Art Institute Of Chicago Launches The Google Art Project

It’s finally here. To tell you the truth I’ve been waiting for Google to finally release the part two of its Art Project for some time now. Chances are many more other online users among others have been waiting for the day the Google Art Project extends its online gallery since day one. This Tuesday, the Art Institute of Chicago hosts the launch of the Google Art Project part two.

One important aspect of benefiting from today’s technology goes beyond sharing with your friends photos from Saturday’s bash on Facebook and Twitter. The technology behind the Internet gives access to a stunning information resource and opens the opportunity to learn and see corners of the world you might never actually step in.

The Google Art Project is an impressive education tool, which pertains to everybody not only art buffs. The 151 partners in 40 countries that helped Google put together its 30,000 images in Art Project are museums and collections that give easy access to a huge variety of artworks. Just imagine how easy and affordable it is now to browse through museums for fun, educational purposes or just to plan your next family vacation.

Among the 151 partners Google signed with on the Art Project there’s even a museum from Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art. The Getty Museum, de Young Museum and Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, London’s Tate Gallery, New York’s Metropolitan Museum or Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum are just several of the institutions that allowed Google access to their artworks.

The Google Art Project is a huge artwork library which can be instantly browsed by country, city, type of art, time, museum or artist name. There’s even the option to zoom in artworks and study them in detail. For instance you can see all the minor details in “Tower of Babel” by Bruegel.

Plus, if you’re a tourist for the first time in a city and you’d like to know ahead of time what you’re going to see in a museum or how to head to what’s particularly of interest to you, there are some institutions that give a 360 degree tour of some of their galleries.

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