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Steam stops accepting bitcoin as a form of payment

Steam bitcoin

Gaming and digital distribution platform Steam announced its decision to stop accepting bitcoin. The decision actually came due to bitcoin’s volatility. Steam started accepting bitcoin payments last year, in April. At that time, one bitcoin was priced $450.

Valve, which owns Steam, made the official announcement on the decision on Wednesday. The company said that the volatility of the bitcoin and its growth has made it too expensive for the platform to continue accepting this form of payment.

Steam’s parent company says Bitcoin fees are too high

Bitcoin’s value has known very rapid changes in the past few months. The value of the cryptocurrency has increased a lot, but it also suffered a few drops. Given this reality, the amount of bitcoin that customers need to pay to purchase a game can change too much, sometimes even while a user is completing a purchase.

The company said that:

In the past few months we’ve seen an increase in the volatility in the value of Bitcoin and a significant increase in the fees to process transactions on the Bitcoin network. For example, transaction fees that are charged to the customer by the Bitcoin network have skyrocketed this year, topping out at close to $20 a transaction last week (compared to roughly $0.20 when we initially enabled Bitcoin). Unfortunately, Valve has no control over the amount of the fee.


According to Steam, until now, the platform has been able to deal with all issues, as it has either refunded customers or asked them to send additional payments. However, the platform said that this is not a long term solution, because the fees for additional transactions are too high. And since bitcoin’s value continues to increase, the problem will persist.

Steam concluded that for now, it is unable to accept bitcoin as a form of payment on its platform. However, this does not mean that Steam cannot change its decision in the future. It depends on whether the issues that Steam has faced will be overcome.

Olivia Munn Accuses Brett Ratner of Sexual Harassment

Famous actress Olivia Munn is among the women who have accused Hollywood producer Brett Ratner of sexual harassment. Olivia talked to the Los Angeles Times about her experience involving the filmmaker. Olivia claimed that her first bad encounter with Ratner dates back to 2004 when she was early in her acting career.

Olivia said that she was on the set of After the Sunset, when she went to deliver Ratner a meal in his trailer. However, Olivia did not know what Ratner was going to do. She said that he started to masturbate in front of her. Actually, this is not the first time when Olivia talks about this incident. The star opened up about her experience in her essay collection, released in 2010. However, she did not reveal the name of the director at that time.

Well, unfortunately for Olivia, this was not the only encounter that she had with Ratner. She said that she ran into him at an event in 2010, and he actually told her that he ejaculated on magazine covers featuring her image. “It feels as if I keep going up against the same bully at school who just won’t quit,” the actress said. “You just hope that enough people believe the truth and for enough time to pass so that you can’t be connected to him anymore,” she went on to add.

Given her experience involving Ratner, Olivia decided that she was not going to work with him again. “I’ve made specific, conscientious choices not to work with Brett Ratner.” Five other women also accused him of sexual harassment. One of these women said that Ratner forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Ratner denied all the claims made by these women. “I have represented Mr. Ratner for two decades, and no woman has ever made a claim against him for sexual misconduct or sexual harassment,” his lawyer said. “Furthermore, no woman has ever requested or received any financial settlement from my client,” the same statement added.

Kitti Jones Talks about Abuse Committed by R. Kelly

Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, more and more women decided to open up about their own experiences related to abuse. So, now, Kitti Jones has accused famous singer R. Kelly of physical, verbal, as well as sexual abuse.
Kitti opened up about her experience during an interview with Rolling Stone. She said that she was abused by R.

Kelly for several years. The woman said that she met R. Kelly in 2011. According to her, the famous singer forced her to have sex with other women. Kitti said that she was scared of being “punished.” R. Kelly also allegedly made Kitti watch videos of him having sex with other women, while he was masturbating on that. She also said she witnessed the singer urinating on two women.

Kitti said she was kicked and slapped in the face by the singer when she asked him about a video part of his child-pornography trial. The allegations are not the first to be made against R. Kelly. In fact, the famous singer has been associated to similar claims about one month ago. Then, Jerhoda Pace accused the star of having a sex cult, and said that she had an underage sexual relationship with R. Kelly. Pace made these revelations during an interview on The Real.

However, it is important to mention that the first time when R. Kelly has been accused of sex-related offences dates back to July. At that time, BuzzFeed News published quite a complex story, indicating that R. Kelly kept no less than six women in his Chicago and Georgia properties. These women’s role allegedly was to fulfill his desires. The report went to make some shocking claims, saying that the women were actually punished if they failed to please the singer of if they broke any of his rules.

Of course, R. Kelly and his lawyer denied all these allegations that have been made in the media. A rep for the star said that R. Kelly is also perfectly aware of the claims that have been made against him. With regards to Kitti’s allegations, the rep said that it “is unfortunate that Ms. Jones, after public statements to the contrary, is now attempting to portray a relationship history with Mr. Kelly as anything other than consensual involvement between two adults.”

“Any claim of wrongdoing of any kind or of mistreatment of any woman by him is false, ill-motived and defamatory,” the rep also said.

Ashley Judd Talks about Harvey Weinstein in New Interview

Famous actress Ashley Judd decided to open up about her experience involving Harvey Weinstein in a new interview. The actress was actually one of the first women to speak against Weinstein in an in depth article published by the New York Times.

So, during an interview with ABC News, Ashely said that the time that has passed after she talked to the New York Times has been very intense for her. “It’s been an absolutely, tremendously moving two-and-a-half or three weeks,” the star explained during her interview. “I talked with my dad and I talked with my mom and told them I was thinking [about speaking out] and she said, ‘Go get him,'” Ashley went on to add.

Ashley also talked during this interview about the meetings she had with Weinstein and how she constantly had to refuse his advances. The star said that she and the famous Hollywood producer first met at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel about two decades ago. She was asked to go to his room and Weinstein was waiting for her in a bathrobe. The actress said that he asked her to allow him to give her a massage. Weinstein also asked Ashley to watch him shower.

“I fought with this volley of ‘no’s’ which he ignored. Who knows, maybe he heard them as ‘maybe.’ Maybe he heard them as ‘yes’s.’ Maybe they turned him on. I don’t know,” she said. The actress explained that she managed to get out by promising Weinstein that she would help him choose a suit for the day when she would win an Oscar for one of his movies.

When Ashley met Weinstein again, he remembered the agreement. “Remember that little agreement we made. Think I got that script for you. Hey, just looking around for the material,” the producer told her. “I was coming right at him … He looked at me and he said, ‘You know, Ashley, I’m gonna let you out of that little agreement we made.’ And I said, ‘You do that, Harvey. You do that,'” she also added. She claimed that she made two movies with his companies, but she rarely saw him.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Moving in Together

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem to be a very happy couple. The two have been dating for several months now and it seems that things are going amazingly well in this couple. Now, a new report has claimed that Jennifer and Alex are actually planning on moving in together.

A source allegedly close to the famous couple told People magazine that Jennifer and Alex have started to look for a house to move in together. Furthermore, the source claimed that the two are looking for some investment possibilities together. Their decision comes after Jennifer and Alex have held a charity concert together. Without a doubt, the relationship is getting stronger.

“They will invest together in a new home when they find the perfect one,” the source revealed. “They are starting to make more financial decisions together. It’s nice for Jennifer to be with a man who has his own money and spends it wisely,” the same insider went on to add.

According to this insider, Jennifer is very happy with Alex and they are a perfect match. “They really just complement each other and make each other better people. She thinks the world of Alex and is very excited about their future together,” the source said. Well, we can surely say that this is not the only report saying that Jennifer and Alex might be moving in together.

A source has told US Weekly that the two have been talking about living together, as well as about investing in some businesses as a couple. “[Moving in] isn’t the only thing they are looking to do together. They are also looking at businesses they can invest in together,” the source said.

Furthermore, Jennifer and Alex share the same interest. They hosted a benefit for Puerto Rico and sources claimed that they are very passionate about charities. Alex allegedly is as supportive as possible with his beautiful girlfriend when it comes to charity work.

Los Angeles Police Department Starts Investigation against Harvey Weinstein

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has started an investigation against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has been accused by several women of sexual abuse and harassment. Some of these women have even raised rape allegations against Weinstein.

So, the LAPD has officially started an investigation against Weinstein. Reportedly, the investigation was triggered by a complaint filed by a model, who accused Weinstein of rapping her in 2013. The model told officials that the rape took place at a hotel. The woman’s name was not revealed. It has only been claimed that she is an Italian model/actress, who is 38 years old. Allegedly, the woman decided to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation and to be able to protect her children.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the model is “well-known in Italy, where she appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue and as an actress in Italian films.” The same publication reported that the woman said that the incident happened at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Allegedly, it occurred after she attended the 8th Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest. According to the model after meeting her, Weinstein invited her to his hotel room.

The woman said that she refused the invitation, but after midnight Weinstein appeared in the lobby of her hotel. He asked her to invite him to her room, but once again she refused and told him she would only meet him downstairs. However, Weinstein did not agree and he was soon knocking on her door.

“‘I’m not going to [have sex with] you, I just want to talk,'” the woman said Weinstein told her. “Once inside, he asked me questions about myself, but soon became very aggressive and demanding and kept asking to see me naked.” The woman said that she started crying and asked him to let her go. “He then dragged me to the bathroom and forcibly raped me,” she said.

“He acted like nothing happened,” the woman went on to say. “I barely knew this man. It was the most demeaning thing ever done to me by far. It sickens me still. … He made me feel like an object, like nothing, with all his power.” The woman said she was scared and regretted that she didn’t call the police when it happened.

Reese Witherspoon Reveals she was Sexually Assaulted by a Director

More and more women reveal sad stories about Hollywood producers. And among these women are some of the most famous actresses in the world. The latest star to reveal such shocking allegations is Reese Witherspoon. Reese revealed that she was underage when she was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood director.

Such as actress Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon revealed during the Elle Women in Hollywood event that she had a very bad experience when she was a young girl trying to get some acting parts. Reese said that things got so bad for her that she was sexually assaulted by a director. Reese, who is now 41 years old, said that at that time she was only 16.

“This has been a really hard week for women in Hollywood, for women all over the world, and a lot of situations and a lot of industries are forced to remember and relive a lot of ugly truths,” the famous actress said during her speech at the event. “I have my own experiences that have come back to me very vividly and I find it really hard to sleep, hard to think, hard to communicate a lot of the feelings that I’ve been having about anxiety…[and] guilt for not speaking up earlier,” the star went on to add.

Reese also claimed that she felt that she had to remain silent about what happened to her for the sake of her career. “I feel] true disgust at the director who assaulted me when I was 16-years-old and anger at the agents and the producers who made me feel that silence was a condition of my employment,” she explained. “And I wish I could tell you that was an isolated incident in my career, but sadly it wasn’t. I’ve had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault, and I don’t speak about them very often,” the star added.

Reese also praised all the women who decided to speak up against Harvey Weinstein and reveal allegations of sexual harassment. The actress provided no other details and she did not reveal the name of the director. She said that she had other experiences related to sexual harassment throughout her career.

Blake Lively Says she was Sexually Harassed by Male Make-Up Artist

The revelations surrounding the acts of Harvey Weinstein have made other famous women want to reveal their stories, as well. Blake Lively previously revealed that she was never in such a situation when it comes to Weinstein and that she never heard stories accusing him, but she experienced sexual harassment in relation to another man.

While talking to the Los Angeles Times, Blake revealed that a makeup artist sexually harassed her and nothing was done, although she complained about the harassment. “He was saying things inappropriately, insisting on putting my lipstick on with his finger,” the actress said during her interview. “I was sleeping one night on location and I woke up and he was filming me. I was clothed, but it was a very voyeuristic, terrifying thing to do,” she went on to add.

So, Blake claimed that although she complained about this man’s behavior to the producers, they took no action to stop him. “After three months of complaining, they called me into my trailer and said, ‘We need to talk to you.’ I thought, ‘Well finally, they’re going to do something about this man who I had to have touching me all day.’ And they said, ‘Your dog left a poop behind the toilet in your dressing room and our janitor had to pick it up. And this is very serious and we can’t have this happen again,’ ” the actress said.

Blake said she had nothing else to do than to call a lawyer because she couldn’t handle the situation anymore. That was the moment when the man was removed from the project and Blake no longer had to deal with him. However, the man did receive a recommendation letter. “Our unit production manager wrote him a letter of recommendation because nobody wanted there to be bad blood,” she said.

Although she shared this experience, Blake refused to reveal any details. She claimed that this is something that happens so commonly in all industries that women don’t even think it is assault. “This cannot happen, this should not happen, and it happens in every single industry,” she concluded.

Lea Seydoux Talks about Harvey Weinstein and Sexual Abuse

Lea Seydoux is one of the latest stars to open up about Harvey Weinstein and allegations of sexual abuse. Lea appears to be one of the victims of the famous producer. The scandal started after a series of women, including famous actresses, accused Harvey of sexual harassment and abuse.

Lea revealed during an op-ed for the Guardian that it all happened during a night after a fashion show. She claimed that she first met Weinstein at that fashion show, and he insistently asked her to make an appointment that night. Lea claimed that she realized what his intentions were, but she finally agreed to have the meeting. The actress said that they met in the lobby of his hotel and Weinstein’s assistant was present at first.

“All throughout the evening, he flirted and stared at me as if I was a piece of meat. He acted as if he were considering me for a role. But I knew that was bulls**t,” the star said. “He invited me to come to his hotel room for a drink. We went up together. It was hard to say no because he’s so powerful,” she added. The star revealed that soon after they arrived in the hotel room, Weinstein’s assistant left and they remained alone.

Of course, after that moment Weinstein started to be more visible when it comes to his moves. “We were talking on the sofa when he suddenly jumped on me and tried to kiss me. I had to defend myself. He’s big and fat, so I had to be forceful to resist him. I left his room, thoroughly disgusted,” she said. The star revealed that after that night she met Weinstein on several other occasions.

She said that she saw him trying to convince women to give him what he wanted. She claimed that Weinstein is a man who uses his power to always get what he wants. However, an interesting thing that Lea said is that Weinstein is not the only movie director who has acted inappropriately. She said that she had other experiences working with other directors who tried to kiss her or told her that they wished to have sex with her.

3 Billion Accounts affected by 2013 Breach

Yahoo has definitely had some difficult years. The famous company was affected by two serious data breaches and has lost a lot when it comes to image. Now, Yahoo has revealed that it actually believes that all its 3 billion accounts were affected by the 2013 data breach. Initially, the famous company believed that only 1 billion accounts were impacted.

Yahoo revealed in a notice that a further investigation conducted by the company of the 2013 data breach revealed that most likely all of its 3 billion accounts were impacted. This means that the data of all people who use Yahoo email accounts or people who registered for Yahoo services like Flick has been affected.

“The investigation indicates that the information that was stolen did not include passwords in clear text, payment card data, or bank account information. Payment card data and bank account information are not stored in the system the company believes was affected,” Yahoo said.

Yahoo claimed that it found out that such a high number of accounts were affected while getting into the possession of new evidence it discovered when working on its acquisition. Yahoo is currently part of Oath. The company was bought by Verizon for $4.5 billion, and then merged with AOL. When communicating about the finding, Yahoo also claimed that the company took all the necessary action to protect all Yahoo accounts back in 2016.

Without a doubt, this is another huge blow for Yahoo, but also for Verizon, now. “Verizon is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, and we proactively work to ensure the safety and security of our users and networks in an evolving landscape of online threats,” Verizon stated. “Our investment in Yahoo is allowing that team to continue to take significant steps to enhance their security, as well as benefit from Verizon’s experience and resources,” the company added.

It remains unclear if Yahoo will have to suffer any consequences because of this. Several shareholder lawsuits were filed against the company following the reveal of the data breach, thus Verizon might be in the situation of having to pay some damages.