. He traveled all over the world and in the end found the power to peacefully accept the cruel reality.

Andy Whitfield insisted that the video be published after his death because he wanted people to know that you can still enjoy life even after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. In addition, Lilibet Foster, as well as, Andy’s loved ones hope the documentary will inspire scientists to accelerate the pace of their cancer researches.

The video begins with Jai Courtney’s declaration saying that he and Andy have become close friends during the filming of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. He further introduces the viewers to the making of the film and asks them to make contributions, so Foster can finish the documentary. Throughout the rest of the trailer, Andy Whitfield speaks about his feelings in relation to the disease while the images show him undergoing various therapies.

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Choose Your Nail Polish Color Like A Star

As a teenage girl, with lots of black spots and pimples I may add, I learnt that the color of your nail polish has to match the eye shadow and/or the lipstick. Nowadays, everything is pretty much the same, except for the fact that we no longer match the shade of the nail polish with the one of the makeup. Once again, we set our eyes on our beauty goddesses – celebrities at Hollywood – and we found out the new ways we can use our nail polish to complement our overall look.

According to stylists at Hollywood, it is still correct to choose the same color for your nails as for your lips. In fact, there are many celebrities who wear red, cherry and brown lipstick combined with a similar shade on their nails.

However, the new summer collections contain numerous brightly colored shades, so matching them with your makeup is no longer an option. At least for those who don’t like to wear green or yellow glosses on their lips. In this case, celebrities choose to wear contrasting colors, only this time, the nail polish is chosen based on the color of the clothes. Thus, if you opt for a yellow gown (a color that is very popular at present), you can choose purple, violet or even blue for your nails as these clashing shades emphasize each other.

Another combination that was often spotted on the Red Carpet presupposes the use of two different hues that come from the same class of colors, be it warm or cold. Many celebrities opted for blue nail polishes and matched them with green dresses and, judging by the looks of the pictures, it is a good choice for the summer. The two cold shades work well together and they cast a breeze of freshness during hot summer evenings.

Warm colors can be easily matched, too, but stylists prefer to temper the brightness of some colors, such as, fuchsia and orange by matching them with black outfits. If you, nevertheless, prefer to surround yourselves with many warm colors this summer, you should stick with soft pastel shades as they can be easily matched with outfits belonging to the same color palette.

Jennifer Lawrence Becomes A Real Life Heroine

The “Hunger Games” actress, Jennifer Lawrence proved that she can be a real life heroine when she rescued a collapsed woman outside her house. According to Us Weekly, the movie star found the sick woman in front of her apartment in Santa Monica, California on Monday.

The news that Jennifer Lawrence helped an unconscious woman was confirmed by Sergeant Richard Lewis from the Santa Monica Police Department. He told reporters that they received a phone call around 6: 41 p.m. on Monday. Based on the declarations of the person who initiated the call, a woman had collapsed on the street and several individuals in the area were helping her recover.

The Sergeant further added that actress Jennifer Lawrence was one of the local residents who were helping the woman. Later on, police officers found out that the unconscious person had consumed alcoholic drinks and fell in front of an apartment building. Given her condition, the paramedics who showed up at the scene reassured everyone that the woman will be alright. Officers refused to communicate her name because the woman was below legal age.

According to insiders, Lawrence was very preoccupied by the woman’s health condition. As soon as she noticed her body lying on the lawn in front of the building, the actress kneeled next to the woman and tried to bring her back to her senses. Jennifer was also helped by other residents who passed by the woman and stopped to check her condition. The “Hunger Games” star stood by her side all the time and tried to comfort her until the paramedics arrived.

Jennifer has been busy training for her part as Katniss Everdeen and it seems like the knowledge she acquired turned out to be useful, in the end. The actress will start filming for the sequel of “Hunger Games – Catching Fire”, this fall. The movie, however, will be available in theaters only on November 22, 2013.

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