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“Catching Hell” documentary premiers Tuesday on ESPN

During 102 minutes of reminiscence, Alex Gibney, film maker for ESPN, revisits the events surrounding the Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. The documentary tells the story of the match as viewed by Bill Buckner, former Cubs first baseman, and Steve Bartman, Cubs fan.

Buckner played for Cubs and later on Red Sox. He was the first baseman to allow a ground ball to be lost. In the 1986 World Series, the ball went through his legs and resulted in the New York Mets World Series championship enabling the curse to continue.

Bartman became notorious when he reached, alongside only a few other people, for a foul ball at the Wrigley Field Cubs match in October 2003. The Cubs were five outs short of reaching the World Series. It would have been the first time since their last success in 1945. Needless to say that Batman didn’t catch the ball, but served as a symbol for the curse being renewed.

For Gibney, “Catching Hell” serves as a means for media introspection, as Buckner is portrayed in the documentary as a substitute for humanity in its whole who manages to fail the media in both stories.

In 2008, the Red Sox had Buckner throw the first ball for the Opening Day. Even though he was received warmly by the Boston fans, the former baseman couldn’t forget the hell he was put through by the media after his error in 1986. In a press conference that followed the opening game of the season, Buckner talked about the ordeal him and his family had to put up with. His daughter Kristen was present as well for the event as a reporter for an Idaho TV station.

Things were even worse for Bartman who, unlike Buckner, wasn’t even a public figure. He got ESPN reporters stalking his car in an attempt to get a fast few words from the Cubs fan when he was leaving his work. The reporter was in the parking lot for seven hours. John Kass, columnist for Chicago Tribune, was sitting next to Bartman at the game, his first words to him were “Do you realize what you have just done?”. Sun Times made public the home address of the unfortunate Cubs fan.

Bartman’s story was addressed before, in a documentary entitled “Chasing October” directed by Matt Liston, who is a co-producer for “Catching Hell” as well.

The hatred towards Bartman started outside the field that night, with a fan who was carrying a  TV on his head. People watching the replay of his actions over and over started chanting “Ass”, which later on carried into the ballpark as well.

“Catching Hell” includes premiers, as the interview with Erika Amundsen, a security guard for Wrigley Field, who talks about the way she got Bartman out of ballpark in one piece. Also, Moises Alou, left fielder, chats about his reaction to the foul ball, as him and colleague Aramis Ramirez foreseen a bad outcome and even booked flights back home.

“Catching Hell” will be aired several times throughout the week.

Investigator in Michael Jackson’s death admits mistake

Elissa Fleak, the investigator in Michael Jackson’s death, admits that she made a mistake moving the objects in the room prior to being properly studied at their original place. However, she minimizes her deeds with the help of the Deputy District Attorney, admitting that there is no such thing as a perfect investigation. Associated Press revealed the details of the witness questioning.

Investigator Elissa Fleak was called to answer the questions of the lawyers in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, on Wednesday, October 5.  The defense lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tried to point out that there were several mistakes done during the investigation and that several results that incriminate his client might have been reached because of those procedure errors. He showed images of several objects that were moved in the room where Michael Jackson had passed away. One of those objects was a medicine bottle that Fleak reported to have found on the floor. The bottle was shown photographed on a nightstand.  Another error was connected to a bottle of propofol, the anesthetic that the singer was injected before his death. Fleak said that she didn’t notice the bottle until two years after Jackson’s death.

Even though she did not admit that she made a “substantial number of mistakes” during the investigation, she answered to Deputy District Attorney David Walgren that “no”, she never conducted a “perfect investigation”. “Are there always things you would have done differently in hindsight?” he asked. Fleak said “yes”.

Michael Jackson died of a propofol overdose, administered together with lidocaine and lorazepam. His personal doctor, Conrad Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. But Chernoff, his lawyer, has another version of how things happened – that is was not Dr. Murray, but Jackson himself who injected the high dose of propofol, and this, while the doctor was out of the room, taking a phone call.

Palin won’t be running for president in the 2012 elections

Sarah Palin officially stated, on Wednesday, that she won’t take part in the race for presidency starting in 2012, as well as made it clear that all GOP candidates have been already chosen.

This decision is mostly based on the recently conducted review of “what common sense conservatives and independents have accomplished, especially over the last year”, the former Alaska governor said in a letter addressed to her supporters.

Her goal for the near future is to aid in the most effective way possible to the election of other true public servants to office, raging from governors to congressmen and finally the president of United States.

She remains true to her political views as she promised to continue her quest for free markets, especially for energy independence provided from domestic resources, renewable and conventional sources.

Palin considers that the future administration needs to find the proper ways to “reduce tax burdens and onerous regulations and always push to minimize government to strengthen and allow the private sector to create jobs”.

During an interview for “On the Record”, the former governor told Greta Van Susteren that she is sorry to have disappointed her supporters in taking this decision.

Palin is not the only candidate to have withdrawn from the presidential race. Only one day prior to her announcement, New Jersey’ governor Chris Christie presented to the public his own decision of dropping off. The Republicans weren’t happy with this turn of events as they urged Christie to reconsider.

Republicans seem to still be in the market for the perfect choice as candidate, since neither former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, nor Texas governor Rick Perry  rated well on the GOP debates.

Palin doesn’t portrait any of the candidates as the perfect one and advises the American voters to focus more on the collective ideas and records rather than placing all their hopes with just one individual.

In a recent poll conducted by McClatchy, Palin was only 5 percentages behind president Obama, followed by Perry, 9 points behind the current president and Michele Bachmann 13 points.

Although considered by fallow politicians as a voice to be heard, Palin didn’t rate too well in a recent pole, when 72% of the voters considered she should remain on the sidelines.

Scientists to measure the “dark energy” in the Universe

The European Space Agency states that its scientists have started a project with the purpose of measuring the “dark energy” in the Universe. This type of energy is believed to play a major role in the acceleration of the expansion of the cosmic space. The project starts with the launching of a telescope which will monitor the geometry of the Universe across 10 billion light years, AFP reports.

Science has made huge progress since the time it was first stated that the earth was round and not flat. We have discovered it is part of the solar system and there are other planets and satellites surrounding us, obeying strict cosmic laws.  We have made a virtual trip back in time and deduced the theory of the “Big Bang”. Now, we have discovered the so-called “dark energy” and the way it acts.

The scientists are curious about how the dark energy influences the geometry of the Universe and at what rate. So, on Tuesday, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced the plans of launching a huge telescope out in space in order to measure the expansion of the Universe. The telescope, named Euclid, is set to launch in 2019 and it will map the space across a record of 10 billion light years. Euclid “is designed to make major breakthroughs in our understanding of how the Sun influences its environment, in particular how the Sun generates and propels the flow of particles in which the planets are bathed, known as the solar wind”, the press release states.

The same day, a Nobel Prize was handed to scientists Saul Perlmutter, Adam Riess and Brian Schmidt for the measuring of the space expansion with a supernova. The cause (or reason) for this expansion is the dark matter, which is thought to “occupy” three quarters of the whole Universe and which is believed to both accelerate the time and expand the space of the Universe.

Amanda Knox arrives in court, pleads not guilty

On Monday, British student Amanda Knox, who was sentenced to 26 years in jail for the murder of another British roommate, arrived in court for the final appeal and pleaded not guilty with tears in her eyes, Associated Press reports. After her final statement, the court began deliberations.

During her final appeal in court that took place on Monday, Amanda Knox had an emotional speech in which she sustained her innocence. “I did not kill. I did not rape. I did not steal. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there at the crime”, she told the court. According to the media correspondents that were at the place, she took several pauses to breathe and had tears in her eyes most of the time. She even made the jury cry. She told them that she was not there at the time of the murder and believes that if she had been there, she would have been dead, as well. “She had her bedroom next to mine, she was killed in our own apartment”, Knox said through tears and added: “”I insist I’m innocent and that must be defended. I just want to go home, go back to my life”.

Amanda Knox was sentenced in 2009 to 26 years in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher, 21, whom she shared and rented apartment with. Kercher was found dead with her throat cut. The urder was attributed to Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito . The young man was found guilty, too, and received 25 years in prison.

Sollecito had his own plea on Monday, in which he stated that he never hurt anyone in his life and showed the court and the jury a bracelet he has been wearing for four years now [the time he spent in jail] which had a text printed on it: “Free Amanda and Rafaelle”. He added that there were many emotions concentrated in it and that it was finally time to take it off.

The parents of the late Meredith Kercher have arrived to Perugia and are expected to show up in court at the time of the verdict.

Jeff Conaway’s death was an accident

The autopsy results that were released on Friday state that actor Jeff Conaway’s death was an accident and it was caused by major internal infections. The “Grease” star was hospitalized in a critical state after a cold which turned out to be pneumonia.  And that was not all. Read below to find out more about what the actor’s complete diagnosis was, why there weren’t any toxicology tests conducted and how he spent his last days.

 Us Magazine reports that the autopsy results in the case of actor Jeff Conaway were revealed on Friday. Apparently, he died of pneumonia complications and sepsis (a deadly blood infection). A little after his death, it was believed that Conaway had a bad cold and he treated himself.  When the symptoms aggravated, he was checked into hospital. Initially, his death was linked to an overdose, taken by mistake, as Conaway wanted to cure the cold himself without taking into account certain medication doses. At the time of his death, his doctor was sure had taken a drug overdose: “What happens is, like with most opiate addicts, eventually they take a little too much … and they aspirate, so what’s in their mouth gets into their lungs … That’s what happened with Jeff.”

Jeff Conaway was hospitalized on May 11, 2011, and it was already too late to put him on a recovery treatment. He was in a coma for the last two weeks of his life. Finally, on May 26, his family approved him being taken off life support. He passed away at 60 years old, surrounded by friends and family.

The Los Angeles coroners explained that the toxicology tests would have had no sense after being hospitalized for so much time, as any substance overdosed before May 11, would have been eliminated from his system in two weeks.

After Conaway’s death, his manager, Phil Brock, said: “We know somewhere in heaven an angel is welcoming a ‘hickie from kenickie.’”

Will Antonio Garay be the next Dennis Rodman?

It sure looks like it! Eccentric is the way to be for Antonio Garay, the 31 year old Defensive Takle of the San Diego Chargers. He was able to earn the starting job at nose tackle for the bulk of the 2010 season, and he finished 2010 with 48 tackles and 5.5 sacks, leading all San Diego defensive linemen in both categories. But football rivals aren’t the only ones shocked by Garay. He has a strange habbit of constantly changing his hair, adding shapes and fancy colors to it. “I didn’t realize how many people felt that me having a normal haircut was weird so I decide to fresh up!”, Antonio said. Maybe Dennis Rodman, the Hall of Fame professional basketball player had a huge influence over him. “Dennis the Menace” was known for his bizarre haircuts, piercings and tattoos and of course his alcohol issues and legal troubles. Role model or not, Dennis Rodman was a force in the NBA defence, same as Garay is a beast in NFL.

 The last stunt Garay pulled out gave a new meaning to the expression “fast and furious” : the 320-pound Chargers defender was seen driving a red Smart car with a “Hello Kitty” logo on the side. And yes! He must have enjoyed it because his tweet on the subject sounded like this: “I wish I had 4 hands 2 give the Hello Kitty drop top Smart car 4 thumbs UP but 2 will do.” To prove his point, Antonio brought his teammate, Cam Thomas, in the car as well and surprisingly the Smart handled the enormous weight really well. Maybe the Smart developers wanted to challenge the vehicle on purpose…who knows?!

 We don’t know if in this case Rodman would have aceepted to put on the “girly show”, but the old saying is “Any publicity is good publicity”. Fact is Antonio Garay manages to stay unique and to draw attention to his outlandish actions being the closest to what an NFL version of Dennis Rodman should look like.

Where to get free stuff on National Coffee Day

First of all, we wish you a happy National Coffee Day! Second, let us make ourselves useful to you, our reader, and show you how you can benefit the most from these flavored 24 hours. Some of the most popular coffee shops in America have come up with original ways to celebrate the day of the second most tasted beverage in the world: some give away free stuff, others put you in their advertisements.

Tea may have the number one spot and beer may be coming strong from behind in the top of the most popular beverages worldwide, but in these chilly mornings of the fall, there is nothing more reinvigorating than a cup of hot coffee with a hypnotic steam that rises from the dark liquor into the air and dances under your nose. Well, it’s this type of poetry of the senses that made the National Coffee Day possible.

If you want to attract a free cup of coffee, all you have to do is head to 7-11, Caribou Coffee, Thornton’s or Krispy Kreme. If you woke up late, skip 7-11, because the free coffee is done by 11 a.m. If you hit Caribou, take a friend with you as you get the chance to buy two and pay for one only.

Although reported as ignoring the National Coffee Day, one of the most popular coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts, has something prepared to the java lovers. They may not give away free coffee, but all the buyers today have the chance of winning one the ten apparitions in the company’s advertisements. Not convinced it’s worth the walk? Check this out: 10 people have the chance to win free coffee for one year.

However, another famous coffee shop chain is ignoring the holiday and they are doing it for real. Starbucks seems from another planet today. No special tweets, no Facebook posts so far.

Advertising claims make Rebook refund over $25 million

The Federal Trade Commission came to a settlement concerning the false advertising issue conducted by Reebok International Ltd. for one of their products, namely the toning shoes, making the company refund over $25 million.

During a press conference, the director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, part of the FTC, referred to two of the Reebok products directly concerned by this decision: the EasyTone walking shoes and the RunTone running shoes. The advertisements revealed a unique technology used in the manufacturing of the shoes’ soles that was supposed to give tone and strength to the wearer’s legs and buttocks.rebook

The issued complaint regarded a false claim concerning the percentage of tone and strength developed by the consumer as a direct result of using the Reebok products. The 11% increase claim, although looking nice on paper and as part of the marketing campaign, wasn’t in fact supported by the actual features of the products in question.

On the other end of the rope, Reebok dismisses the FTC’s accusations in a public statement. Although the company settled, they continue to show full support to these specific shoe lines and base their commitment to continue developing them on the positive feedback they received from happy EasyTone and RunTone consumers.

The whole refunding process will be overviewed by a federal official and a website has been already launched where the customers of the Reebok tone shoes can apply. Furthermore, the company stopped the printing of the claims in question on all and any marketing features, such as: boxes and promotional materials until they can support them with proper scientific proof and studies.

The FTC officials condemned Reebok for its attitude towards the whole process. The shoe line was launched in the first months of 2009 and where supported by the advertisements all through that year and the beginning of the following one. They were, however, pulled off midway into the FTC investigation of the matter.

David Vladeck, the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, was reserved in giving further information to the press concerning the number of toning Reebok shoes that were already sold, the amount of money the customers will receive as reimbursement or the Bureau’s position regarding other companies manufacturing similar products.

The tragedy of leaving your parent’s home – how soon is too soon?

As the economic crisis is worsening, an unusual trend is spreading over Europe. Instead of leaving home at an early age, more and more young Europeans chose to stay at home with their parents.The lack of a reliable source of income and the economic instability is making some youngsters remain at home and others move back home with their parents, since they cannot afford the rent.

Lately, the trend has been brought back in the public eye by the case of an Italian family who went all length to evict their 41-year old son. The couple went to court, asking for the son to be evicted from their home as soon as possible, as he is rather aggressive in his demands and they both feel “exhausted” by taking care of him – this includes washing ironing, cooking, and shopping.

It’s true that the case in discussion here is happening in the beautiful city of Venice, where the lack of apartments for the locals, to buy or rent, is an well known issue for years. We could speculate that no one would willingly leave a home in Venice, even if this means living with the parents. Also, the young man is not living an economical crisis. He is quite well on his feet, with a steady job and a steady income. The reasons he is not leaving home are more on the social side than the economical one.

Italian young men are well known for their reluctance to leave home. A study released in 2010 showed that 48% of offspring between the ages of 18 and 39 still live at home with their parents. They are called “mammon” – or “momma’s boys”. This problem got a rather drastic solution – a legislation was proposed that stipulated that teenagers should leave home immediately, one they reach adulthood.

Nonetheless, the case of the 41-year old son sued for not leaving home is as amusing as it is also an alarm. How soon is too soon to leave your parent’s home? How late is too late? As the number of children returning home is increasing, we can only ask what is the toll the parents have to pay for this trend. Economically speaking, it might be helpful, but as far as independence goes, this is a game in which both the parents and the children are losing.

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