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Shia LaBeouf Opens Up about Wedding to Mia Goth

Famous actor Shia LaBeouf has finally decided to talk about his wedding to Mia Goth. The actor’s fans might remember that only a few days ago, a video was shared online revealing that the actor and his long-term girlfriend have decided to get married. 

The video showed a simple Las Vegas wedding performed by an Elvis impersonator. However, soon enough some rumors emerged to indicate that the marriage was not valid and it may all be just a stunt planned by the actor. Well, now, Shia decided to talk about his wedding and make things clearer. The actor claimed that he and Mia are married and are very happy. 

So, Shia made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and confirmed that he and Mia got married at the Viva Vegas Wedding Chapel. The actor said that he and Mia didn’t intend to live stream the wedding to TMZ, but it seems that it just happened because it was part of the wedding package they took. 

“The plan was for it to be a private deal, but… part of the package, the King Tut package, you get a live stream for free — part of the deal,” the actor said. “And I said, ‘You know, we don’t really need that as a matter of fact. We’ll just take our private tape.’ We got our Moms there and they said, ‘No problem.’ We get back home and it’s like, woah, hey listen, something changed!”

“I call them up and they said somebody pressed the wrong button that sends the video to TMZ,” the actor went on to say. “I said, I understood. I checked with my girl and she said, ‘Hey, what are you gonna do,’ and you know, it’s love. We’re proud of it. It was love.”

The actor said that in the end he was not upset because this happened, as his and Mia’s dads could not be there and this offered them a way to see the ceremony. Shia and Mia’s decision to wed was no surprise, as the two have been a couple for four years now.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Make Public Appearance

Things seem to be going well for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth after all, despite the numerous rumors that have been linked to them in the past few months. So, Miley and Liam have decided to make their first official appearance as a couple since they have reconciled. The famous pair is believed to have reconciled at the end of 2015. 

So, Miley and Liam made their first public appearance together at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon at the end of last week. Actually, this was their first public appearance as a couple in three years. Liam decided to accompany his girlfriend at this event, as Miley actually received an honor for her work with her Happy Hippie Foundation. Liam stayed in Miley’s company and the pair looked quite relaxed. In fact, they also posed for some pictures and they were all smiles throughout the event. 

Miley looked absolutely beautiful and maybe the star is ready to put her crazy behavior behind her now. Actually, it has been claimed that one of the reasons why Liam separated from Miley years back was actually given by the fact that he did not agree with her crazy partying and outrageous on-stage performances. 

Well, if this is true, maybe Miley and Liam will have an argument over some newly released footage from one of Miley’s shows. The footage is from the performance that Miley had in London in 2014. Her performance is at least racy and Miley actually allowed her fans to feel her up. Miley allowed her fans to touch her breasts in the middle of one of her songs. 

However, since the performance occurred two years ago, it does not mean that Miley has not changed. Actually, a series of reports have said that the young singer has much changed her behavior since reuniting with Liam and she is more reserved in her gestures. “Miley really loves nesting with Liam. She’s loving just being at home with him,” one source said according to E! News. “She cooks a lot. She loves trying out new recipes all the time,” the source added.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Likely to Agree on Joint Custody

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain in the spotlight with their divorce. The famous pair announced their decision to file for divorce last month, but rumors regarding their split have remained on. Now, it seems that Angelina and Brad could reach a settlement on the custody of their six children. 

The pair initially reached a temporary custody agreement, but this agreement will expire next week. This means that the famous pair has to reach a definitive deal on how to manage the custody of the kids. Initially, Angelina sought the sole physical custody of the children, but several reports claimed that most likely the pair will finally be granted joint custody. 

The joint custody deal could also be reached as the child abuse case against Brad Pitt is expected to be dropped soon. Apparently, authorities haven’t got sufficient evidence to prosecute the actor, so the case might be dismissed due to the lack of proof. Brad has been investigated on child abuse allegations after the actor allegedly physically and verbally abused one of the children during an incident that occurred on a plane. 

This altercation is said to have occurred in September, on the former couple’s private plane. The child that was said to have been abused is Maddox. Some reports claimed that Maddox was just trying to defend his mother. One day after this incident, Angelina and the children moved out of the house she shared with Brad into a rental. About three days later, she filed for divorce and claimed that she made this decision for the health of the family, without providing any other details. 

The reason of the separation has also been widely debated in the media. Some reports said that Brad had cheated on his wife, while others claimed that the actress was the one who met someone else and has been having an affair for quite some time. Some sources claimed that Brad and Angelina separated because of their different views on how to raise their children. Brad was also accused of alcohol and drug abuse. 

Is Miley Single and has Quitted The Voice?

A new report indicated that famous singer Miley Cyrus and her famous boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, are dealing with some problems. The report from The Hollywood Gossip actually claimed that Miley and Liam have called off their engagement. So, this new report indicated that the two stars have indeed ended their relationship, after several rumors on this subject have been on. 

Well, for quite some time now it has been claimed that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are dealing with some serious relationship problems. Now, this report seems to indicate that the reason why the pair has decided to end things is actually linked to the fact that Miley is focusing too much on her career. A source talking to the celebrity site said that Miley is focused on her acting career and her role in a mini-series produced by Woody Allen. 

The same thing has been claimed by another insider talking to OK! Magazine. This source said that Liam is very unhappy with Miley’s choices. “He’d hoped her Woody Allen TV show might have curbed any desire to go back to her wild stage persona – something that ultimately tore them apart in the first place,” the source indicated. 

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first started dating after they met on the set of The Last Song, back in 2010. The pair even got engaged in 2012, but they finally ended their romance in 2013. Miley and Liam reconciled at the end of 2015 and it seemed that they were ready to pick up from where they left off, meaning that several reports indicated that the two actors were planning their wedding. 

Well, if things don’t seem to be going well in Miley’s personal life, we may say the same thing about the famous singer’s career. It has been claimed that the young star will be stepping out of The Voice because she is at war with her co-stars. Other reports have claimed that the singer will be leaving The Voice because she was caught high. Of course, none of these reports has been officially confirmed by Miley or someone from her camp. 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Have a Prenuptial Agreement

Well, if when it comes to the reason of the separation between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a series of rumors and even some scandals emerged, it seems that when it comes to the financial aspect of the split, things may be clearer. So, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a prenuptial agreement, which will make their legal separation much easier. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were considered to be the power couple of Hollywood. The two stars are believed to have a joint fortune of no less than USD 400 million. However, dividing their assets through the divorce proceedings will not be difficult at all, as the two actors have an alleged “ironclad” pre-nuptial agreement which indicates very clearly what will each get after their marriage ends. 

Luckily for Angelina and Brad, they have few joint properties. So, they are believed to have a total of 12 properties to split, most being acquired before they were married. Some were actually purchased by the two separately even before they started dating. Overall, Brad is said to own seven properties and Angelina two. Three other properties were purchased by the couple together, but it is unclear how much they paid and who really bought them.

However, if when it comes to the financial aspect things are very clear, this does not mean that the divorce cannot turn into an ugly battle. Already, a series of rumors are linked to the separation. And, even more than that, Angelina and Brad may have some differences when it comes to the custody of their six children. Angelina has already demanded in her divorce filing the sole physical custody of the kids. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have three adopted and three biological children. It is unclear if Brad Pitt agrees with Angelina’s demand to have the physical custody of the children with Brad being only granted visitation rights. However, a source talking to US Weekly claimed that he wants to stay close to the children. “He wants to have a significant role in his kids’ lives and he wants to be with them constantly but he also wants them to be in the most protected and proper environment.”

Britney Spears Talks about Bad Date

Britney Spears decided to open up about dating during a new interview with Marie Claire UK’s October issue. So, the famous singer clarified during her interview that being famous does not make dating simpler. Actually, Britney has also had her fair share of bad dates.

“I had a really bad date,” Britney revealed. “I mean, it was really bad,” the star went on to add. The date occurred after Britney had been single for a while and it seems that the guy she dated was not that much into her. “I’ve been single for ages and had a date with a guy I liked. I was getting anxious, worrying he wouldn’t like me,” the popular singer explained.

“In the evening I got on the scales and I had lost six pounds. We went to the movies, but I could tell right away it wasn’t working. It was sort of awkward,” she went on to say. “So after the movie I came home and that was it. It just didn’t work … He just wasn’t that into me. I liked him. He knew that. But he definitely didn’t feel the same. It happens to everybody. Being famous doesn’t make you any different.”

Britney did not only talk about dating during her new interview. The star also talked about fame and growing in the spotlight. Britney claimed that she had to deal with anxiety struggles due to the high media attention she was receiving at the beginning of her career.

“I moved to Los Angeles when I was very young. I was so under scrutiny. If a hair was out of place, I’d be so anxious. I would get very anxious about so many things.” Of course, Britney has grown and she has a lot more experience now. The singer is also a mom and Britney actually revealed that this has helped her be “so much more accepting of myself.”


Britney Spears has two children, Jayden and Sean Preston. The star has been focusing on motherhood since she welcomed her two boys and without a doubt this seems to have also helped Britney. 

Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Cheated with Five Women

Sharon Osbourne has decided to reveal some details of her husband’s infidelities. The famous singer and television personality has just claimed that her musician husband has actually cheated on her with five different women. Sharon made these revelations during an interview with The Sunday Times magazine. 

So, during her interview, Sharon claimed that her husband Ozzy Osbourne has cheated on her with five women in five different countries. Sharon also claimed that Ozzy only sought therapy for sex addiction after being unfaithful to her for several years. Sharon revealed that she has always been by Ozzy’s side, but it is quite difficult to overcome this. 

“The s**t that’s been going on with my husband recently, it’s been going on for about five years but people are talking about it now. We’ve survived everything, drink, drugs and now it’s women,” the singer said. “Somehow drugs and drink is more acceptable I think. When it’s somebody that has a sex addiction, it’s embarrassing. He’s come out and admitted it finally. It’s very, very hard. It’s been going on for at least six years.”

Sharon first revealed the cheating scandal back in May, when she claimed that she and Ozzy had separated because he had been unfaithful with Michelle Pugh. Since the May separation, Ozzy and Sharon seemed to have been able to put the story behind them and move on. Ozzy said at one point that the marriage was back on track. However, it seems that Sharon still has some doubts. 

Still, the singer revealed that Ozzy is really trying to overcome his sex addiction and she been undergoing intensive therapy. “He really wants to work on it,” Sharon said. Ozzy really seems willing to put the scandal behind him. Actually, he recently apologized to all the women who were part of his life and also confessed that he was undergoing therapy. 

Well, if Ozzy will be able to overcome his issues and if his marriage to Sharon will survive this, as well, is something yet to be found out. During her interview, Sharon also said that she has been taking anti-depressants for about 20 years, but they stopped working last year. 

Angelina Jolie Fears Brad Pitt Will Leave Her

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might not be doing that well when it comes to their relationship. According to the latest reports, the actress actually worries that her husband might leave her. And Angelina fears that Brad could end up their marriage for Marion Cotillard. 

The news was reported by In Touch magazine, which claimed that Brad and Marion have gotten quite close on the set of their latest movie. The two actors work together on the upcoming drama, Allied. So, the report said that Angelina really fears that she will lose her husband because of the famous actress. The source claimed that Angelina has her reasons to be scared, as Brad is falling in love with Marion the way he fell for Angelina years back. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt first met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, back in 2005. At that time, the actor was married with famous Friends star Jennifer Aniston. However, Brad and Angelina fell in love and have been together ever since. Of course, Brad and Jennifer divorced. Their separation was absolutely shocking, as at that time Brad and Jennifer were one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world.

“[‘Allied’] description sounds very similar to the plot of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, where Angelina and Brad first sparked the affair that ended Brad and Jen’s marriage,” the source explained. The insider went on to say that Brad might like Marion because she is very similar to Angelina. 

So, the source said that Marion and Angelina “have an astounding amount of similarities: both have French ancestry, both have been applauded for humanitarian work (Cotillard for her work with Greenpeace and Jolie for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), both have received numerous acting awards and both are gorgeous brunettes.” 

As expected, Brad and Angelina have not commented on the report. Marion Cotillard has also remained silent about the claims. However, as usual, Gossip Cop came to dismiss the claims. A source talking to the celebrity site said that the whole story is “nonsense” and Angelina is not worried that her husband might leave her for Marion.

Courteney Cox says She Regrets Plastic Surgeries

Famous actress Courteney Cox has decided to open up about her looks and the medical interventions she has been through during the years. The popular actress revealed that she actually regrets undergoing cosmetic procedures and claimed that she wanted to improve her looks because of the pressure that exists on women in Hollywood. 

“I have done things that I regret, and luckily they’re things that dissolve and go away, so that’s good, because that’s not always been my best look,” the actress said during a recent appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” “Getting older is not the easiest. But I have learned lessons. I think I was trying to keep up with being older,” the former Friends star explained. 

Courteney went on to say that because of her fame she felt pressure to try everything possible to maintain a younger look, including making some questionable choices. “You find yourself trying, and then you look at a picture of yourself and go ‘Oh, God, I look horrible’,” the star said. The popular actress also revealed that the comments coming from people have not been easy to handle, either. 

“People can be pretty mean,” she explained.  “The comments…if I ever want to feel really bad about myself I just click on one of those ‘Daily Mail’ comment sections.” During her interview, the actress did not only open up about her looks and the pressure on women in Hollywood, but she also opened up about her relationships. The famous star has been married for several years to actor David Arquette, but the two separated in 2010. 

Courteney claimed now that the reason why things ended is actually that she and David just started living separate lives, although they remained very good friends. “I think you really need to work in a relationship, and I think that we tried. We’re just really different, too. I’m the polar opposite of him. And that can be great for a lot of things, but I need this kind of real, one-on-one connection,” Courteney said. The star also claimed that she and David are really good co-parents. The actress is currently dating Johnny McDaid. 

Lindsay Lohan has not moved on From Egor Tarabasov Split

It seems that Lindsay Lohan continues to wear the engagement ring she received from her former boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. The famous actress was once again spotted with her impressive ring on, although she and Egor are said to have separated quite some time ago. 

So, Lindsay has recently shared a photo on Instagram, showing off her emerald ring from ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov. Lindsay shared the photo on her Instagram on Sunday. Lindsay has not shared anything about her reasons in still wearing the ring, but it has previously been claimed that the star still hopes that she and Egor will finally make things work.

Lindsay and Egor got engaged earlier this year and ended things after a highly publicized scandal. Lindsay actually accused her boyfriend of cheating on her and shared a series of strange messages on social media. She claimed that Egor tried to kill her and she even said that she was pregnant, although the claim proved to be untrue. After the fight, the young actress went on a vacation away from the scandal, but several people claimed that she still wanted to make things work with Egor. 

It seems that this has not happened until now, but maybe Lindsay has not lost all hope and this is the reason why she keeps on wearing her engagement ring. However, exactly what Lindsay has to say about the romance might be revealed soon. TMZ has recently reported that Lindsay Lohan plans on talking about Egor during an interview with Russia’s Pust Govoryat. And she plans on making it worth. 

TMZ reported that the actress wants no less than 500,000 British pounds to talk about this romance, as well as a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Lindsay surely has a lot of demands to talk about her former boyfriend. Pust Govoryat invited the actress for the interview and asked her to send a list of demands. And Lindsay did so, sending some really extravagant requests. The star wants a private jet, a personal security team and a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite, among other things. The star is said to still be negotiating with the Russian show.