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Academy Awards 2017: The Winners

The Oscars were extremely interesting, but also filled with some unexpected events. The 2017 Academy Awards brought to light some new winners and of course, the most important awards, meaning the Best Picture, the Best Actress and the Best Actor brought some surprises.

When it comes to the Best Picture category things were actually a bit dramatic. Moonlight won Best Picture after what will remain in the history of the Oscars as an unexpected and confusing moment. Initially, it was revealed that La La Land was the winner in the Best Picture category. After everyone went on stage, it was actually revealed that a mistake was done and the actual winner was Moonlight.

Without a doubt, the moment was undesired and the crew from La La Band had to leave the stage, while the crew from Moonlight came to take their award. Well, at least when it comes to Best Actress and Best Actor, things were simpler. In the Best Actress category, the result was definitely expected. Emma Stone won the award for her great performance in La La Land.

Actually, Emma was expected to win and the star was extremely happy and visibly emotional with the honor. When it comes to Best Actor, actually the winner was a surprise for some. Casey Affleck, the brother of famous actor Ben Affleck, took home the award.

Here are the main winners:

Best picture: Moonlight
Best actress: Emma Stone (La La Land)
Best actor: Casey Affleck (Manchester By The Sea)
Best director: Damien Chazelle (La La Land)
Best supporting actor: Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)
Best supporting actress: Viola Davis (Fences)
Best animated feature: Zootopia

The fact that Casey Affleck won was quite surprising, as numerous voices claimed that the winner would actually be Ryan Gosling. Other nominees in the Best Actor category were Andrew Garfield, Viggo Mortenson and Denzel Washington. “I think we’re the only two brothers to win Academy Awards,” Casey Affleck said, naturally referring to his brother Ben. “I’ve learned a lot from him; he’s been through a lot in this business,” he went on to add. After his speech at the Oscars, it has been claimed that Casey regretted not thanking his children.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Doing Great Because of Pregnancy

Famous singers Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to be doing great. A new rumor indicated that because of the new pregnancy, the two stars’ relationship couldn’t be better. So, E! News claimed that the pregnancy has done miracles on the marriage and has influenced the two in the most positive way.

An insider talking to E! News revealed that the twins have brought Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship to a whole new level. “Jay and Beyoncé are in the best place in their marriage,” the insider said. “They have allotted more time for themselves as a couple over this past year, and that has helped them build together,” the same source went on to add.

The source also claimed that Beyonce and Jay Z are very happy with the pregnancy because they actually wanted to expand their family for quite some time. “Jay and B have always wanted a big family. So when they got that huge news and surprise that they were having twins, they were both so happy. They have been trying for a while now so these babies are a true gift from God to them,” the insider explained.

The source also said that Blue Ivy is very excited to have two younger siblings. Blue Ivy is actually 5 years old now. “Blue likes to feel Beyoncé’s belly and seems to be looking forward to being an older sister,” the source said. The insider also explained that Beyonce is very much focusing on her pregnancy. The star wants to make sure that she will be healthy and that her babies will be doing well, so she is very careful at what she eats.

“Beyoncé is tired and more out of breath than usual,” the source explained. “She is eating clean but still has her cheat days. She has some sweet and salty cravings but trying to still not gain as much weight that can come on while carrying twins. She is very aware of what she puts in her body,” it went on to add. The insider said that Beyonce has turned to the help of some doctors and nutritionists to make sure that her health will be perfect.

Tom Cruise to Reconnect with Daughter Suri

It has been claimed for quite some time that famous actor Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri are having absolutely no relationship and the star has not seen her in several years. Well, although these claims have never been confirmed, a new report has actually revealed that Tom Cruise decided to reconnect with his daughter.

The rumor was launched by an In Touch report, which claimed that Tom was planning on connecting with Suri, his 10 year old daughter with former wife Katie Holmes. Allegedly, the actor has not seen his daughter in more than three years. Well, the reason why Tom is so determined to remake his relationship with his daughter is linked to an experience that the star had this year.

Tom has this month lost his mother, Mary Lee South, who died at the age of 80. A source talking to In Touch revealed that the Hollywood star wants to make sure he will see Suri on regular basis. “Tom now wants to re-establish his relationship with his daughter and begin seeing her on a regular basis,” the source explained.

The same insider said that Tom is “ready to ramp up his relationship with her in a bay way,” but did not provide too much detail on what this means. The insider also said that Tom is perfectly aware that things may not be simple for Suri and she will need some time to adjust to the situation and get used to having him around. “Tom knows that she won’t just go jumping back into his arms, and that he’s going to have to take it slow and steady to show her he’s back in her life for good,” the insider concluded. Tom is even willing to work less to have more time for Suri.

Apparently, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not in talking terms, as Tom will actually notify Katie that he wants to see their daughter through one of his lawyers. However, the report was dismissed by Gossip Cop, which claimed that Tom Cruise is not planning on reaching out to Suri. Gossip Cop said that it talked with a reliable source who denied the story.

Melania Trump’s Refiles Lawsuit against the Daily Mail

Melania Trump decided to refile a lawsuit against the Daily Mail, after a Maryland judge decided to dismiss the legal proceeding. So, the first lady sued the newspaper on claims of defamation. The case is linked to an article published by the Daily Mail, which claimed that Melania worked as an escort.

Initially, Montgomery County circuit judge Sharon Burrell decided to rule against Melania’s wishes, saying that the lawsuit should not proceed in this state. Melania sued Mail Media Inc, which is actually the company that owns the Daily Mail. A similar lawsuit was filed against the company in London. An important thing to mention at this point is that Melania sued the Daily Mail after the newspaper decided to issue a retraction of the story it published.

So, a lawyer for Melania refiled the $150 million lawsuit against the media outlet in New York and claimed that the story published by the Daily Mail actually had the potential of hurting Melania’s chances of establishing “multimillion-dollar business relationships.” Melania said that the rumors published by the Daily Mail were 100% false and that the former model has never worked as an escort.

This lawsuit was filed in New York, where Mail Media is located. “The economic damage to the plaintiff’s brand, and licensing, marketing and endorsement opportunities caused by the publication of Mail Online’s defamatory article, is multiple millions of dollars,” the lawsuit indicted.

“[The] plaintiff had the unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as an extremely famous and well-known person, as well as a former professional model, brand spokesperson and successful businesswoman, to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories, each of which could have garnered multimillion-dollar business relationships for a multi-year term during which plaintiff is one of the most photographed women in the world,” it adds.

Although her husband moved into the White House, Melania Trump still lives in New York with her son Barron. She has actually kept quite a low profile since her husband was elected the President of the United States. It has not been revealed at this point what Melania plans for the next four years as the First Lady of the United States.

Nick Cannon Don’t Believe Mariah Carey is Dating Bryan Tanaka

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are no longer a couple. The two ended their romance quite some time ago and they both moved on, although they remained friends. Since the split from Nick, Mariah has officially dated casino mogul James Packer. However, the romance ended, although Mariah and James were set to get married. 

Since the split from James, Mariah has been linked to her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka. In fact, it has been claimed that Bryan was the reason why Mariah ended her relationship with James. The two have not confirmed the relationship, but without a doubt Mariah and Bryan seem to be very close. However, there is at least one person who does not believe in these rumors. 

So, Mariah’s former husband, Nick Cannon, claimed that Mariah is not really dating Bryan and she is faking the whole story to get more attention on her new reality show. Nick made these claims during an interview with Howard Stern. The star revealed that he thinks that Mariah’s relationship with Tanaka is just a publicity stunt. 

“First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I’m a producer, so I know how [it works]. Like, you can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that s**t doesn’t happen,” he said. “I don’t buy none of that s**t,” Nick Cannon added. Nick also revealed that he was not happy to be in one of the episodes of Mariah’s World, but he was not upset, either. It happened at the birthday party of his twins with Mariah. 

“I actually came. It was a party, so I showed up to hang out with my kids and I was like, ‘There’s f**king cameras here. But all right, y’all do whatever you gotta do.’ So that type of stuff doesn’t bother me because, again, we’re in it,” the star said. “This is the world that we’re in, but when you start trying to pull a fast one on people, that s**t is silly.” Nick also claimed that Mariah’s show is too staged and revealed that he is not a fan.

Tyga to Face New Lawsuit

Things are definitely not looking great for Tyga. The famous rapper will actually deal with a new lawsuit according to the latest reports. The star has assaulted a process server, it has been claimed, who decided to sue the star. So, it has been said that Tyga actually ordered his security men to beat up a process server.

The news was reported by TMZ, which claimed that this man wanted to hand Tyga some legal documents at the Penthouse nightclub. However, it seems that the rapper was not happy at all with this. The incident is said to have occurred in November. Maybe, the reason why the rapper was so upset is linked to the fact that he was just ready to celebrate his birthday.

The man suddenly appeared with the legal documents when Tyga was making his way to his birthday party. The type of legal documents that the rapper received has not been revealed. Well, the server was removed from the venue and of course the man decided to file a lawsuit against the star. The plaintiff claimed that Tyga’s staff assaulted him and he was grabbed and pulled by someone in the singer’s entourage.

The man also claimed that Tyga was the one who “green lit the violence.” Tyga has not commented on this new lawsuit, so it is yet to see if the claims will be confirmed. Allegedly, the incident between Tyga’s crew and the server was caught on camera, so maybe things will be cleared in the near future.

Meanwhile, it is safe to say that Tyga has been dealing with a lot of legal issues. So, this is not the first lawsuit for the famous rapper. Actually, he has been linked to financial issues for quite some time and he also faced some lawsuits because of this. Tyga was sued by Jason of Beverly Hills for failing to pay for a watch and a chain he purchased in 2013.

Some reports also claimed that the star’s Ferrari was repossessed and he also failed to pay compensation for damages produced to a rental venue.

Meghan Markle Spotted with Special Ring

Famous Suits actress Meghan Markle is dating Prince Harry and there is no secret in that. The actress and Harry were seen together on various occasions and it seems that things are going really great between the two. Well, it seems that things are going so well that Meghan was actually seen wearing a very special ring. 

Meghan was spotted with a ring that appeared to spot the letter “H”, of course, from Harry. The Daily Mail reported that the special ring embossed with this letter was actually a symbol of Meghan’s love for Harry. Meghan was seen with her new ring while she was shopping for flowers near the Kensington Palace. The report claimed that Meghan wants to spend as much time possible with Harry before she will head back to work in a short while, of course, on the set of Suits. 

“She is beautiful, accomplished, whip-smart and has all the humanitarian credentials that Harry so admires,” an insider said according to the celebrity site. “And although Meghan has her roots in the U.S. and Canada, she is a keen traveler with a lot of friends in London, so moving over wouldn’t be too seismic,” the insider went on to add. 

Well, the fact that Meghan has a special jewelry is not very shocking. Actually, the star was spotted with a very special necklace last year when her jewelry seemed to spot the letters “M” and “H.” Meghan was spotted with her new ring after she enjoyed a dinner date at Soho House, in London, with her famous boyfriend. The two were seen holding hands, as they arrived together. 

The two have been dating for no less than six months. They enjoyed a romantic dinner, were holding hands and it seems that they managed to enjoy their time out. “They tried to keep as low-key as possible and were sitting in a small snug area of the restaurant,” a source said according to The Sun. “But it wasn’t a private area and they were happy to be seen . . . they only had eyes for each other,” the same insider added. 

Brad Pitt will not Pay Requested Child Support Amount

Famous actor Brad Pitt is dealing with some new issues when it comes to the custody of his six children. The actor and his former wife are fighting for the custody of the children and have been in an ongoing fight ever since the two stars officially announced their separation. 

So, it has now been reported that Brad Pitt has decided that he will not pay his estranged wife the sum she reportedly demanded for child support. Brad refused to give Angelina $100,000 because he just doesn’t want to “pay her child support.” The new report claimed that Brad has no issues in taking care of his children, but giving the money to Angelina is not an option. 

The news was reported by In Touch, which claimed that Brad refuses to allow Angelina to control his children’s money. The response comes after a previous report indicated that Angelina wants Brad to pay $100,000 a month in child support and another $250,000 in each child’s trust fund ever year. Allegedly, Brad is currently worth more than Angelina.

The report also claimed that Angelina wants the divorce to be finalized as fast as possible. “Angie wants the divorce finalized within the next 90 days, including custody and property settlements,” a source claimed according to the report. “But with everything she’s asking for, it’s unlikely that will happen. She’s making ridiculous financial demands,” the insider explained. 

Well, it is yet to see how the custody battle will continue and if Angelina and Brad will be able to finally put an end to these issues. Meanwhile, Brad is moving on with his life. A previous report claimed that Brad has been cleaning up his Los Angeles home by removing Angelina’s stuff from the property.

“Brad doesn’t need all of Angeline’s stuff – things like rugs from the Far East, weird ornaments and blankets – and various pieces of furniture which they bought as a couple,” one source said. “He’s keeping the antiques, watches and tasteful vintage items Angelina bought for him, but downsizing on a lot of things that has accumulated over time,” the same insider concluded.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Reportedly Engaged

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are said to be a couple once again. And it seems that the rumors went even further to say that the famous actors are in fact secretly engaged. So, the rumors are saying that both Emma and Andrew want to give their relationship another chance and maybe things will really work between the two this time. 

The news was reported by OK! Magazine, which claimed that Emma and Andrew are once again engaged and they are trying to make things work. The celebrity site cited some insiders who claimed that the couple “is set to give their failed romance another go.” The source claimed that the pair “even got engaged again.”

The engagement rumor emerged after Emma was spotted wearing a large ring during the Golden Globes. “They’ve been quietly back together for a while now, and they’ve even started talking about marriage,” an insider tells the news outlet,” one insider claimed. The same source said that getting back together with Andrew might not be the best thing for Emma. The source revealed that this could be an “unhealthy reunion for Emma.” 

“It’s like Andrew only wants her when he can’t have her, and it’s really messing her up,” one source explained. The fact is that Andrew and Emma have constantly been linked after their split. So, several times it has been claimed that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield decided to reconcile. The two were spotted together on several occasions, including one time in London. 

Despite the rumor, Emma and Andrew have not officially confirmed that they are a couple. The two started dating back in 2011, after meeting on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man. The two have been a couple for several years before first announcing their separation. The exact reason of the split has not been revealed, but it has been claimed that it was linked to their busy schedules. Before separating, Andrew and Emma were a couple for no less than four years. 

Well, when it comes to the new reconciliation rumors, it seems that these claims are not true either. Reps for the two stars denied the report.