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Kim Kardashian Needs Therapy after Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian, the star of reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has been through some difficult moments last year while being in Paris. The star was robbed at gun point in her hotel room by several armed thieves. Kim refused to make any public appearances after this and she actually also stayed away from social media for a while.

Recently, Kim decided to open up about what happened then, during an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She cried while saying that she actually feared for her life. Kim has not managed to easily overcome the trauma she suffered, and she actually is seeking help from a specialist. So, during the latest episode of her show, Kim claimed that her mom asked her to go see a therapist to help her improve her condition.

Kim was very much affected, the episode showed, when she learned that a costume company decided to use her Paris robbery to create a Halloween costume. Of course, Kim found it very hard to deal with the fact that people used her experience for something like this. “It really is hard when people don’t treat you like you’re human and you’re going through such a raw experience,” Kim said.

The star also claimed that she read a comment that said someone wished she died during the robbery. Kim also talked to her older sister, Kourtney, about this, saying that she was sick of the negative press and comments that have been made since the robbery. But that is not all. Kim felt that her privacy was violated when someone videotaped her talking to the police after the robbery and then sold the tape to be published online.

Kim said that the footage was actually sold for $50,000. After the Paris robbery, a series of rumors emerged, some claiming that there was no evidence that Kim was actually robbed or that the star had no markings of being through such a bad experience. During this latest episode, Kim’s famous family also threw her a birthday party to celebrate the fact that she was fine.

Friends Ask Rihanna to not reconcile with Chris Brown

In the past few days, a series of rumors indicated that Rihanna and Chris Brown may reconcile. Allegedly, the two have been in contact and it seems that things could evolve between them. Well, not everyone is happy with these claims and actually Rihanna’s friends have been asking the star to stay away from Chris Brown.

There is no doubt in the fact that Chris Brown and Rihanna had a very troubled relationship that reached its peak when Brown was arrested for assaulting the famous singer. Rihanna seems to have moved on from that moment and she and Brown are close once again. However, her friends are concerned for the beautiful singer and are begging her to not reconcile with Brown.

“Her friends are shocked that she would consider it at all after everything he put her through back in the day,” a source said according to Hollywood Life. “Friends of Rihanna want her to think about what he did to her and want her to move forward and not backwards,” the same insider went on to add. The source claimed that even though Rihanna and Brown had a strong relationship, they should leave that in their past.

“They understand that she and Chris had a strong bond, but there are some things you just have to move on from,” the source also said “Her pals are hoping that she never returns to Chris even in a friends capacity.” The new report emerged after it has been claimed that Rihanna and Chris Brown are “texting” and “sexting” again. An insider confirmed that the famous singers have been talking and revealed that it all started by connecting on social media. They then began texting each other and have been in communication since.

The insider revealed that at first the two claimed that they will keep things platonic, but things have definitely evolved and now they are “sexting” each other. “They’re addicted to each other. The smallest thing can put them right to where they started,” the insider revealed. Well, there is no official confirmation from the two on the rumors, so it is yet to see if they will be confirmed.

Ryan Gosling to Leave Eva Mendes?

New issues are reported when it comes to the relationship of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. According to the rumors, Ryan may actually think about leaving Eva, after some reports talked about the actress’s former relationships.

The potential separation claims first emerged with a report from OK! The report claimed that Ryan is seriously thinking about ending his marriage to Eva for hiding this relationship from him. The claims are linked to a “past relationship she had with an Aussie TV host.” Allegedly, this TV host is Richard Wilkins.

An insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that Ryan was very upset with the fact that his girlfriend never told him about dating this guy. “Ryan’s humiliated that Eva never told him about this man,” the source explained. “Now he can’t help but wonder what else she’s hiding from him. He’s ready to throw in the towel,” the same insider went on to add.

According to this new report, the relationship between Eva and this man, which occurred in the past, was mentioned during a radio interview in Australia. Richard Wilkins’ son actually made the claims. He confirmed in a way the fact that his father was involved with Eva. So, when being asked about his “dad’s filing with Eva,” he claimed: “I didn’t even actually realize it was public knowledge, so there you go.”

On the other hand, it seems that Eva was not happy with this. The insider explained that the famous actress actually said that the man is only a friend and there was nothing between them. “But Ryan doesn’t know if he can believe her,” the source also said.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have two children together. In the past few months a series of rumors have claimed that the two stars were dealing with serious marriage problems. However, the rumors were always dismissed and Ryan and Eva seem to remain together. Well, the latest rumors were dismissed, as well, as an insider talking to Gossip Cop revealed that Eva actually “barely knows” Richard. The source denied the dating claims and said that Eva was only interviewed by this man, but does not know him on a personal level.

Scott Disick Takes Children to Paid Appearance in Las Vegas

Scott Disick and his long-term life partner, Kourtney Kardashian, are no longer a couple, but the two have three children together and seem to be getting along really, well, when it comes to co-parenting. However, Scott managed to surprise this week, when it has been revealed that the star has taken his children to a paid appearance in Las Vegas.

As imagined, the news was not well received by Kourtney Kardashian, who was actually quite upset with her former boyfriend. It is important to mention that not all the children were there with Scott, actually he only took two of his three children to this paid appearance, Manson and Penelope. Scott made an appearance at the opening of the Sugar Factory Las Vegas restaurant and candy store.

Following this revelation, it has been claimed that Kourtney is actually worried if Scott can handle the children. An insider talking to Radar Online claimed that the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star was very upset with Scott. “Mason and Penelope went with Scott to Las Vegas this weekend and were chaperoned the entire time by Kourtney’s team of security,” the source said. “Scott cannot do anything with those kids without her knowing exactly where they are, what they are doing and who they are with.”

The same insider claimed that Kourtney asked her former boyfriend to keep his phone on and accessible to him at all time, probably for her to be able to check on the children. “Kourtney does not really care about what happens to him because he makes her sick. She only cares about her kids,” the insider explained.

When it comes to the event that Scott attended, some other insiders claimed that Scott actually brought his own photographer to take some pictures of him with his children and how he was spending some quality time with them. Scott also recently opened up about his children, saying that they eat healthy and they naturally have this diet because of their mother Kourtney, who according to Scott is “the master of healthy eating.”

Kendall Jenner Sells Hollywood Hills House after Robbery

Without a doubt, The Kardashians are dealing with some serious issues. Not only Kim has been through a dramatic experience when being robbed in Paris, but it seems that her younger sister Kendall Jenner has been through such an event, as well.

The main difference between Kim’s case and Kendall’s is that the latter was not actually at home when her house was robbed. In fact, Kendall only realized that some robbers broke into her home after she arrived to her house later during the day. In Kim’s case, things were a bit more dramatic, as the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was actually held at gunpoint during a robbery that took place in Paris.

The thieves entered Kim’s room and threatened her with a gun, seeking money and jewelry. Luckily for Kim, she was not harmed and she actually talked about what happened during the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. For Kendall things were a bit different. The model’s home was burglarized last week. She left her house around midday and she returned home at about 8 pm. Kendall didn’t know that something was wrong before entering her bedroom at around 1 am. She then saw that her jewelry, worth $200,000, were missing.

The star allegedly heard a noise and was so scared that she actually believed that one of the burglars was still there. She immediately called the police, but the officials found no one on her property. Well, the whole incident was so scary for Kendall that she actually wants to sell her home. The model contacted a realtor and put her house for sale.

Without a doubt, it seems certain that Kendall no longer wants to live there because she is actually “terrified.” “This is just too much for her to handle,” one source claimed. Apparently, Kendall believes that the burglary was an inside job, as the people who took her jewelry seemed to know where to find them. “Kendall’s really upset about it,” a source said. “She’s been telling her best friends the situation totally sucks,” the same insider explained.

Blake Shelton to Propose on The Voice

Some new rumors are on regarding Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. The rumors indicate that Blake is ready to propose to his girlfriend Gwen and he might actually do this on The Voice. And it seems that this is actually something that Gwen wants.

So, according to the rumors, Blake will propose to Gwen in front of the whole world. This idea surfaced after some comments made by one of their fellow coaches on The Voice, Alicia Keys. Entertainment tonight revealed that a video of The Voice’s coaches’ outtakes revealed that Gwen would like this idea.

“What about, like, a proposal on the show?” Alicia Keys asks. “Would that make you feel weird, Gwen?” Blake went on to ask Gwen during the conversation. The singer laughed while hearing this question. “That would be my dream come true!” she said. Maybe, a wedding will be coming in the near future when it comes to this couple.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Blake and Gwen plan on getting married and actually many reports claimed that the ceremony will definitely take place this year. However, that is not all. It has also been claimed that the producers of The Voice are very much in favor of this relationship because of the publicity that it can bring to the show.

Some reports this year claimed that the pair actually received “an exceptional bonus to keep the spark alive on-camera.” “[Blake and Gwen] are getting paid an exceptional bonus that is significantly higher than the other judges to keep the spark alive on-camera,” an insider said. “They are starting to film the promos next week and have already shot a couple of live spots,” the same source went on to add.

The source also explained that the producers actually asked Blake to propose to his girlfriend during filming and they are trying to convince the star to agree with this. “They want nothing more than for Blake to propose to Gwen during a taping of the show.” The producers allegedly also took some precautionary measures in case the two separate, asking them to sign some contracts binding them to remain in the show even in case of a split.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Move Back to Australia

It seems that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban decided to make a change in their life. The two famous stars will be leaving the United States and will be moving back to Australia. The news was reported by several sources, which claimed that the two are secretly planning their return to Australia.

The rumors indicated that the two stars have already found a luxurious home in Southern Queensland and they plan on moving as soon as possible. The move means that Nicole and Keith will be permanently leaving the United States. Several insiders confirmed that Nicole and Keith have been looking for a home in Australia and that they are determined to move there.

The couple’s two daughter, Sunday and Faith, will also be moving. Sources said that the pair already found some good options and they are actually looking for the grandest properties in an area that has been described as very private. The two first started looking for a home in Australia last month. Apparently, Keith was the one who went looking for a house in the Caboolture region in February. He went to check out properties after a concert in Brisbane.

A real estate agent declared that Keith saw a luxury property, fit for someone rich and famous. The same real estate agent stated that the area is very private and that it actually is so away from the public’s eye that many people in the area don’t even know that the property exists. It is not clear if Keith and Nicole will buy this property, but if they will, the duo may make some changes to it.

“If Nic and Keith buy this place, I think they’ll renovate the gym and split it into a recording studio for him and a small home cinema for her. It’s perfect for Sunday and Faith, too. They’re showing a healthy interest in farm animals and Nicole loves the idea of them taking care of their own cattle,” an insider said according to Radar Online. The source also revealed that Nicole and Keith want to move to Australia because they want to be closer to his mother.

Hugh Jackman to Play Enzo Ferrari’s Role?

A new interesting role is in the books for famous actor Hugh Jackman. The star could be playing the role of Enzo Ferrari in a new biopic. Without a doubt, this is a very interesting project. Another name that has been mentioned in relation to this new project is Noomi Rapace, who will play the role of Ferrari’s estranged wife.

The project seems to be very interesting and Hugh Jackman is definitely a very much expected appearance in such a role. The upcoming biopic is directed by Michael Mann. Deadline reported that both Jackman and Noomi are in talks with the producers for these roles. And if the project will soon start filming, it would surely be a very important step forward.

So, it is important to mention that this project has been in development for no less than 17 years. It was started by Michael Mann along with now late director Sidney Pollack. However, it seems that the project was always on hold, but maybe now things have changed and Mann is finally determined to focus on it. If the project will go forward and Jackman will be confirmed for the role of motor racing driver and businessman Enzo Ferrari, this would actually be the first project for the director since 2015.

Mann initially tried to cast Christian Bale to play the role of Enzo Ferrari. So, Bale was set to play this role about two years ago, but the famous Batman actor later decided to drop off the project because he was supposed to gain a lot of weight for the role of Enzo Ferrari. Maybe, Hugh Jackman will take on the challenge.

The action in this upcoming movie is set to take place in 1957 and will be focused on the battle that Ferrari had back then with rivals such as Maseratti. Without a doubt, it will be a very interesting project and many fans will be eager to discover this story. Bringing High Jackman on board would be a success, considering the great talent of the star and his worldwide appreciation for roles such as the one in Logan.

Justin Theroux Upset with Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt Relationship

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have been married for quite some time and it seemed that things were going great between the two. Well, now a new report indicated that Justin is not that happy with the fact that Jennifer has been reconnecting with Brad Pitt, the actress’s former husband.

The news was reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, which indicated that Justin was quite affected with the rumors that his wife has been in contact with Brad since the actor separated from Angelina Jolie. Angelina and Brad announced their separation in 2016. The report claimed that Justin was so upset with Jennifer that he decided to fly alone to the Paris Fashion Week.

So, the report said that Justin will spend a few days in Paris without his wife. The report also claimed that Justin appeared to be quite unhappy when being spotted at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France. The magazine cited some insiders close to the couple, which claimed that Justin does not like the fact that Jennifer has been talking to Brad. Well, the report was soon dismissed by Gossip Cop, which claimed that it talked to a rep for the actress, who denied the entire story.

However, this is not the first report claiming that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are close once again. E! News previously reported that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are still friends and have been communicating in the past few months. Jennifer, during various interviews throughout the years, also revealed that she and Brad were still talking, meaning that they have remained friends following their divorce.

On the other hand, Angelina Jolie has also remained in a good relationship with her former husband, Billy Bob Thornton, the two being friends. Since the divorce of Brad and Angelina a series of rumors have been linked to the two. Some claimed that the stars have moved on with other people, while others indicated that they were both sorry that the marriage ended. One recent report claimed that Angelina regretted filing for divorce from Brad and that the famous actress actually missed her former husband.

Selena Gomez’s Mom Not Impressed with The Weeknd

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s relationship is definitely evolving. The Weeknd has recently met with Selena’s family, but it seems that the young singer’s mom is not actually impressed with the musician. So, it has been claimed that the meeting between Selena’s mother and The Weeknd took place, but maybe not as Selena expected.

The news was reported by Life & Style, which talked to a source allegedly close to the star and her family. The insider said that the reason why Selena’ mom, Mandy Teefey, was not impressed with the musician is actually given by the fact that she doesn’t believe he is a good influence on her daughter. “Mandy has met Abel and thinks he is respectful in person, but she doesn’t think he’s a good influence on Selena,” the source said.

The source explained that Mandy does not really like this relationship because of The Weeknd’s music, as she just cannot approve his “dirty and drug-related lyrics.” The report went on to say that Mandy is not the only one in the family to have concerns about this new romance. In fact, the entire family is against Selena dating the famous musician, as they fear that the young star will end up in rehab again because of this relationship.

“A lot of Selena’s friends and family fear that she’ll go down the wrong path again,” the source explained. “They feel she needs to be surrounded by healthy people,” it added. Of course, until now it seems that the romance has been great for Selena, as the singer appears to be in a good place and very happy.

The report came only a couple of days after it has been reported that Selena and The Weeknd were becoming very serious about their relationship and wanted to take things to the next level by meeting each other’s family. So, Selena is also going to meet The Weeknd’s family in the near future.

Selena Gomez is well-known for dating Justin Bieber, whom she has been with for several years. Reportedly, Selena’s family blamed Justin for a rehab stint that the singer had last year.