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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Wed during the Summer

Without a doubt, things are going very well when it comes to the relationship of Prince Harry and famous actress Meghan Markle. The two stars are said to be planning a summer wedding and it has now been claimed that they even got the approval of Queen Elizabeth.

The news was reported by OK! magazine, which claimed that Harry and Meghan are planning a $20 million wedding after the Queen gave her blessing for the union. The report claimed that the royal wedding was confirmed by the Kensington Palace and is set to take place this summer. The report also claimed that the two stars “have been talking nonstop about wedding plans, honeymoons and even the prospect of a honeymoon baby.”

The same report explained that Prince Harry actually proposed to Meghan last month. It has been said that he was quite afraid that he will not get a positive answer from the queen on his desire to propose to his girlfriend, but his grandmother gave her approval for him to ask Meghan’s hand in marriage. Allegedly, Prince Harry did not expect for the queen to give her blessing to the wedding and he was actually “shocked.” The same report claimed that Meghan was “ecstatic” to be asked in marriage by Prince Harry.

When it comes to the date of the wedding, nothing is certain yet, but it has been claimed that the event might be taking place in early September. The event is said to be taking place after Pippa Middleton’s wedding. “The palace is abuzz with news that Harry and Meghan will be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!” a source said.

Although many fans may be very happy to find out that Harry and Meghan plan on getting married, they should know that the claims could turn out being untrue. So, Gossip Cop denied the whole story, saying that it talked to the Kensington Palace, which denied the alleged plans of Harry and Meghan to wed.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Could Remarry

Once again a rumor talks about a potential reconciliation of famous singer Mariah Carey with former husband Nick Cannon. Actually, for quite some time rumors have been saying that the two stars could think about a reconciliation. Now, the rumors indicate that the two are actually set to remarry.

A new report from Life & Style claimed that Mariah and Nick are back together. The report said that the two are currently dating and things are going so well between them that they are willing to get married once again. One source talking to the celebrity site claimed that Mariah and Nick were spotted together as they were enjoying desserts out in West Hollywood.

The insider revealed that the two seemed to enjoy each other’s company and even left the venue together. “They were laughing and joking around,” the source said. “They arrived separately, but wound up leaving together,” the same insider explained. The report also claimed that Mariah and Nick decided to give their relationship another chance.

Since their divorce, Mariah has been linked to two men. She initially dated casino mogul James Packer. The two even got engaged and were set to be married, but the relationship ended and Mariah started dating her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka. The source claimed that despite the fact that she dated other men, Mariah kept on relying on Nick for different things.

“They feel like they belong together,” the source explained. “Mariah wants to get married again, and thinks Nick is the one.” Of course, the report was not confirmed, but indeed Mariah and Nick seem to be very close. Earlier this week, Nick denied that there was more than a friendship and co-parenting between him and Mariah. However, this has definitely not stopped the rumors on this subject.

Mila Kunis Remodels her Parents’ Condo

Famous actress Mila Kunis decided open up about her family and to surprise her parents in a very beautiful way: remodeling the condo they are living in. The surprise home makeover was featured in the latest episode of My Houzz.

The famous actress actually worked with both her husband, Ashton Kutcher, and a Los Angeles designer from the Houzz community for the surprise to be perfect. Mila remodeled the whole apartment. The star confessed that her parents have always refused to move out from this apartment, this being the place where they have lived in the past 20 years.

Mila revealed that she actually grew up in a small town in Ukraine, and moved into this apartment at the age of 9. The famous actress said that a lot of special moments in her life happened there, in her parents’ home, including graduating from high school or getting her first dog. “Everything, as far as my career, happened there,” she also said.

The actress contacted the designer and started doing all the work in the apartment. When this began, the star was 9-months pregnant. Of course, she gave birth and then she had to leave all the work linked to the project in the hands of the designer. But, Mila was very surprised when she saw everything ready, the star being very pleased with what the designer did.

And we can definitely say the same thing about her parents, who were very happy with how their renovated condo looked. Mila’s mom was very emotional and she was crying while telling her daughter that she really liked it. Mila’s father was also very happy. “When you hate something there are millions of words to describe it but when you are happy, you are just happy,” he said.

Mila also explained that she wanted to do this for her parents to thank them for everything they did for her and her brother. She also said that she had the “greatest mom on the planet” and that her “dad is awesome.”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will make $184 million from company’s sale

It appears that there is one person who will have a lot to earn from the sale of Yahoo to Verizon. And that person is Yahoo’s chief executive officer, Marissa Mayer. Mayer will be making no less than $184 million from this high profile sale.

So, it has been reported that Yahoo’s CEO will be paid $184 million when the sale of Yahoo to Verizon will be completed. This is expected to happen by the end of the year. The sum is considered to be huge and includes a combination of various payments, such as the values of the shares she owns in the company, outstanding share options, as well as cash payments and a “golden parachute” payment.

Although the final sum to be paid to Mayer includes all of these payments, it is still higher than what Yahoo said last month. The company then confirmed that Mayer will receive the “golden parachute” payment for losing her job. This means that when the deal will be finalized, Mayer will no longer remain with Yahoo.

The deal is yet to be finalized and there is one vote it will have to pass before this will happen. So, the company’s investors will have to vote on the deal this June. The deal between Yahoo and Verizon has definitely managed to draw a lot of media attention. This deal was first announced back in 2016, when it was revealed that Yahoo will be selling its main Internet business to US telecoms company Verizon for the sum of 4.8 billion.

Probably, one of the reasons why this deal got so much interest is not only linked to its impressive value, but also to the fact that Verizon cut part of the initial offer and finally said it will be paying $4.5 billion for the company. This happened after Yahoo publicly announced that it had been the victim of two data breaches, which occurred in 2013 and 2014. This lead to the compromise of the data of more than a billion customer accounts.

When it comes to Verizon’s plans with regards to Yahoo’s business, the company previously stated that it will combine it to AOL, its subsidiary, creating a new company named Oath.

Romania’s anticorruption prosecutors investigate Microsoft’s local manager

Romania’s anticorruption prosecutors started criminal proceedings and imposed judicial control for 60 days against five people, including a former manager of Microsoft Romania. The case is linked to alleged overpriced software licenses bought by the Communications Ministry from an association of companies, including Microsoft and D.Con-Net.

Not only companies are investigated in relation to the case. Actually, the prosecutors are also looking into the involvement of two former directors in the Communications Ministry, who have been accused of abuse of office. Microsoft Romania’s former manager was accused of complicity to abuse of office. The high profile case also involves former communication minister, Gabriel Sandu, as prosecutors asked the country’s president to grant the approval for the authorities to start their investigation against Sandu. Other former officials were also associated to the case.

The case has been widely debated in the media, being linked to the Romanian Communications Ministry’s decision to buy IT licenses from Microsoft in a contract signed in 2009. The second company involved in the case is D.Con-Net, whom Microsoft insisted to work with. Tatomir actually denied working with any other potential bidder that could supply Microsoft’s licenses to the state, so the Ministry finally decided to award the contract to D.Con-Net. Allegedly, Microsoft’s managing director set restrictive conditions to the deal and Tatomir was also the one who brought D.Con-Net to the association of companies working with the state.

The state paid EUR 90 million to the company, but D.Con-Net paid only EUR 38.8 million to Microsoft. Thus, the damages suffered by the state amount to about EUR 50 million. It has been claimed that in order to help D.Con-Net to win the public tender, two of the company’s representatives actually gave the minister of communications no less than EUR 2.2 million, receiving preferential treatment in exchange.

The corruption case is definitely one of the largest such cases in Romania, as no less than nine former ministers have been accused of corruption in relation to this scandal.

Beyonce Dealing with Health Problems?

Famous singer Beyonce is pregnant with twins and she is definitely very happy to bring an addition to her beautiful family. However, it has been claimed that things have not been easy for the star and actually Beyonce could be dealing with a health crisis.

The new report from Radar Online indicated that because of the health scare Beyonce actually had to move out from her Beverly Hills home. The star is married to popular rapper Jay Z and they already have a daughter together. So, an insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that Beyonce might be fearing that her home was not safe enough for her at this point.

“Beyonce and Jay-Z hired health inspectors to come to their home to make sure that it was safe, and during inspection they found mold!” the insider explained. “Beyonce freaked out because she feels that it could possibly endanger her babies,” the same source went on to add.

The insider also said that Beyonce did not wait for long until she decided that it was time to move out. “They immediately moved out of the house, and into a luxury Beverly Hills hotel,” the insider said. The change is not permanent, but without a doubt Beyonce and Jay-Z “are going to remain there until the birth of the twins.”

Apparently, the reason why Beyonce and Jay-Z made this decision is linked to the fact that they don’t want to risk when it comes to the wellbeing of their upcoming children. They “are not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of their entire family.” “Jay-Z has hired an army of security to make sure that they are safe and he is making the purchase of a new home his number one priority at this time.”

It is not very clear at this point when Beyonce is due, but hopefully the star will enjoy an easy pregnancy and her twins will have absolutely no issues.

Rex Tillerson: Assad’s reign in Syria ‘coming to an end’: US hopes Russia will abandon Syria

Today secretary of state Rex Tillerson is heading to Moscow for meetings with top officials. Now one of the big questions on the table did the Russians know about this Syrian chemical attack before it happened.

A new report claims that they did!

And how do Americans feel about that U.S. strike. Well a new ABC News and Washington Post poll suggests most support it,  but only by a small margin a very close race there.

Secretary of State lands there this morning after meeting with allies in Europe where he called on Russia for not keeping its promise to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons.

Rex Tillerson states:

Stockpiles and continued use demonstrate that Russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver its 2013 commitment. It is unclear whether Russia failed to take this obligation seriously or Russia has been in competition with this distinction doesn’t much matter to the dead.

There had been some concern during Clinton’s confirmation that he would be soft on Russia but he’s going to Moscow with a very tough message.

He clearly has a tough message for Russia. Rex Tillerson saying this morning that Russia needs to take a hard look at its relationship with Assad asking whether siding with such an unreliable partners in Russia’s best interest.

Now the Russians have said that their support for Syria is not unconditional. and the relationship with the U.S. is lower than it was during the Cold War and that was even before the chemical weapons attack and before the U.S. missile strikes.

Still this morning in regards to the meeting the Russians declare:

 We expect constructive cooperation rather than confrontation alleviating tensions rather than escalating them.

Russians also said he would not be meeting with President Putin that means he’s the first secretary of state who won’t be meeting with a Russian leader on his first visit.

Now we have this new question about whether Russia knew about the chemical weapons attack before it happened?

We have some story saying that they did know that the Russians were aware of this chemical attack was about to happen. White House is saying at this time there is no U.S. intelligence community consensus that Russia had for knowledge of the Syrian chemical attack.

So the White House is denying that. But we don’t know whether or not some of the 17 intelligence agencies actually do believe Russia was.
The secretary also firming up his anti-Assad stance saying it’s clear to all of us that the reign of Assad’s family is coming to an end.

We’ve heard those mixed messages. What we don’t know is exactly what they mean by that and what will happen next?
              Let us know what do you think about this in the comments!

Khloe Kardashian Opens Up about Lamar Odom’s Confession

Lamar Odom recently made an interesting confession about the time when he was married to Khloe Kardashian. The former NBA star revealed that during those times he was dealing with both drug abuse and infidelity issues.

Lamar revealed that he was taking cocaine and that his wife was very disappointed in him. He tried to hide from Khloe the fact that he was using drugs, but of course that could not last for long. “Around two years before we split up [in 2011], I was in the man cave she had made for me and she caught me. She was disappointed. So was I,” he said.

Lamar also revealed that he cheated on his wife because being her husband made him look more exciting in the eyes of other women. The fact that Lamar has been dealing with a lot of issues is not something new. In fact, because of his many issues, Khloe finally decided to leave her husband. They are currently divorced and have been separated for years.

However, when Lamar needed her, Khloe was by his side. Lamar actually praised Khloe during his latest interview for all the support she gave him during his recovery. Well, now it has been revealed what Khloe thinks about this whole situation. The famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star believes that Lamar’s confession was actually therapeutic.

Khloe has not made the confession herself, but an insider allegedly close to the star made the revelation. The source claimed that the star still wants the best for Lamar and has no issue with the fact that he talked about the past and their former marriage. “She realizes that he will always struggle with what he did in the past, and feels that if he can discuss it openly, it will be somewhat therapeutic,” an insider said according to Hollywood Life.

“Even though Khloe has moved on, she’ll always want what’s best for Lamar,” the same source went on to add. “The pain of that relationship is now only a distant memory, not a constant reminder of what she had. She’s happy with Tristan,” it concluded.

Kris Jenner to Separate from Corey Gamble

It appears that Kris Jenner could become single again. The famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and her boyfriend Corey Gamble are said to be dealing with some relationship problems and might soon break up.

Some rumors actually claimed that Kris has already decided to take a break from her boyfriend and is currently single. The rumor was reported by Radar Online, which claimed that Kris is single once again after separating from Corey. The fact is that Kris and Corey were last seen together on Valentine’s Day, and since they allegedly stopped being a couple.

Furthermore, Corey was spotted out without Kris and he actually enjoyed a skiing vacation alone. He was seen in South Africa with a group of friends, but Kris was no were to be seen.

“Kris told Corey that she needed some space so that she could focus on her family and the show right now,” an insider said according to the celebrity site. “She said that she was getting side-tracked with this relationship and that she needed to put her family before her own needs and wants,” the same source went on to add.

Well, if she and Corey are no longer a couple does not necessarily mean that Kris is ready to find a new love. In fact, the star is allegedly willing to focus on her family and on her famous television show. The source claimed that Kris “really wants to focus on her show right now to ensure that her family stays on air.”

“Kris seems to be much less invested in this relationship that she used to be. They are not broken up yet because she has not decided to pull the plug on her and Corey completely, but a lot of people in her inner circle think that Corey was nothing but a rebound from Caitlyn anyways!” the insider concluded.

However, another report actually said that Kris is interested in dating O.J. Simpson. The report indicated that Kris is actually planning a future with Simpson and wants him to be part of a reality show, which of course Kris would be producing. Simpson was found liable for the death of his former wife Nicole, who was actually Kris’ best friend.

George Clooney Investigated by the FBI for money laundering

Things are not looking well for famous actor George Clooney. The actor is allegedly investigated by the FBI and the allegations are as serious as possible. The authorities are looking into claims of money laundering.

At least this is what a new report from the National Enquirer claimed. The report indicated that Clooney was actually “dragged into an FBI probe, after gifting stunned dinner party guests with $1 MILLION in cash stuffed in a designer bag!” Actually, these money are investigated by the authorities and how Clooney obtained them. The dinner party where the money were given was allegedly held with the purpose to celebrate Clooney’s tequila line, Casamigos.

According to the report, Clooney just wanted to “spread the wealth” and didn’t imagine that he will be investigated for this. “Being the practical joker he is, George would’ve known that doling out $1 million in cash to each guest would’ve caused some intrigue and embarrassment when they went to deposit the money at a bank,” an insider said according to the celebrity site.

“There is a protocol, and the FBI would’ve been called in to question the depositor,” the source went on to say. “But in the end, it was proven that George did, in fact, throw a party and gave everyone $1 million in cash, not to mention a designer bag.” The source also claimed that the investigation is definitely something that Clooney doesn’t need at the moment. “This is the last thing that George needs right now. He’s got twins on the way and G-men at his proverbial doorstep!”

Well, fans of the famous actor can rest assured that the star will not face any consequences linked to this case. Actually, the claims made by the report may be untrue. A Gossip Cop story revealed that none of the allegations is true and there is no official investigation on the famous actor. Well, without a doubt, Clooney seemed really fine and quite happy when he decided to surprise one of his fans. He visited an 87 year old fan at the Sunrise of Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility on her birthday.

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