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Kanye West Says Kris Jenner is trying to Destroy His Marriage

The fact that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dealing with some marriage issues has been rumored for quite some time. Now, it has been claimed that Kanye actually believes that his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, is actually trying to destroy his marriage. 

So, a new report from Radar Online indicated that Kanye believes that Kris has been trying to convince Kim Kardashian to divorce him and he had it enough with her behavior. The report indicated that Kanye is so upset with Kris that he actually threatened to destroy her if she does not stop. 

“He’s told her if she keeps trying to destroy his marriage, he will spend the rest of his days trying to destroy her,” a source told Radar Online. “Kanye’s privy to all the family’s dirt and he’s hotheaded enough to ignore any confidentiality agreements,” the same insider added. “He knows Kim’s having second thoughts about him and their marriage and he fully blames Kris for it,” the source concluded. 

Apparently, it all started in November last year, when Kanye was hospitalized to deal with some health issues. While the rapper was under treatment at UCLA Medical Center, Kris was allegedly trying to convince her daughter to separate from the rapper. At that time, some reports indicated that Kris has told Kim that she should divorce Kanye for the sake of her children, but also for herself. 

It has been claimed that Kanye became moodier and more erratic before the hospitalization and maybe this influenced Kris’ behavior. However, this does not mean that Kim listened to her mother. Actually, it has been claimed that The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has absolutely no intentions to leave her husband. 

“She thinks Kris is being heartless and a hypocrite,” a source said. “Her mom loved Kanye when he was paying for the parties, private planes and pricey presents, but now that he’s having mental problems, she wants to abandon him?” And Kim surely tried to show that her marriage is fine by posting some family photos, including a pic with her husband.

Prince Harry Meets Meghan Markle’s Father

It seems that things are going great between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two have been dating for a few months now and have officially made public their romance. Now, it seems that Harry and Meghan have made the next step in their relationship. The newest rumors say that Prince Harry has met Meghan’s father and the main reason for this meeting was that Harry wanted to ask his permission to marry his daughter.

So, the report indicated that Prince Harry may be ready to marry his girlfriend. “Harry asked for permission to marry his daughter and daddy said yes,” a source said according to Naughty Gossip. “He is in love and a gentleman,” the same insider went on to add. “He wanted to get dads permission before he proposed.” 

So, the source claimed that Harry received Meghan’s father’s approval for the marriage. However, it remains unclear if Harry has already popped the question to his girlfriend or plans on doing so in the near future. Another interesting thing to mention is that this was not the first time when Harry and Meghan’s father met. The Suits’ actress’ half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., stated that Prince Harry and his father met for the first time in Toronto, Canada, before Harry’s relationship with Meghan was made public. 

It remains unclear if Prince Harry has also met Meghan’s mother, Doria. Thomas said, according to the Daily Mail, that his father really likes Harry and is very proud of Meghan. “My dad knew about [the relationship] from the start,” Thomas said. “He first met Prince Harry about six months ago out in Toronto. He goes once every couple of months – [Meghan and Thomas Markle Sr] are very close and they stay in close contact. He’s pretty happy about Harry and he’s extremely proud of her [Markle]. They have an amazing relationship, they’re very close and they always have been.”

Thomas also claimed that Megan and Harry are very happy together and Meghan is very much in love with her boyfriend. “As long as he takes care of and loves Meg, he doesn’t have to do anything else – although I would like to shake his hand and meet him,” Thomas said.

Denise Richards Shares Picture with Charlie Sheen

Despite all the allegations and the scandals that have described Charlie Sheen’s relationship with Denise Richards, it seems that the two somehow manage to stay friends or at least behave as a family. Denise decided to share what can be described as a rare family photo with her former husband, Charlie Sheen. 

In the pic, which was shared on Instagram, Denise can be seen in the company of her daughters Lola, who is 11 years old, Sam, who is 12, and also Eloise, who is 5 years old and is Denise’s daughter. Denise also shared a beautiful message revealing that family is what matters most. “We’ve had a colorful year,” the star said. “At the end of the day we’re still a family … @charliesheen #familydinner,” the post added. 

Without a doubt, it is safe to say that Denise and Charlie have had their fair share of troubles. The two actors were married for about three years before Denise filed for divorce back in 2005. The divorce was finalized in 2006 and since they have had their ups and downs. So, there were some accusations launched by the two against each other, but there were also moments when they seemed to be getting along just fine. 

The latest issue that emerged between the two dates back to January 2016, when Denise filed a lawsuit against her former husband and the father of her daughters. The lawsuit was filed only a couple of months after Charlie Sheen went public with his HIV diagnosis. So, the reason why Denise sued Sheen was actually linked to the fact that he allegedly failed to provide all the financial support he promised he would give his children. 

It has previously been revealed that the HIV-positive diagnosis has not been a shock for Denise Richards, who has known for years that Sheen was dealing with this problem. He was reportedly infected after he and Denise separated. Denise also sued Sheen for allegedly evicting her and the children from their home and sending her some threatening text messages. It seems that the two managed to solve these issues and are now on good terms. 

Is Nicole Scherzinger Dating French Montana?

Without a doubt, after the New Year’s Eve celebrations, a series of rumors emerged on potentially new celebrity couples. One of these couples might be formed by Nicole Scherzinger and French Montana. Rumors on a potential romance emerged after the two stars were seen to be very close at a party in Las Vegas. 

So, an insider told People magazine that French Montana was getting cozy with Nicole at this Las Vegas party on New Year’s Eve. “They were very affectionate and had their hands on each other’s legs,” the insider explained. “They were hugging and couldn’t take their eyes off each other all night,” the same source went on to add. Sources also revealed that before the party, the two stars were seen getting flirty at a private dinner. 

Without a doubt, this was a moment for Nicole to relax and enjoy a great time, and the relaxation continued with a gateway to Hawaii. The star jetted to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation and shared some photos from the beach on her Instagram. “I Mua in Hawaiian means ‘to move forward’ and Ku Makani means to ‘stand strong in the wind.’ Here’s to Imua, Ku Makani in 2017,” Nicole captioned one of the pics.

Well, the Daily Mail soon reported that Nicole has dismissed the rumors that she was romantically involved with French Montana. The two are actually only friends and Nicole is still dating tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. So, the Daily Mail claimed that it talked to a rep for the singer, who said that the claims were actually absurd. “They have known each other for years and are friends,” the rep explained. 

Allegedly, Dimitrov did not accompany Nicole in Hawaii because she is visiting her family, but no other details have been revealed at this point. French Montana and his representatives have not addressed the rumors. 

French Montana is surely known for dating many famous women, including Iggy Azalea and Khloe Kardashian. On the other hand, Nicole is best known for her long term relationship with Lewis Hamilton, the famous Formula 1 champion, although the two separated quite some time ago.

Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt are not going to be Parents

Some rumors that have been out there lately indicated that famous actress Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt were dating. One of these rumors went even further and said that the two stars were actually set to welcome a child together. So, Star magazine reported that Kate was expecting a child with the Hollywood actor. 

“Friends are wondering whether Brad Pitt’s brand-new (but red hot) romance with Kate Hudson is already on the verge of paying an unexpected dividend,” the celebrity magazine said. The same report indicated that Kate was spotted with what appeared to be a baby bump and this is how the rumors emerged. 

The tabloid also claimed that it has talked to a source close to the new couple, which claimed that the pregnancy was unplanned and it just happened. “Brad wasn’t planning on having another kid soon. If Kate is indeed pregnant, that will change his outlook pretty fast. He’s such a stand-up, easygoing guy that I’m sure his reaction would be that he’d view it as a blessing and the start of a new chapter in his life,” the source explained. 

The insider also said that Angelina will be absolutely angry if this pregnancy will be confirmed. The insider claimed that she is already unhappy with the rumors. However, as imagined, the shocking report was denied by Gossip Cop, which claimed that there is nothing true in the story. Gossip Cop revealed that Kate and Brad are not going to welcome a child and they are not even dating. The site also revealed that dating stories have never been true and there is nothing going on between the two. 

Another recent report has indicated that Brad Pitt was scared that his divorce battle with Angelina Jolie will be getting uglier and that his former wife will make public a lot of sensitive documents. The actor had been dealing with a series of allegations since the divorce from Angelina Jolie, including child abuse claims. Fortunately for the actor, the investigations on child abuse against him were closed and he will face no consequences.

Rihanna not Happy with Drake’s Friendship with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been in the spotlight lately with her rumored relationships. The famous singer has been linked to a lot of successful men, including her former husband Marc Anthony and her former boyfriend Ben Affleck. Now, it has been claimed that Jennifer has gotten very close to Drake and Rihanna is not happy at all with this. 

Rihanna dated Drake a couple of months ago and it appears that the star is not yet over her former boyfriend. So, an insider has recently claimed that Rihanna was really hurt by the fact that Drake has officially revealed that he was enchanted by Jennifer Lopez. The rumors emerged after Drake was spotted attending one of Jennifer Lopez’s concerts. He was spotted at the singer’s show in Las Vegas. 

“She is really freaked out about Jennifer [Lopez], especially because they’re friends,” a source said about Rihanna’s feelings towards this relationship. The same insider told Hollywood Life that Rihanna was very unhappy with this potential relationship. “She thinks of Jennifer as a mentor, so the fact that they’re now Eskimo sisters is pretty overwhelming,” the source explained. 

And it is not just the fact that Jennifer is a friend of Rihanna. It seems that the young singer is also jealous because she might still have feelings for Drake and she does not want to see him with another woman. “Rihanna knows Drake will always love her, but she does get jealous,” the source explained. “She can’t stand the thought of him being with another woman,” the insider concluded. 

First rumors on a potential relationship between Drake and Jennifer Lopez emerged a couple of weeks ago. The stars then shared similar photos on their social media accounts, pics they took together at one of Jennifer’s shows in Las Vegas. Drake looked like he was unable to take his eyes off the singer while Jennifer was performing on stage, during one of her shows. However, the rumors have not been confirmed. 

Also, it is important to mention that some other rumors have actually indicated that Jennifer Lopez plans on getting back together with her former husband, Marc Anthony.

Kim Kardashian Allegedly Dealing with Serious Illness

It seems that problems keep appearing for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. According to a recent report, Kim is actually dealing with a serious illness, while Kanye is also dealing with a lot of issues. The latest news came from InTouch Weekly, which indicated that that Kim has been batting a serious condition for quite some time and Kanye just “can’t handle it.” 

The rumors are also indicating that Kim’s health problems actually influenced Kanye’s condition and led to his hospitalization. “Kim is sick and she needs to face that and get strong. She hasn’t even told her friends about her illness yet. At this point, friends have heard she’s sick, but they’re in the dark and calling it her ‘mystery illness,'” a source said. 

“Her friends have been calling her and stopping by and making sure that she’s OK, because between her illness and Kanye’s breakdown and even her own breakdown, she’s in terrible shape. [She] has severe fibroids,” the same insider went on to add. 

Another report also claimed that Kanye cannot handle the fact that Kim was diagnosed with this disease and he actually believes that he is cursed. Unfortunately, at this point no official confirmation or denial was issued, so it is unclear if Kim is really dealing with a disease. 

However, this is not the only report that was recently issued when it comes to the two stars. Actually, another report, this time from Life & Style Weekly indicated that Kanye actually told a very curious thing to the psychiatrists who treated him at the UCLA Medical Center. So, it has been claimed that Kanye told his doctors that he is an alien and is hearing voices. 

“When he first went to the psych ward, he was hearing voices,” one source said. “He started telling people he’s a ‘starseed,’ an alien on a mission to help the Earth,” the insider added. The symptoms allegedly are common for schizoaffective disorder, but of course this is just speculation. What is certainly confirmed is that Kanye is doing better since he has been out of hospital for days.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Have Secretly Reconciled

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are once again a couple. The latest rumors seem to indicate that the famous singer and the dancer are secretly hooking up, although everyone knows that they ended their relationship quite some time ago. 

The news was reported by Life & Style, which claimed that Jennifer and Casper once again became a couple after meeting in Las Vegas last month. The two have broken up two times, but it surely seems that Jennifer and Casper cannot live separately. So, the new report said that Casper and Jennifer are still in touch and have secretly hooked up recently. 

A source talking to the celebrity site indicated that the famous singer still “really loves” her former boyfriend and does not want to end their relationship. Apparently, Jennifer loves Casper so much that her close friends believe that she will never “end things for good with him.” “She called him while she was in Las Vegas in November and they got together for a secret hookup,” the source continued. 

The insider explained that Jennifer is the one who wants to keep her romance with Casper a secret. The source said that the famous singer doesn’t want her friends or people in general to find out that she and Casper are hanging out. The insider said that the reason why the star has made this choice is because she wants people to see her as a “strong woman who’s moving onwards and upwards.” 

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been on and off dating for years. Actually, the singer first started to date the famous dancer after she ended her marriage to Marc Anthony. Jennifer and Marc have twin children, Max and Emme. Well, unfortunately for Jennifer and Casper, their relationship started to meet some issues in 2014, when they first separated. They then reconciled, but once again they split. 

Of course, the two stars have remained silent about the rumors, but some sources talking to Gossip Cop denied the reconciliation claims. The insider said that Jennifer and Casper have not meet in Las Vegas and have not reconnected.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Meet in Toronto

It appears that despite the media attention and all the pressure that has been on regarding the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, things are going perfectly well between the two. So, the actress was spotted in the company of Prince Harry, who decided to pay his girlfriend a visit in Toronto. 

Meghan was spotted smiling as she was wearing a gold necklace with the letters M and H. Of course, it has been claimed that the personalized necklace was actually Meghan’s way of making public her relationship with Harry. On the other hand, Prince Harry was so determined to see his girlfriend that he allegedly broke the royal protocol to visit Meghan.

So, it has been reported that Harry breached the Buckingham Palace protocol by making a 1,700-mile detour via Canada to visit Meghan. This means that the prince took some time from his official engagements with the purpose to be with his girlfriend. Harry was supposed to be back in London on Sunday night, after spending 14 days in the Caribbean. 

However, the star finally decided to change his plans and boarded a flight to Toronto. Some insiders said that all that Harry wanted was to travel to Toronto and spend some time alone with Meghan.  The Prince has been very busy with his travels, while Meghan has been very focused on working on Suits. So, given their busy schedules, it seems that Harry and Meghan have not been able to spend a lot of time together. 

So, the two just “wanted to have time alone and to be together.” “Harry has been travelling and wanted to make time to see Meghan,” a source said. “They wanted their time together to be private,” the same insider went on to add. However, this does not mean that Meghan and Harry will have a lot of time to stay together. Actually, the prince is expected to return to London, as he has to attend a charity event. However, this latest meeting between the two definitely shows that Meghan and Harry are happy together.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Reconciling?

According to the latest rumors, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may get back together. The rumors, naturally, emerged after Marc and Jennifer shared a kiss at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards. And the most interesting thing is that the timing seems to corresponded with the rumored separation between Marc and Shannon De Lima. 

Of course, immediately it has been claimed that the two stars could be thinking about reconciling, although they divorced no less than five years ago. As imagined, fans of the two singers hope that a reconciliation will happen, but it seems that the claims have already been dismissed. 

Multiple sources cited by many publications denied the reconciliation claims. One source allegedly close to Jennifer Lopez also said that the dating rumors are not true, despite the public kiss shared by the two stars. “Jennifer and Marc are not back together,” the insider claimed. “This kiss onstage was totally innocent and egged on by the crowd. Nothing there, nothing,” the same insider told ET Online. 

A rep for Jennifer denied the rumors, as well, saying that the two stars are “absolutely, categorically, not back together.” Marc also denied the dating speculation by making fun at the kiss. He shared a picture in which he is kissing a friend to claim that there is nothing special about the kiss and he and Jennifer are not a couple once again. 

Unfortunately for Marc, these are not the only rumors at this point, as it has been claimed that the singer has just separated from his wife, Shannon. Marc and Shannon De Lima have been married for two years, but it seems that the relationship ended. The singer was spotted without his wedding ring at the Latin Grammys. The star has not commented on the separation claims.    

Well, maybe the marriage ended in good terms, if the rumors are finally confirmed. At least, this is what happened in the separation from Jennifer Lopez. Marc and the beautiful singer have remained very close friends. Without a doubt, it seems that both Marc and Jennifer Lopez have stayed in the spotlight lately with a series of news and rumors about their personal lives.