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Lindsay Lohan is Not Pregnant

Despite the rumors that have been on lately, Lindsay Lohan is not set to become a mom. So, a close friend of the actress dismissed some new rumors indicating that she was pregnant. Lindsay’s friend, Hofit Golan, also revealed that the star is doing fine and she is just taking a pause from fiancé Egor Tarabasov. 

Hofit has been spending time with Lindsay in Italy, where the two friends have been on vacation. Hofit told US Weekly that Lindsay is one of her closest friends and an amazing person. “We’ve been doing acupuncture, massage, stretching, drinking lots of green juice, exploring caves, fishing, swimming, just doing normal things,” she said. 

“Lindsay and I have known each other for years and she’s a very close friend, she’s loyal and an amazing person. It’s unfortunate that other people in her life, I’m not going to name names, are confirming she’s pregnant, which she’s not,” Hofit went on to explain. Lindsay and Hofit continue their vacation in Sardinia, Italy, and it seems that Lindsay is having a good time although only a couple of days ago she claimed that her boyfriend had cheated on her. 

Lindsay was actually the one who started off the pregnancy rumors by sharing on her social media account that she was set to welcome a child. The star later deleted the posts. Soon after, Lindsay was spotted smoking and drinking on a yacht during her vacation. 

Well, if the pregnancy rumors have been dismissed, we might say the same thing about the speculation on Lindsay’s relationship with Egor. Hofit claimed that the two have not separated, but they are only on a break. “This vacation is amazing, it’s not a single girls’ getaway or a post-breakup vacation. Lindsay is taking a pause in her relationship and joined my friends and I on holiday,” she said. Hofit went on to add that like all relationships, the romance between Lindsay and Egor also has its ups and downs. 

“They are going through personal matters, but it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up for good. Lindsay just needed a pause,” Hofit concluded, adding that Lindsay was really sorry for the messages she shared on social media.

Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore Back Together?

Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore might be once again a couple. So, Wilmer seems to have reunited with his former girlfriend following his separation from Demi Lovato. The fact that the two are back together was actually revealed by the two stars, who shared a series of pictures together on social media. 

So, Wilmer and Mandy took selfies together and shared a lot of pictures on their Instagram accounts. Mandy was the one who revealed in a message that she and Wilmer actually ran into each other while they were working on their television shows. 

“Sometimes you get to work on the same lot as your friends and you can run over, catch up and watch them continue to be a bad-ass (in real life and on TV). Love this guy. Friends for over 16 years. Congrats on, @wilmervalderrama! Can’t wait to watch you this Fall!!” the actress shared in a message. 

Of course, Wilmer also shared a message to hint that he and Mandy were back together. “When one of the most special people just so happens to be shooting her show @nbcthisisus at the same lot you’re shooting @ncis_cbs.. Love you Mandela! Ps. Word in the street is she ROCKS the screen on her show!… Can’t wait for the world to see the talent you are.” 

“Like you said, 16 years and another 16 to go.. And then another 16 after that.. Plus maybe 16 more to add to those last 16.. Ummm let’s throw another 16?… After all those?” the post, accompanied by a picture of him with Mandy, said. They were both all smiles and it seems that they were enjoying a great time together. 

“I love a job that lets you run into one of your favorite people on the same lot,” Mandy commented. And Wilmer immediately responded. “It’s kind of crazy and magical,” he said. When they got back together and exactly how this happened has not been revealed. Mandy and Wilmer have been a couple for two years, between 2000 and 2002, when they called it quits. Wilmer is without a doubt best known for dating Demi Lovato, as the two have been together for about six years. Mandy has been married to Ryan Adams, but they divorced after six years together. 

Mila Kunis Opens Up about Husband Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are set to welcome their second child together. And the two are definitely extremely happy together. Now, Mila decided to reveal how her friendship to Ashton has turned into their beautiful romance. The star opened up about marriage and motherhood during an interview on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show. 

Mila and Ashton have first met each other on the set of That ’70s Show. The two have been friends throughout the time when they worked together at this television series, between 1998 and 2006. Mila claimed during her interview that although she and Ashton kept in touch, she never “thought of him romantically” after the end of the show. However, things changed after the two met during an awards show in 2012. 

“I see this guy and I see his back and he’s really tall. Then, he just turns around and it was literally like if we were in a movie, the music would start playing and the violins would go. I think for the first time ever he took my breath away – I was like, F**k, he’s good-looking,'” Mila said during her interview. 

Things went well and Ashton actually invited Mila to his housewarming party. Mila claimed that at first Ashton tried to set her up with one of his friends, but then he became “territorial.” “Long story short, I didn’t leave ’till the next morning,” she explained. “And that was the first time, ever, that I’d ever slept over when I was single… at a guy’s house.”

Mila said that after that she and Ashton became friends with benefits and they have talked to each other about their relationship experiences. Mila had just separated from Macaulay Culkin, while Ashton ended his marriage to Demi Moore. 

“We shook hands, we’re like, ‘Let’s just have fun!’ I mean, literally we lived out our movies. We literally just had a very open conversation,” Mila went on to say about their agreement to be friends with benefits. The actress said that in about three months she and Ashton realized that they wanted to make their relationship more serious.

Calvin Harris Dating Nicole Scherzinger?

Maybe Calvin Harris has been single since the separation from Taylor Swift, but things are about to change. According to the latest rumors, the famous Scottish DJ has been dating Nicole Scherzinger. The rumor emerged after Calvin and Nicole were spotted leaving together from a nightclub in London. 

The famous musicians were seen together at Tape nightclub on Saturday. The two were escorted to a waiting car by several bodyguards. Of course, after being seen together, a series of rumors emerged to indicate that there might be something going on between the two. However, some sources claimed that the two are just friends and there is nothing more than that. 

“They’re casual friends, and if they see each other at a club or party they will chill,” a source revealed according to E! News. “They are not hooking up or hanging out. Calvin isn’t rebounding with anyone at this time,” the same insider added. 

Without a doubt, it is yet to find out if there is really something going on between the two. Meanwhile, it seems that Nicole and tennis star Grigor Dimitrov are still a couple. The two were seen last month in London, enjoying a romantic dinner date. The two looked very much as a couple at that time. 

Nicole Scherzinger and Calvin Harris have not talked about the latest rumors. However, Calvin definitely seems to be doing much better following the split from Taylor Swift. Actually, a series of rumors have been linked to the former couple and their reasons to end their romance. And naturally, Calvin has been a lot in the media attention, which he apparently did not like. 

Calvin Harris has been so much followed by the paparazzi following the split that he allegedly told a friend that he did not want to be romantically involved with a celebrity in the future. The musician is said to have told this friend that he believed celebrities were narcissistic. Of course, these comments emerged after the very high profile split of Calvin and Taylor. Calvin Harris has not commented on these claims. 

Tyga Spotted with Mystery Woman after Kylie Jenner Reconciliation Rumors

Famous rapper Tyga and popular reality show star Kylie Jenner have been rumored to once again be a couple. However, despite the reconciliation rumors, Tyga was seen with another woman, creating some confusion on whether he and Kylie are really a couple. 

So, Tyga was seen with a mystery blonde as he was filling up his car at a gas station. The lady waited for the popular rapper in the car, as he was pumping the gas. Kylie Jenner was not there with her boyfriend, so it remains unknown if she knows this mystery lady or not. The pair has not addressed the new rumors. Several media reports indicated that the rapper was cheating on his famous girlfriend, but the truth is that there were no signs that he and this mystery blonde were a couple. 

Unless Tyga or Kylie decide to open up about these rumors, the claims remain unconfirmed. Kylie Jenner and Tyga first started to date last year. However, the couple separated in May and it seemed that things ended for good between the two. During the time when they were separated, Tyga was said to be dating model Amina Blue, while Kylie was reportedly romancing singer PARTYNEXTDOOR. 

Well, in the last couple of weeks, Tyga and Kylie were spotted together on various occasions. Rumors that they were once again a couple emerged after Kim Kardashian shared a video on social media, which showed the pair talking in the back. Furthermore, some insiders claimed that Kylie has already asked Tyga to move in with her. 

The rumors were confirmed when the pair was spotted kissing at Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party. And Kylie also confirmed the reconciliation by calling Tyga her “husband”, as she shared some nail designs on Snapchat. Without a doubt, it seems that Kylie Jenner wanted everyone to know that she and Tyga are back again. 

The fact that she called him her “husband” also raises some questions on whether the two have secretly decided to wed. Several insiders confirmed that Tyga wants to marry Kylie “one day.”

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood Separate

Another celebrity couple has decided to put an end to their union. So, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood are no longer a couple. The two announced their separation after no less than 10 years of marriage. The reason of the split cited in the legal separation papers was “irreconcilable differences.” 

Lisa Marie was the one who filed the divorce papers. The daughter of popular late musician Elvis Presley, listed June 13 as the date of the separation. As already mentioned, when it comes to the reason of the split, Lisa Marie claimed in the divorce papers that she and Michael ended their marriage because of irreconcilable differences. 

Lisa Marie also sought full custody of the couple’s twin daughters, Finley Aaron Love and Harper Vivienne Ann. The girls are 7 years old now. TMZ reported that Lisa wants a judge to only grant Michael monitored visitation, which raises some concerns on the real reason of this request. No further details were revealed with regards to this. 

However, it seems that if Lisa made some requests when it comes to the custody, the star made no mentions in her filing on property division. So, some insiders claimed that there was no need for Lisa to do so, as she and Michael have a postnup. Furthermore, one insider clarified that Lisa “doesn’t want any of his money.” She is not seeking spousal or child support. 

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood wedded back in January, 2006. The two have been married for ten years, so their split came as a shock. This would actually be the fourth divorce for Lisa Marie. She has previously been married to three famous men. Her first marriage, to Danny Keough, ended in 1994, after six years together. 

Probably, her most famous marriage is the one to pop star Michael Jackson. Lisa Marie and the late singer were married for two years, between 1994 and 1996. Lisa Marie has also been married to Nicolas Cage, between 2002 and 2004. An interesting fact is that Lisa Marie and Nicolas Cage have actually announced their latest divorces at the same time. So, a few days ago, Nicolas Cage revealed that he was separating from his wife of 11 years, Alice Kim.

Calvin Harris Opens Up about Taylor Swift Split

Apparently, Calvin Harris has been hurt by the separation from Taylor Swift, but the star is ready to move on. Calvin decided to open up about the split during some social media posts and his revelations are rather shocking. 

So, in some Instagram messages, Calvin claimed that “she controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective.”

Calvin communicated with some fans in Instagram messages. A fan told him that he was “jealous of Taylor now because she’s moved on and found a new boyfriend.” However, Calvin responded and revealed that this is not the case. 

“Not jealous sir, FREE,” his message said. Calvin was asked by fans why he decided to share all this though Instagram messages, but the popular DJ claimed that it was all “because I want to understand how these people’s minds work.” The star was also asked if his social media page was hacked, but a message said: “No it’s me.” He also claimed that he does not hate Taylor. 

“I cared too much and then I didn’t care at all. I am a real person remember,” an Instagram message also said. “I didn’t leave anyone and she’s def not sad. It’s all good.” Some fans criticised the star for these posts, but it seems that not everyone agreed. So, a user actually defended the musician. 

“For all we know Taylor broke up with him to be with another man and that is quite upsetting. I would be hurt by that too. He’s not being mean. He deserves to feel free while he’s single and not feel jealous,” the fan said. And was praised by the star. “You’re the only smart one at this point,” Calvin posted. 

However, it has soon emerged that maybe Calvin Harris is not behind of all these messages after all. A source talking to E! News indicted that it was not Calvin who shared these posts. Exactly what happened and who shared the posts if it was not the famous DJ remains unclear for now.

Megan Fox is expecting another Baby Boy

Famous actress Megan Fox is set to become a mom soon and it seems that the star will welcome another baby boy. The news was revealed accidentally by Franklin Fox, Megan’s father. Franklin opened up during an interview with Mail Online. 

Franklin also talked about his relationship with his famous daughter. Well, it seems that Franklin is very happy to become a grandfather for the third time. “Megan is an amazing mom and I can’t believe she is going to have three boys,” he said. “Becoming a grandfather has been a wonderful experience and brought us all even closer together,” Franklin added. 

Of course, the actress’s dad didn’t want to reveal the sex of the upcoming baby, but it seems that he was just too happy with the news to not say anything. “I am the grandfather of her two gorgeous boys and now she has another boy on the way,” he went on to say. “I couldn’t be prouder of the woman my little girl has become.”

Franklin also decided to talk about the way things are going between Megan and Brian. According to him, the two are making progress in repairing their relationship and everything is going better. Furthermore, Franklin said that “they are together and they are happy.” “I’ve met Brian a ton of times now and he is a great guy.” 

However, things have not always been that good between Megan and her father. Franklin also revealed how difficult it has been for him when his daughter refused to talk to him. This happened after Franklin and the actress’s mother decided to file for divorce. 

“There were years that were very painful for all of us and that has left its mark,” he confessed during his interview. “It’s been far from easy for Megan and it just shows how determined, strong-willed and smart she is, to have achieved all she has, despite all she has been through. Thankfully Megan reached out to me in recent years and today we are rebuilding our family and are incredibly close,” he concluded. 

Megan has not talked too much about the pregnancy, but she has constantly been seen with her growing baby bump. 

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Spotted Kissing

It surely seems that Taylor Swift has already managed to move on from her failed relationship to famous DJ Calvin Harris.

So, shockingly, Taylor has actually been spotted kissing another man. This new man in the famous singer’s life is Tom Hiddleston, who is well known for playing the role of Loki in popular movie Thor.

The news was reported by The Sun, which also released some photos of Taylor and Tom kissing. The pair was seen walking and snuggling in the sun. This could mean that theories that Calvin and Taylor ended their romance because the famous DJ was jealous, could turn out to be true. So, some reports claimed that Calvin Harris was not happy at all with the fact that Taylor and Tom got close during the Met Gala.

And it may also seem that Calvin Harris wants to move on, as well. The popular musician has already deleted all photos with Taylor and every trace that was found online regarding their relationship. This means that the DJ has also deleted social media posts and some reports said that he even unfollowed Taylor and blocked her fans. Apparently, Taylor did the same, so the singer also deleted the photos and posts that she had on Instagram linking her to the popular DJ.

However, some sources claimed that Calvin Harris actually felt betrayed with the fact that Taylor has moved on with Tom. Furthermore, some insiders talking to TMZ indicated that Calvin started to suspect that something was going on between Taylor and Tom, back in May. At that time, the two musicians were in a “committed relationship.”

Now, that Taylor and Tom were seen together, Calvin Harris’ suspicions were somehow confirmed. “He’s pissed and feels betrayed by her,” the source explained. Insiders also claimed that this is the reason why Calvin Harris has removed all social media posts related to his former girlfriend. He also removed the breakup message he shared.


Of course, Calvin has not talked about the report, so it remains unknown if he really suspected that there was something going on between Taylor and Tom during their relationship. Taylor has not commented on the reports, either. 

Meg Ryan Underwent plastic surgery?

Meg Ryan remains one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. The beautiful star has maintained a low profile lately, but it seems that she might have underwent some plastic surgery interventions to enhance her looks.

So, Meg spotted a different look when she was seen at an event on Sunday. And it seems that many people did not like the fact that she underwent cosmetic procedures, accusing the star of having too many surgeries done on her face. 

So, Meg made an appearance at the Tony Awards and she was almost unrecognizable. Previously, the rumors that Meg underwent a medical intervention to look younger were denied. However, Hollywood Life claimed that it talked to a plastic surgery specialist, who actually said that Meg might even be addicted to plastic surgeries. “She may have done too much. I think that’s why people are a little shocked because she doesn’t look like the Meg Ryan that we all love,” a doctor told Hollywood Life. 

“The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek. It’s definitely too much because the apple of her cheek is too full and too large. When she smiles, all of that filler moves up and makes her eyes look smaller. The reason she looks masculine is because of the placement of the volume in her cheeks. The volume of the filler should have been placed more laterally to give her a softer look,” the plastic surgeon went on to explain. 

The same specialist also claimed that he actually believed that Meg has also underwent a medical intervention called rhinoplasty, to make her nose look different. The actress’s lips also look as if they were injected with Botox, while the same could be said about her forehead. The doctor said that too much Botox on her forehead is in fact the reason why her eyes look smaller. 

The doctor went on to say that according to him Meg also underwent a facelift and this could explain why her face looks so much changed. The actress has not directly commented on the latest reports. 

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