Apple Hires Patrick Pruniaux

Apple has some big plans for the future. It seems that the famous company needed the help of Patrick Pruniaux, who has been working until now for Tag Heuer. 

Apparently, Apple has some big plans when it comes to the release of the iWatch. It has been revealed that this new device will actually be released by Apple in September. If Apple will most likely benefit from this new addition to the company, Tag Heuer were surely not happy at all with the fact that Patrick Pruniaux left the famous company. 

Patrick Pruniaux has served as Vice President of Sales and Retail for Tag Heuer. He worked within the famous company for no less than 7 years. Unfortunately for the Swiss watchmaker, Pruniaux decided to leave the company. Tag Heuer is not the only company which lost an important employee to Apple. Angela Ahrendts left Burberry in May to move to Apple. 

What Apple plans on releasing and when the new product will be available in sale is something that remains widely unknown. However, what is certain is that Apple plans on presenting something new and really impressive. Still, some analysts claim that this product might be a little bit too expensive. Actually, the rumored biometric sensors and the luxury design that this device is said to have might grow its cost to $300. 

This can be a little bit too expensive for numerous people. Moreover, the new products that Apple is said to have in plans are probably going to come at a new level of prices. The famous smartphone maker is said to release the iPhone 6 very soon. This will most likely be a quite expensive product due to the sapphire crystal display and the larger screen size. The new device is said to come in two size models. So, Apple fans will be able to choose from the 4.7 inch and the 5.5-inch iPhone. The new product is said to be released this fall. 

So, it is claimed that Apple will sell the iPhone 6 alongside the iWatch. Both of these products will most likely be announced by Apple in mid-September. The company is expected to release them at the end of this month. 

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