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Actress Selma Blair takes baby on tour

Hollywood actress Selma Blair, who recently joined the celebrity moms club, has decided to mix up career and motherhood and to take her baby boy on tour with her.  She is currently promoting her latest movie, “Dark Horse”.

Selma Blair does what many celebrity mothers have started doing for a while. She carries her baby around with her at all time. Well, not exactly her; she has hired a nanny for her six-weeks-old bundle of joy, Arthur Saint Bleick.

While she was hitting the red carpet at the Film Festival in Venice, little Arthur was cared for by the nanny. And Blair did not waste any more time than it was necessary at the event. According to Hello Magazine, as soon as she was done with posing for the photographers in her long, wavy red dress, and with giving autographs, she rushed back to “cuddle up” with her little man.

Arthur Saint Bleick is Selma’s son with fashion designer Jason Bleick. The news about Blair’s pregnancy was announced by her representative on January 14, 2011. Cited by people Magazine, the rep said that the couple “couldn’t be happier”. “Her life right now is a dream come true”.
The baby was born on July 25, 2011 and weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz. He was delivered in a Los Angeles hospital. Arthur saint is the first baby of Selma Blair, 39, and Jason Bleick, 41.

The couple met while collaborating on Bleick’s EVER fashion line. They started dating in 2010.

Blair’s upcoming movie, “Dark Horse” is a story about a man and a woman who end up getting married, but for all the wrong reasons. After the Venice Festival premiere, the movie got a C from the critics. According to The Huffington Post, a series of critics believe that the movie is lacking bitterness, being too warmhearted.

Green Day rocker ejected from plane over saggy pants

Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong posted a Twitter message on Thursday saying that he was ejected from a plane over his saggy pants. According to Reuters, the singer’s destination was Burbank, California and the flight company he was traveling with was Southwest Airlines.

Rocker Billie Armstrong has a sense of fashion that apparently is not very appreciated by the flight companies. A few days ago, on Thursday, he tweeted the following text: “Just got kicked off a Southwest flight because my pants sagged too low!…”

 The 39-year-old musician had to take another flight in order to get from Oakland, California, to his destination point – Burbank, California.

The incident was described in detail by a witness who is working for ABC&/KGO-TV. Cindy Qiu, who is a TV producer at the Bay area of the television station was on the same plane and saw what happened from a slightly different point of view. She wrote what happened on the television network’s website. Qiu said that Armstrong was seen wearing the saggy pants by a flight attendant and was approached immediately. He was told to lift his pants and he answered: “Don’t you have better things to do than worry about that?” The flight attendant repeated the request and Armstrong replied: ““I’m just trying to get to my fucking seat.” Then he wanted to take his seat. But the flight attendant asked him to leave the plane. He did so.

A representative for Southwest Airlines talked to Reuters about the incident. Brad Hawkins, the spokesman for the company revealed the destination of the artist and said that the company has apologized for their employee’s attitude. “As soon as we became aware of what had happened, we reached out to apologize for this customer’s experience,” he said and added that Armstrong “elected to take the next flight.”

Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon share opinions about ex Jake Gyllenhaal

A source tells The Us Magazine how two famous blond exes of actor Jake Gyllenhaal, country singer Taylor Swift and Grammy-Award winner Reese Witherspoon met for lunch in order to share opinions about their shared former love partner.

Men always thought that their exes should never meet. Maybe this is why!

Actress Reese Witherspoon and singer Taylor Swift have something in common: they both went out with one of the most wanted Hollywood bachelors: [no, not George Clooney] Jake Gyllenhaal. The “Proof” actor was so unlucky to have dated such gossiping girl!

According to a source that was not mentioned ( but we are sure it’s a woman, anyway), the two gorgeous blondes met for lunch at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles on August 26 and were heard talking about the actor. “They talked about how vain and self-absorbed Jake can be”, the witness revealed to Us Weekly. The two then leave the eatery together with Reese offering Taylor a ride home and the singer inviting Reese and the kids to one of her shows.

Jake Gyllenhaal, 30 dated Reese Witherspoon, 35, for two years. They announced their split in 2009. His relationship with Taylor Swift, 21, was much shorter. They dated in 2010 and ended the affair after only two months. The actor also dated actress Kirsten Dunst, way before dating Witherspoon.

It is not clear whether Gyllenhaal is dating someone at the moment and if so, who the girl is. In January, he has been seen flirting with actress Camilla Belle at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala. According to a source cited by SocialiteLife, “they hung out together the entire night. They were talking intimately, and laughing.”  But around the same time, he was spotted having lunch with old flame Jenny Lewis. 

On August 28, the two Gyllenhaal exes were photographed hugging at Swift’s concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Witherspoon showed up with kids Ava and Deacon, as expected.

Robert Downey Jr. is going to be a daddy soon

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is going to be a daddy again. His wife, Susan Downey, is pregnant with the couple’s first child and she is going to give birth in February 2012, according to Us Weekly.

Unlike other actors who, at the age of 46 have already parented a football team, actor Robert Downey Jr. was not very concentrated on this aspect of his life. This is pretty clear taking into consideration that he waited for six years to have a baby with his present wife, Susan. He already has one son with his former and first wife, Deborah Falconer. The boy is a teenager – 17 years old – and his name is Indio.

Taking into consideration Robert Downey Jr. past, which included a battle with drug and alcohol abuse, it is no wonder that family life came second…or third. However, it has been over six years since the talented actor has made a brilliant comeback. And it was about time he gave us some good news, not only regarding his career, but also his family life. His lovely wife, Susan is over three months pregnant.

In Playboy interview, the Oscar-nominated actor confessed that his experiences in the past have made him more cautious. “Looking back, I think, ‘Oh my God, I could have been done. I could have been so fried and so bad off and, oh my God, such a cautionary tale”, he said. “And I still could be.”

When talking about his recent experiences, he says that they “left me feeling I’m in the zone. “This is just the sweet spot of my career and my life so far, and strangely, they’ve come at the same time.”

Robert, 46, met Susan (then Levin) Downey, 37, in 2003, on the set of Gothika. After turning his romantic advances down two times, Susan started dating him secretly and in on August 2005 they wedded in New York.  Robert credits his wife for his ability to fight his addictions. In her honor, he got a tattoo on his biceps saying “Suzie Q”.

Top 10 at the box office this summer

Curios about what kind of movies are in the top 10 at the box office this summer? Your favorite may just be among them.

Have you noticed a superhero trend in the movies this summer? If you have, that’s because it was. Animated movies, 3d sequels or new stories with incredible special effects – they all had one thing in common: the hero that saves the world and gains the admiration of his people…and in some cases that of a girl.

#10 – Kung Fu Panda 2. The sequel follows the adventures of the same Kung Fu gang from the first movie, only this time it’s a different lesson to be learned. The movie brings up sensitive subjects like adoption, family relationships and the ability to find inner peace. The Movie was released May 26 and has cashed in a total of $ 163,942,842.

#9 – Captain America: The First Avenger. The national superhero movie was released on July 22 and it summed up $ 164,747,643 at the box office.

#8 – Bridesmaids. Among the few movies that is not about superheroes, this one is about the long lasting friendship between two childhood friends, who still try to be a part of each other’s life. You almost forget that one of the is the bride and the other is a bridesmaid. The movie hit theaters on May 2011 and brought $167,661,310 to the box office.

#7 – Thor. The legend of Thor, God of Thunder and son of Odin, was impressively created on the big screen, using great special effects. This time, the hero doesn’t get the girl, not yet, anyway. Thor was released on May 6 and cashed in $ 181,015,141.

# 6 – Cars 2 – the animated movie hit the big screen on June 24 and can proud itself with $ 186,951,457 at the box office.

Curious about the top 5 and the #1? Read the next article.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets great reviews

The first reviews of BlackBerry 9900 have started to show up and they are extremely good.  From the looks to the performance, the device is described as being cool and easy to use. Read below to see what exactly the reviews had to say about it and which features might lead you to the decision that you have to buy one for yourself.

The looks. BlackBerry Bold 9900 is, as its name says, pretty bold. It is very thin – 10.5 mm – and its components are made of real metal.  The design differs considerably from the previous BlackBerry models (Touch and Flip) and specialists believe that the BlackBerry fans will replace their old devices in no time with this new one.

The performance. Don’t think that BlackBerry Bold 990 is just about the looks. You couldn’t be more wrong. It has a powerful 1.2 GHz processor which makes a significant difference in comparison to the old models.  It has been highly optimized and given the ability to work more smoothly.  Its screen – 2.8 inch touchscreen at 287 ppi – even though not as performant as Apple’s iPhone, is of quite good quality. In addition to that, users don’t need to worry about using the phone too much as the battery. Research In Motion (RIM) went from a 1,500 mAh battery to a 1,200 mAh battery.

The bad reviews. There are always reasons to complain about something and BlackBerry Bold 990 is not perfect. Most users that have found something to complain about, have chosen the sound as their main cause of unsatisfaction. Plus, according to the website Fudzilla, the price originally announced for the device could actually be higher.

BlackBerry Bold 990 will be available to all US consumers starting August 31. FoneHome rises the question that RIM and Apple may be already struggling with: what will happen when the iPhone 5 will be released, just five days after the release of the Bold 9900?

Eric Dane checks himself into rehab

Actor Eric Dane, who is best known for his role in the Grey’s Anatomy series, has checked into rehab because of the addiction he developed over pain medication. It all started when he was prescribed pain pills for a sports injury, according to an official report sent to Access Hollywood.

A representative of the actor Eric Dane issued an official statement in which it is confirmed that the “Grey’s Anatomy” star has recently checked into rehab to deal with an addiction to pain medication. The statement that came out on Wednesday said that the actor “checked himself into a treatment facility to help him get off of pain medication that he was prescribed for a sports injury that he suffered over the recent hiatus”.

His stay at the medical facility will not be very long, as the actor continues to work on the ABC drama. He will be returning on the set of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Mark “McSteammy” Sloan, the character that made his famous. “He reports back to work this week. Business as usual”, the representative said.

Eric Dane, 38, is married with actress Rebecca Gayheart, 39, since October 2004. He says their story wasn’t interesting at all as they met like all normal couples. They dated for 10 months and then they tied the knot. They have a daughter, Billie Beatrice, who is only 1 year old. The couple announced on July 8 that a new member of the family is already on the way.

Dane first appeared in Grey’s Anatomy in 2005 as a guest star, where he first introduced Dr. Sloan to the audience. The positive response of the public made the producers of the series to give it a thought and offer him a long-time contract and making him a regular.
The actor made the headlines in 2009 with a story that had little to do with acting. He had made a nude tape together with his wife and former Miss USA, Kari Ann Peniche.

Teenager dies after being caught in Lamar Odom’s car accident

NBA player Lamar Odom is “devastated” after finding out the terrible news of the outcome of the car accident he was involved in. The teenager that was caught in the car crash has died. Several witnesses claim to have seen Odom cry.

The basketball star and husband of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is going through a tragic time in his life for almost a week now. Last Thursday Odom was in New York City, in his old neighborhood Jamaica, from Queens, sitting comfortable on the back seat of a car with a hired driver without any presentment of what was going to happen next. He was coming back from a funeral he had attended when, at a certain point, the vehicle struck a motorcycle that immediately hit a teenage pedestrian. The teenager, who was 15 years old, was rushed to the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. He had several head injuries and was prepared for emergency surgery. Unfortunately, after the medical intervention, the patient’s state did not improve. He died one day later, on Friday. His funerals were held on Monday. The boy’s name was not released to the press.

The day of the accident, Lamar Odom was heading back home from New York, where he attended his cousin’s funeral. Following the tragedy, he received many encouragement messages. He answered them all with a tweet: “Thank you for your support and prayers! My thoughts and prayers are with the young boys family. (sic)”. Khloe Kardashian, his wife, also tweeted a message of encouragement for all the people who were involved in the accident or had to suffer from it: “My heart/soul goes out 2every1 in pain from any suffering. Pray 4 all of the angels surrounding us constantly. May our spirits stay strong.”

Initially, it was thought that Khloe was also in the car the time of the accident, but she set the record straight when her publicist, Jill Fritzo said that ‘Khloe wasn’t in the car [and] Lamar was in the back seat”. There is no report yet on the heath state of the motorcycle driver.

Donald Trump reveals granddaughter’s name: Arabella Rose

The business magnate, Donald Trump, who recently became a grandfather for the third time, reveals the name of his granddaughter before his daughter, Ivanka, has the chance. According to Us Magazine, the baby girl is named Arabella Rose.

During an appearance on “Fox and Friends” on Monday, Donald Trump revealed the name of his granddaughter, who has just been born almost two days ago. During a hpone conversation, he said that he just ended his visit at the hospital and Ivanka and the baby are fine.  “I just left the hospital and the baby is beautiful. Ivanka’s doing great.” Then he popped out the answer to a question that was on everybody’s lips: “Arabella, a very exotic name. Arabella Rose is the baby’s name” said Trump and added that he just found out about it himself. 

Now, that her dad already unveiled the surprise name, Ivanka had to have a comment herself, as well. So, just a short while after her father’s announcement on TV, she posted a comment on her Twitter page saying how she and her husband, Jared Kushner are enjoying the first hours of parenthood. “Jared and I are having so much fun playing with our daughter! Arabella Rose is beyond adorable. She’s truly a blessing.”

This is the first child of the jewelry designer and “Celebrity Apprentice” judge Ivanka Trump, 29, and businessman / publisher Jared Kushner, 30. The couple got married in October 2009 in an Orthodox Judaism marriage ceremony. On January 21 the two announced that they are expecting their first baby.

However, this is not the first grandchild of the business mogul, Donald Trump. He has two more grandkids from his first son, Donald Trump Jr.: Madison, who is 4 years old and Donald Trump III who is 2 years old. Now, Donald Jr,’s wife is pregnant with the third child, so it seems like the baby Trump saga continues.

Apple already testing iPad 3 HD screen components

Apple is already testing the new components of a new, more advanced screen for the iPad 3. According to a report presented by the website 9to5Mac, the new screens will be on a higher definition that those of the iPad and iPad2.

It is considered to be a high definition screen, since it has 2048 x1536 pixels and the full HD starts from 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Until now, it has only been a rumor that Apple is testing the components of the future generation of iPad, but now it is all confirmed. AAPL is already testing the new high definition screen for iPad 3 which is expected to be released during this year’s fall. The screens are supplied by Samsung and LG.

The Korea Times first reported the resolution of the new screens. “Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 will feature an improved display to support quad extended graphics (QXGA), a display resolution of 2048×1536 pixels with a 4:3 aspect ratio to provide full high definition (HD) viewing experience,” the report states and adds that the project has an an effect of enforcement in the relationhip between Apple and the two main providers: Samsung and LG: “The imminent deals would assure that Samsung and LG continue to be the biggest providers of flat screens to Apple for the foreseeable future. Samsung and LG are two of the few LCD makers that are at ease with highly-advanced LCD screens.”

The details regarding Apple Inc.’s testing of the new devices are still suppositions as none of them were confirmed. And this is normal for Apple, a company that likes (and has to) keep secret the steps of the development of their future products. However, if the rumours are true, then the next iPad will have a screen with 280 pixels per inch, which is double the resolution that iPad and iPad 2 have. This could lead to marketing the iPad 3 as a Retina dysplay device, just like iPhone 4.

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