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Nick Cannon Dating New Woman

According to some new rumors, Nick Cannon is dating someone new. The rumors claim that the famous star has been seeing another lady, although previous reports indicated that he planned on remarrying his ex, Mariah Carey.

So, we can surely say that the rumors talking about a potential reconciliation between Nick and Mariah might turn out being untrue. So, MediaTakeOut reported that Nick has a new love interest, after gaining access to some photos of the star with his alleged new girlfriend. At this point it remains unclear who this other woman is. However, what is certain is that Nick could be seeing someone new.

The rumor is quite surprising considering that for months now several rumors said that Mariah and Nick are planning their second wedding. The rumors claimed that the two decided to remarry and the ceremony will be taking place this summer. Allegedly, Nick and Mariah got back together at the beginning of the summer, sometime in May. It happened after Mariah separated from Bryan Tanaka.

It has been claimed that Mariah decided to end things with Tanaka to be able to try to make things work with Nick. Some reports also talked about the way the wedding was going to take place. It has been claimed that the famous singer wanted to have an even bigger wedding than her first time, including no less than 500 guests. Some rumors said that she wanted to have a party held in France and that among those attending the event would be Beyonce Knowles and Elton John.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have two children together, twins Monroe and Moroccan. The twins are six years old. Considering that the two have remained very close following their separation, being spotted together spending time with their children on several occasions, rumors talked about the possibility of the two reconciling. The two stars have not commented on any of these rumors.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Try to make it Work after Separation

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are without a doubt one of the most famous couples who decided to end their marriage last year. The separation of the two Hollywood stars was not expected and it surely came as a shock for the actors’ fans. Furthermore, the scandal that followed the separation was not expected, either.

Brad was accused of child abuse immediately after the divorce papers were filed and the famous actor was actually investigated by the FBI and the Department of Child protection. Luckily for Brad, he was finally cleared of all the allegations and the investigations ended with no consequences for him. However, this does not mean that things are perfect between Angelina and Brad now.

It fact, Brad has previously revealed that dealing with the separation has not been simple at all for him. Regardless of the hard feelings Brad and Angelina might have after the split, Brad is apparently trying to “put the anger behind him” and get along with Angelina for the sake of their children. So, Hollywood Life reported that the two famous actors are actually trying really hard to keep their relationship healthy for the children.

However, although they want to make it work, it is still not simple for the two to act and communicate civilly, it has been reported. “When Brad and Angelina talk these days it’s just about the kids,” the source said. “Either Brad’s ringing one of the phones to speak to them, and Angie picks up, or they talk directly together about any child related issues as and when they arise,” the same insider explained.

The source also claimed that there is not much the two stars have to talk about. “They both have excellent management and legal terms dealing with all the other stuff, and neither sees the point in calling just to have a friendly chat, or to rehash old business,” the source said. “The most important thing for them both has been to get to a stage where they are able to put the anger behind them and communicate in a healthy manner once again for the sake of the kids,” it concluded.

Kanye West Quits Tidal Due to Debt

It seems that a feud might be going on between Kanye West and Jay-Z. According to the latest reports, Kanye decided to leave Tidal, which is Jaz-Y’s company. Apparently, the reason why Kanye made this decision is linked to the fact that he is upset that he did not receive some money he allegedly is owed.

And it seems that Kanye is really furious because of this. So, we can surely assume at this point that Kanye and Jay-Z have been feuding even before Jay-Z’s diss track. Actually, some reports claimed that there might be a legal proceeding launched in this fight. TMZ reported that Kayne left Tidal because the company, according to him, owes him no less than $3 million.

TMZ claimed that Kanye has been furious and frustrated with the company “for a long time.” The same report indicated that Kanye decided to turn to the help of a lawyer in this matter. The lawyer is said to have sent a letter to Tidal about one month ago, informing Jay-Z’s company that it was in breach of their contract. Allegedly, the lawyer also informed Tidal that its agreement with Kanye West had ended. After that, some negotiations followed between the two sides.

It has been claimed that the negotiations lasted around two weeks, but unfortunately for Kanye and Jay’s company, an agreement could not be reached. That allegedly was the moment when Kanye’s lawyers decided to send another letter to Tidal saying that the contract was over.

Apparently, problems between Kanye and Jay-Z started some time ago. Kanye was very upset with Jay-Z’s track, Kill Jay Z, but that was not all. It has been claimed that a lot of issues between the two rappers started building up and it seems that Kanye refused to take this any longer.

Kanye accused Tidal of failing to give him a bonus for the Saint Pablo album, which was a huge success and helped Tidal get no less than 1.5 million new subscribers. However, Tidal claimed that it owed Kanye nothing because he failed to deliver the music videos he was contracted to give, thus, the company will pay him nothing. It is yet to see if this report will be confirmed and how this legal issue will end.

Prince Harry Uses Princess Diana’s Bracelet for Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are one of the couples who are constantly linked to a series of rumors. Now, the rumors are saying that Harry plans to give Meghan an engagement ring which is actually made from a bracelet that used to be owned by Princess Diana.

So, it surely seems that Prince Harry wants to make his engagement a very special and emotional moment. The report was shared by the Daily Star, which claimed that the wedding might be happing soon. The report said that the ring is worth $1.27 million and will be made from Harry’s late mother’s old bracelet. A source talking to the site revealed that the ring will be “flashy but not ostentatious.” The special piece of jewelry will be designed by Harry Collins.

It seems that Harry’s decision to rush the wedding is given by the fact that his grandfather has been dealing with some health problems. Prince Philip was rushed to the hospital due to an infection. The source explained that Prince Harry is very sure that he wants to marry Meghan.

“The romance might feel rushed, but Harry is certain Meghan is ‘the one,'” the source explained. “It is because of his grandad’s ill-health that he has broken the usual two-year romance protocol,” the insider added. The source also said that Harry wants to hurry with getting married because it is very important to him to have Prince Philip at the ceremony.

“Harry thinks he got his ‘joker’ gene from Prince Philip, and is desperate for his grandfather to see him get married while there is still time. They are very close,” the source explained. “He has approached his father and grandmother for a ‘fast pass’ for the permission to go ahead and propose.”

As imagined, there are only rumors at this point on the subject and Harry and Meghan are not expected to make any comments in the near future. The only thing that is certain at this point is that the two are very happy together and things are going great in their romance.

Jim Carrey Drops Charges against Former Late Girlfriend’s Mother

Famous actor Jim Carrey has been involved in quite a scandal following the death of his former girlfriend, Cathriona White. The famous actor even sued the mother of Cathriona, but it seems that he now decided to drop the claims. Jim Carrey’s decision to drop this lawsuit actually came after a judge stated that the lawsuit could go to trial.

Carrey was seeking $372,000 from Brigid Sweetman, Cathriona’s mother. The whole case is quite complex, as Brigid and her estranged husband Mark Burton, actually accused the famous actor of helping Cathriona’s death by giving her the drugs that she took and which killed her. Carrey wanted the money as a bond in the case, which he claimed that was a “shakedown.” The actor said the money will cover costs linked to the lawsuit, including travel and pretrial money.

When it comes to his decision to drop this money claim, it seems that the whole story is linked to the fact that Brigid claimed that she was lacking financially and was being ill. So, she couldn’t have paid those money anyway. Furthermore, it has been said that Brigid will have a meeting with Carrey, but the two don’t have any intentions to settle now.

The case is set to go to trial, which will start in April. It is yet to see if a settlement will not be reached sooner than that, although everyone seems to claim that this will not be the case. Cathriona White, a makeup artist from Ireland, was found dead in her home in Los Angeles in September 2015. After an autopsy was conducted following her death, it was found that Cathriona, who was 30 years old, died from an overdose of prescription drugs. Her death was ruled a suicide.

However, Brigid claimed that Jim Carrey was to blame because he provided Cathriona with these drugs that ended up killing her. Carrey was also accused of giving his late girlfriend three sexually-transmitted diseases. As imagined, Jim Carrey denied all these claims and said that the legal proceedings filed by Brigid were “predatory” and “malicious.”

Goop Accused of Misleading Customers

Things don’t look too well for Gwyneth Paltrow. A few days after the star claimed that she plans on focusing less on her acting career to be able to spend more time dealing with her business, it seems that her business, Goop, is facing some problems.

Allegedly, NASA accused the company of scamming customers with its healing stickers. In response to the accusations, Goop decided to withdraw its claims about the wearable stickers, which were promoted on the company’s website. So, the stickers were actually produced by Body Vibes and were promoted on Goop’s website at the cost of $60 for a pack of 10.

The website claimed that the stickers are “made with the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits.” The same message added that they can “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies” and will “fill in the deficiencies in your reserves, creating a calming effect, smoothing out both physical tension and anxiety.”

The claims made in the description of the product were completely dismissed by NASA. A rep said that the agency does “not have any conductive carbon material lining spacesuits.” Goop reacted soon after and removed the post. The company also denied responsibility saying that the company that made the claims was to be inquired for their accuracy.

“The opinions expressed by the experts and companies we profile do not necessarily represent the views of [Goop.] Based on the statement from NASA, we’ve gone back to the company to inquire about the claim and removed the claim from our site until we get additional verification,” Goop’s statement said.

A statement was also released by Body Vibes, which said that it was all a communications error. “We have learned that our engineer was misinformed by a distributor about the material in question, which was purchased for its unique specifications. We regret not doing our due diligence before including the distributor’s information in the story of our product,” Body Vibes said.

It is yet to see if the Goop’s image will be in any way affected by this scandal.

Brad Pitt Allegedly Wants to Reconcile with Angelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated last year and the pair did not seem to remain in good terms following the split. In fact, it seemed that there was no contact between them. After filing for divorce, Angelina moved out with the children and Brad was investigated on child abuse allegations.

Since that moment, Angelina and Brad were never seen together, alone or in the company of their children. So, it has been claimed that things did not end really well between the two. Well, now, a new report has claimed that despite the bad separation, Brad still wants to reconcile with his famous estranged wife.

Angelina and Brad announced their separation in September 2016. Life & Style reported that Brad actually wants to reconcile with Angelina despite the split and the troubles he had to deal with. The report claimed that the divorce settlement talks between Brad and Angelina were on hold as the two cannot decide where the children are going to live. A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that Brad still hopes that he and Angelina can make things work.

“She has invited Brad over to her new Los Feliz mansion, which is close to his house,” the source explained. “Part of him hopes they can resume their lives together there and have a new beginning.” However, some of Brad’s friends do not seem to believe that a reconciliation is in cards for the two. The report said that some friends actually think that Angelina might be using Brad to reach the divorce settlement that she wants, and once she achieves that purpose, she would stop all connection. Of course, this would not be simple for Brad to handle.

Brad previously revealed that dealing with the separation has not been simple for him. He claimed that he sought support from some of his friends. Brad also admitted that he had a drinking problem, but the famous actor claimed that he managed to overcome it. The new report has not been confirmed or denied, so it is yet to see if there is really room for a reconciliation for the two famous actors.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Twins are at Home

Great news for Beyonce and Jay-Z. The famous couple’s twins were released from the hospital. As imagined, the pair was very happy to see that the newborns are healthy and ready to go home. The twins reportedly spent a week in the hospital, as doctors did not feel confident to allow them to go home.

A source claimed according to Hollywood Life that the twins received extra care, but they are healthy now. “Beyonce is happy and relieved she finally left the hospital with her new twins late Tuesday after a week in the hospital. Jay-Z is also doing well and happy as their doctors approved the release of the newborns after receiving extra care post-delivery. They are now all healthy and doing well,” the insider said.

Beyonce and the twins reportedly remained for a week in UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The famous pair has made no official comments, so it remains unclear what was wrong and what were the twins dealing with. However, some reports claimed that the babies were born prematurely and this is why they needed some extra medical care. It has not been revealed how early the babies arrived at the moment. Allegedly, they underwent the common medical care procedures that are applied to premature babies.

Some reports revealed that Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed a boy and a girl. MediaTakeOut even revealed the names of the new babies, Shawn Jr. and Bea. None of these reports have been confirmed for the moment.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hire Surrogate to Have another Child

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want to have another child and it seems that they made the decision to hire a surrogate to carry their third baby. The fact that Kim is unable to carry another pregnancy is no secret as the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has previously opened up about her struggle.

Kim also talked about her intentions to have a surrogate for her third baby and at one point she even revealed that she begged her sister Khloe Kardashian to carry her baby. It seems that Khloe finally did not agree and Kim found another surrogate to help her have another child. The news was reported by Radar Online, which claimed that Kim and Kanye have already hired the surrogate.

The report claimed that the famous couple is going to spend a “fortune” to care for their surrogate. “Kim and Kanye are making sure that their surrogate is not only taken care of while she is pregnant, but that she is spoiled beyond imagination,” a source claimed. “They are putting her in a luxe resort for the entire pregnancy and are paying for everything that she wants or needs. She will also have a chef prepare every single meal!” the same source added.

The insider also claimed that Kim wants to make sure that her surrogate is fine, so she decided to give her 24-hour surveillance and a professional security team to ensure her safety. It seems that Kim is more cautious after being the victim of a robbery in Paris. In fact, the robbery was actually also what determined Kim’s unrest to have another child.

“I’d just love nothing more than to expand my family and just know that I have this world at home that’s safe,” Kim previously said during an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. “And if for some reason I left this earth sooner than I really wanted to, then my kids would have a support system at home so that I know that they would be okay if I wasn’t here,” the star added.

Drew Barrymore Moves on from Will Kopelman Split

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman have separated quite some time ago and it seems that the famous actress has already managed to move on. The star is said to be dating someone new, a successful businessman.

The news was reported by Page Six, which claimed that Drew and this new man have been secretly dating. Drew ended her marriage to Will a few months ago after being married for no less than four years. The report indicated that this new man is businessman David Hutchinson, who actually is the vice president of Maesa, the company that makes Drew’s Flower Beauty products.

The report claimed that Drew and Will spent a lot of time together and the famous actress has actually tagged him in several posts on social media. “They were in Palm Springs for a wedding last weekend,” a source claimed according to Page Six. Furthermore, Drew and Will were seen together at Cheeky’s restaurant in California. Of course, there is no official confirmation at this point and no comment from Drew on the dating rumors.

What is certain is that Drew is single, so dating someone wouldn’t be something unexpected. She and Will Kopelman divorced in August 2016, after announcing their split in April the same year. The formerly married couple has two daughters together, Olive and Frankie. Of course, dealing with the divorce and all the changes this meant in her life has not been easy for Drew. The famous actress revealed that she was still dealing with the separation during an earlier interview this year.

“We’re all going through so much. It’s blessings; it’s lessons; it’s hardship; it’s life,” she revealed. “I always want to gravitate towards light. I love picking yourself up or surviving or being grateful for the good stuff and not getting lost in the tough stuff. The discipline is so natural for me.” The famous actress also explained that she tries to avoid being sad and she doesn’t “want sad.”

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