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Tom Hiddleston Can’t Stop Talking about Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift seem to become stronger and stronger as a couple. And since things are going so well between the two, there is no wonder that a series of reports emerge indicating how inseparable the two are. Of course, Taylor and Tom are the celebrity couple at the moment and they enjoy high media attention. 

Now, a new report indicates that Tom actually cannot stop talking about his famous girlfriend. A report by OK! claimed that Tom was actually feuding his Kong: Skull Island co-star Brie Larson because he is constantly talking about Taylor Swift. The report indicated that Brie actually thinks that Tom “was becoming a snob, and he just found her dull.” 

An insider talking to the celebrity site indicated that before Tom started dating Taylor, Brie and the actor were actually getting along very well, enjoying working together at the movie. However, things changed after Tom and Taylor became a couple. “But then they grew very tired of each other,” the source said. 

“[Larson’s] fed up with his talking about Taylor,” the insider went on to explain. “Brie comes from a humble background, and she thinks Tom has an overinflated ego.” The rumors were not addressed by the famous actors, but during a public appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con in July, the two co-stars seemed to be in very good terms. 

The report was meanwhile dismissed by Gossip Cop, who claimed that a source close to the stars said that the whole report was untrue and Tom and Brie are still friends. Meanwhile, it appears that things are going great between Taylor and Tom. The singer has actually sent her private jet to pick up her boyfriend for a visit to Rhode Island over the weekend. Tom spent some quality time with his girlfriend at her Rhode Island mansion, as well as with her family. 

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift went public about their relationship about two months after the singer separated from Calvin Harris. Since that moment, the two have been constantly spotted together and it definitely seems that the romance is evolving perfectly. 

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Might Get Engaged Soon

It seems that things are working perfectly well between Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. According to the latest reports, the romance is getting so strong that Orlando and Katy might actually get engaged by the end of the year. The two have been dating for quite some time, so an engagement would not be shocking at all. 

The news was reported by E! News, which claimed that the actor is ready to propose to his famous girlfriend and will be doing that in the next couple of months. Furthermore, the report said that Orlando also wants to have a child with Katy, even before they get married. So, what the report claimed is that Orlando is ready for commitment. The famous couple made their relationship public at the 2016 Golden Globes. 

“They are in love and happier than ever,” an insider told the celebrity site. The same insider revealed that the pair is considering marriage and children and that Orlando “would like to get engaged before the year is up.” The insider wanted to clarify one thing. It said that the actor’s desire to get married soon has nothing to do with his former wife. Miranda Kerr, who was married to the Hollywood star, has recently gotten engaged to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. 

“He has been over her for some time and is ready to begin his life with Katy,” the source went on to explain. And the insider revealed that the beautiful singer is also ready to make the next step in her relationship with the Hollywood star. “[Marriage and children] is something Katy has always wanted when she met the man she was ready to settle down with,” the source said. 

The same insider claimed that Katy and Orlando are so ready to start a family together that they wouldn’t mind becoming parents even before becoming husband and wife. The fact that things are going great between two has become quite visible in the past few months, as Orlando and Katy have constantly been spotted together, even while enjoying a vacation in Italy. 

Khloe Kardashian talks about Battle with Skin Cancer

Khloe Kardashian has decided to open up about a condition she has been suffering from for quite some time. The star talked about her battle with skin cancer. Khloe decided to open up with the purpose to help fans become more aware of this disease and seek help when they realize that something may be wrong with their health. 

Khloe decided to open up about her “cancer scare” in a blog post on her website. The blog post, My Skin Cancer Scare, revealed that Khloe once had a cancerous mole on her back. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star said that because of this experience her mom has actually told her to get a test that would be able to determine if she carries the gene that would put her at increased risk of developing breast cancer. 

Khloe revealed that she just refused because she does not want to know. “We’re all going to die. I don’t care,” the star claimed. When it comes to her experience with this cancer scare, Khloe revealed that she just noticed one day something strange on her skin. “I have moles everywhere, and a couple years ago, I noticed one growing under my breast. I immediately looked it up online and found out that if a mole is growing and changing shape, you should go to the doctor – so I did. They took the whole thing out and they biopsied it,” Khloe said in her blog post. “Thankfully, it was benign.” 

Khloe went on to say that luckily, the moles have not been cancerous. “However, there was one mole I had on my back that was skin cancer. I had 8 inches of skin removed. It was definitely painful because it was a lot of skin, but most of the time, the removals haven’t been that bad.” The reality show star revealed that she is now “extra aware of my skin, body and moles.” The star also claimed that she has not experienced any other skin problems since, but she wanted to share her experience to be make fans aware, as well. 

Tyga Settles Lawsuit to Avoid Arrest

Tyga seems to be close to overcoming his legal issues. According to the latest reports, the rapper has settled the allegations against him. Tyga was in a legal dispute with his former landlord, while an arrest warrant was issued for the famous musician. 

The confirmation that a settlement has been reached was made by the landlord’s lawyer, who revealed that Tyga decided to settle the lawsuit to avoid further legal action. The settlement was simple: Tyga paid all the money he owed to the landlord, so he solved the whole matter. Tyga was accused by the landlord of failing to pay for causing damages to a pad he previously rented. 

“The case got settled. Tyga paid,” the landlord’s lawyer said according to Us Weekly, “It’s been executed and everything has been performed. We expect things to get back to the way they were. We will inform the court that the settlement has been reached and that all parties are satisfied.”

Well, it took quite some time before Tyga decided to solve this matter. In fact, the rapper only put an end to the case and paid what he owed after an arrest warrant has been issued on his name. Tyga is currently on vacation with his famous girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and this is why he wasn’t arrested on the spot. Furthermore, the rapper did something that made the landlord very angry and determined his lawyers to seek his arrest. 

The rapper actually purchased a $200,000 car for Kylie on her birthday, instead of making the payment for what he owed to the landlord. Furthermore, Tyga failed to make a court appearance to testify on his arrests and on his decision to make this latest investment. This even made the landlord’s lawyer say that his client will seek collecting his debt from the car that Tyga bought for Kylie. 

“There’s a lot of activity with this going on, but he owes my client a lot of money and we are proceeding to collect that money from any expensive gifts to anyone that he gave or money he gave out. So basically, we want that money back! That would include Kylie’s new car he bought for her,” the lawyer stated then. Well, luckily for Tyga, his girlfriend will not have to give up her new car.

Tyga could be Arrested Immediately after Vacation

Tyga is vacationing with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, as the two are celebrating Kylie’s 19th birthday. However, things might not be looking well for Tyga, who may be arrested after his vacation is over. As already reported, an arrest warrant has been issued for Tyga linked to a debt that the famous rapper is yet to pay. 

People magazine talked to the lawyer of the landlord who has sued Tyga and this lawyer claimed that most likely the rapper will be arrested immediately after returning to the US. Tyga and Kylie are currently vacationing in Turks and Caicos. Because he has been on vacation, Tyga has missed the court hearing on the case. 

“Yesterday was his day to [appear in court] and he didn’t show up,” the lawyer said. “We requested the court to issue a bench warrant. The court agreed with us that his actions have been not what society demands of him, so they issued a bench warrant. Now, if he comes in contact with law enforcement, they will likely detain him and keep him detained until he posts bond,” he went on to say.

Tyga’s problems are linked to the fact that he owes the landlord, Gholamreza Rezai, no less than $480,000. The sum is owed for damages that Tyga allegedly made to a property owned by Rezai, when he was renting it. However, instead of paying his debt, Tyag decided to invest his money on a very expensive gift for his famous girlfriend. So, the rapper bought a new car for Kylie on her birthday. 

Of course, the landlord was very upset with the rapper’s decision, thus, he pushed proceedings against Tyga. Tyga was supposed to be in court on August 9, to answer questions on his assets and debt, but the rapper failed to make an appearance and thus an arrest warrant was issued. 

“Of course, we have an irate client who is owed half a million dollars and then the client reads that Tyga is giving a Maybach as a gift – that’s in violation of two things. There is a hold on him transferring any assets while there is a judgment outstanding – that’s going to be a separate action to recover that car unless the judgment is satisfied – and he’s to appear in court, be placed under oath and he needs to answer questions,” the landlord’s layer stated. 

The lawyer also claimed that Tyga has been ignoring his obligations and he will have to face the consequences. 

Tom Hiddleston Needs Space from Taylor Swift

Being in a relationship with Taylor Swift might not be as easy as everyone imagines, given her amazing fame. And it seems that things are starting to be very difficult for Tom Hiddleston, too. According to the latest rumors, Tom actually needs to spend some time away from Taylor. In fact, the purpose for this allegedly is to save the relationship. 

A new report from OK! Magazine indicated that Tom has asked Taylor to let him travel to Australia alone, but also to give him “a few weeks of alone time.” Apparently, Tom believes that this will actually help them strengthen their relationship. An insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that Tom has had it with the “possessive behavior” of Taylor and her constant fear that he will cheat on her. 

Thus, Tom needed some time away from Taylor, so he left for Australia, where the actor has been working at his latest movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Tom precisely told Taylor that he wanted to be alone for a while, so the actor asked his girlfriend to not follow him. 

“When Tom packed up and left Taylor’s L.A. home, he refused to allow her to accompany [him],” the source explained. “He says he needs a few weeks of alone time, and assured Taylor that the space apart will strengthen their relationship.” 

“Tom’s started to feel crowded,” the same insider went on to say. “When they got back to L.A., she wanted to be with him every second of the day. He barely had time to make calls, and had to beg her to let him go to the gym alone. He needs time to think things through. He just needs to breathe.”

The thing is that ever since they started dating, Taylor and Tom have constantly been seen in each other’s company. Although the pair has not talked too much about their romance, they have never been afraid to be spotted together. Well, lately Taylor and Tom have started to spend some time apart. While Tom is busy working at his new movie, Taylor was spotted in Los Angeles. The pair has not commented on the new report. 

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Says Amber Heard Refused to Testify

Laura Wasser, a lawyer for famous actor Johnny Depp, revealed that Amber Heard actually refused to testify in the case against her former husband. Wasser has filed some new legal documents in which she claimed that the actress started yelling and laughing, refusing to testify. 

So, Amber Heard was supposed to give a testimony in front of her estranged husband’s lawyers, on Saturday. Amber waited for 10 hours at the law office, but when she was supposed to enter the deposition room, she just refused. Actually, Wasser said that Amber was called in several times throughout the day, but she kept on refusing to talk. 

In the legal documents she filed, Wasser said that at one point Amber broke down in tears and said she did not want to testify. Wasser said Amber Heard was “hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others.” The lawyer also said that Amber “appeared manic and irrational,” despite her lawyer’s attempts to “reason with her.” 

Wasser accused Amber and her legal team of failing to give her estranged husband’s lawyers the legal documents they requested. What Johnny Depp’s lawyer is seeking now is for Amber to be prohibited from testifying if the case goes to trial. 

On the other hand, Amber’s lawyer claimed that the actress actually waited to be called in for testimony, but this has never happened. The star’s lawyers claimed that Amber was just late for the deposition, as she arrived 90 minutes later than the scheduled hour. However, she was ready to be deposed and “there was nothing preventing Johnny’s counsel from commencing during the deposition time.” 

While it remains unclear exactly what has happened during the deposition, what is certain is that Amber was granted an extension to her restraining order against her estranged husband. Amber did not make an appearance in court, but was represented by her lawyer. Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence and claimed that the actor has been abusive towards her throughout their entire marriage. Johnny is also set to be deposed, but after Amber’s deposition is completed.

R. Kelly Criticized for Dating Young Woman

It seems that famous singer R. Kelly has fell under scrutiny for his latest relationship. The star is said to be dating a much younger woman. Actually, according to the latest reports, R. Kelly is dating no one else than a 19 year old model. The criticism emerged now because the star has been linked in the past to inappropriate relationships with underage girls. 

So, some new reports say that R. Kelly is dating a very young model, Halle Calhoun. The two first met at one of his concerts, earlier this year. And it seems that Halle is not afraid to show the world that there might be something going on between her and the famous musician. She shared some photos of herself and R. Kelly on her Instagram page. 

Furthermore, R. Kelly and Halle Calhoun were spotted together enjoying a club date. The musician is 30 years older than the model, but it seems that they get along just fine. In fact, a photo of the two showed Kelly wrapping his hand around the model and the two definitely seemed close. R. Kelly has not commented on the new report. 

However, he was criticized for dating a much younger woman because this is not the first time when R. Kelly has been linked to such a relationship. R. Kelly is believed to have married late star Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old. At that time, R. Kelly was 27 years old. A second incident involving an underage woman surfaced back in 2002. 

Then, a video emerged online allegedly showing the musician having sex with an underage woman. Well, Halle is not underage, but the fact that she is much younger than the musician has drawn a lot of comments on social media. Some comments were very critical, saying that Halle is in fact 5 years older than most girls that R. Kelly has dated until now. 

If the relationship will be confirmed or not is something yet to be found out. Meanwhile, the musician seems to remain focused on his career and on his music. 

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will be having a Small Wedding

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are without a doubt very happy together. And things seem to be going better and better between the two. A series of rumors have been constantly linked to the pair, including some rumors indicating that Miley and Liam were going to get married soon. 

Well, if everyone believed that Miley would be having a huge wedding, it seems that the star actually wants a small, private event. Moreover, Miley and Liam don’t want wedding gifts, but they will be asking their guests to make donations to a charity of their choice. The new rumors on the wedding preparations were reported by US Weekly. 

The celebrity site claimed that Miley and Liam are still planning their wedding and everything is going great. An insider talking to US Weekly revealed that Miley has already made the decision to marry Liam in a small ceremony on the beach. Of course, the guests list is expected to include family and close friends, but which celebrities will attend the event is something that remains unknown. 

Furthermore, the insider revealed that Miley and Liam have made their decision about another aspect of the event, as well. The pair wants to make sure that their guests will not have troubles deciding on the perfect gift for them. “Miley and Liam do not want gifts,” the source said. “They’re going to ask all of their guests to donate to a charity of their choosing,” the same insider added. 

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have known each other for many years. Actually, they met on the set of the Last Song and first got engaged in 2012. Unexpectedly, the pair announced their split about a year after revealing their engagement, in 2013. Miley and Liam got back together at the end of 2015 and without a doubt this was a huge shock, as no one expected that this will happen.

Things evolved fast between the two and only a few months later, Miley was seen wearing her old engagement ring. Soon enough rumors started to indicate that the two were set to be getting married. When the wedding will be taking place is something that remains unknown. The young stars have not commented on the rumors.

Taylor Swift Pays for all Dates and Trips

There is no doubt in the fact that the relationship between famous singer Taylor Swift and Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston continues to create a series of headlines. Numerous rumors are constantly linked to the two and it surely seems that they are the celebrity couple of the moment. Well, the latest rumors seem to indicate that Taylor has actually been paying all expenses associated to her and her boyfriend’s outings. 

Well, this latest report claimed that Taylor actually has absolutely no problem with this and in fact she likes to pay for everything, as “it makes her the boss.” The news was first reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, which claimed that Taylor has been taking care of all the bills associated to her dates and expensive trips with Tom. 

“Taylor and Tom never debate who’s paying. She just has an assistant handle every check after they leave. He never gets to see a check. She has an advance team that books everything and puts it on her company credit cards,” a source told the celebrity site. “She is very controlling and if she pays she gets to make all the decisions. She decides when they fly, where they stay and even what they eat. Taylor likes paying because it makes her the boss,” the same insider added. 

Well, Taylor and Tom have not directly talked about these claims, but a source told Gossip Cop that the report is complexly untrue. Meanwhile, another report from People claimed that Taylor and Tom are doing great together and they like to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company. 

“They spent quiet nights at Taylor’s home and she seemed very happy that he spent time in LA with her,” a source revealed. During one of their dates out, eyewitnesses claimed that the pair was holding hands and looked happy. “They were very relaxed, polite and very pleasant,” a source claimed. The source also said that since they started dating, Taylor and Tom have barely been apart because they “are they happiest when they are together.” 

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