Apple to launch iPhone 5 this fall

According to CNET analysts, Apple might be launching iPhone 5 this fall. The news was made by several analysts working for an investment bank. They also stated that the following quarter will register a significant growth in the popularity of the phone.

Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Morgan Keegan, told the press that iPhone will comprise 50 percent of Apple’s total revenue in the next reported quarter. This growth is partially due to the recent expansion that the company has registered in China and other 21 countries. Based on his estimates, iPhone revenues will amount to 47.5% of Apple’s total revenues in December. These numbers are a lot bigger than the ones registered in September, that is, 38.8%. Moreover, the situation looks a lot better this year than it used to be a year ago when Apple’s revenues amounted to only 39.1%.

Given this growth, there will be more iPhone shipments in the following quarter. Analysts have upped their estimates to 29 million from the previous estimate of 27 million. 

Apple will improve its financial situation at the end of the year thanks to the new iPhone 5 and Apple TV that will be launched this fall. Analysts have described these two models as “significant revenue and earnings growth driver”.

Apple did not make any comments about the news, so we do not know whether these rumors are true or not. The same happens with the aspect of the new model; many talks have been made in relation to the characteristics of the new phone, but nobody knows for sure how the company will construct its phone.

iPhone 5 will feature a mix of aluminum on the back and a rubber or plastic material on the sides that will bridge the front and the back of the phone. However, we should not let ourselves misled by rumors for we tend to repeat the same mistake we did in fall 2011. Back then, everybody was expecting the IT giant to launch a new phone that would feature a metallic back; Apple, on the other hand, introduced the iPhone 4S which looked exactly like its predecessor.

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