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Matt Reeves Won’t Direct The Batman Movie

Ben Affleck’s upcoming movie, The Batman, is already dealing with some issues. So, it has been reported that Matt Reeves is not going to direct The Batman. Allegedly, he backed out of the negotiations although nothing much has been revealed on this subject.

So, Matt Reeves, who is well known as the director of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, may not work on this project. Initially, Ben Affleck was supposed to direct the new movie, but he finally decided to step down from this role. Immediately after, rumors started to say that the movie will be directed by Matt Reeves. Well, that is not going to happen, as reports revealed that the negotiations between Reeves and Warner Bros stopped.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed that although the exact reason which led to the end of negotiations between the two parties has not been revealed, maybe there is still room for talks. Of course, Warner Bros is not going to let go of the idea of releasing this movie, so, after all, anything can happen. Well, it is important to mention at this point that Warner Bros has been dealing with a lot of challenges ever since it started working on this project.

Reportedly, the famous company will move to search for another director if a deal with Reeves cannot be reached. However, it is a pity that the parties could not reach an agreement, as it has previously been revealed that Matt was on the same page with Ben Affleck when it comes to the project and the two shared the same creative vision.

When it comes to Matt Reeves, it is safe to say that the star is quite busy. He has been working on War for the Plant of the Apes, which is set to be out in the summer. On the other hand, Ben Affleck, who will star in the movie, previously refused to take the role of a director, saying that it would be too much for him, considering the complexity of his acting role which requires a lot of passion and commitment for a great performance.

Unilever Rejects Takeover Bid from Kraft Heinz

Apparently, famous food giant Kraft Heinz was interested in making a huge acquisition, but unfortunately for the company things did not turn out as it expected. So, a takeover bid from Kraft Heinz was rejected by another giant, Unilever.

Unilever stated that it rejected the takeover bid from Kraft Heinz because it saw absolutely no reason to engage in a conversation about the deal, which would have absolutely no financial or strategic merit. “Unilever rejected the proposal as it sees no merit, either financial or strategic, for Unilever’s shareholders. Unilever does not see the basis for any further discussions,” an official statement indicated.

Well, if Unilever seems to be quite decided in rejecting the offer and claimed that the $50 per share deal offered by Kraft Heinz was undervalued, the bidder seems to be determined to push for a deal.

So, Kraft Heinz stated that it is still looking for a way to reach an agreement with Unilever on the terms of a transaction. This could mean that Kraft Heinz might be willing to go for a higher bid. An interesting thing to mention is that because of the offer, Unilever’s shares actually jumped by 14%, which set a record high.

If the takeover will ever take place, it will actually be the third-biggest takeover in history. Kraft Heinz was also formed by the merger of two giants, Kraft Foods and H. J. Heinz. The company is said to have a lot to win from a potential merger with Unilever, given the latter’s dominance on the market and potential of growth in emerging markets. Furthermore, Unilever has more than 400 brands.

Previously, Kraft Heinz was said to be interested in the acquisition of Mondelez International, but it seems that the interest did not turn out to be materialized. On the other hand, Mondelez was interested in taking over Hershey, but this deal also failed. Without a doubt, a series of purchases could happen in the food sector, but a merger between giants Unilever and Kraft Heinz would surely be something unexpected. It is yet to see if a deal will finally be reached between the two companies.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are fighting over their Children

Beyonce and Jay-Z are set to welcome twins, but rumors are indicating that the two famous singers are dealing with some relationship issues despite the fact that they are going to become parents for the second time.

The latest news about Beyonce and Jay-Z were first published by a Daily Star report. The report indicated that Jay-Z and Beyonce are fighting all the time about their children. Allegedly, the rapper was quite upset and stressed with the fact that his wife made him buy two Dodo Bassinet Golden Edition cribs that were wrapped in champagne silk sheets. Reportedly, they cost about $106,000, so there is no wonder that Jay-Z was not happy at all.

A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that this was not the only purchase that Beyonce asked her husband to make in the process of preparing the welcoming of their twin babies. The report claimed that the rapper also paid $85,000 for gold pendants encrusted with diamonds. Of course, the demands that Beyonce allegedly has from her husband are not making the relationship better.

“Beyonce has been yelling at almost everyone who works for them because she says that no one is living up to her expectations right now,” the insider said. “They are still fighting non-stop and Jay-Z is just super stressed out right now,” the same source added. As imagined, there are no official comments from the two stars at this point.

However, it is safe to say that Beyonce and Jay-Z will most likely not address any of these rumors, as the stars have always tried to stay very private about their personal lives. Well, despite that, this is not the only report saying that the pregnancy has not made things easier between Beyonce and Jay-Z. One report claimed that things are not that great between the two stars.

The report said that despite the fact that they are set to become parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z were actually planning on separating. Rumors on a potential divorce have been ongoing for years when it comes to this celebrity couple, but it seems that Beyonce and Jay-Z have always proven these rumors wrong.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are Still Happy Together

As it always happens when it comes to all celebrity couples, it seems that some rumors are already saying that Selena and her new boyfriend, The Weeknd, may separate. The rumors indicated that the two stars are dealing with some relationship problems, but they were soon dismissed.

So, this means that the two star’s fans have nothing to worry about, as there is no drama when it comes to Selena and The Weeknd. The claims were dismissed by a Gossip Cop report. The potential problems in this new romance were reported by a previous In Touch magazine story, which claimed that the relationship has “hit a speed bump.”

The same report went on to say that Selena may be the one to blame for the fact that things are not working that well in this relationship. The report claimed that the duo are “experiencing significant problems in their relationship due to [Gomez’s] insecurities.” “The Weeknd is starting to feel suffocated by Selena,” one source said according to In Touch. The same insider explained that the famous musician actually feels that Selena is “moving too quickly” in the relationship.

The source explained that one of the reasons why Selena is insecure is actually linked to the fact that she fears that her boyfriend could cheat on her while he is on tour. “She’s so scared that she’s threatened to dump him if he doesn’t let her come along on tour,” this source said. “Selena’s acting so crazy that he’s starting to have second thoughts about their relationship,” the same insider claimed, adding that Selena’s behavior may make her end up in tears. “Friends are concerned that it’s only a matter of time before it all ends in tears due to Selena’s self-sabotaging ways.”

Well, fans of the two stars can rest assured that the romance is going well and there is absolutely no problem between Selena and The Weeknd. Gossip Cop claimed that there is no truth in this report and the two stars are still happy together. Well, there is at least one person who does not seem to be happy for the two, and that is Justin Bieber, who appeared to make a joke about not listening to The Weeknd’s music anymore.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez Make Valentine’s Day Preparations

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez are definitely very happy together. The romance is evolving fast and things seem to be going great between the two stars. Of course, Selena and The Weeknd are going to spend Valentine’s Day together. Well, it has now been revealed that The Weeknd and Selena want to make this a very special and beautiful moment. 

So, a report from Hollywood Life claimed that The Weeknd would love to hear Selena singing for him during their first Valentine’s Day together. This means that all that the musician wants on this special day is to hear his girlfriend’s voice. Apparently, Selena and The Weeknd are going to enjoy a romantic dinner date and Selena will sing for her boyfriend. 

This would surely be a unique and a memorable moment in the relationship of the two stars. “If she insists on giving him a gift, he’d love it for her to sing to him,” a source told the celebrity site. “[Selena’s] voice is so magical and lights up his heart the way Times Square lights up Manhattan. Her voice is such a gift. A rare talent,” the same insider went on to add. “If she shares that with him on an intimate and quiet Valentine’s Day, it would be a night he’d never forget.”

Well, The Weeknd may want a romantic and unique gift for Valentine’s Day, but Selena surely has something impressive and luxurious for his birthday. The Weeknd will turn 27 on February 16 and his girlfriend plans on giving him a luxury sports car. Apparently, Selena understood that he is passionate about cars and she wants to give him something special. After all, this is the first birthday gift that she offers to her boyfriend. 

“Abel gets very excited when he talks to Selena about muscle cars and she knows it would blow his mind if she got him a new Bugatti or Aston Martin,” a source claimed. However, Selena worries a bit that a car would be too much considering that she and The Weeknd have just started dating. Selena wants to make her boyfriend happy, but “she doesn’t want to scare him with such a demonstrative gift.”

Kourtney Kardashian Allegedly Refuses to Marry Scott Disick

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have been having relationship problems for quite some time. Well, the main reason why the two have been dealing with issues has reportedly been Scott’s wild partying. However, now, a new report has claimed that maybe things no longer work between the two because of Kourtney. 

The report indicated that The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star actually refuses to marry Scott. And this is the reason why the two are done. This latest report, from US Weekly, claimed that Scott has in fact decided to give up trying to get Kourtney back. A source talking to the celebrity site revealed that Scott actually asked Kourtney to be his wife, but she refused to accept the proposal. 

The insider said that it all happened during the trip that the famous family took to Costa Rica. Kourtney was accompanied by her mother, her famous sisters, but also her three children with Scott. The insider revealed that Scott wanted this trip to be memorable for his family, but it turned into a disaster for him. “Scott proposed to Kourtney,” the source claimed. “Not with a ring,” the same insider explained. 

“He just said, ‘Let’s get married.’ [But] she told him no. Scott was embarrassed, upset and angry.” Well, the source also said that the star has been trying to win Kourtney back for more than two years and has been making a lot of efforts for that, including going to rehab and avoiding wild partying sessions. The insider claimed that Scott’s efforts did not help the relationship just because “Kourtney is over being with him.”

Well, being rejected by the mother of his children has definitely been difficult for Scott to handle. However, this does not mean that he stayed at home crying. Actually he flew with another woman to the Papagayo Peninsula, which, as imagined, made Kourtney very upset. The insider clarified that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is not upset because Scott is seeing other women, but because he was an irresponsible father and left from the family vacation to go partying. 

Tyga Wants to Marry Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are one of the celebrity couples who are always in the spotlight. The two have been dating for quite some time, although at first the pair tried to hide the fact that they were a couple. Now, it seems that the relationship has evolved and the two are seriously thinking about marriage. 

So, a new report has claimed that Tyga wants to ask Kylie to officially be his wife. The rapper already asked Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mother, for her blessing and this means that he may pop the question in the near future. The news was reported by Hollywood Life, which claimed that Tyga wanted to get the blessing from Kris before asking Kylie to be his wife. 

Allegedly, this happened during the vacation that the Kardashian Jenner clan is currently enjoying in Costa Rica. “Tyga turned up the Costa Rican heat and asked Kris if he could marry Kylie when the time comes,” the source said. “He told Kris he loves Kylie and can’t see himself being with anyone but her,” the insider went on to add. 

The insider claimed that Kris was really happy for her daughter and she give Tyga her blessing to pop the question. The source also said that the proposal will not come as a surprise for Kylie, who was there throughout this entire time. 

“Kylie was gushing and blushing at the same time when T asked her mother about marriage. She can’t believe how sweet and honest T is and feels so lucky to have a man like him who’s so serious about her,” the insider also explained. “Kylie and T’s vacation has been nothing but magical and fun. They’re so in love and they’ve been flaunting their feelings and joy for one another in front of the family,” it concluded. 

Well, these are not the only rumors associated with the famous family and this vacation. Some sources previously claimed that Kim banned her husband, Kanye West, from the vacation because she wanted to relax without having to deal with Kanye’s behavior and changing moods. Kourtney Kardashian was also associated to some rumors, as the father of her children, Scott Disick, was not there, either.

Kim Kardashian Bans Kanye West from Family Vacation

It seems that things are not going better between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Actually, according to the latest rumors the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided to ban Kanye from a family vacation. A new report indicated that Kim left her husband at home in Los Angeles, while she went away with the rest of the family.

The reason why Kim left Kanye at home is actually linked to the fact that she wants no drama during her vacation and does not want to deal with his crazy behavior. Kim and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family jetted off to Costa Rica for a relaxing trip. Kim also took her two children on the vacation, meaning that Kanye is the only one who was left at home.

The news was reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, which claimed that Kim decided to ban her husband from the trip because she is just tired of dealing with his erratic behavior and unpredictable moods. Well, the celebrity site claimed that there is no shock in the fact that Kanye was left at home. This is not the first time when this happens. According to the report, Kanye was also left out of a family dinner that the Kardashian-Jenner clan organized for Christmas.

Well, the fact that Kanye is not accompanying the family during the vacation seems to have already been confirmed. However, the reason why the rapper had to make this decision is not linked to the reported issues. So, another report, from People magazine, claimed that Kanye is not going to Costa Rica with his family because he is busy working.

“He was never supposed to come. He is busy working on his music in L.A.,” a source said according to People. Well, Kanye may not be the only one who was left behind. Actually, the source talking to People revealed that Scott Disick was also absent from the family gateway. Scott and Kourtney Kardashian are reportedly dealing with some new issues. It has been claimed that Kourtney was very disappointed that he was once again wild partying.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are not Getting Divorced

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are not dealing with serious marriage problems despite the claims that have been in the media. Actually, it seems that things are going perfectly well between the two stars and they are not planning on filing a divorce soon. 

So, the rumors on potential issues between Ellen and Portia first emerged over the weekend with a report from Celeb Dirty Laundry. The report claimed that Ellen and Portia are dealing with serious marriage problems, but they pretend to be happy together to stop all the rumors that have been on regarding their relationship. 

So, Ellen talked about Portia at People’s Choice Awards in a rare gesture. She claimed on the red carpet that her wife looked beautiful. And the claim was interpreted by the celebrity site as a way to diminish the speculation on a divorce and show that things are going well in their marriage. 

Well, rumors on a potential separation have been on for quite some time. Actually, these rumors first emerged a couple of months ago when reports said that because the marriage was falling apart, Portia was considering leaving Hollywood and moving back to Australia. The reports claimed that she just wanted to leave her marriage drama behind and this is why she needed to escape the US. 

Reports also said that the Ellen and Portia have been trying very hard to keep their marriage alive, but Ellen was not making things very simple. Insiders said that Ellen was not the fun-loving and positive person that people can see on TV and she is actually trying to control her wife and every aspect of Portia’s life. 

However, fans of the two stars should not worry that much, as the claims were dismissed by a Gossip Cop report. The report indicated that there are no issues in this marriage and the entire story is untrue. Actually, insiders told the celebrity site that Ellen and Portia are happier than ever and their marriage is going great. Gossip Cop also previously dismissed the claims that Portia was planning on moving back to Australia.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Dating Once Again?

Chris Brown and Rihanna are one of those celebrity couples who are constantly associated and have been linked for several years. And the truth is that Chris and Rihanna have been on and off dating for years. Now, they are once again linked. 

The rumors on a possible reconciliation emerged after Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at TAO restaurant. Apparently, the two enjoyed a dinner date and then they hit a studio. Given that they were seen together, there is no wonder that rumors indicate that things are not completely over between the two singers. 

Chris and Rihanna officially separated in 2013, but they were still linked at various times. The latest news, reported by MediaTakeOut, indicated that Rihanna and Chris have been hanging out together and may officially reconcile in the near future. The report revealed that the two stars enjoyed each other’s company during their latest dinner date in New York. The site talked to an alleged friend who works at the restaurant that the two stars visited, and who said that Rihanna was spotted sitting in an area close to a studio where Chris was working. 

Then, Brown left the studio area and joined Rihanna, as the two were seen sitting down at the same table. The two singers were joined by other people during the dinner date, maybe some of their friends. After the dinner, they entered the studio through the entrance. The source claimed that both Rihanna and Chris Brown seemed to be enjoying a great time and “looked very comfortable around each other.” 

The insider also claimed that there would be no surprise if Rihanna and Chris decide to get back together. However, the report also claimed that there are chances for Rihanna and Chris to be only friends and they might have also decided to meet up to talk about a possible collaboration. 

There is no confirmation from the stars or their reps, so either of these options could turn out being valid. Thus, it is yet to discover if Rihanna and Chris are planning on getting back together or are actually going to release a collaboration.