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Kim Kardashian Wants to Take Trip to Dubai

It seems that Kim Kardashian has started to gradually return to the spotlight. The star has shared her first posts since the Paris robbery that took place back in October and she is also is planning to leave the US for her first trip since the terrifying event she has been through. 

Kim is set to leave the US to travel to Dubai and the star is said to be quite nervous that she has to go alone. This is a work trip, meaning that her husband will not necessarily accompany her. Well, sources claimed that Kim has asked Kanye West, her husband, to travel with her. 

Kim was surely deeply affected after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris. However, several months have passed since then and Kim is overcoming those moments. But, there is one thing that Kim is not ready to do. The star does not want to travel by herself. Sources talking to Hollywood Life said that Kim has started to panic and she is turning to her husband for support. 

“Kim is leaving to Dubai in a day or two and she wants Kanye to join her on the trip,” a source said according to Hollywood Life. “She will be headed overseas for an appearance and wants her husband to be with her to make her feel safe and secure,” the same insider went on to add. 

The insider explained that the reason why Kim is worried is given by the fact that this “is her first trip abroad since her nightmare in Paris and she is still not feeling 100%.” “Kanye has been dealing with his own health issues and is uneasy about the long trip,” the insider concluded. 

So, Kanye West himself has been dealing with some issues, as the star was last year hospitalized following a series of public rants. He was later released from hospital and it surely seems that Kanye is doing much better. What is certain at this point is that Kim will be accompanied during her trip to Dubai by artist Mario Dedivanovic. It remains unclear if Kanye will also accompany his wife.

Selena Gomez Could Release New Album

Ever since she was released from rehab, Selena Gomez has been focusing on her career and her music. So, there is no wonder after all that rumors are indicating that the star will release a new track. Selena is also expected to release soon a new album, although the famous singer has not revealed the exact date of the album release. 

However, this does not mean that Selena Gomez’s fans will not be able to listen to something new from the star. In fact, the young singer will be featured on the upcoming album of Paulina Rubio. The new single of Selena and Paulina has not been shared yet, so it surely will be interesting to discover once this will happen. 

This will be the first release that Selena will make since she took some time off from her career to focus on her health and well-being. Selena announced back in August 2016 that she will take time off to address her issues with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. And Selena decided to be very open about her career and the things she was dealing with in her personal life. 

“As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways,” the young star said in a statement at that moment. “I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges,” the same statement added. Selena also said that she wanted to focus on her health and happiness and the best way for her to do that was taking some time off. 

“Thank you to all my fans for your support. You know how special you are to me, but I need to face this head on to ensure I am doing everything possible to be my best. I know I am not alone by sharing this, I hope others will be encouraged to address their own issues,” Selena also said. The star took her time off after getting into an argument on social media with her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Married?

Speculation on a potential marriage of famous singer Miley Cyrus and Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth has been on for several months. Now, the rumors are saying that Miley and Liam might already be married. So, according to the rumors, the two stars secretly married over the winter holidays. 

As imagined, the rumors emerged after Miley called Liam’s family her “in-laws” on social media. The fact that Miley and Liam celebrated New Year’s Eve together is no shock. The pair was accompanied for the celebrations by Miley’s mother, Tish Cyrus, as well as by Liam’s mother, Leonie Hemsworths. The celebrations were also attended by Liam’s famous brother, Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa. 

Miley was surely willing to share a lot when it comes to the celebrations, as the star documented the whole event on social media. She shared photos of her and Liam and in one of the pics Miley is seen kissing her boyfriend. And that is not all. It seems that Miley feels confident now to brag about the special man in her life. She called Liam her “hot” fiancé. 

Miley also shared a photo of her mother hugging Liam’s mom and captioned the pic: “Family! #inlaws (no law).” The young singer also shared some photos of herself and her mom. Some sources claimed that both Liam and Miley wanted to spend some family time and they made sure to clear their families’ schedule before the winter vacation. Without a doubt, everyone seemed to be enjoying a great time. 

However, there is no other indication, except for this post, that Miley and Liam might have gotten secretly married. It surely is interesting to mention that until now, Miley and Liam have been very private about their relationship. Miley started to share more about the romance in the most recent period of time. The couple also shared some photos of their Christmas celebrations with their families and Liam also joined Miley’s family for an early celebration. 

It definitely seems that Liam and Miley have spent a lot of time together during these holidays and things appear to be going great since their reconciliation.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez Spotted Kissing

Drake’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez is surely evolving and the two stars are not afraid to be seen together. The singers were just spotted kissing at a prom-themed party. Drake and J Lo were filmed dancing, kissing and enjoying a great time in each other’s company. Some rumors said that the two were filming a music video of an upcoming duet. 

Jennifer Lopez and Drake were first linked sometimes in December, but they never addressed the rumors. However, they were constantly seen together, while several rumors indicated that Drake ended his relationship with Rihanna and J Lo was also single. Before being linked, the two singers were associated to other famous people, as well. 

For instance, at one point rumors said that Drake was actually dating Taylor Swift. However, it appears that Taylor is happy for Drake. According to Hollywood Life, a source has actually claimed that Taylor is very happy for Drake and Jennifer and she actually thinks that the two stars are a perfect match. “She’s super happy for him and totally supports his new relationship with Jennifer,” the source said. 

“Taylor has told him that he deserves the very best and you really can’t get any better than JLo. She also thinks Jennifer is one lucky lady to have someone like Drake in her life. He’s not only crazy talented and sexy, but he has the best sense of humor and a heart of gold,” the insider clarified. 

Well, if Taylor is happy for Drake, we cannot say the same thing about Rihanna. However, it seems that the beautiful singer has managed to move on and is not planning on rekindling her romance with Drake or her other exes. Sources told Hollywood Life that Rihanna wants to start anew in the New Year. 

“She refuses to fall for the same tired lines and getting her feelings and heart-broken by men who proclaim they love her but their actions don’t match. No more f**k boys. Out with the old and in with the new!” one source explained. Rihanna and Drake never confirmed their relationship. 

Selena Gomez is ready to get back in the Studio

Selena Gomez is out of rehab and ready to focus once again on her career. So, the young singer is back to work after taking three months off to focus on her health and wellbeing. Now, a pic posted on Selena’s Instagram shows that the young singer is recording in the studio and is doing great. 

A source immediately confirmed for Us Weekly that Selena is once again focusing on her music. “Selena is back in LA and her main focus has shifted to recording,” the insider said. “She wrote a lot of lyrics and melodies while she was in rehab… She has so many ideas,” the source went on to add and this is surely great news for all Selena fans out there as this might mean that a lot of new songs from the young star could be released soon. 

Of course, many fans have already taken to social media to show their excitement for the new projects that might be coming and it seems that one of those fans is also Nick Jonas. Nick is known to have dated Selena back in 2008 and it appears that the singers have remained friends. Nick commented to the pic shared online and praised Selena. 

Selena Gomez has surely been through a difficult year. The star announced that she was taking a break from her music back in August. At that time, Selena took the difficult decision of cancelling the remaining 34 shows of her world tour because she had to undergo treatment. She checked into a rehabilitation center for “anxiety, panic attacks and depression.” 

Of course, Selena received a lot of support and was praised for her decision to put her wellbeing above anything else. “As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have Lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways. I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of Lupus, which can present their own challenges. I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off,” Selena said at that time.

Kanye West was released from Hospital

It seems that Kanye West is doing so much better now that he was actually released from hospital. Some new rumors indicated that the rapper who was previously admitted to the UCLA Medical Center is now out. The star has spent about one week in hospital. 

The news was reported by X17online, which claimed that the famous rapper was released from the medical center on Tuesday night. Sources talking to the site revealed that doctors decided to let Kanye go home after establishing that he had stabilized his condition and was doing much better now. 

“Kanye couldn’t take being in the hospital anymore. It made him feel like he was going crazy,” one insider said. “Kim wasn’t there all day; she was home with the kids, so Kanye was lonely and it wasn’t helping his situation,” the same source went on to add. 

Well, the fact that Kanye is out of hospital does not necessarily mean that he is completely better. According to this latest report, the famous rapper will continue to receive out-patient treatment and medical care. Exactly what Kanye has been dealing with and what is his official diagnosis are aspects that have not been confirmed yet. As imagined, a series of rumors talked about this subject, some saying that Kanye was suffering from lack of sleep and exhaustion, while others indicating that he was dealing with more serious behavioral conditions. 

Recently it has also been reported that Kanye has refused to take a full rest while being hospitalized. So, a report from US Weekly indicated that the famous rapper refused to only focus on his recovery and continued to record music although he was under medical treatment. Kanye allegedly also oversaw some new designs for his fashion line, despite calls from his wife Kim Kardashian to focus on his health. 

“At the hospital, he requested that recording equipment be brought to the hospital so he can record in his bed,” a source said. “And he has kept asking to see sketches of his fashion lines. He continues to want to work and Kim has to keep telling him to rest,” the same insider concluded.

Amber Heard Talks about Domestic Violence

Famous actress Amber Heard has decided to speak about domestic violence and it surely seems that the subject has not been easy for her. The actress got quite emotional during the talk.

Most likely, her reaction was given by her own experience, as Amber has earlier this year accused Johnny Depp of abusing her throughout their entire relationship. Amber filed for divorce from the actor and obtained a restraining order against him. 

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Amber and Johnny finally decided to settle their divorce. It has been claimed that the actor donated $7 million in the divorce settlement to charities focused on stopping violence against women. 

So, in a new PSA video, Amber talked about domestic violence and urged women who are in abusive relationships to speak up. The video was created in partnership with #GirlGaze Project. Amber is visibly emotional in this video. She actually finds it difficult to hold back her tears while she shares her own story. “How is this happening to me? You know? I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m not a victim,” the star said. 

“I guess there was a lot of shame attached to that, the label of victim. It happens to so many women you know, when it happens in your home behind closed doors with someone you love it’s not straightforward,” she went on to add. “If a stranger did this, it would be a no brainer.”

Amber also revealed the importance of having friends to speak to and revealed that this has helped her a lot and has actually helped her deal with the abuse. “If I hadn’t had a few people that I really trust around me – a few women, a few friends – if I didn’t have them around me, how different my life would be,” she said.

Of course, Amber made this video with a purpose and this is to urge other women who have been in a similar situation to “speak up.” Amber ensured these women that they are not alone and that they can change their situation and improve their lives. The actress also said that a violent relationship is not how things should be.

Janet Jackson Says Her Pregnancy is well

Janet Jackson, who has been avoiding to share too much detail when it comes to her pregnancy, has finally decided to come with some updates for her fans. The star revealed that her pregnancy is well and it seems that she is anxious to become a mom. 

Janet revealed the fact that she is set to welcome a baby back in April. Without a doubt, Janet seemed very happy to be starting a family. At that moment, the star also cancelled the remaining dates of her comeback tour. And the fact is that since then, Janet has stayed away of the media attention and has been focusing on her family and her pregnancy. 

Well, it seems that she finally decided to share some updates. “Hey you guys… It’s been awhile… but I’m still listening.. I feel your love and prayers.. Thank you.. and I’m doing well.. Al Hamdu lillah,” Janet said in a Twitter post. 

Janet and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, wedded back in 2012. A source close to the famous singer previously said that Janet is amazingly happy. “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” the source said according to People. “She actually feels very good about everything,” the same insider went on to add. 

Well, exactly when Janet is due has not been revealed at this point. It also remains widely unknown if the star is going to welcome a baby boy or maybe a girl. Janet has not revealed these details, but without a doubt the famous singer will make public these information once the baby will be born.

Before this latest update from Janet Jackson, some sources claimed that the star was dealing with some health concerns. Later, insiders also said that the star is well, but she needs to be careful. One source also revealed that Janet and her husband have been thinking about a lot of baby names and it might “have something to do with Michael Jackson.” Hopefully, Janet will be doing great for the rest of her pregnancy, as well.

Brad Pitt interested in Margot Robbie

According to the latest reports, Brad Pitt might be ready to move on from his failed marriage. The star has recently divorced from famous actress Angelina Jolie, but he may already be interested in someone else. According to these rumors, the actor could be ready to move on with Margot Robbie. 

The news was reported by OK! magazine, which indicated that Brad thinks that Margot is very beautiful. “He thinks she’s the hottest girl in Hollywood right one,” one source told the celebrity site. “He’s tried to woo her for numerous movie projects. This was a sore subject with Angie who blocked them from working together a few times. Now he’s single again you can expect Brad to go after Margot with a passion,” the same source went on to explain. 

The magazine also claimed that Brad Pitt is not planning on staying single for long and he is genuinely interested in the beautiful actress. The report said that he plans on pursuing her, although Margot is in a relationship at the moment. She has actually been dating Tom Ackerley for no less than three years. If the report turns out being true, it is yet to see if Brad will convince Margot that he is the one. 

Meanwhile, Brad’s ugly divorce from Angelina Jolie is not yet over. The two stars have been arguing over the custody of their six children. While Angelina is seeking the sole custody of the kids, Brad is willing to obtain a joint custody agreement. The former couple has six children together. Brad has not directly talked about the divorce, but a series of sources claimed that the famous actor was devastated that Angelina decided to file for the official separation. 

Angelina has not commented on the separation either. She only revealed as the reason of the split the so commonly cited “irreconcilable differences” and claimed that she filed the divorce for the health of the family. Brad was investigated on child abuse claims soon after, but he was cleared of the allegations. Without a doubt, this allows Brad to fight for the shared custody. 

Ryan Reynolds Talks about Battle with Anxiety

Ryan Reynolds decided to open up about his personal issues during a new interview. The star claimed that he battled anxiety and revealed that he had to deal with a lot of stress while he was filming Deadpool. 

The famous actor made the revelations during an interview with GQ. Ryan Reynolds said that he experienced anxiety after he finished working at Deadpool’s filming. “When it finally ended, I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown. I literally had the shakes,” the actor said. “I went to go see a doctor because I felt like I was suffering from a neurological problem or something. And every doctor I saw said, ‘You have anxiety.'” 

The star claimed that he dealt with a lot of stress because he wanted his work to be great. “I say this with the caveat that I completely recognize the ridiculously fortunate position that I am in. But the attention is hard on your nervous system – that might be why I live out in the woods,” he claimed. “And I was banging the loudest drum for Deadpool. I wasn’t just trying to open it; I was trying to make a cultural phenomenon.”

And without a doubt, Ryan Reynolds’ fears were unfounded, as finally, the movie was a huge success. “There’s a certain vindication that comes with that, especially because the studio – granted, under different regimes – for years just kept telling us to go f*** ourselves sterile,” the actor said about the amazing success of the movie. And the actor definitely deserves all the appreciation for his work. 

Ryan also opened up about family life and revealed the exact moment when he realized that his wife Blake Lively was the one. That moment came after he and Blake spent a great night together. The actor also said that he always wanted a traditional American family and his dream turned out to be true. “I mean, I always imagined that would happen, and then it happened. Every idiotic Hallmark-card cliché is true,” the Hollywood star revealed. He and Blake have two children together.