Apple hit by Anonymous hacker group

Anonymous hacker group hit a new target this Sunday. The hackers broke into one of the websites of Apple and stole an unknown number of usernames and passwords. They published on their Twitter page a small part of the data stolen, as part of their “Antisec” campaign, Reuters informs.

On Sunday, Anonymous posted a Twitter message saying its hackers have been stolen data from one of the websites of Apple Inc – – and have published 27 usernames and passwords, that anyone could see just by clicking on a link they posted. They also said that the purpose of the publishing of the data was part of their Anti Security campaign and that soon Apple could be a target for hacking.
“”Not being so serious, but well … Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere,” Anonymous tweeted.

They website that was hacked was used by Apple to make online surveys. On Monday, it was offline. Trying to access it would bring you to a page saying that the website was temporarily offline.

A representative for Apple was not reached for comment.

Anonymous joined forces with another hacker group called LulzSec, that became famous for its breach in the Sony Playstation database earlier this year. Among their other “experiences in the field”, the most important would be breaking into the Central Intelligence Agency’s data and into a British police unit.

Security experts who were searching data on LulzSec origin claim that the group emerged from Anonymous, who famously attacked large companies and institutions that were seen as opposing to WikiLeaks and the founder of it, Julian Assange.

Lately, both Anonymous and LulzSec have been targeting the Arizona police. Just a few hours ago, the police department confirmed a third attack by hackers, releasing law enforcement data. In late June, LulzSec shared a torrent containing hundreds of classified information. On July 1st, Anonymous brought down the Arizona Department of Public Safety website, saying “let this third and crushing blow against Arizona police send a strong message to the ruling class around the world.”

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  1. This is the cyber-side of protest. Say protest 3.0. 1.0 was the Revolutionary War 2.0 was the 60s 3.0 is Anonymous.

  2. I think it would be great if Anonymous, after visiting, would hack into Ringling Bros., and expose how cruel and inhumane they treat their animals…esp the elephants.

    Now, that would be productive.

    Just a thought…

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