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Robert Kardashian dated Priscilla Presley?

It seems that it is not the best time possible for Kris Jenner. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is dealing with a lot of scandals and a new one is ready to pop. It has been claimed that Kris was dumped by her late former husband, Robert Kardashian, for no one else than Priscilla Presley.

The secret love affair between Robert and Priscilla was revealed by Radar Online, which claimed that Robert had pursued Priscilla for quite some time. He wanted to date her before he married Kris. The latest revelations were made in the new book The Kardashians: An American Drama, by Jerry Oppenheimer.

The book indicated that Robert practically dumped Kris, and he was the one who forced her to work as a flight attendant, so he could have time to see Priscilla. “It was while Kris was learning to schlep a drinks cart up and down a narrow aisle above the clouds that Robert Kardashian was on cloud nine, having put Kris mostly out of mind and fallen hard for another woman, and not just any woman, but rather a gorgeous divorcee with a daughter and an internationally known pedigree,” the book said.

Robert kept the secret on the fact that he and Priscilla were dating. However, he allegedly wanted the whole world to know it, because Robert wanted to marry Priscilla and have children with her. “Priscilla really changed a lot of my brother’s thinking of how he should dress, how he should even drive, and what he should do – and she changed him easily because she was so attractive, and so she had a lot of influence on him,” Robert’s brother, Thomas, allegedly told Oppenheimer.

Allegedly, Kris tried very hard to win Robert back, and was very jealous of Priscilla. It has been claimed that Kris tried to spend as much time as possible with Robert in the attempt to conquer him. Robert’s romance with Priscilla did not last, as the two dated for only about one year. Priscilla allegedly loved Robert, but she told him that she wouldn’t remarry until Elvis would die.

Blac Chyna Spotted with New Man

Without a doubt, Blac Chyna has managed to move on from her relationship with Rob Kardashian. And now the star was spotted with someone else. Chyna and rapper Mechie were seen walking together in Florida, over the weekend.

The two stars were spotted as they were walking while holding hands. It surely seems that Chyna and Mechie have been spending a lot of time together lately. The two were photographed during their date night in Miami Beach. They both seemed happy and relaxed and appeared to be enjoying each other’s company.

Chyna and Mechie enjoyed some time at Dream nightclub, as well, being seen as they were leaving together the venue. It appears that things are getting serious between the two stars, as it has previously been reported that Mechie actually got a new tattoo with Chyna’s initials on his neck. Allegedly, Mechie made the decision to have this inked on his body last week. Of course, this could only point to the fact that the romance is evolving very fast.

Chyna and Mechie were first linked to seriously dating last week and it appears that the romance has been growing rapidly. Chyna started dating Mechie after her very public and scandalous separation from Rob Kardashian. Mechie was actually the reason why Rob made a public share of personal photos of Chyna. So, it all started when Chyna sent a racy video to Rob, in which she was seen kissing Mechie. Rob got very upset and shared the video online, along with a series of nude photos of Chyna.

In response to this, Chyna has filed for a restraining order against Rob, which she obtained. Rob accused his former girlfriend of alcohol and drugs abuse, and claimed that she cheated on him with multiple men while they were dating. On the other hand, Chyna accused Rob of domestic violence.

Of course, since that moment Rob has realized that he did not choose the best approach to this when sharing nude Chyna photos online. It is yet to see what will happen next in this public fight. Chyna and Rob have a child together, daughter Dream.

Linkin Park Launches Suicide Prevention Website

There is no doubt in the fact that one of the saddest news of last week for all Linkin Park fans from around the world has been the death of Chester Bennington, the frontman of the famous band. Chester has suffered from depression, drugs and alcohol abuse, and committed suicide hanging himself.

The fact that he battled depression has been widely known because Chester himself has talked about this subject during various interviews. Chester left behind a wife and six children. Now, his bandmates decided to pay tribute to Chester by launching the website chester.linkinpark.com, which features a series of contact numbers and sites for suicide prevention.

The new site was launched on Saturday, a couple of day after Chester’s death was announced. “In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources,” the site says, adding a list of contact numbers and important information for suicide prevention. The site also has a column where fans can pay tribute to Chester.

Previously, the famous band announced its decision to cancel the rest of its One More Light World Tour, following the death of Chester. At the time of his death, the band was set to perform in a series of locations in the US, as part of their world tour. Since the concerts were canceled, fans were offered refunds.

The reason for Chester’s suicide is of course unclear. The only thing that is known at this point is that no one talked about a note potently left behind by the star. Chester committed suicide at the age of 41 on what would have been the birthday of Chris Cornell, one of his closest friends. Cornell also committed suicide in May. The singer was 52 years old. Chris Cornell also hanged himself.

Of course, a lot of famous people took to social media following Chester’s death, to pay tribute to the famous musician. Among them were Bling-182, as well as famous 20 Seconds to Mars frontman Jerad Leto. “When I think of Chester I remember his smile, his laughter, his intelligence, kindness and talent. That absolutely unforgettable voice that was at once – delicate, ferocious and always full of emotion,” Leto shared.

Linkin Park to Cancel Tour

Linkin Park has suffered a huge loss with the death of its frontman, Chester Bennington. Chester committed suicide in Los Angeles earlier this week. The famous singer hanged himself, while several reports claimed that he was dealing with depression, drug and alcohol abuse.

As imagined, following the tragic death of Chester, the band decided to cancel its tour. The organizers of the tour are offering refunds to everyone who purchased tickets and will not be able now to attend the concert.

“We are incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of Chester Bennington,” an official statement from the band’s tour promoters said. “The Linkin Park One More Light North American Tour has been canceled and refunds are available at point of purchase. Our thoughts go out to all those affected,” the same statement added.

There is no official statement from the band with regards to what happened and it is yet to see how this whole situation will be handled. Chester was 41 years old and left behind six children. He was set to perform a series of concerts with Linkin Park. The band recently ended its European tour and was set to start its North American performance. The band was supposed to have a concert in October in Los Angeles.

After the death of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s US music sales increased spectacularly. Nielsen Music reported that the sales grew with 5,332% compared to sales a day before. Some of the best-selling songs of the band included “In the End”, “Numb”, “Heavy”, “Somewhere I Belong” or “What I’ve Done.” The latest album of the band, One More Light, also gained a lot of attention from fans. Other albums that are expected to have high sales are Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

Without a doubt, Chester Bennington will remain in the hearts of Linkin Park fans from all around the world and his music will always be alive.

Meghan Markle Doesn’t want to be compared with Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle does not like to be compared to Kate Middleton. In fact, a new report has claimed that she is afraid that she will constantly be compared to Kate after she and Prince Harry will get married. Some new reports have claimed that Meghan and Harry will wed in the near future.

Well, Life & Style reported that although she might marry Harry, Meghan fears that people will start comparing her with Kate and this is not something that she wants. Furthermore, the report claimed that Meghan wants to stay true to herself and she doesn’t plan on changing who she is although she might become Harry’s wife.

The new report claimed that she actually made things very clear to Harry. “Meghan has told Harry that she doesn’t want to be like Kate,” a source explained according to the celebrity site. “She wants to keep hold of her identity,” the same insider added. However, this might not be the only fear that Meghan has when it comes to her upcoming union with Harry. Allegedly, the star is also afraid that she will be alone in the UK, while her whole family will remain in the US.

“Her entire family is in California,” the source revealed. “And her close friends are in Toronto [where ‘Suits’ is filmed],” it added. However, the love that she has for Harry might help Meghan overcome all these fears. The famous actress is said to be dealing fine with everything after all, and her friends are sure the relationship will be fine.

“Harry’s playing it smart. He’s being supportive while telling Meghan about the platform they would have to help millions of people around the world,” a source said. “Meghan is absolutely in love with Harry and wants to have a life with him. Friends of the couple are sure love will win.” Meghan is allegedly worried that marrying Harry will also mean the end of her acting career and this is something that she does not want to happen.

The actress is said to be willing to still work on some movies, as this is something she has worked for her whole life. Of course, it would not be easy to give everything up.

Rob Kardashian is Sorry for Blac Chyna Scandal

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna seemed to be a happy couple a few months ago, but now it seems that things are beyond repair in this relationship. The two stars of reality show Rob & Chyna got into a very public scandal with a lot of accusations from both sides.

Rob started it all by sharing some nude photos of Chyna on social media and accusing her of cheating on him with multiple men and being addicted to drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, Chyna obtained a restraining order against her former boyfriend, accusing him of domestic violence. Considering that sharing such nude photos, or revenge porn, is illegal in California, Rob might also have to deal with some severe legal consequences linked to the case.

Well, now it seems that Rob has come to better feelings, as the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star actually decided to apologize to his family for his behavior and this scandal. E! News reported that Rob regrets everything that happened. “Rob did apologize to the family and has major regrets over the way he acted,” a source said according to the celebrity site. “He is very remorseful and upset with himself over what he did. Now, he is embarrassed and knows he needs to be better for Dream [Kardashian],” the insider added.

As imagined, the famous family was not happy at all with this latest scandal. In fact, Kris has allegedly had a discussion with Rob and “put him in his place.” Kris also told her son that this scandal is going to affect a lot his daughter Dream, calling on him to “get his act together.” When it comes to what the rest of the Kardashians think about this scandal, well it has been claimed that they are supportive of Rob, but they are not happy with what happened.

Allegedly, the family never trusted Chyna and will let Rob handle this situation on his own. A source claimed that Rob is perfectly aware of the gravity of the situation and the fact that he might not be able to see Dream.

Blac Chyna Says She Returned Gifts to Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are still fighting and it does not seem that things will get better in this relationship. In fact, it seems that Chyna opened up about the scandal and revealed her position on all the claims that Rob made online. She said that she decided to return to Rob all the gifts she ever received from him.

So, Chyna said that she gave back the luxury cars from Rob, as well as the jewelry she received from him. This happened after Rob posted some messages on social media saying that he paid about $1 million to buy her luxury things. Chyna said that she immediately returned these items because she did not want to have these things from him.

“Once he posted all these things on the Internet, I had my two assistants drive the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, and took all the jewelry back to his house. Actually, to his mother’s [Kris Jenner] house, and had it dropped off,” Chyna said in an interview on Good Morning America. Chyna also said that she returned to Rob her wedding ring.

“Because I’m not gonna let this man buy me – or make it seem like he could just buy me and give me gifts and treat me any way, and talk to me nasty,” she said. However, the scandal does not seem to come to an end, although Rob seems eager to end it.

Chyna’s lawyer said that the two parties have been negotiating an agreement for co-parenting their daughter Dream, who is 8 months old. Chyna’s lawyer stated that the star is not trying to prevent Rob from seeing his child. “She believes a father should stay in contact with his child … She wants to have a healthy, peaceful co-parenting relationship.”

Chyna also admitted that Rob Kardashian is a good father to his baby daughter. “I wanted him, Dream and I to spend Father’s Day together. Because at the end of the day, he is a good father. I’m not gonna take that away from him,” she claimed. It is yet to see how this scandal will end and if the two will be able to come to a solution.

Kesha Sorry for Jerry Seinfeld Encounter

The moment when Kesha and Jerry Seinfeld met for the first time has surely become very famous and has managed to draw a lot of attention. It was all because of Seinfeld’s reaction to the famous singer, completely rejecting her and refusing to give her a hug. As imagined, Jerry dealt with a lot of criticism after that moment and it seems that the popular actor did not know who the singer was.

Kesha did not say too much after the incident occurred, but the star decided now to open up. She said that it was a mistake to try to hug Seinfeld while telling him that she was a big fan. “That was my fault,” Kesha said. However, it seems that the star was not much hurt after the incident occurred. In fact, the star laughed off that moment.

Kesha commented on this moment during an appearance on the Hits 1 in Hollywood show. The famous singer said she felt like a child. The event occurred on the red carpet of National Night of Laughter in Washington, D.C. “I felt like I was 5 years old,” Kesha explained. “I instantly was like, ‘Oh, f**k me.’ And I like somehow ended up in my very own mini-episode of ‘Seinfeld’ for like five seconds,” Kesha also said.

But, the young singer definitely did not seem too upset over what happened. And when being asked if she had a message for Seinfeld, the singer said: “I should’ve known better… That was my fault.” On the other hand, during a previous interview, Jerry Seinfeld also talked about his refusal to hug the famous singer.

“I’m 63, I don’t know every pop star,” the comedian said during an interview with Extra. “I don’t know everyone,” he went on to add. Seinfeld went on to say that because he did not know her, he couldn’t have accepted to hug her. “I was right in the middle of an interview, it was a little off,” the star explained.

“When you get to be my age and you’ve done a couple things, you have your own reality, in my reality, I don’t hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say hello. I gotta start somewhere … hug isn’t first moment of a human, two humans. I never did that.” Seinfeld also said that he talked to Kesha after the incident and they both laughed about it.

Ben Affleck Spotted with Lindsay Shookus

Ben Affleck has been spotted out with Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus. The two seemed to be enjoying a great time in each other’s company. The duo were spotted at what appeared to be a dinner date about three months after Ben and his former wife, Jennifer Garner, filed for divorce.

Ben and Lindsay enjoyed a dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday night. However, this is not the first time when the two are spotted together. They were also seen together in London last week, being claimed that they actually had a gateway together. So, there is no wonder after all that the rumors are indicating that Ben and Lindsay are a couple.

The news was first reported by E! News, which claimed that Ben and Lindsay’s romance is still very new and the two are getting to know each other. And since the romance is “in the early stages,” the two are just having fun now. However, this does not mean that things are not serious between them. “It’s more than a summer fling,” a source claimed. “They are having fun and care for each other. It’s early and they are taking it slow.”

Initially, Ben and Lindsay were linked when they were spotted together in London. Ben was there for some work related commitments. Lindsay was also in the capital of English and the two met for Sam Mendes’ play The Ferryman. Well, if they are dating, there will be no shock in this news considering that both Ben and Lindsay are divorced.

The famous actor and his ex-wife filed for divorce back in April. The pair officially separated in 2015, when they announced the end of their marriage. However, they waited for two years until officially filing the divorce papers. The two famous actors share the custody of their three children. Ben and Jennifer’s decision to split came as a shock for fans from all over the world given that they were a married couple for no less than 10 years.

Robert Downey Jr. could be leaving The Avengers

Bad news for the fans of The Avengers. One of their favorite stars, Robert Downey Jr., might be thinking about leaving the famous movies. Robert Downey Jr. has been playing the role of Tony Stark in no less than eight movies, including the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. And he is also set to star in the upcoming Avengers movies.

This surely means that Downey will be quite busy playing a lot of roles linked to his part as the Iron Man. However, it has been revealed that these could actually be the last roles that Downey has when it comes to the Iron Man. So, during a recent interview with Australia’s News.com, Downey claimed that his collaboration with these roles could be coming to an end in the near future. Without a doubt, this would be very disappointing for Iron Man fans from all over the world.

“It’s this cyclical thing. I could have said when the first ‘Avengers’ came out: ‘It’s never going to get any better than that. Everybody stop’. But to me it’s always about people and opportunities, like the Russos, who I adore,” the famous actor explained. “Everyone says to me it’s like a glove that fits so well. I have to start over every time but I am starting over with a pretty solid base. I just never want to blow it for the last six or seven [MCU movies] I have done by dropping the ball because I decided to go do it one more time. I just want to hang up my jersey before it’s embarrassing,” he said.

It has been claimed that Downey filmed only for three days his role for Homecoming, which was naturally divided throughout the movie. In the movie, the famous actor plays the role of the mentor of Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Downey’s role in the movie is expected to be interesting, as always, so it is yet to see the performance that he achieved. No further details of Downey’s intentions regarding the Iron Man character have been revealed at this point, so it is yet to see what will happen.

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