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Blac Chyna Sued Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

The fact that Blac Chyna is in a legal fight with the Kardashians is no secret. However, it seems that she now decided to include two more family members on the list of people she is suing. We are talking about Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

So, Blac Chyna seems to believe that the two sisters have done her wrong, thus, she decided to name them in her lawsuit. The legal case against the Kardashians was initially filed in October after Chyna and Rob Kardashian separated. After the initial filing, Chyna decided to drop some family members, including Kylie and Khloe, from the lawsuit. Now, she added them back in.

What are the claims that Chyna has brought against the famous family? Well, she mainly accused the family of defamation. Chyna claimed that the Kardashian-Jenner clan has intentionally interfered with her contractual relations and economic perspectives. At the same time, Chyna said that because of the famous family, E! decided to cancel a planned season of reality show Rob & Chyna.

Chyna said that despite the split, the show was aimed to focus on her and Rob’s life co-parenting their daughter Dream. Chyna said that she did not know when she dated Rob that if the romance will end the Kardashians will take it personally and “will come after you, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down.”

“They will get your television show canceled. They will go after your endorsement deals. They will condone slut-shaming of you. They will spread lies about you. They will claim you are a bad mother, without evidence,” the lawsuit filed by Chyna indicated.

After Chyna decided to remove some family members from the lawsuit, the only three defendants left were Rob, his mother Kris and sister Kim. However, it now seems that sisters Khloe and Kylie are back on the defendants list. This means that the only members of the Kardashian-Jenner family who are no longer part of the lawsuit are Kourtney and Kendall.

Kourtney Kardashian Ready to Get Married?

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have been dating for quite some time now. Things are working perfectly well in this relationship and it seems that Kourtney is ready to take things to the next level. According to some new rumors, Kourtney will say “I do” if Younes will ask the big question.

The rumor was first revealed by Hollywood Life, which indicated that Kourtney is ready to get married because she has fallen very much in love with Younes and is sure that she would accept a wedding proposal coming from him. A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that Kourtney has been spending a great time with Younes and loves being with him.

“Kourtney has fallen in love with Younes and she feels like she would totally say yes if he proposed to her right now,” the source said. “Kourt loves going on romantic vacations with Younes and they have the best time when they are together. He makes her laugh, have fun wherever they are and around him she feels young and sexy,” the same insider went on to add.

The source also said that the age difference between Kourtney and Younes is really not an issue. The insider revealed that Younes is very mature. Apparently, the reason why Kourtney is so attracted to him is because he is not an American and he has none of the issues that she used to see in her former boyfriend and the father of her three children, Scott Disick.

“Younes is sophisticated, worldly, sweet, smart and is a romantic gentlemen. Kourtney loves the way he treats her and they have amazing chemistry in bed too. She never thought she could be so happy,” the source said.

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjina started being a couple in October, 2016. The two spent a series of great vacations together and then things started to get serious.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Reportedly want to Get Married

According to some new rumors, Ben Affleck has managed to move on from his failed marriage and is ready to commit once again. The rumors indicate that Ben wants to get married to his current girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. Of course, Ben will have to wait a bit for that to happen, as he is still married to estranged wife Jennifer Garner.

So, Ben will have to wait for his divorce to be finalized. And we can definitely say the same thing about Lindsay. Lindsay Shookus is still officially married to her estranged husband, as her divorce has not been finalized yet, either. The news was first reported by Life & Style, which claimed that a source close to the two confirmed that they are ready to wed once again, when their divorces are final.

The insider explained that the two want to make this step as they cannot stay apart. “They can’t bear to be apart and spend every free moment they have together,” the source said. According to the same report, Ben and Lindsay might be engaged already, as the TV producer was seen wearing a beautiful ring on her finger. Of course, it is believed to be a gift from Ben.

The source also said that Ben and Lindsay want to spend the rest of their lives together, so there is no shock in the fact that they plan on getting married. Ben and his former wife Jennifer have been separated for quite some time. Jennifer was the one who filed for divorce, about nine months ago. According to the insider, the two stars are close to finalizing their legal separation.

The source went on to say that as soon as the divorce will be final, Lindsay and Ben will get married. Lindsay also filed for divorce from her estranged husband Kevin Meller in September 2015. However, media reports claimed that despite the fact that the filing was made so long ago, the divorce proceedings have not progressed a lot.

However, that may not be the only good thing for the relationship between Lindsay and Ben. According to several reports, the two are also planning to buy a new home together.

Khloe Kardashian Happy to Make Official Pregnancy Announcement

Khloe Kardashian has finally decided to make the official announcement and confirm that she and her boyfriend are expecting a child together. Khloe was happy and nervous to make this announcement. And the star was really happy with all the support she received after confirming the upcoming addition to her family.

Khloe confirmed that she is set to become a mom, expecting a child with Tristan Thompson. She made the official announcement on Instagram. “My greatest dream realized,” she said. “We are having a baby! I had been waiting and wondering but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing. I simply had to trust in Him and be patient,” her message added.

Khloe also went to thank her boyfriend for “treating me like a Queen” and for “loving me the way that you do.” “Thank you for making me feel beautiful at all stages! Tristan, most of all, Thank you for making me a MOMMY!!! You have made this experience even more magical than I could have envisioned! I will never forget how wonderful you’ve been to me during this time! Thank you for making me so happy my love!”

The reality show star then went to thank all her fans for the great support she received after she confirmed the baby news. Khloe took to social media to thank everyone.

“I was so nervous to post our announcement but WOWWW I am overwhelmed with the response by you guys!!! Thank you! Thank you!” Khloe said in a post on Instagram. Well, Khloe was not the only one to share the happy news. Her boyfriend also wanted to share a beautiful message to mark the special moment.

“My love, thank you for aligned [sic] me to be a part of your journey in life and allowing to share this moment with you this is something and [sic] always cherish. Girl you look better now,” Tristan shared on Khloe’s Instagram page.
Rumors on Khloe being pregnant were first reported back in September, but the star revealed nothing on the subject. Well, now that it is out there, congrats are in order for Khloe and Tristan.

Renee Zellweger Says She Never Gave Sexual Favors to Harvey Weinstein

Famous actress Renee Zellweger has been linked to the huge scandal involving Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein. The actress was accused of giving sexual favors to Weinstein, allegation which she denied.

The allegation against Renee was actually made by Weinstein himself, who allegedly told one of his victims that Renee was one of the actresses who offered him sexual favors to advance in their career. A rep for Renee said that: “If Harvey said that, he’s full of s**t.”

The claim was made in a class-action lawsuit filed by six women against the Hollywood mogul. The lawsuit indicated that Weinstein told one of the plaintiffs that a series of women gave him sexual favors, including Renee Zellweger and Charlize Theron. Weinstein allegedly wanted to give the plaintiff some examples of how women who have a sexual relationship with him made successful acting careers.

Renee has worked with Weinstein on several movies. On the other hand, Charlize Theron, has not directly talk about these claims. However, a source allegedly close to the star denied that she ever had something with Weinstein. The source claimed that Charlize was not one of his victims, but this does not mean there was a relationship between them.

“Obviously there was never anything sexual between Charlize Theron and Harvey Weinstein,” the insider explained according to E! News. Charlize was one of the women who spoke in support of the victims who had been through such a bad experience. The actress shared a message on her Instagram page in October, saying that all the woman who spoke about what happened to them are heroic and brave.

She also said that speaking about the experience of these women and publicly admitting what happened to them has been an important step forward in changing the culture in Hollywood. Several women have opened up about their experience with Weinstein. These women include Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Rose McGowan, among many others. Some have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, but other women brought very serious rape allegations against the Hollywood director.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Attend Hockey Game Together

There is no doubt in the fact that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to become closer and closer. The two have been spotted together at various occasions lately and they seem to be getting along really well. The latest outing for the famous pair was at a hockey game on Wednesday.

In fact, Selena was there to cheer for her former boyfriend. And not only that Selena attended the game, but she and Justin were actually spotted leaving together from the venue. Furthermore, even though Selena was seen arriving in some black clothing, she was actually spotted leaving wearing Justin’s New Jersey Devils hockey jersey. Without a doubt, there is no wonder that it has been claimed that Selena and Justin might be thinking about reconciling.

Selena and Justin have been a couple between 2011 and 2015. Following their split, Selena has been dating The Weeknd, while Justin has been linked to a series of women. It has also been claimed that Selena recently ended her relationship with the famous musician.

Selena and Justin were also seen enjoying a bike ride together in Los Angeles and the two seemed to be very happy in each other’s company. Several sources said that after their 2015 split, Justin and Selena went through a period in which they kept distance, but they started talking once again after Selena’s kidney surgery. Insiders claimed that Justin wanted to apologize and be there for her.

Furthermore, a source told People that the young star is very happy that Selena is single once again. “Justin is happy Selena is single. He hopes to regain her trust so they can get back together,” the insider claimed. The source also said that Justin is very determined to make things work with Selena this time.

“They have so much to catch up on,” the source explained. “They dealt with things separately this year that made them different people. It wouldn’t be surprising if they got back together,” the same insider concluded. Sources also said that this time things might work between the two because Justin is a much better person and he can definitely be a better boyfriend for the young singer.

Michelle Williams Opens Up about Battle with Depression

Famous singer Michelle Williams decided to reveal during a recent interview that she had dealt with depression. The star claimed that her disease made her have suicidal thoughts. Actually, it all happened when Michelle was part of famous girls’ band Destiny’s Child, together with Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles.

The star also revealed that things got so bad for her that she just wanted out of the band. Michelle made all these claims during an interview with The Talk. She said that she was just a teenager back then and handling everything has definitely not been simple for Michelle.

“I’m in one of the top-selling female groups of all time, suffering with depression,” the star said. “When I disclosed it to our manager [Mathew Knowles] at the time, bless his heart, he was like, ‘You all just signed a multi-million dollar deal. You’re about to go on tour. What do you have to be depressed about?'” she went on to add. Michelle said that at first she thought she was just tired, but then she started feeling even worse.

The star revealed that she finally reached “to the point where I was so suicidal … and wanted out” from the famous girls’ band. Michelle went on to make a much unexpected revelation. She said that she was actually dealing with depression since the age of 13, but she never realized what she was suffering from. Only when she was in her 30s, Michelle started to realize that she was dealing with a severe disease.

“I think at the age of 25, had I had a name to what I was feeling at the time, I would have disclosed that ‘I’ve been suffering from depression,'” the famous and talented singer said during her interview. Michelle seemed to have enjoyed opening up about this subject while talking to The Talk as following her interview the singer took to social media to thank the CBS show for being “a safe place to talk about depression.”

The famous singer revealed nothing else regarding her struggle. Hopefully, Michelle had managed to overcome her issues.

Sam Smith Talks about Identity Struggle

Sam Smith is without a doubt one of the most famous singers at the moment. The star decided to open up about his struggle with gender identity during a new interview. And Sam surely made some unexpected and never disclosed before statements.

Sam talked about his personal life during a recent interview with The Sunday Times. The star said that he feels both man and woman and he actually owns a lot of high heels. Sam revealed during his interview that he first felt unhappy with the fact that he was called a “gay singer.”

“I remember, at the beginning of my career, being called a ‘gay singer’, and I didn’t want that,” he revealed during his interview. “I wanted to be seen as a singer first, before people spoke about my private life. And now it’s changed — I’ve changed. I realize that maybe I don’t mind that title,” the famous star went on to add.

Sam revealed that he went through a lot of changes in his life. At one point, he was actually bullied because of the fact that he did not actually own men’s clothing. “I love a heel. I’ve got loads of heels at home,” he explained. “People don’t know this, but when I was 17, I remember becoming obsessed with Boy George and Marilyn and all that. There was one moment in my life where I didn’t own a piece of male clothing.”

Of course, he used the outfits that he loved everywhere, including at school. “I would wear full make-up every day in school, eyelashes, leggings with Dr Martens and huge fur coats for 2 and a half years,” the talented singer said. “I don’t know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am man.” Of course, there were some people who bullied him because of this, but there were also many who respected him, Sam said.

Sam Smith has released a new successful album, The Thrill of It All, and enjoys a huge popularity with his latest single, Too Good at Goodbyes.

Anna Faris Talks about Relationships in Memoir

Famous Scary Movie actress Anna Faris has opened up about a series of personal subjects in her memoir. The star talked about her marriage, the way in which she met her ex-husband Chris Pratt, but also about the cheating rumors involving famous actress Jennifer Lawrence. Anna also talked about her relationships before her marriage to Chris.

The star opened up about how she lost her virginity and said that she was actually 17 when it happened. Anna revealed that she lost her virginity to her boyfriend of that time, Chad Burke. However, although she wanted it to happen on her birthday, Anna had to postpone her plan because of a hospitalization. After recovering, the star claimed that she told her boyfriend that she wanted to have sex with him at lunch.

“That’s what we did. And it was horrible,” she said. “It was a solid C. I certainly didn’t come, but nobody comes their first time. At that point in my life, I had never masturbated. I had never even explored, so I had no help to offer Chad in terms of getting me off. But I wasn’t really in it for sexual pleasure,” the star went on to explain. “I was just head over heels for this guy, and at the time I thought if I was going to keep a man I had to give my p***y over lunchtime at his parents’ house.”

When it comes to her first marriage, Anna said that actor Ben Indra actually had to propose twice to her before she accepted to marry him. She said that at the moment when she was proposed to and accepted, she actually thought that she didn’t “want to tell my parents.” “In retrospect, I should have examined that more,” she said. Anna and Ben separated in 2007, after about three years of marriage.

The star said that she started to have feelings for Chris even before her marriage to Ben ended. The star claimed that she realized that she and Ben rushed into marriage and they actually did not have too much in common.

Kylie Jenner is enjoying a Good Pregnancy

Famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner seems to be enjoying quite a good pregnancy. The famous star is doing very well and is focusing on her health at the moment. Despite the many rumors that have been on about this subject, Kylie has never confirmed that she is expecting a child.

However, several insiders allegedly close to Kylie have talked about her experience as an expecting mom. Now, a new source talking to Hollywood Life said that Kylie is only thinking about the baby and she is always talking about her child. Furthermore, the source said that Kylie is dealing really well with pregnancy symptoms. If the rumors will finally be confirmed, this will be the first child for Kylie and her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

“Kylie is just all about the baby right now — it’s literally all she can think and talk about,” the source explained. “So far she’s not really suffered any bad pregnancy side effects,” the same insider added. “She had some mild morning sickness, but that seems to have totally passed now.” The source went on to say that what Kylie has been dealing with are some crazy food cravings, but she is not going to hold back from anything.

“Kylie is getting some crazy food cravings though, and she’s giving in to them all,” the insider explained, adding that Kylie knows she does not have to worry about her weight while being pregnant, “so she’s indulging in everything she wants.” The source claimed that Kylie couldn’t be happier with the fact that she is going to have a baby girl.

Of course, the youngest star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a fashionista, so she is happy that there are so many outfits for girls available in stores. “One thing’s for sure, Kylie’s daughter is definitely going to be the best dressed, girliest little girl out there,” the insider concluded. Well, several rumors said that most likely Kylie will welcome her baby girl sometime in February. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait until then and the star will confirm the pregnancy rumors sooner.

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