Asus aims the top 10 spot in the smartphone market

It looks like Jonney Shih, Asus chairman, thinks that the famous company will be capable to triple last year’s shipments and to be able to enter into the phone-making elite. Shih revealed the company’s intentions at the Computex trade show, and declared that Asus has ambitious plans in the smartphone business.  

The last product from Asus was a handset designed for taking selfies, named the ZenFone Selfie, which was released alongside a range of 8-inch ZenPad tablets, an all-in-one PC and a new version of its smartwatch, the ZenWatch 2. “We aim to achieve 25 million phone shipments this year,” Jonney Shih, Asus’ chairman, said. “This year our goal is to try to get into the worldwide top 10. Our internal goal is a lot more aggressive, but for the public figures, we aim to achieve 25 million phone shipments. Last year, we hit 8 million,” he added.

Compared with giants like such as Apple and Samsung, 25 million phone shipments are a tiny fraction. To be mentioned that Apple shipped 193 million phones in 2014, while Samsung shipped approximately 318 million phones. Between these two giants and the others there is a significant drop off. For example, LG is number five on the list, with approximately 60 million devices shipped. “We have been driving the performance milestone, but we have also been internalizing the practice of design thinking for around eight years, and that started from the Eee PC. It’s not just talking about the gigahertz of the CPU, the RAM and what sort of bandwidth, but more about the desirability of a product first,” Jonney Shih explained.

Back in the days, Asus, was known for its hardware PC components and laptops and after the big success of the Eee PC, the company decided in 2009 to enter the smartphone market with a partnership with Garmin. It seems that the partnership didn’t last long and in 2011, Asus, decided to start production of its own device, powered by Google’s Android software. These days, Asus, has also entered the smartwatch market, and after approximately nine months after releasing their first Android Wear-based ZenWatch, they are back in the game with Asus ZenWatch 2.

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