Apple’s Request to Ban Samsung Products Has Been Denied

The war between Apple and Samsung is absolutely curious. A new episode has just occurred, as a court decided that they will not ban Samsung’s products, the way Apple has requested. 

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung has been on for years now, but it looks like the two companies are unable to reach an agreement. Apple has first asked the court to ban Samsung’s products in 2011, but the request was rejected now. 

It was reported that Apple wants to ban products such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 among many others. The company asked for a number of no less than 23 smartphones and tablet computers to be banned from sales. 

The judge, Lucy Koh, claimed that Apple failed to prove that the three key features that they debate are the ones that have increased the sales for Samsung and which draw the interest of clients. The judge said in her ruling that other features of the phone are important for customers, too. 

Even though the decision is a good one for Samsung, actually the impact on Samsung’s business is negligible. The 23 products that were debated in the trial actually are no longer sold by Samsung in the United States. 

Samsung was happy with the decision of the court, while Apple gave no comments until this point. Still, this is not the only lawsuit between the two technology giants. There is a $929 million trial between Samsung and Apple, the sum that Apple is asking as compensation for copyright infringement. 

During a recent court filing, Samsung claimed that Apple has publicly disclosed details of its patent licensing terms with Nokia, as well as NEC, and now they are seeking damages from Samsung for leaking that information. A hearing is set to take place on April 8 to discuss this matter. 

Still, the trials between the two are not expected to end soon. Moreover, Apple also claims that Samsung has infringed its patents with the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Tab 2. 

The truth is that Samsung actually is the only rival that Apple has at the moment. The customer interest in Samsung products has increased amazingly in the past few years, making Samsung more than a threat to Apple’s popularity. 

The battle between the two continues, as Apple claims that the technology found in phones such as Samsung Galaxy III is also violating their copyright, in the next step of the legal battle of the two tech giants.

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