Apple is Hiring New Engineers in China and Taiwan

Apple has started to hire new engineers in China and Taiwan. It seems that the famous company is working to launch its new iPhone 6. 

In fact, reports indicate that new generation smartphones might be released by Apple sooner than what everyone imagines. The company is currently hiring new engineers and supply-chain managers in both China and Taiwan. 

Reports reveal that the company’s purpose in making these decisions now are actually linked to its intention to make new releases soon, speeding up the development process. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that Apple showed an interest in growing its Chinese team. 

The report indicates that the famous tech company has a Chinese team that now exceeds 600 people, many of the workers here actually coming from HTC Corp.

The Wall Street Journal even obtained a mail sent by Apple, which revealed that they are “building and engineering team in Taipei to drive new iPhone product development.”

Earlier this year it has been revealed that Apple’s office in Shanghai has grown, the company hiring many supply-chain managers to better handle the processes of Apple.

All these development decisions that Apple makes are actually linked to the company’s intentions to make new releases this year. In fact, it is said that Apple wants to release more than one phone. 

In 2013, Apple impressed when it released two smartphones at once, naturally the iPhone 5S and 5c. Sources claimed that this was just the first step of a trend that Apple plans on following. This means that Apple is expected to release this year iPhone 6 and maybe even iPhone 7. 

Actually, this trend is associated to Apple’s need to remain competitive on the market in the battle against products such as Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. Apple is said to release two larger screen iPhones this year. 

Apple’s interest in China is not shocking, either. Its sales in this country have already grown and it is expected with the new releases for the company to gain even more popularity here. Anyway, exactly what Apple plans on doing cannot be known for sure.  

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