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Felicia Hawke is one of the first authors to join our team and we are very proud to have her on board.She currently covers the celebrity and beauty fields.Felicia is addicted to good looks and a great beauty advisor.Contact her at Felicia.Hawke@dailygossip.org

Ford Focus gets on top in 2010

Fiat is reversing Square Business and rooms that were 0.64% share to 9.38 euros after a minimum opening share 9.07 euros. Yesterday I presented the numbers for the first quarter of Chrysler (revenues to 9.7 billion and trading profit of 0.1 billion already anticipated in the presentation of April 21) that point to revenues in line / with slightly below target in 2010 (40 – 45 billion).
But profitability is higher than the target to U.S. $ 0,000,000,000 to 0.2000000000, much will depend also based on the raw material in the second half. The target market share of 10% is confirmed even if it is crucial to profitability. Also targets this year will be reviewed during the third quarter of 2010. “We believe this is partly caused by the fact that the 14 new models will reach 10 in the fourth quarter,” analysts speculate Equita sim (Buy and price target to 15 euros on Fiat confirmed).
As for the timing of the IPI home in Detroit, if things continue so the times may be anticipated, reasonably in the second half of the first half of 2011. The main focus is to enable trade unions reduce UAW / monetize their share of 67.7%, which will fall to 55% with the occurrence of the three conditions that will allow Fiat to increase from 20% to 35%.
However, the IPO will also depend on market conditions and in this sense the group is also ready to use debt financing to repay the government. “We believe that the trend in the first quarter is hardly indicative of the trend on the year especially at the level of cash generation and industrial level is likely an upward revision of estimates,” say analysts Intermonte rated the 35% of Chrysler 3.2 billion euros or 2.54 euros per share to a ratio EV / Sales 36% (15% premium over Ford) and an EV / EBIT of 9 times 2011 (60% premium over Ford ).
Intermonte still maintains neutral rating and price target to 12 euros to Fiat, the same court, however, that UBS has a price target to 11 euros, including EUR 1 per share at the Lingotto in Chrysler, “the action of the Torino is to 0.35 times the 2010 earnings and 6.5 times EBITDA and Coretta then evaluated at these levels, “UBS said that the confrence call yesterday welcomed the clarification on the position of Chrysler debt amounted to 11.4 billion dollars, “$ 2 billion under our sime 2009/2011, but three times the level previously published by the company.

The cote closes the office of Region in Rome

The Region has decided to terminate the lease for the headquarters and representation in Rome more than 800 square meters in Via delle Quattro Fontane, with one parking space for a lease of 366 000 per year. The seat had been wanted by former President Mercedes Bresso, as a landmark not only institutional, but also as a showcase of ‘made in Piemonte. For Roberto Cota, however, it is an expense “that can reduce unnecessary offices choosing size significantly lower.”
The contract, signed in 2006 expires in 2012 and the junta has decided to instruct the manager of the assets to deal with the property the terms for early termination. The Governor then decided to discharge the consultant diplomat wanted by Bresso posted in Turin by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the expense of the Region, about 120 000 euros gross per year. Cota is determined to follow first-person international relations in the region.
The president, therefore, put into practice two of the measures of cost savings announced in the encountering inauguration day employees of the Executive. But what about the cost of most policy decisions lies with the Regional Council. Majority and opposition are chasing in announcing measures to curb costs. The Assembly Speaker, Valerio Cattaneo, in his inaugural address he announced the intention to be involved. For the future, though.
These days, in fact, the offices were committed to defining the spaces that belong to groups governed by Board criteria identified by the bureau. Each adviser has the right to an area of 40 square meters which must be added space for the Secretariat and local municipalities: 50 square meters more for groups of up to three councilors that you must add another 50 square feet every three advisers larger groups. Is there a tolerance of 20%. The Regional Council covers the cost of rent until the maximum threshold reached with the percentage of tolerance. The groups that breached the total floor area are asked to contribute to costs pursuant to a rule introduced in previous legislative proposal on the Vice-President Roberto Placido.
Group of the PDL with 22 advisers, so were assigned the second, third and fourth floors of the building in Via San Francesco D’Assisi 35 totaling 1470 square meters. Northern League and the Democratic Party, with 12 advisers, dealing respectively the third and fourth floor of Wing 8 and by the sixth and seventh floor of 14 by Arsenal. The Democrats also take a piece of the fifth floor and saw that breached the maximum floor area granted will add about 7,500 per year.

Camilla Belle wears a Miu Miu dress

Camilla Belle is an American actress of Brazilian origin that is very “pararazzata” in recent years, her beauty certainly contributes to this pursuit by photographers, but even that is a true fashionista would certainly be a lot of visibility, So ‘ is that we talk about it here on Moda Pour Femme. Camilla Belle chooses a dress Miu Miu’s new collection autumn winter 2010 2011, remember the flowers that have punctuated the fashion show? The pastel colors and chic Miuccia Prada brought to Paris? Here they also look great worn by Camilla Belle.
Camilla Belle chose a mini dress way too cute and romantic autumn winter 2010 2011 collection of Miu Miu, someone might ask but there’s too warm for a winter dress? Well my dear seasons are realative for top designers, as well known on the red carpet, with two degrees, the neckline, straps and light fabrics are in order, for the designers and ultimately for the stars.
Camilla Belle choose a sleeveless mini dress by Miu Miu, this outfit is chic and romantic, made entirely from flowers embroidered side by side, slightly protruding and contrast on the basis of clear yellow chiffon.
This dress has the final part of her skirt as if the petals of a flower, emphasized even more by black tape.

American hypocrisy

A few weeks ago, the whole world held its breath. Inspired by Paul Volcker, former Fed chief, Barack Obama has solemnly expressed its intention to overhaul American finance. Consider the following: limiting the size of banks and investment ban on own account on the riskiest markets (hedge funds and private equity). What every economist who removed the springs of the crisis had dreamed, the American president should he have done? Nothing is less certain. First, the Volcker plan leaves out many gray areas of the U.S. financial system. So it is with many “Bermuda triangle” regulations that allow entire sectors of American finance (such as the derivatives market) to escape almost any check. Thus it is also the nagging problem of bonuses for traders, which poisons the trading floor for many months. Let us stop deluding themselves in this field. 124 billion dollars in bonuses awarded by the 34 largest U.S. banks: it’s the equivalent of official development assistance or aid from the North to South, and twice the profit made in 2009 by all companies in the CAC 40! “Business as usual! “
But there is perhaps not essential. For the most part is, since the end of the Second World War at least, the ability of the U.S. government to hide behind the Congress to indefinitely reforms do not wish to implement. We can not claim to understand the United States if one considers that the Parliament of this country is as impotent as it is in France. In the United States, Congress dictates, only the tempo of reforms. So, just lost a congressional seat in Massachusetts for Barack Obama, threatened by the sword of Damocles of the midterm elections, is ready to compromise: Show loud and clear his willingness to bend Wall Street to please his electorate while trusting “his” Congress to defeat this attempt moralization of American finance. This is the (sad) reality of democracy in the United States, which regularly relativize the sincerity of the reformist impulses of Barack Obama.
But we can go even further and consider that Volcker is part of an overall plan that aims to strengthen the competitive ability of American finance. Judge for yourself: it is not a raft of reforms initiated by the three G20 (which have met since October 2008) which has resulted in an American retreat. The application of prudential rules of the Bank for International Settlements, known under the pseudonym of “Basel II”? Later perhaps. The promotion of “leverage ratio” (ratio that favors American banks from European banks)? An absolute necessity for Washington. The refusal to seriously regulate the derivatives markets? A profession of faith. The refusal of cooperation with the European authorities in accounting rules? Even punishment, same reason. The obstruction to any regulation of rating agencies, including the two world leaders are American (Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s)? An absolute evidence. Attempts to implode the European model of “universal banking” (which combines the most hazardous and those of the commercial bank, the less) by pushing the formal separation of commercial banking business and banking ? What more natural? These six examples demonstrate that the United States, undermined by its industrialization, will do everything to protect their finances.
What to do in this context, Europe in general and France in particular? First stand firm on the principles defined by the three G20, which had the merit of addressing – finally-sensitive subjects. Then do not lower its guard prescribed by better regulation but not alone. Finally, calling for help from the emerging global governance, and particularly China, which have been excluded from it by the United States for over twenty years, to form a tandem-emerging Europe can do Finally, fold the American finance, the primary cause of the crisis and the first “shooter of chestnuts from the fire” for over six months … This is not win but at least we can dream!

The schools have their true expo Splicers

We come across some strange creatures in the hospice of Havre. A Enard, a Caspin. Dolls Capsules cans. A “T” trolley tickets. A monster orange inflatable. Imaginary continents, just out of the imagination of very young artists who, like the last dozen years the same time, open an exhibition “as big” for three weeks.
It is the result of an entire school year of work. The theme of the year, sticking “collision and collusion, or unexpected encounters, was arrested at Easter last year. Schools have applied for membership and Education has selected 20 classes, kindergarten and primary. Or about 500 kids who started with a visit to Magritte Museum Brussels. The library has prepared a bibliography related to the theme of the year, invited the author and illustrator Sarah. Then the whole year at a rate of ten sessions, eight artists have spoken. Each contributing its know-how.
The children then worked glass, metal, video, sound … It is far from gouache-sheet of paper. It is precisely the goal. “The idea is not to make a masterpiece at the end of the year but to take the children on the grounds of discovery and experimentation,” says Florence Hudelist, director of education service City, causing the project.
“Respected in their work”
The result is brilliant and the culmination of this work is for this afternoon with the opening at 17:30. A very special moment in which “some day in college, still remember.” This expose in a cultural recognition, with distribution of posters and invitation cards, cartels as the museum … it is a great time for little artists. “It’s a real show, they are perfectly aware,” says Florence Hudelist. Children are respected in their work. “For three weeks,” they bring us a little bit of their world. ” They set out from now until May 20 On the sidelines of the exhibition: two events. The first meetings of arts 6 and 7 May, with performances of theater workshops, circus, dance …

Women want to emancipate themselves

“At home I am in war with my husband, but in the end I won! “Hooray share in a roar of laughter, followed by the other women gathered around the delicious couscous they have prepared. Eight women from the southern suburbs of Villejuif responded Saturday at the invitation of the Social Center Eugene-Candon City to talk about discrimination and access to rights, in the presence of social workers and a representative of Planned Parenthood.
“When you are an immigrant woman is often more difficult to access the same things as men, whether to leave or to work, says a referent. Initially, there is the language barrier, but little by little, they become more open and flourish. A group of women and planned to mount a play next year around the theme of access rights. A big challenge for those mothers most of whom do not speak French very well and for which to show off is not obvious.
Hooray arrived in France in 1993 while her husband was already living there for twenty years. This woman of Algerian origin confesses that she had to fight for access to a certain freedom: “In Algeria, tradition dictates that the wife stays at home. The husband does not want his wife so by lack of confidence. Me, my son pushed me to leave, to take French classes. It’s hard with my husband, but he understands more and more, it has evolved. “Naima, a facilitator in the center of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), rebounds:” I do not think this problem is specific to immigrant women. The man is afraid of losing his role. It is difficult for him to seek the advice of his wife. “Even though they are rare, the cons-examples exist. “Some women do not speak out because it is forbidden. Mine’s the opposite. My husband encourages me, “says Sukran, of Turkish origin. I’m shy and I tend to stay home. Now I’m taking French classes. “
The center participates in social effect to the empowerment of women by offering literacy classes, helping to build a resume to seek employment. It also offers meetings around parenting, health, human rights … “These women represent a silent majority who demand to be expressed, said Mostapha Hafidi, director of the office. We must consolidate this exchange because it allows to express lots of messages in the field of access to law, citizenship, education … “

Formula 1 – The technology as a pretext

Money and technology can they guarantee victory on the track? In any case, many thought that Formula 1 teams with their weather stations. However, the technology is more sophisticated, it is less efficient against instinct. It can however be an argument for the error …

Ross Brawn, the director of the stable Mercedes GP, admitted after the Malaysian Grand Prix. Large teams are using too much technology weather and not enough common sense and intuition. The case arose when the previous race in Australia. On the radio, the Red Bull Racing announced its pilots with heavy rain, when Jenson Button rushes stands with dry tire. He also won the race. The structure was then Austrian misled and the Grand Prize at this time

James Cameron: “My Avatar is symbol of struggle “

These days, James Cameron is a man torn between two planets.In order to understand just look at his two most important commitments this week. Five months after Avatar is playing at cinemas, hailed as a paradigm shift in movie history, beating all records relating to collection (so far, 2.7 billion dollars) will be launched today in Blu-Ray and DVD, without a trailer, without advertising, without so many introductions and behind the scenes. “Maybe the film pure, with a resolution that is one hundred percent of that seen in cinemas,” assures the director-producer-writer, who meanwhile is already immersed in pre-production of Avatar 2. “We will not be only on Pandora, but on the whole system Apha Centauri – continued -. In the second film will try to create a new environment, focusing on the ocean of Pandora that will be equally rich and varied and imaginative and crazy tropical forest. I’m not saying we will not see what has already been seen, but longer. “
The inspiration of Cameron is short again on the planet inhabited by Na’vi, but above all his thoughts there is one in which we live. And Sunday 25, at the fortieth anniversary of the ‘Earth Day’, the Earth Day will be a speaker at a major event to be held in Washington, where he will announce that part of the proceeds of his film will go on a program to plant one million trees in 15 countries, including Italy. “This is the greatest challenge of our time, save our planet from ourselves – says -. Avatar takes place in a distant world, but it is really miraculous that we have here on the planet with us and it’s time to take a stand and become warriors of the Earth. “
Avatar is designed as a product to boost profits and that plan has obviously reached and far exceeded its objectives. But in the mind of Cameron is also a call to arms to save itself from the planet and now that the film gave him a megaphone to express his ideas are widely using it, to stand up for nature protection in China Brazil, where he was twice last month to add her voice to those who protest against the construction of Belo Monte dam, in the Amazon, which could dry up rivers, flooding huge areas and put an end style lives of hundreds of tribes. Like the Kayapo Xikrin, where Cameron showed up recently with lots of face painting. “In one of my meetings with tribal leaders were in a village deep in the forest. And it was a bit ‘like being in Avatar – reminds -. The film has created an emotional response in people, not only environmentalist, so much so that few days ago were also painted blue Na’vi Palestinian protesters. It ‘really interesting that people see their reality reflected in the film. I hope especially that Avatar will help to demystify this idea promoted by the right and lobbies having to choose between a strong economy and the environment. It ‘s ridiculous. Nature is reaching its limits. And the nation will become a leader in renewable energy will lead the world in ten or twenty years, according to projections that the country will be China. “
But as he continues to deal with saving the planet in which he lives, Cameron never forgets its source. “I am first and foremost an artist,” repeated. And while preparing to return to Pandora, then promises that there will be 2 Avatar special effects that exceed those of the first film set between the Na’vi, but we would also like to stress that will be secondary. “First is the story – makes clear – and the characters.” And this craze for 3D, as you see it? “The public has spoken and said that he likes and is willing to pay more for a ticket, but this technique is well used and should not contaminate the market. And now there is little choice for the filmmakers. Can shoot with the basics, a camera and some actors. They can go the other extreme, as we did with Avatar, fabricating a new world. Or they can choose a middle ground. It ‘s the beauty of cinema. “

Saipem, already strong in the quarterly prices

Saipem is currently yielding a 69% to 29 euros per square Affairs, while the price of Brent crude was steady at $ 83.63 a barrel, pending the submission of quarterly scheduled for this afternoon. Analysts at Credit Suisse expect the first three months of 2010 revenues to 2.6 billion euros, an EBIT of 281 million and earnings per share to 0.38 euros, down 10% year over year 11% over the previous quarter, in line with the directions of the consensus at 0.39 euros.

Despite expectations of strong results, the broker has confirmed the finding underperform and price target to 21 euros, because of an assessment of the action too expensive. According to analysts, “the offshore may be surprising, following the good performance achieved recently in West Africa from the main competitor to Acergy, while for the onshore, we expect modest growth in revenues.
More specifically, “we expect growth of 5% of sales resulting from offshore drilling compared to last quarter,” analysts at Credit Suisse explained, stressing that the focus will be mainly at the start of the drilling ship Saipem 12000 (scheduled for May) and the possibility of further delays in the completion of drilling Scrabble 8:09 (postponed from June to August and November).
“The onshore drilling would benefit from further expansion of the fleet in the last quarter of 2009 and 2010, analysts continued, pointing out major projects with a view to Clov, P55, Iara / Guara and Shah. According to estimates from broker, Saipem is a P / E of 18.8 times for 2011, a premium of 20% from the field, exchanging 15 times, and premium of 15% compared to competitor Technip (15.7 times), against a historical average of 20% and 9%.

TV Program

The addicted to Dr. House found their preferred doctor, with three new episodes of the fifth season of the eponymous series. This time, House, victim of a motorcycle accident occurs in the patient’s skin. In the second part of the evening, Pascal, big brother is back on the first string after two months of absence. Teenagers rebel he will try to get back on the right path had better behave.
For its part France 2 offers an innovative program that night: a play staged by Robert Hossein to revive the famous trial Seznec. Viewers will act as a juror and the verdict will participate via SMS, telephone and internet. At 22:30 David Pujadas focuses on teens addicted to drugs in its issuance of the undercover investigation.
The evening will be lighter on France 3, with the British comedy Mr. Bean’s Holiday, played by Rowan Atkinson, alongside Emma de Caunes. In the second part of the evening, the chain offers fans a documentary on the life of the actor-comedian.
Arte investigate a silent epidemic, multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, one of the most contaminating bacteria in hospitals. Next, two episodes of the series Jekyll.
At M6, both teams still in contention Beijing Express attempt to climb Chimborazo in Ecuador, the highest volcano in the Americas. 22:45, chain back on the scenes of this extreme race.

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