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Ralph Lauren, the new boutique in Paris

Ralph Lauren has opened a new boutique. The city ‘choice and’ one of the most ‘romantic, glamorous and fashion from around the world, and one of the most’ visit. We’re talking about Paris, the place chosen by the American fashion brand to open its new store, we propose that ‘all the best collections of the fashion brand, season by season. After opening flagship stores a bit ‘all over the world, Ralph Lauren has decided to propose this new store in Paris, a city’ of the most ‘important in terms of fashion and trends. Not arbitrary.
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Many celebrities who attended the inauguration of the new Ralph Lauren boutique: the brand hosted a dinner, attended by many VIPs. First of all David Lauren and his wife were both presented with the black looks very interesting and elegant.
At the opening ceremony of the flagship Ralph Lauren, there were Michelle Yeoh, with a sky blue dress thirties, the American fashion brand (it is a leader of the Spring-Summer 2010), Melanie Laurent, androgynous style consists of a vest and a pair of trousers, very easy and chic.
And yet, here’s Abbey that you showed us a very interesting gold dress, vintage flavor, while Du Juan has opted for a dress very elegant and feminine!

Italian air in Copenhagen

Can not be overlooked. Clarinetist and teacher Umberto Giordano in Foggia,is the first pianist and music teacher at the middle school Pius XII of Foggia, the second. Put on a program that can not be more original. Nothing trivial or inflated, as often happens when these two instruments are to meet. Here Poulenc, Milhaud or Schumann are not concerned.
Bruno Falanga clarinet and piano Sergio Paciello did not need the support of un’ugola to make you fall in love with the most famous arias of Italian tradition, much like that even (especially) abroad. So much so that Thursday, May 6 will fly to Copenhagen. Are expected at the Auditorium of the Italian Institute of Culture, with all the baggage of the scores below, as it has for four years, with the enthusiasm of two boys novice and the experience of those tackles, a pair of decades, the most demanding Italian audiences. The immortal melodies of La Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida and Favorita transmit different sensations and perceptions, if blown by a clarinet. Return philosophy and the meaning of a world when we met in the fashionable salons to contempalare the size of the arts. Technically they are “paraphrases concert” of the most popular themes that have made great Italian opera in the world, reviewed by the various Dutch, and Labanchi Lovreglio, the Paganini of the clarinet that made sparks in the Europe of the late nineteenth century. As will happen in a few days in a corner of Copenhagen. When the heart of Europe is another breathe, it is appropriate to say italian air.

Elementary school ,enlarged and embellished looks a sports hall

Since the end of February vacation, the school is now a coherent and homogeneous, since the rehabilitation and renovation of the building adjacent to the college. The work was carried out by local business performance.
The construction of the early twentieth century, previously part of the college, was up to standard, in terms of energy, insulating frames with double glazing, and the aesthetic with an exterior facelift same as the new college. The main building houses three classes: the CM1, CM2 and a workshop room of art, where the rural household organizes art classes for middle school Wednesday afternoon from 14 pm to 15 pm 30.
With its 118 students grouped in two buildings
Modern and functional, complete with a large and welcoming playground, the town can be proud of her elementary school. Similarly, schoolchildren, aware of the effort made by the municipality for their well-being in everyday life, will be keen to observe the scene.
To improve the education of these young people, it remains only equip a sports hall, but to do so, a decision of political authorities.

Crisis: they are both deceived by our economists!

No, I reassure you right away: this is not Frederic Lefebvre … Even if it is large provider, it is alas! not only to utter crap so beautiful. It would be many. The worst of the matter is no doubt it is the work of an alleged “economist”!
By sheer chance I had kept the article in its paper version, probably because I augured that is contradicted by the facts and I would serve. I found one from Alain Faujas written three weeks later and is about as prescient chronicle of the disaster that should not happen … Heaven! What has happened to my crystal ball?
But then, January 2, 2008 Gatinois Claire has collected about a very distinguished economist certainly – David Naude at Deutsche Bank – who thought the U.S. would avoid recession! and thus prophesied: “There will be no crash in 2008” … The title of the article was a gem in itself: “Even though the crisis has plunged the world stock markets in a volatile situation, the economy remains robust “…
Even when he acknowledged in the article that the situation was serious, the worst was possible that the failure of a major U.S. bank … “The financial sector was hit but the rest of the economy is. Growth has remained robust in the United States. In Europe the figures were startling. In addition, companies are still in good health, low debt and profitable “… How can I be so blind?
Still in Le Monde and three weeks later, Alain Faujas should be an incredible show, and stainless incorrigible optimism in an article in the January 18, 2008 The global economy should be resilient in 2008 when he relied on the analysis of an economist Ultra Shine – Francois Bourguignon, Director of the Paris School of Economics! How many blind idiots he formed in his image? – Who was not afraid to say that “strong shocks are in place, as the huge reserves accumulated by Asian countries and oil countries. Less savings in Asia and more savings in the United States, it is far from a global crisis but rather a phase of adjustment absolutely necessary, given the enormous imbalances that we had accumulated during the five beautiful years that the global economy comes to know “… Close the ban!
The peroration of Alain Faujas is no less astonishing blindness that also asinien psittaci … Citing Luca Silipo, head of the Economics Department of Natixis – a joint subsidiary of the Caisse d’Epargne and Banques Populaires which could be measured rigorous management! A colossal loss of 948 million euros in H1 2008, ie before the crash of September 21, 2008 … In two days, Natixis had lost 28.4% of its value mainly because of the 109 million Euro Securities Lehman Brothers investment bank perished in the storm, it held as an article of Liberation French banks shaken – that the strength of the global economy is due to the international business …!

Microsoft: good results with Windows Live

Sales of Windows 7 are instrumental in this result. Microsoft continues to suffer a net loss on the division line services, and other segments are relatively stagnant. For example, Server and Tools division knows a small increase of 2% compared to 2009. This division continues still to encrypt up to 50% in the corporate segment.
This leaves the side of the Windows division and Windows Live. Microsoft reported a turnover of 4.4 billion dollars for this division alone, an increase of 28%, with net income up 34% to $ 3 billion. “The strong demand for Windows 7 is the largest contributor to our performance,” said Peter Klein, the CFO of Microsoft. “Internal and external studies show that over 10% of the world’s PCs are already running Windows 7” after six months of launch.
According to Bill Koefoed, in charge of business relations in Redmond, the demand of small and medium enterprises has not wavered either, increasing 15% over the year. “For this segment of business, we saw the beginning of a return of IT hardware spend, but we continue to see sales cycles lengthened. The sale of Windows licenses grew 35% in the general public, and 15% for businesses. Koefoed sees this second figure indicates a resumption of updates to Computer network, which should continue during fiscal 2011, according to Peter Klein.
Side-line services, which include search engine Bing and MSN portal, revenues have been generated, but they were offset by a loss of $ 713 million in operating profits. Koefoed yet announced that Bing had 10 consecutive months of growth in the market for search engines since its launch. Microsoft hopes to see the first revenues from the partnership with Yahoo to get from the second half of fiscal 2012.
These good results have nevertheless been tempered by those of IBM, Apple and Intel, which could suggest that Redmond would experience as an outstanding quarter in the enterprise market. Despite posting a larger than expected by analysts, Microsoft has experienced the same disappointment that Yahoo’s market, with a 4% drop in its share after the publication of results

Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, the apple of discord

A new episode of the conflict between French and Dutch language has once again plunging Belgium in a political crisis. On 22 April, the coalition government led by Prime Minister Yves Leterme has collapsed.
The Prime Minister, the Christian Democrats and Flemish (CD & V), has submitted his resignation to King Albert II after the Open VLD Flemish party, one of five teams represented in the government slammed the door. The sovereign has not yet indicated whether he accepted the resignation.
If elections are called, they will take place in June, just weeks before that Belgium take the rotating presidency of the European Union.
The poll also occur at a time when support for Flemish independence movement progresses in public opinion. Polls show the independence of Flanders training seduce currently some 40% of Flemish voters.
Yves Leterme had already offered his resignation in July 2008 against a background of linguistic crisis, but the king had refused. He had however accepted a subsequent resignation in December 2008, related to political and financial scandal of the dismantling of Fortis Bank. He returned to office in November 2009.

Eat less, live longer and healthier

A research team from the United Kingdom has just discovered that we can extend our life expectancy by eating fewer calories each day. The results of this study, published in the journal Science, show that caloric restriction is reflected not only by prolonging life, but also through better health, because we can prevent many diseases associated with age.

The research team from University College London, United Kingdom, Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California (USC) and Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, United States, conducted tests of calorie restriction in rodents and found that these dietary restrictions had a significant impact on the molecular pathways related to aging process.

The results also showed that in less complex organisms, caloric restriction could double or even triple the life. But the study’s lead author, Dr. Luigi Fontana, Faculty of Medicine, University of Washington, said that the primary objective of the research was to improve our quality of life and help us avoid diseases associated with aging.

“The goal of my research is not really extend the lifetime up to 120 or 130 years,” he explained. “Currently, the average life expectancy in Western countries is about 80 years, but most people are in good health until age 50. We want to use these findings on caloric restriction and other genetic or pharmacological interventions related to bridge this gap of 30 years between life expectancy and ‘life expectancy in good health. ” However, extending the duration of healthy life, the average life expectancy may also increase up to 100 years. “

The researchers reduced the caloric intake of rodents by 10 to 50%, resulting in reduced activity of pathways involving growth factor similar to insulin (IGF-1) and glucose. Such a reduction in calories has significantly increased the lifespan of rodents, and reduce their susceptibility to age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and cognitive problems.

Football: Michael Essien doubtful for rest of season

LONDON (Reuters) – The Ghana midfielder Michael Essien of Chelsea, not fully recovered from a knee injury at the African Cup of Nations in January, could miss the end of the season in England.

“The participation of Essien for the rest of the season is now uncertain, with four matches still to play with the finals of the FA Cup (against Portsmouth) May 15, said Tuesday the Premier League club.

Doctors believe that Michael Essien will be delivered in time to play World Cup Soccer, June 11 to July 11 in South Africa.
Ghana is in Group D with Germany, Australia and Serbia

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