ARM released New Processors for Smartphones

British chip designer ARM, released two new processors that will lead to slimmed smartphones that can run longer and faster. ARM is already used in nearly every smartphone on the market. Tuesday, the British chip-design firm, has unveiled more powerful technologies. We are talking about the Cortex –A72 processor and Mali-T880 graphics chip. These two new processors are expected to be found on the new smartphones that will be released in 2016. If the personal computers are going down, definitely ARM has something to do with it.

The designs of these two new processors will help handset makers to create new devices that help people be more productive on their tablets or phones. They will be able to produce longer videos or write or edit longer stories. This means that they won’t be forced to open their laptops as often as they do now. The British chip designer probably wants to close the gap between the smartphone and PC, making the smartphones as usable as possible in every situation.

Ian Ferguson, the ARM executive declared: “I think innovation is accelerating in the phone space,” “We think the phone is becoming the primary compute platform.” With these new design chips, manufacturers can produce thinner smartphones that will last longer and they will be more comfortable to be used in hand or for transportation. ARM said that “We are still adamant that we are on a path where the phone becomes the primary compute device.” “Gaming has clearly moved from PCs and is coming onto the phone.” 

However, after the presentation, some analysts claimed to be skeptical that smartphones will replace other devices, such as personal computers or laptops. Bob O’Donnell, principal analyst at Technalysis Research said “I really don’t think most people are going to use their mobile phone only,” “It’s just too hard.” However, he mentioned that mobile devices have the ability to get much improved wireless connection, comparing to computers. During the presentation in San Francisco, ARM presented their panel to partners, including Sprint, Microsoft and Oculus, Facebook’ virtual reality firm. To be mentioned that Oculus has also talked about the need for more powerful processors in mobile devices.

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