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One third of Android users to switch to iPhone

A recent survey led by UBS Research shows that about one third of the Android users are likely to switch to the iPhone platform. More than that, another 10 percent are undecided. Due to the small number of participants in the survey, it is likely for the figures to not illustrate perfectly the reality, but CNET’s personal small investigation shows that there is some truth in the figures.

UBS Research conducted a study which showed that Android users are not as loyal to their device as believed. At least, not all of them. The study consisted in a survey taken by over 500 people. Of them, 51 were Android users. All the participants were asked several questions regarding the type of phone they would use. The final results showed the following:

•    31 percent of the respondents would switch from  Android to iPhone
•    89 percent of them preferred iPhone against other brands, such as Nokia and Blackberry

The Blackberry has dropped in customer’s preferences from 62 percent in March 2010 to 33 percent. Nokia dipped from 42 percent last year to only 24 percent at the current moment.
David Carnoy from CNET has made his own survey and found out that most of the people having using Android chose it because the iPhone was not available at that time. This comes to support the UBS research, for those believing that the small number of the people questioned (515) could not reflect the reality.

UBS Research is a global company which provides financial services to clients in more than 50 countries all over the world. It is headquartered in Zurich and Basel and its historical roots stretch more than one hundred years. Their research concentrates on economic forecasts and investments recommendations and strategy.

Octomom sells her home

Octomom Nadya Suleman sells her home in Orange County as she doesn’t have the money to pay the bank mortgage anymore. She is already three months behind with the payments and the bills are piling up. The mother of 14 is unemployed, but hopes that the money she will get from selling her home at the moment will allow her to both pay the debt as well as buy another property in the area.

Nadya Suleman is in trouble with the bank. According to a representative of the mother of 14 children, she is already three months behind with the payments and the bank can only take so much. So now, Octomom wants to try and sell the house before the bank forecloses on it sometime next week. Nadya’s manager confirmed the news about the debt and the sale and added that she wants to move into another property in the same general area as the children are in school and she doesn’t want to pull them out. However, she does not want to live in the same neighborhood, according to TMZ. Suleman would rather choose another neighborhood, as she believes the neighbors haven’t been hospitable to her.

Anyone who is interested in the home can take a virtual tour of it on the TMZ website. Don’t be scared, though; remember 14 kids are living in it, so it’s far from being right out of the box. A few holes and scribbles on the walls, nothing that cannot be easily repaired.

Suleman is asking for 500,000 dollars for the house. Of this sum, TMZ reports that she already owes about 450,000 dollars on the house to the bank.

First photo of “Dark Shadows” revealed

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed the first photo of the revived 60s soap opera, “Dark Shadows”. Johnny Depp who plays the main role, that of vampire Barnabas Collins, confesses that he obsessed about the original series since he was a child.












The cast of the revived 1960s TV series “Dark Shadows” has been presented in a first photo. The creepy look of the Collins vampire family freaked out Depp’s fans and made the original soap opera fans complain that he looks too weird. The new movie kept the “aged-little boy look” of Jonathan Frid, the actor who played Barnabas in the original series.

Depp admits that he had this desire of making this movie for years now. He remembers how as a boy, when the school classes were over, he would come straight home so he won’t miss the adventures of Barnabas Collins. “Even then, at that age, I knew — this has got to be weird”. If we look back, Johnny Depp’s acting career is abundant in “weird” characters. Back in the early 90s, he played Edward Scissorhands, an artificial man created by an old inventor, who falls in love with a human (Wynona Ryder).  In 1995, Depp is Don Juan De Marco, a young beautiful gentle man who ends up in an institution because he states he is the real Don Juan. Four years later, he embodies Ichabod Crane, the popular character in the story of the “Sleepy Hollow”. Needless to say how weird it is to be hunted down by a horse rider without a head. In 2005, Johnny Depp becomes Willy Wonka, the weirdest chocolate factory owner, and in 2009 he is Sweeny Todd, the bloody barber. We can also remember the lunatic Mad Hatter he played in 2010’s “Alice In Wonderland”. And let’s not forget the original and twisted Captain Jack Sparrow!

This being said, it’s no wonder Depp was so attracted to the character of Barnabas Collins.
The movie is directed by Tim Burton, who has previously worked with Depp on several other projects, and is also a “Dark Shadows” fanatic.

“Dark Shadows” is set to be released in the United States on May 11, 2012.

Taylor Lautner says Lily Collins and him are “close friends”

Taylor Lautner recently talked to omg! about his new movie, Abduction, and says that he and his co-star, Lily Collins are “close friends”. The two have met several times in the past couple of years. The teenage hunk was romantically linked to country singer Taylor swift and Disney star Selena Gomez.

Recently, Taylor Lautner gave an interview to omg! in which he was asked about his new movie, Abduction, and his relationship with his co-star, Lily Collins. Until now, it was presumed that the two are romantically involved. But when asked by the reporter “you’re dating your Abduction co-star Lily Collins. Did you two meet on the set?”, he answers that they know each other for a long time and that they are friends. More exactly, Taylor says: “Lily and I are great friends. And … no, we met before. Over, like, the past couple years, we’ve seen each other at like random events and stuff.”

When the reporter asks again, for confirmation, whether he and Lilly are “just” friends, Taylor says “Yeah, we’re close friends”.

When talking about his role in “Abduction”, the actor says that the first thing he was attracted to was the story.” And the character’s journey, I knew it would be challenging for me,” says Taylor, adding that he is always in search for new challenges.  The former twilight werewolf is now a teenager living the high school life, with parties, friends, high school crushes and a normal teenager-parents relationship. One day he is assigned a Social Science project and his partner in it is exactly the girl he likes. While searching for documentation online, they come across a website with missing children. One child resembles him. At this point, he starts wondering where his real parents are and who are those people that he is living with.

“Abduction” premieres on Friday. You can watch the trailer below:

Emily Deschanel welcomes baby boy Henry

Emily Deschanel and her husband, David Hornsby, welcomed their first baby on Wednesday. According to the People magazine report, it’s a boy and his name is Henry. The couple received a huge list of congratulations from friends on Twitter.
Emily Deschanel 34, and husband David Hornsby are parents for the first time. The actress gave birth on Wednesday to a baby boy, who was named Henry. The first congrats message she got on Twitter was from her “Bones” co-star, TJ Thyne, who used a lot of “yay” and exclamation points in his enthusiastic  text: “CONGRATULATIONS EMILY D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay yay yay!!!”, he wrote.

Emily Deschanel first broke the news that she was pregnant in March. This was written in the drama airing on Fox, when Brennan revealed to Booth that she was pregnant after they became involved off-camera.  Emily’s pregnancy put “Bones” on hold for a while, but recent news report that FOX ordered four more episodes. They are scheduled to air in the summer of 2012.

Emily Deschanel, the sister of younger Zooey Deschanel, got married to David Hornsby last year. This being said, Zooey is now an aunt for the first time. Not only that, but she also has another reason to celebrate this week. Her show, “New Girl”, premiered on Fox and had high ratings. Now, that’s what we call a full week!

You can see Emily Deschanel on Fox, starting November 3, when “Bones” returns. David Hornsby will be on CBS starting September 29, in a comedy that he is both producing and acting in, called “How To Be A Gentleman”.


Gloria Vanderbilt opens up about son’s death

Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of TV star Anderson Cooper, opens up about her son Carter’s tragic death on the show of her other son. Cooper says his mother has gone through numerous important loses in her life. Now, she will speak about them and how she managed to deal with them over the years, on Cooper’s show, tonight.

Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of Anderson Cooper, has suffered the loss of her father, her husband and of one of her sons. For any person, this would be devastating. However, she found the strength to go on, and this, without becoming a bitter woman. On Anderson Cooper’s show, tonight, you will get to know the details of Gloria’s life and especially about the death of her son, Carter.
When explaining in detail the last minutes of Carter’s life, Gloria says that she thinks about that day all the time. At the age of 23, Carter committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of the family’s home in New York. Gloria witnessed his act and explained that he did not jump. He just let go. “He was sitting on the wall with one foot on … there and one hanging over and kept looking down.” She was begging him to come back inside. “When he went like an athlete and hung over the wall…he let go”. For a moment she thought he was going to come inside, “but he didn’t.” She adds that her first instinct was to jump after him, but then she thought of her other son, Anderson.
Vanderbilt says that “closure” is a “TV word” and in cases like this you cannot have closure. “You never ever get over it, but you learn to live with it.”

During the show tonight, Cooper and his mother will also talk about her memoir, “It Seems Important at the Time”, in which she mentions many of the men who fell in love with her. Among them, there were celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra.

Who won the Emmys in 2011?

Mad Men, Modern Family, Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey, Night Lights , Boardwalk Empire, Mildred Pierce, The Amazing Race and The Daily Show are just a few of the TV creations that won the Emmys in 2011, at the 63rd ceremony. Read more about which Modern Family actor won her first Emmy, how Charlie Sheen behaved at the ceremony and what was the funniest moment at the event.

Like always, some of the winners of the Emmy Awards were predictable, others were a total surprise. It was expected that Kate Winslet would win an award for Mildred Pierce. It was also pretty predictable that the best competition reality show award would go to The Amazing Race. The Daily Show won an Emmy for the 9th time consecutively.

Some of the nominees in several categories had the honor of being on the list or winning for the first time. It is the case, among others, of Modern Family star Julie Bowen, who won her first Emmy. The sitcom was nominated in several categories and won many of them, including the Outstanding Comedy Series award, Outstanding Supporting Actor award, Outstanding Comedy director award and the Outstanding writing for a comedy award.

Charlie Sheen had the important task of announcing the best comedy actor. He refered to the category as his own. He then took a moment to wish the new “Two And a Half Men” team the best of luck. But when the winner turned out to be Jim parson’s from “The Big Bang Theory” (directed by Two And A  Half Men director, Chuck Lorre) he added: “This is odd for so many reasons”.

One of the funniest moments in the show was the announcing of the best actress. All the nominees showed up on stage as if it were “a beauty pageant”, like Amy Poehler said. The winner was Melissa McCarthy for “Mike & Molly”.

EU to determine if Google abuses its market dominance

EU is working to determine if Google abuses its market dominance. The regulators work starts almost one year after the European Commission had launched an antitrust investigation of Google as a result of numerous complaints from other search engine providers. Now, EU investigates whether Google is taking advantage of its popularity to manipulate the rankings of the competition, Reuters announced.

On Friday, EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia held a press conference in Florence about the evaluation process that is taking place in the case of Google Inc. He said that the regulators are “trying to determine whether the company holds a dominant position in Internet search” in the first place, and then, if it is abusing its dominant position in order to submit the other competitor, thus protecting its leading spot on the market.

Alumnia says that there is a difference between being dominant and being abusive. “Abuse is a conduct that protects or extends dominance by illegitimate means, and we still have to conclude whether this is the case for Google.”

The abuse issue arose when several of its competitors filed complaints stating that Google was manipulating the rankings of the services offered by the competition in such a way that they appear to be ranked lower than they are in reality. Among the companies filing the complaints, there is also Microsoft. Its statement at the time was that “Google Inc. has taken to entrench its dominance in the markets for online search and search advertising to the detriment of European consumers”.
Google’s attitude regarding the matter was a positive and embracing one since the beginning of the scandal. Back in November 2010, a rep of the company told CNET that they will provide the EU with all the data and the support needed to clear things out.

Pat Robertson says divorcing a partner with Alzheimer’s is OK

TV host Pat Robertson said during his 700 Club Show yesterday, that divorcing a partner with Alzheimer’s is OK. The broadcaster explains his point of view by saying that a person with the disease loses the original personality traits and the transformation leads to a state similar to a “kind of death”.
Yesterday on Club 700, host Pat Robertson was asked for advice from a viewer, who had a friend with a sick wife, and who started dating another woman. She asked the TV host how should she approach the matter and what advice should she give to her friend. Robertson started by showing compassion for the situation the man was in. He said that it must be very hard for him, “because his wife as he knows her is gone”.  Nevertheless, looking for a new partner is understandable in this case, and the man should not be judged too harsh.

“I hate Alzheimer’s”, says Robertson when it comes to the tragic effects that is has no only on the person with the disease, but also on the family and friends of the person.” Suddenly that person is gone. They’re gone. They are gone.” Host Terry Meeuwsen then asks whether this is a good enough reason to break the wedding vows, “for better or for worse […] until death do you part”. Robertson then gives his point of view on the matter: Alzheimer’s is a “kind of death”, as the person does not remember anything from the past.

Pat Robertson’s advice seems rather shallow when taking into account the medical condition of a person with Alzheimer’s disease and the details that a tutor has to deal with. Alzheimer’s is a brain damage disease in which the synapses between neurons start fading off in an alarming rate, much faster than in other people. The neurons die in large numbers and quicker. Alzheimer’s, which has 7 stages of manifestation, starts unnoticeably, with short memory loses, which can be attributed to old age. In time the person’s everyday life is affected. By stage 3, it can be detectable as people around the person notice something is wrong. By stage 4, the person cannon do complicated math exercises that he/she could do before. At stage 5, the person can forget the home address, the right order to put clothes on, the clock reading. At this stage the patient definitely needs supervision. At stage 6, the patient has long lasting memory blackouts and cannot do anything without supervision. However, he/she can still construct and verbalize short sentences or words. Stage 7 is the terminal stage, in which the person looks like she/he has lost contact with the outside world. Doesn’t move, doesn’t react.

What most of the Alzheimer’s related articles you find on the internet or in magazines don’t tell you, is that the person having the disease is in a constant state of anxiety. The major reasons of the anxiety is related to losing contact with reality and being abandoned by the loved ones because of the disease. Most of the patients have moments of lucidity up to stage 6. From the perspective of the sane person, it might be ok to leave behind a partner with a degenerative disease such as this one. But from the sick person’s point of view it is more dramatic.

Michael Jordan fined 100,000 dollars for talking about Bogut

Former NBA star Michael Jordan is being fined 100,000 dollar for talking about Bobcat’s player Andrew Bogut during lockout, to an Australian newspaper. Initially, the fine was thought to reach 1 million dollars. And this, because of rules and regulations that he broke as an owner.

Earlier in the summer, Michael Jordan made a huge mistake talking about a player from the team he owns, during lockout, to an Australian publication. He said briefly that “Bogut is a good piece to build around for Milwaukee” and that he loved his game. “He’s made a very good start and he’s definitely gonna be a star”, Jordan commented and added that the Australian player’s biggest problem is that “he’s been dealing with that elbow injury. But he is a star to be reckoned with (and) will be a star for some time”.

These kind words cost him a big amount of cash now. As an owner of the Charlotte bobcats, he cannot talk about the players during lockout. Despite the rumors that circulated this summer that the fine will reach 1 million dollars, the league will impose a cheaper one, which will not be more than 100,000 dollars. If you can call that “cheap”.

The story was first reported by ESPN. The article also mentioned that Michael Jordan and Herb Kohl, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks (who also signed a contract with Bogut several seasons ago) are the main supporters of a new system of NBA revenue-sharing. The two propose the aligning of the NBA revenue-sharing to that of the NFL and the Major baseball league. However, sources cited by the publication state that even so, the profit is yet hard to come, because NBA is a “smaller market” than the football and baseball ones.

So, Jordan and Kohl have to find another way to make profit than being paid for interviews about players.

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