Apple iPhone 7 to be launched in September

Since the frenzy involving Apple’s iPhone 6 is close to an end, it seems that Apple has already started to think at the release of a new device. Rumors indicate that the famous tech company is working at the release of iPhone 7, which will probably be out in September. 

A new rumor indicates that the company actually hopes to present their new device to the world on September 8. Naturally, everyone is anxious to discover this new smartphone, although there are a few months left until the release will be made. The rumors are not shocking at all, as Apple has actually used its fans to release its new devices during the second Tuesday of September. 

However, if the exact date of the release is not the main interest point at this moment, the features of the new device surely are. Some rumors reveal that Apple will not bring so many updates to the new product, which will actually be called iPhone 6S and not iPhone 7, as previous rumors indicated. Naturally, this disappointed many fans who expected to see something spectacular in this upcoming product. 

Furthermore, this would also be quite strange for Apple. S in the name of Apple products commonly stands for budget releases and very few updates to the phone. If Apple will release iPhone 6S instead of iPhone 7, it would actually be the first year when the popular company makes just a minor update to its smartphone lineup. 

Of course, these are just rumors for now, so it is yet to find out exactly what Apple plans on releasing this year. Some rumors also went to talk about the specifications of the new product. Rumors indicated that the new phone will come with an enhanced camera feature, capable of capturing the most impressive pictures ever seen on a smartphone until today. Apple is said to put a lot of focus on this feature as one of the most commonly used features of a smartphone nowadays is the ability to take photos. 

Reportedly, the upgrade to the iPhone lineup will also come with more RAM for users. In other words, this means that users will be able to enjoy more apps and a faster and smoother navigation. Which of these rumors will turn out being true is something we will only find out close to the end of the year. 

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