Apple supplier associated to low pay and excessive overtime

Apple is one of the most famous and most successful companies in the world. However, it seems that the tech giant is unable to make sure that abuses will not enter its supply chain. According to a watchdog group, Apple supplier Pegatron was associated to low pay and excessive overtime.

The news was reported by China Labour Watch, which claimed that between September and October 2015 it collected 1,261 pay stubs, which exposed evidence of extreme overtime. Pegatron denied the claims and said that China Labour Watch made some mistakes when it comes to counting, as the period also included state holidays, when the pay was lower.

Apple has imposed a limit on working hours to 60 hours per week, which Pegatron aims to comply with through the implementation of a complex system of face scanners, badges and iPads. The Apple supplier also claimed that it complied with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition guidelines, which impose an 80 hours per month limit.

Apple made sure to verify if its supplies comply with the standards it imposes, and the famous company’s Supplier Responsibility Report for 2015 claimed that the tech company conducted no less than 640 audits of its supply chain and the compliance percentage it found when it comes to hour standards was no less than 97 percent. However, some activist groups have claimed that suppliers can adopt certain tactics to influence the results of the audit and make things seem better during these controls.

This is not the first time when Pegatron or Apple have fallen under scrutiny for labour abuses. Previously, much severe allegations were raised against the company, including accusations of underage labour, very poor accommodation options and lack of safety standards. Apple is commonly appreciated for responding to the media criticism and trying to pressure its suppliers to take action.

However, Apple continues to be criticised for not doing more to make sure that abuses are completely eliminated from its supply chain. Complex supply chains make it more difficult for companies to control the plants or manufacturers they are working with. However, it has been claimed that the Pegatron factory has been one of the most secretive facilities involved in the production of the iPhone, which could mean that Apple is quite focused on this plant.  

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