Apple to Stop Sales of iPod Classic

The iPod classic has quietly been killed off by Apple. So, it seems that while the famous company had in its plans to reveal three new devices, it also decided to stop selling one of its classic products. 

So, Apple decided to kill off the longest-serving device it created, the iPod Classic music player. What is curious about this decision is the fact that Apple made no announcement and no ceremony to mark this moment. The famous company just stopped selling this device after no less than 7 years.

Actually, the release of the iPod has been a crucial moment for Apple, which marked a new era when it comes to technology. Currently, Apple still has in sale the iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch. However, fans will no longer be able to purchase the Classic. 

Maybe this decision is linked to an announcement that Tim Cook made last year, when the famous CEO of Apple revealed that the sales of this device have declined, as more and more people are now using their iPhones to listen to music. And the hypothesis is not wrong, as the advancements when it comes to smartphones have surely made many devices useless. 

From this point of view, analysts claim that most likely Apple will not introduce new iPod models in the near future. The Touch was refreshed last year and most likely Apple will not invest any time soon in this product, focusing its attention on the development of new technology for the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. 

The first iPod was released by Apple in October 2001. Even though this was an impressive new device, its popularity only started to increase when Apple revealed its iTunes Stores, about two years later. With its iPod, Apple put thousands of song in your pocket and made them so simply available that it actually changed the way people were listening to music. 

Well, this week has surely been one of great changes for Apple. However, while the release of the next generation iPhone and the first Apple Watch was expected, no one expected to find out that Apple will discontinue the iPod Classic, at least not without an official announcement. It is yet to see what Apple has to say about this decision. 

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